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Magikal Goods

fetish dreadknots 2018-09-12

Dark One is so formal." She smiled and winked, but when she saw that Sam wasn't in a joking mood, she sighed and continued her explanation, "Your friend Karlus the shopkeep tried to trap me, using my power as a source of magical fuel for his experiments. He's constantly aroused, leaving a trail of pre-cum from his limp dick wherever he goes." She pet the man's head, and he moved to lick her pussy. "Why are you showing me these...horrors?" Sam said, his mind lingering on 'wonders' a little too long for his liking. Magikal Goods needs to look like a proper store, if I'm going to use it as cover for my magical misdeeds.

The Real Estate Broker’s Boyfriend

fetish VodouBlue 2018-09-09

Paula continued to use his tongue, mouth, face and ass for her pleasure...and his. Over the course of time, she convinced him to let his hair grow, and to get rid of what little body hair he had, so that he was smooth from nose to toes, and his brunette locks brushed his ears. When Paula's sister --who knew Bobbie back when he was a man-- came over drunk one night after a disastrous date, he was dismayed when she was allowed to use him as well. Paula sent Bobbie to answer the door, knowing Glenda would likely take out her frustrations on her sister's little feminized boyfriend. "Come on, bitch; eat my cunt!" whooped Glenda, as she rode his face, careless of his need to breathe.

Becoming Kitten

fetish AngelSubmits 2018-09-03

I knew by the way she said it that it wasn't going to be pleasant. I finished showering as quickly as I could, but not before the minimum of 10 minutes that Mistress said I needed just to be clean. Come with me," she said to my Mistress. "Well follow me," she said, this time looking directly at me. Mistress had picked out a pink lace thong for me to wear that day. When we got to the back room, the girl in the waxing room looked up with what seemed like a smirk. "Well Kitten, what would you like done?" she said. "Kitten here really wants his pussy to be waxed clean," she said. "Look, Kitten," Mistress turned back to me.

Look At My Tits

fetish yankeedog 2018-08-19

Just for a while to see what it would be like to finger myself, or to have some man want my body and hunger for me the way that I had hungered for woman in the past. “Oh I wish I were a woman just for a week, just to see what it would be like...” why is this coming out of my mouth. I rush into the house to my waiting wife and kids, kiss them all and head to our liquor cabinet. Need to cut them worked through my mind as my head continued to pound. I force my eyes open a bit and my head begins to pound harder.

Teased, Denied and Sissified Ch. 03

fetish subbieman 2018-07-31

"Hey - that feels really good but you could have done it before you put it on!" I said as my cock began to swell and strain against the cage. Well, girls don't have cocks and little sissies don't get to use theirs so you'll stay like this until I think you're ready to come out. You're going to watch me cum and get a little sissy training at the same time." She straddled my face as I licked her bare slit. I expect you to do it anytime I cum, but you're not done yet." She sat on my chest and put the dildo to my face, "my little slut needs to clean this too. Dressing like a sexy slut, licking my pussy, sucking cock, watching me get off.

The Adventure Continues

fetish slipfreak46 2018-07-26

Joan showed up a few minutes early and Jean could tell by her attire, she had plans for Bob. She wore her black leather skirt with black silk blouse, neckline just low enough to hint of cleaveage. And part of him wanted to look her in the eye and tell her that he had taken that slip and gone into the guest room and got naked with it. Finally, Joan again picked up the slip by the straps, laid it on Bob and let it drop. Jean picked up the slip from his lap and before she wiped his face, she made him lick the collected cum that had oozed out from it.

She Gets Bored And Takes Control

fetish Une_Erotique 2018-07-19

Second, you will do as I say." As she slid up my body and placed her cum filled pussy on my face, she began feeling my tongue enter her and clean out the mess I just left. She told me that I was such a good cum-slut cleaning her out that I must love to be fucked too. She introduced me as her new girlfriend and he laughed as she told him that I was a cum slut and loved to be fucked in my ass. I heard my mistress ask, "He looked like a good cock sucker, how does he feel?" He finally pulled out as she came around and saw my pathetic tears and cum covered face.

Marion's Turn Ch. 01

fetish jomar 2018-07-09

You're gonna be a hungry little slut for my big cock." She stroked my ass, a finger circled gently at my opening. Marion had gotten me to wear her lingerie a few times while I fucked her, stockings, a teddy or a camisole; bra, stretchy top or stiletto heels while she played with my cock and my ass. You want to get fucked in your pussy, don't you, baby slut. All good little sluts need to suck the cock that's gonna fuck 'em." My nasty little classy slut on her knees in lingerie and makeup, pretty blue hair framing that lovely face, sucking her Mistress's cock. Mmm, your clit is so hard, baby slut." She fed me precum.

