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The Season To Remember Part 2

fetish Jakie837 2018-12-04

I exchanged words with Reece and Shayla, who were both already in bras and panties and getting ready to climb into bed, before undoing my belt, dropping my pants on the floor next to the bed, and climbing in. "Good night everyone." Reece said, turning off the lights. "Shayla, Taylor, come with me." Reece said, dragging them into the living room. "We get off school on most game days." Reece told me, and I sighed with relief. "Whatcha lookin at Jakie?" Called Reece, putting her arm around my shoulders and walking in sync with me. "You should come and visit us in our room after practice." Taylor said, and Reece nodded. "Hey Jakie." Called Aedan as I headed into the boys dressing room.

Car Accident Ch. 10

fetish pedic7717 2018-12-04

- Good morning Madame, I quietly said and placed the dish on her bed, assuming my kneeling position. She sat on the sofa, at Madame's favorite seat, crossing her legs, left foot over the right. Not wasting any time, I rushed in front of her, knelt and kissed the tip of her right leather boot. I carefully bowed down and pulling my lips inwards I kissed the tip of her right boot once. She said extending her left foot, touching my face with the sole of her boot. She took a pair of red high-heel pumps out of her suitcase and handed them over to me, extending her right foot, her toes now touching my nose.

23rd Century Digital Girl Chapter 9

fetish Heel 2018-12-04

“Hi, I’m Hanna,” she said and winked mischievously at me. “Wow, what a nice brace you have!” exclaimed Hanna and bent over to examine it more closely. Hanna continued eyeing the brace. “By the way your toes look extremely suckable. Nicole shuddered, then smoothed her skirt with both hands in a nervous gesture. “You seem to be well informed,” I said, eyeing Hanna suspiciously. When her moans mixed with painful growls, I let her rest, turning my attention to her cute little toes. And I used to lick her insoles and heels, which looked nice even with all those traction pins stuck in. “Hanna, please stop,” said Nicole. “Come on, let’s go to bed together, the three of us,” Hanna chirruped.

Car Accident Ch. 04

fetish pedic7717 2018-12-02

I bent down and took both her feet in my hands and started kissing them as usual. I began applying the first layer of transparent varnish on her right foot starting from the little toe. -May I ask what color does Madame wish to have her toe nails painted? I think I'll wear open shoes today, just to have my feet looked by everybody. Your humble slave bids you good day Madame! I went upstairs and took Madame's slippers. -Then you may begin slave, she said and lied down lazily on the couch, her right foot hanging on the side. My Madame was actually sleeping, having her feet massaged, by her humble slave!

23rd Century Digital Girl Chapter 1

fetish Heel 2018-11-28

Two aluminum crutches were tucked under her arms, making her look vulnerable. I stopped, stared at these old fashioned devices, and wondered when I had last seen someone walking on crutches. I blinked and stared at her, feeling that I look like an idiot right now. “Yes, literally,” she said and crutched toward the intersection. She nodded sadly and slipped her crutches from under her arms. “The next building to the right,” she said and rewarded me with a broad smile. The old man that was standing beside the entrance held the door open for us and stared lewdly at the girl’s legs. Then I noticed that her other eye looked absolutely normal. “What’s the matter with you?” I asked feeling my heart speed up a bit.

Educating Poppy - Part I

fetish naughtyannie 2018-11-23

They’ve been flirting outrageously across the table all evening, and as Poppy brings them their dessert she can’t help thinking she’s interrupted them in the middle of a particularly dirty conversation. She’s sure she hears him say something like “…have you right here on this table”, but then the woman sees Poppy coming and shushes him urgently. He comes really hard, right against the inside of his thin trousers, forcing his stuff through the material, and the woman’s toes become covered in sticky ejaculate as she continues to rub at the spreading damp patch. Poppy is still a bit embarrassed at the way the conversation is going, and as usual when she’s unsure of herself, she says the first thing that comes into her head.

Bar talk

fetish rolf3000 2018-11-23

Several times, he has refused to give me a foot massage because my feet were too smelly, even when they were almost fresh form the shower. The next time we had an argument and I felt my temper rising, instead of slapping him, I quickly fetched the handcuffs and locked him to a table. I calmly explained that he could go on for as long as he wanted, but my feet were going to stay right there until he would calm down and apologize. I couldn't help but laugh, which made him more angry, but again, the foot odour spoke for itself and pretty soon he gave in and kept his mouth shut.

Car Accident Ch. 09

fetish pedic7717 2018-11-20

Very carefully I let Miss Kate's feet rest on the couch and stood up. When everything was in order, I came back to the living room and sat cross legged near Miss Kate's feet. - Good morning Miss Kate, I softly said kissing her soles gently. Madame stood up and went to her room while I took Miss Kate's mouth cleaned socks and shoes and knelt in front of her. I placed a cover on top of it took my apron off and went back to the living room to give Miss Clara the water she asked. I went on with the rest of her toes, taking each one in my mouth, sucking and licking away the foot dirt and aroma.

