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Delightful Day

fetish kristianklay 2018-04-25

Her legs spread wide, her pussy and ass open, wet and being slowly fucked with her fingers. Kate's eyes opened and she saw me there, naked, erect cock in my hand, watching her, masturbating in time with her masturbation. Kate's legs were spread widely before me, her fingers inside her gaping cunt just above my hard flesh; I watched my penis impale her body. "Oh god yes," Kate groaned as she continued to work the palm of her hand against her clit, faster and faster, her fingers sliding in and out of her wet pussy. My excitement heightened as I watched Kate continue to fuck her pussy with her fingers, my cock fucking her ass.

Strapon Escort

fetish keithdavis1010 2018-01-27

She ran her hands through my hair getting a good grip with her other hand she dick slapped me lightly across the face then pushed the cock into my mouth and began short thrusting motions face fucking me. She really started to pump my throat saying, “Oh yeah faster, faster - that’s it, take it bitch - you fucking whore, suck that cock!” It was like she was a real man face fucking me on the verge of orgasm. She stepped back started pulling her clothes off quickly saying, “You suck cock like a good little slut now take your clothes off.” She slapped my ass and said, “You make a perfect bottom bitch I can’t wait to set it up for you.

The Friendly Neighbour Dominates

fetish bobby888 2017-10-26

The weekend encounter of my wife Kay and our neighbour Todd was fresh in our minds. Kay was guilty of suddenly turning on her wild side, something she had not shown since her university days. I woke earlier and sat there looking at Kay. Visions of her and Todd kept flashing in my mind. Todd turned his head towards my window and stared for a long time as her held her head with both hands and tried to gag her again and again. It took a long time of prodding for his cock to sink into Kay's ass. Todd lay down on the couch as lifted Kay into a smooth turn to face the roof.