Marion's reTurn Ch. 01

fetish jomar 2018-07-03

Are you feeling receptive, baby?" Marion said as she scooped some of my leaking precum with her finger and fed it to me. "Mmm, you know baby, whenever I put on stockings I feel so sexy and feminine. I sipped some wine and looked at myself in the mirror: slim figure, gorgeous sandy blonde hair with highlights, dangly ebony earrings that caught the light and sheer black very high thigh highs. Marin had been keeping an eye on her watch and finally said, "You look so sexy in your little black dress. Dressed as a beautiful woman in a sexy little black dress, I walked nervously to the door in my five inch strappy pumps wondering exactly what Marion had in mind for tonight.

Gwenny's Puppy Boy Ch. 01

fetish atrickofthelight 2018-06-27

She asked if I was thirsty, and she told me to drink from the toilet, "like a good little puppy." I had never drunk from a toilet, and it was humiliating, at first. We had discussed toilet training, and she said that she wanted to see me drink the byproduct of what I had drunk from the toilet earlier--she put me in my place right away, as a puppy and a toilet slave. "Pee like the good little bitch you are," she said, laughing at me as she watched, humiliating me. Well, except for having to go pee in the middle of the night--and that, I did in the back yard, like a good little puppy.

A Mistress, a Sissy, and a Slave Ch. 01

fetish thejm4n 2018-06-22

Giggling naughtily, the seasoned slave began to run her hands up and down Adam's body, teasing each part as she slowly removed his clothing. The silk enchanted his skin and his mind equally--all he could feel or think was the pleasure of having these girly pieces of clothing touching his body. Her pussy pulsed in waves of indescribable pleasure that spread throughout her body and orchestrated her limbs—they clawed and grabbed at the giggling sissy, pushing Hailey down harder on the pussyboy's exploding cock. "Fill me you dirty, giggling slut!" she screamed, pumping his cock with practically inhuman speed, before collapsing onto the ground in a twitching mass of pleasure, lust, and brainwashing.

Elle Does Laundry

fetish nimble 2018-06-22

I've trained elle to measure the washing liquid and get the temperature of the water just right, mixing it well before adding an item. elle went to work, leaning over the bathroom sink, hips shivering as she worked my intimate garments with her soapy hands. She kept her eyes trained on her task as I re-entered and stood once more behind her, savoring the muscles of her back and thighs, so nicely framed by her apron. I stepped around her to the sink and dipped my black dick in the soapy water, allowing her a good view of its slippery length. I proceeded to fuck her, my pretty little elle, in her apron, with her fingers gripping the sink that was full of my wet underthings.


fetish collegecavewriter20 2018-06-15

Alexander went to speak with a girl in the smaller room and after depositing her bag behind a couch Allison led Kyle by the hand into the larger one. He looked at Allison and held her gaze and their eye contact didn't break, not even when Alexander put his penis between them and pushed their faces toward it. If you even try to wipe that off your face before leaving I will beat the shit out of you." Afraid of enraging Alexander (no one is grumpier than a guy who just ejaculated) Kyle and Allison stood up and quickly made their way out of the room and down the stairs and out the door, not even pausing to gather Kyle's clothes.

Husband in Panties

fetish A-Heart-On 2018-06-13

I couldn't help smiling as my mind wandered into an image of how cute my guy's tight little buns would look in a pair of lacy girlie panties. "Well, now," I said, pausing dramatically while I had his complete attention, "I want you to go down to the Penney's store and buy five pairs of panties, one for each day of the week." I studied his expression. Opening my eyes I was treated to the blurred sight (I am extremely nearsighted) of my husband in his lovely new Victoria Secret panties and a camisole I had picked it up from the thrift store the day before.

Confession of a Panty Lover

fetish Suzian 2018-06-12

I was completely nude at the time and I started to rub the pantyhose on my semi-hard cock. One day I was at the house of a mutual acquaintance, when I went to the bathroom I saw some white pantyhose sticking out the wash basket so before I sat in the toilet I pulled them out along with them came a pair of red panties. She got under the covers and I put my stuff down, I turned out all the lights so that she couldn't see me climb into bed wearing the panties. I enjoy wearing any colour, silky (not cotton), thongs or hotpanties and the feel is great.

Wife in Control Ch. 05

fetish wifetoy 2018-06-02

I walked upstairs to find my wife standing in our exercise room dressed in a black leotard, pink tights, and ballet shoes. On the bed in our room, she had laid out a pink thong dance panty, a brand new pair of pink Capezio Ultra Soft dance tights, a pink high neck leotard, white leg warmers, and a pair of pink leather Capezio ballet shoes, all of which she had ordered in my size for the occasion. She led me through a series of stretches on the bar as I admired my tights covered legs with my toes pointed in the dainty ballet slippers. While I struggled to take her cock, I watched the scene in the mirror- a ballerina roughly fucked in her tutu and tights.