Lust Afoot

fetish tb0ne2u 2018-11-20

Without going into too much detail Ken also confessed that he had developed a real appreciation for beautiful feet and he thought Milly's were some of the most beautiful he had ever seen. Ken put his bottle down and began massaging Milly's luscious feet. He then began kissing Milly's feet and sucking each of her sexy toes. Milly laid on the bed and Ken began to lick her pussy lips and flick her clit with his tongue. Ken began ramming her so hard that it wasn't long before Milly let out loud screams and her whole body began shaking, then her pussy juices flowed and ran out her pussy and down Ken's cock onto the bed.

Andrew's Sister III: The Package

fetish llkop 2018-11-16

I had been kept busy working long hours preparing for the beginning of a new job so the situation with Laura had fallen to the back of my mind. “I have been wearing these for a few days now,” she smiled as she waved the white pair of socks in front of the camera. She held the socks under her nose and inhaled deeply, I felt my cock begin to rise under my dressing gown. Another few minutes of sexy dancing passed by she turned to face away from the camera and slowly removed her panties revealing her ass and then her moist pussy. I pushed one of the white socks inside the other and then stretched it over my hard cock.

How a kind lady helped my nylon and foot fetish

fetish Peter88 2018-11-15

Today, as I said, I was only wearing my blue dressing gown and I went through the usual routine - Listen for the vacuum to start, all clear - then I knelt down by Jean's soft red boots, slipped the nylon stocking over my head and holding her right boot tightly over my nose and mouth inhaled the scent of her lovely sweaty feet and took and myself in hand for a quick wank. Looking wide-eyed right at me, pumping away, smelling her pretty little size 5 boot, which I dropped, and as she walked towards me I could only focus on her feet, her skinny painted toes and her silky nylon legs and I couldn't hold back - I came in my hand and tried to hold onto the mess of come, but it trickled through my fingers and some dripped onto her boot.

Car Accident Ch. 03

fetish pedic7717 2018-11-14

She certainly enjoyed her breakfast, with me gently holding her foot in my hands, offering my best kisses. I was kissing each separate toe, then going on with the rest of her foot, finishing with her ankle and starting all over again from her lovely toes. -Forgive me Madame, I said, her beautiful foot still in my hands. -YES Madame, I said vividly, giving her foot a warm kiss. Kneeling in front her, I gave her the dish and bending to the floor I took her dusty boots in my hands and kissed them. I was still kissing her divine feet, licking them clean of tears at the same time.

23rd Century Digital Girl Chapter 3

fetish Heel 2018-11-11

Then I noticed that her right eye looked normal again. You don’t look very well,” I said, sitting beside her. “I have cramps,” she said and shuddered, "It is normal, don’t worry about it!” Right before my eyes, her body sprang to life. My hands slid up her legs, feeling the shape of her exquisite muscles. I turned my attention to her right breast, while trying to unbutton my jeans. “It looks really cute,” I interjected quickly and slowly withdrew my hand. “You don’t need to explain,” I said and pulled down her panties, "just let me do what you want me to do.” “I think … I have a big problem,” she said and her body started to shake with sobs.

So How Long Have You Been Into Feet?

fetish Footscribe 2018-11-10

Seem a bit quiet," she said nonchalantly as she unknowingly slipped the nyloned toes of her let foot under the cuff of the right leg of my shorts. "Think I'll help myself to another Breezer," she said as she swung around to grab a bottle from the back seat, finally planting the arch of her sweaty little nyloned foot squarely on my trapped dick. It gets me so horny knowing you've spent the last year and a half lusting after me, dreaming of the day when I'd grind my panty-clad ass cheeks against your face, chest, and hard dick before my beautiful feet would stroke your hard cock and make it cum harder."

23rd Century Digital Girl Chapter 5 and 6

fetish Heel 2018-11-08

My hands supporting her casted hips, her breasts pressed against my chest, her hands resting calmly on my shoulders, her breath tickling my neck. “Peter, I have to tell you something,” she said and turned on one side to look at me. Nicole pulled herself into a sitting position and waited to be examined. After the cast was removed, Nicole stretched in the bed and tried to move her stiffened legs. “You need to do some exercises,” Nadja said and checked the flexibility of Nicole’s hip joints. “OK,” I said, trying not to look at her perfect (at least from outside), half-naked body. “You have to use the wheelchair,” I said and supported her back with my hand.


fetish lilalola 2018-11-07

He pulled me hard into him, his hands swarming down my back and ass before ending up in my hair then cupping my face. I cupped his balls before going down on him, deepthroating him fast, running my tongue like a helicopter round and round the head, sucking hard. He slowly stuck one finger into my snatch, gently pushing in and out, continuing to suck at my nipples, alternating between each breast. Suddenly, he slapped my ass, the head of his cock at the opening of my pussy. He lay down on me, breathing hard as his cock slowly went limp, his sweaty skin against mine as the snow outside turned into a blizzard while we were in the warm.

