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For Her Eternal Servitude

fetish pedicure_dream 2018-06-20

To quench my spiritual thirst however, I would often lick the foot rest of a bench privileged to be a seat of some divine beauty when I was alone, or put in my mouth a chewing gum that some Godly fairy had spitted on the floor, or sometimes even swallow the trash papers with foot prints embossed by an accidental crush by some heavenly shoe. The very sight of being alone in a small, dark and bolted compartment with and extremely beautiful lady hardened my cock like a stone. She took out two pairs of used socks from her bag and stuffed one of them in my mouth with her hand and then with foot.

First Little Piggy Pt. 01

fetish TurvyTopsy 2018-04-30

Lady Wolf shook her head sadly, and said "Ah well, what a shame I was so looking forward to this Tilly, I shall have to find someone else to fulfill my fantasy." And she headed towards the door. Lady Wolf stopped and turned sharply on her heel, giving Tilly a hard look she said "Remember, no games, are you committed to being my little piggy?" "What are you waiting for Piggy, shove those tits in the mud and thrust that ass in the air!" Lady Wolf demanded "Ah, so she is a real piggy after all, good girl Tilly, go on make yourself cum in the mud, I want to her your snorting and squealing as you cum!"

A Beautiful Delivery

fetish 4SWEETCHEEKS 2018-01-30

She placed her finger of his lips and whispered, "You might want to re-think making that kind of noise." As his head reeled in confusion, she quickly unzipped his pants and slid them and his briefs to the floor, exposing his rock hard member. Without warning, she wrenched her foot free from his grip and slid from the box, turning to slide her drenched pussy onto his steel hard cock."Fuck me NOW, slave!!!" she screamed. For a brief moment he was startled back to reality, his heart, head and cock throbbing as he glanced at the open door of the truck wondering if anyone had heard her scream.