Reversals Ch. 01

fetish RachelClark 2018-06-01

And the best thing is, most of the senior promotions, like yours, are going to womyn!" Julia wasn't sure if Samantha was more excited about her promotion or that women had taken so many of the positions. It's going to make having a baby with him almost impossible unless I give up on the idea of breastfeeding my baby like I wanted to." Julia brought her hands to the side of her head and began rubbing her temples with her fingers trying to ward off an approaching headache. "Role reversal," Samantha said, more to herself than to Julia, the words having some deeper meaning as her expression shifted to satisfaction, almost excitement.

Sissy Boy Secretary Ch. 09

fetish Hotenuf4u 2018-06-01

My eyes popped wide open when I saw my Mom pull out a big black dildo and start to fuck herself while reading the story. A few days later my Mom nervously came to ask, "Tammy would it be possible for you to find a place to sleep tonight, your father and I have to talk and we need some privacy?" I watched Linda grab around my fathers neck to pull her self up, then she wrapped her legs around his back and mounted him, his cock going in deep. I noticed that most of the stories involved a white female dominating a black male which gave me the idea on how to help both my Mom and you at the same time.

Marion Turns Me Out Ch. 01

fetish jomar 2018-05-15

She raised her head, flicked her hair out of the way and whispered in my ear, "I hope you don't get to loving cock so much you forget to service my tight pussy." Marion stopped at the edge of the bed, cupped my balls and lightly scratched them with her red nails, her other hand found the back of my neck and she pulled me to her and kissed me then said, "Here baby, you lay down. I ran my fingers through her hair, whispered, "Yes. Fuck me," and reached down, enveloped her ass with my hands and pulled her to me hard, snapping my hips up as best I could.

Marion's Turn Ch. 02

fetish jomar 2018-05-09

I fucked your pussy and you came, baby, I made you a woman. Mmm, I think I'd like to see your little white mouth around a big black cock, baby. Would you like to sit in the chair with your blindfold on, rubbing your clit, hearing me moan and come on strange cock? You look so lovely in your classy lingerie, all made up, your pretty blue hair framing the cock in your mouth. A man is gonna fuck your pussy with his cock." I moaned. "Mmm, you'll beg for more though, won't you, little cock slut? My little cock slut got used sooo good. How much of a woman do you want to be, baby?" I moaned and fucked her back.

The Yoga of the Ruined Orgasm

fetish suppleWriter 2018-05-06

One day, nearing the end of our yoga session, we were both seated facing each other in bound lotus, with our arms crossed at the back, holding our toes. He looked so gentle and open, quite androgynous in fact (he had a very willowy body), but I felt an unease in him. After yoga the next day, I initiated a chat about what he could do to help me get over the reduced lovemaking, and I suggested pleasuring me with oral sex, which he was happy about. So, at the bound lotus part of our next yoga session, I mentioned that I was going to 'help' him, but first he needed to undo the lotus, and remove his panties.

His First Taste of the Real Thing

fetish 2easy2 2018-04-26

"Hurry up bitch and get your girly stuff on, I've been wanting to get my dick in you since I read that first story online," she said as she put a condom on her cock. She continued to talk about me getting a real cock either in my mouth or in my ass the whole time she was fucking me that night. She started talking about me sucking a real cock again as she slowly fucked my mouth. "What a messy little whore, we need to get you cleaned up," Angie said as she reached around and raked up the cum from my face with her finger. Before the guy left Angie told him to come back after he got off work and fuck my ass like he had my face and he agreed that he would.

Reversals Ch. 02

fetish RachelClark 2018-04-17

The women saw a very happy, grateful and eager Julia, a woman looking forward to her promotion; but, the entire time, she was worrying about how Eric was going to take the news of her increasing success while he was at home unemployed and struggling. The walk from the parking strip to their building wasn't a long one but Julia dragged it out, walking slowly, almost idly forward getting up her nerve to give the news to Eric that he was falling ever further behind her, assuming she took the promotion. Julia couldn't help but wonder if Eric was really looking for work to the extent he always suggested he did, or if he'd become obsessed with, maybe even addicted to, online gaming.

Pimped Out Sissy Bitch

fetish Gemsissy 2018-04-08

Why would she want me when she knew I was a slutty little sissy bitch wearing satin lingerie like a girl? "Sabine let me know you were a bit of a size queen so I thought we'd have some real fun." From my kneeling position, the cock looked huge. "Mmmm, yes, sissy wants her Mommy's cock, doesn't she?" cooed Mrs. Yakota. It felt so glorious to be fucked like the total sissy I was, with such a beautiful, huge cock and by a beautiful, powerful woman. Even though I couldn't get erect, I felt like something was happening with my cock and balls. Mrs. Yakota was working herself up good and fast, moaning and babbling about being Mommy and fucking her sissy girl with her huge cock.