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Kinky Girl Games 04

fetish poetposh 2018-09-10

And on queue of Jennifer's assessment of Steph, Jennifer points out, "And here's where you started rubbing yourself you naughty girl", Jennifer says and nudges Steph as the watch Steph do just that on the computer screen. "You know Steph, I think you get more creative when you play with your pussy." After saying that, Jennifer pulls down her sweatpants and panties. Seeing this on the screen, feeling her finger in her ass, feeling her clit being rubbed and knowing Steph was watching her now blasted Jennifer into a very quick climax. "What made you think to play with your own pee?" Jennifer asked not wanting to allow Steph to escape the reality of what she did and what they were now watching.

PeePillow TM

fetish kayleekennicott 2018-07-13

There was pissbitches, who submitted quality erotica to the site; no-water-no-wee, the funny guy of the group, who was always in the chat room (he and I had never met in real life, but privately sent each other dirty messages when we were in a mood), always updating us about how much fluid he'd consumed that day, how desperate he felt, how much longer he was going to hold it; naturecalling, the husky lumberjack of the group who blogged about his nature hikes (and pisses) in the woods; and me, who liked to lurk but didn't often post my own stuff. Because I liked my bladder to feel pleasantly full, I kept drinking water as I opened new tabs in an incognito window: all my favorite piss porn sites, blogs, erotica, and, of course, our chat room.

Fat Sharon's Fun Alone Ch. 01

fetish JulesEngland 2018-05-15

It wasn't long before Sharon found herself crossing and un-crossing her legs and pressing her thighs together as she gorged herself with food: what had started off as breakfast had become something more, much more; but hey, today was her special day, she had lots of time and didn't feel the need to limit herself to just one or two portions of Toast, Cereal, Cake, Coffee or Chocolate. It wasn't long before the aroma of her ladycum joined the scent of her piss and Sharon fetched her favourite purple toy from a Drawer and pushed it firmly up her wet fanny; before switching it on and adjusting her big knickers and her leggings to hold it in place.

Now or Never

fetish naughtybessparker 2018-04-21

Sue gasped and opened her mouth then screamed out her ecstasy as Chloe released her muscles and let loose a cascade of hot golden piss which showered down over Sue. It splashed onto her face, covered her pert white breasts and ran down her body in a yellow river, pooling in an acrid puddle around Sue's quivering body. Tim watched amazed as Sue spread her legs wide allowing Chloe to push her head between them and lick out her cunt. Chloe kissed Sue softly on the forehead before stepping out of the bath and taking Tim by the hand. Sue was on the bed with them, on all fours next to Chloe, inviting Tim to fuck her as well.

Badpiggy Gets a Surprise

fetish badpiggy 2018-03-05

Her impromptu striptease act is working nicely and the sight of her globe-like breasts makes me hold my cock and rub my palm over the end of it. She sits astride my legs again, still slowly rubbing and teasing my cock with her hands. Jane says "I have drunk a lot, so I need to pee." I immediately assume that means her slipping off to the bathroom while I am under instruction not to wank. Sure enough, Jane sits astride my face and is raining down on me and into my mouth, some is running into my eyes but I can not close them, as I want to watch this in close up.