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Pammy Submits Ch. 02

fetish lawn 2018-03-28

She slumped her shoulders – her only effort to conceal her breasts – but shift her weight to pull a slightly bent knee slightly before her other leg concealing her pussy but not most of her bush. She stepped into her panties pulling them up quickly and tucking her fingers into the leg openings running them up to tuck in stray pussy hairs. I shifted to the other leg cocked to the side foot resting on a higher limb, ankle, calf, bent knee, the thigh stretching from knee to skirt lifting the skirt to show those nice cotton briefs. I took pics of that, legs and panties, tits pressed against the tank top, and her face looking into the camera.

The Strange Tale of Dr. LePage

fetish Dogboyjohn 2017-10-28

The girl quickly managed more food, knowing that LePage was going to punish her. His huge hands moved down to her firm belly, then with deliberate slowness, LePage looked into her eyes and slid one hand down into her jeans. LePage curled his finger inside her and pulled hard to the front vaginal wall. Opening her eyes, she once more looked at LePage. LePage clapped his hands, and the men moved her again. The girl gasped loudly, as the man under her penetrated her ass with his small cock. LePage looked on as the girl, facing him took two cocks in her ass. Her body moving from the men inside her, she let LePage fuck her mouth hard.