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Farm Voyeur

fetish bawdybloke 2018-08-19

The slick glissade of my torso as I submerge into the dirt sends makes you feverishly wild; I've seen the bush shake to your lustful rhythm, savouring the graceful slipping and sliding of my body as I move around my trough, coating every last inch of my rubber catsuit in the earthy mixture. I take a deep breath as I slip under the water line, closing my eyes as my body is submerged for a few moments before returning to the surface, wiping my vision free to look directly at the bush. I can see you staring in awe through the bush, waiting for me to climb out of the mud and walk bare-arsed back to the house while you admire my naked body one last time.

Dirty Farm Yard Adventure

fetish rbbrbootjake 2018-07-06

In the meantime, she was still the eye of many of the guys in the area, her curvy frame generated a lot of interest, though she was especially interested in Frank, the neighbourhood boy who sometimes helped out during the busy haying season and whenever Teresa's parents went away. Teresa put on a pair of cotton white panties and her dark blue coveralls, then put on her knee high well worn rubber boots and headed down to the barn to take care of the morning chores. After taking care of the milking and making sure the cows were fed, Teresa cleaned her rubber boots, and was about to head in for lunch when she noticed one of the cows had got out and was mingling near the manure pit.

Ploughing and Cowing

fetish Rett 2018-02-01

"Jess," Chris replied impatiently, "I told you I was sorry for saying those things-" Chris groaned quietly when a large, sticky glob oozed from the tip of his genitalia, Jess quickly taking the finger of her non-active hand and swiping it up from the end of his member. Chris squealed from the overwhelming sensation as his cock pulled back through the opening around his genitals, releasing a steady flow of cum the whole way up until the remaining fluid caked the lips of his newly formed vagina. "You didn't think there would be any other way for you to produce fine, organic milk for my farm did you?" Jess beamed, "I told you you'd be made useful.

Busty Jessica's Sexual Adventures Ch. 06

fetish sethp 2018-01-26

Megan's aunt Roxanne lay on the floorof the barn, spread out on the hay with one of her uncle's farmhands on top of her fucking away and another farmhand sliding his cock in and out of her mouth. Megan's aunt made a gagging sound and the man by her head pulled his cock out of her mouth. The third man whispered something to Busty Jessica before he started to fuck her breasts but Megan couldn't make out what he had said. Jessica grabbed the base of Uncle Bob's cock as he continued to fuck Megan. The extra sensation of Jessica's hand was enough to milk another load of cum out of Uncle Bob's cock and into Megan's pussy.

Summer on the Farm Ch. 02

fetish christian_hm 2017-11-25

All I can think about right now is how good it's going to feel when I stick my fat cock up your ass in a bit." As Christian attempted to work his tongue up his friend's ass, Dustin was having a great time receiving his pleasure and sucking on the beautiful penis before him. Holding in a moan from Christian now sticking a lard-covered finger up his ass, Dustin opened his throat as much as he could and bore down on the cock before him. Noticing this, Julie pulled Tiffany's head away from her nipple, removed her hand from under her dress, and stood both of them up, giving her sister a stern look.