Andrew's Sister II: the BBQ

fetish llkop 2018-11-06

Laura was sunning herself wearing a red bikini with matching red nail polish on both her fingers and toes, 'The same red as the last time we met!' She was smiling. She grabbed the top and pulled it over her head revealing her perfect B-cup tits to the warm sun. My hands rested on her tits and began to rub and massage the sun-screen into her chest. I looked down to see that Laura had curled her big toe from each foot around the waist line of shorts and began to pull them down. The angle that I was stood at in order to fondle her tits meant that my shorts could pretty much slip right off with minimal resistance from my erection, which I’d had since Andrew left.

Female feet don't smell... Part 1

fetish rolf3000 2018-11-05

The pretty girl looked at me briefly, then rolled her eyes and said, "No." She turned back to her friend and kept talking. "Look, can you leave us alone?" the pretty girl said. "Trudy, my god, what are you…" her friend started, looking like she didn’t know whether to laugh or be shocked. "Anyway, he’s not much bothered by the smell, so I guess his only problem is that he looks pretty stupid with a foot in his face. Christ, I think he is actually going to stay there. I was sweating and it felt like my only working senses were smell and vision, while the rest of my brain had stopped working, as if her foot had shut my system down.

The Jogger Socks

fetish Shybitch 2018-11-05

As she drank I stared at her calves and her sneakers trying to imagine what her feet looked like and smelled like...dare I even think what they tasted like? The young woman walked over and sat in a small spot of grass near the kiddie sprinkler fountain. All I could do was stare at her feet and her socks tucked neatly inside her jogging shoes. So I sat and watched as the young woman started her car and drove slowly down the driveway of the park until she was totally out of sight. I then began to give myself a handjob right there in the car with the lovely smelly sock carefully covering my dick as I stroked it.

Andrew's Sister

fetish llkop 2018-11-04

I couldn’t help but look, my eyes danced from her pretty face down her body and along her shapely legs to her beautiful feet. I worked my way across her feet, kissing each toe in turn. When I felt the time was right I opened my mouth and covered over right big toe and began to suck, not too hard, using my tongue to caress and taste her. I then placed my tongue at the heel of her left foot and slowly licked my way across the sole, when I reached the tip of her toe I opened my eyes and looked up at her.

23rd Century Digital Girl Chapter 2

fetish Heel 2018-11-03

She was lying motionless on the bed, her good eye fixed pensively on the ceiling. “Do you feel embarrassed about the way I look now?” she asked. She gave me a weak smile and continued to examine the ceiling with her good eye. “Could you please bring me a glass of water?” she said. Her body felt limp and surprisingly tender in my arms as I lifted her into sitting position. “No, I just want to fuck you,” I said nervously. “Do you want to know what happened to me?” she asked. “Why are you torturing yourself like that?” I asked,” You must stop thinking about the past!” “You want to scare me or what?” I said merrily.

23rd Century Digital Girl Chapter 7 and 8

fetish Heel 2018-11-01

“My bones can predict the weather,” she said and smiled. She bent her left knee and her heel popped out of her shoe. “We can’t change the weather, right?” she said and managed a nervous smile. Her left leg was put in a brace, her knee locked straight. “Yep,” she said and made her way to the elevator, clumsily dragging her braced leg. Nicole was walking slower than before, making funny half-circles with her braced leg. “I think I know what your problem is,” Arthur said. “Shoot!” Nicole said and cocked her head to one side. “Don’t you like me?” Nicole said flirtatiously. “Would you mind me helping you cross the street?” Arthur said, ignoring me. “I’m not your master,” she said with a sad voice.

23rd Century Digital Girl Chapter 4

fetish Heel 2018-10-31

After that, she helped Nicole take off her panties and draped something that looked like a towel over her pelvic area. “It’s too late to worry about that now?” Nadja replied and looked at the screen again. Nicole turned her head aside, trying to hide the disappointment in her expression or maybe her moistening eyes. A minute later, Nicole’s waist was bandaged completely, as well as her hips. I have to go now,” Nadja said and knocked on Nicole’s bandaged hip. “You need someone who can take care of you,” the doctor said, looking suspiciously at me. “I know that, Nadja.” Nicole replied with exasperation, and made an unsuccessful effort to turn on her side.

Erin and the Shoe Store

fetish kimberlykitten 2018-10-30

Erin wrapped her cum-covered bare feet around Samantha's enormous cock and began thrusting the huge dick in between her soft wrinkle and gooey soles. All the midgets' cocks grew huge inside their tight pants, as Erin's bare feet and toes came into view. The two midgets that sucked on her milk-filled balloons for a long time, finally unleashed their huge dicks and began slapping them against Erin's breasts. Erin's nipples started spurting out breast milk onto the thrusting midgets, as her enormous jugs bounced and wobbled up and down their cock wildly. The midget at Erin's feet, pounded away between her arches and his large hairy balls slapped against her soft soles.