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Randi's Embarrassment

fetish lesliejones 2018-12-04

She quickly unzipped and unbuttoned her beige pantsuit's bottom and let it fall, yanked down her tan thong panties, and sat on the toilet as a large log slipped speedily out of her little anal rosette and her usual strong stream flowed plenteously from her light hair-hidden peehole. Finally, realizing that if flushed the toilet again, she would have a floor flood with floating pieces of shit all over, she quietly put down the cover and washed her hands, sprayed the area with the available can of Lysol spray (for whatever good that would do with the turds still in the bowl) and then returned to the meeting as if nothing were amiss.

A Surprise Shower

fetish peelove64 2018-07-17

John, of course, was busy talking to guests and making sure his parent's mansion wasn't trashed, but he still stole a few minutes here and there to talk to Gina; a gesture that gave her immense joy. Gina, apparently less appealing than Allison, was not afforded the same courtesy by the guy at the end of the line, despite the fact that she had to pee just as badly. The yells of the girl below her couldn't be heard by anyone in the house due to the blaring music, so no one had any reason to notice Gina silently making her way to the back of the bathroom line.

Bee Is Obedient

fetish Orgone69 2018-04-30

Bee felt sorry for these people, as they couldn't help it and had not learned the delights of pee desperation, but their heartfelt sad stories did little to alleviate the growing pressure and pain swelling between Bee's legs. Bee cried out, tears coursing down her face as the excruciating agony in her cunt finally let go a torrent of pee that arced across the pathway, her arse impaled, her cunt spread wide open by the wooden carved tongue, her busting bladder gushing forth an unstoppable torrent of pee. Bee's pee continued until her bladder was finally and desperately relieved, she fell back across the dragon's head suddenly realising the intrusion into her bottom.

Ellie's Desperation

fetish ShowersOfGold 2018-04-26

The place never seemed to close and, dive-ish as it was, if a barman like Mike wanted to salvage a little weekend fun after work, it was the only place open after he'd shut up for the night. Red-faced, the girl flounced to the back of the queue, where her friends had apparently found a pair of likely lads to pay them in for the night. Ellie, it seemed, had no other choice, and let Aaron point her back towards where Mike was standing. Ellie bit her lip, trying to control her obvious need, while Mike took the opportunity to get a closer look at this stunning young woman. oh, god" Ellie grimaced, squeezed her crotch tightly, and looked urgently past Mike towards the alleyway.

Natalie's Desperate Deadline

fetish ShowersOfGold 2018-04-06

The obscure essays she'd rashly stripped quotes from, hoping to cobble together a half-hearted supporting argument for what she knew was a fairly nonsensical angle, were a complete headache - and, of course, Natalie's bladder was now pounding from twelve hours and several pints of coffee without a toilet break since she'd sat down at the desk. Natalie had seen a few especially drunk girls wet their knickers during freshers' week, but as a general rule she was sure that second-year University students didn't wee on themselves. The sodden towel beneath her gently caressed her sex as she shifted in her seat, and something inside Natalie stirred as the stress of the past day receded.

Taking Sophie Camping

fetish ShowersOfGold 2018-01-21

They'd spent plenty of time figuring out what techniques Sophie enjoyed most, and before long Joe had her gasping, working her exposed clit with deft flicks of the tongue as his hands moved feverishly over her body. Her firm, full bladder was heaving against his chest with each shudder, and it was all he could do to control his release - Sophie, in turn, masterfully worked his cock whilst thundering towards her own orgasm. Unzipping the sleeping bag, she raised herself off her lover's face and turned, leaning down to kiss him before lowering herself over his mouth, raising his head with one hand as he lifted it to meet her.