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Miss L.J. Little Foot Bitch

fetish footlover95 2018-12-04

I dropped my pants to the floor, I was just about to start wanking when I received another text, “Remember no wanking your little wee wee,” she said. The second her beautiful feet covered in a, red five inch stiletto rubbed against my little cock, I looked into her magnificently beautiful sapphire eyes that you could lose yourself in and let out a moan. Good, my feet want to play with you little dick she said as she sat back down in her chair. I quickly crawled to over to her, she started to rub her bare toes against my aching cock and said, “Why don’t you kiss my knees and work your way up, I’ll tell you when to stop.”

Car Accident Ch. 01

fetish pedic7717 2018-11-28

She told me that she needed a good rest, and certainly someone to help her back on her feet again. Moving my face close to her feet I pressed my mouth on her toe nails giving her a warm wet kiss on each foot. -Yes Madame, I'm very happy, I said continuing to warm her feet with my breath. Here I am, sitting on my couch, like a real queen, with a man lying next to my feet in total submission and obedience. I couldn't see her from my position by her bare feet, but I could realize from the touch of her voice that she was really excited, like a small spoilt child.

Becoming Her Pedestal

fetish BrockRockhold 2017-12-30

"Now Malafi, I made a promise to the Gods, and you better believe I'm not one to break my word..." she smiled, turning to the sea of people surrounding her temple. Ariah snapped her fingers again, prompting her guards to flip Malafi onto his back. Ariah slowly removed the wraps as the guards pulled Malafi's head toward the base of her throne. Ariah cupped her feet together and gently lowered her vinegar-soaked soles toward Malafi's nose and mouth. Ariah dug her toes into Malafi's mouth. Malafi could see the fumes evaporating from Ariah's soles. Ariah's guards pulled Malafi's chains, dragging his limp body into the temple as the crowd chanted the name of their new Queen.

Fatale Foot Frenzy

fetish SeedeeBeetoo 2017-11-03

The elevator finally reached the twenty-fifth floor and Noel switched video angles again to watch Carl exit the elevator car and make his way to his office. All he could do was kneel as the foot scent assaulted his nose and images of the beautiful feet assailed his mind's eye. Noel sat on a nearby black leather sofa and reclined with her feet facing Carl. Carl hesitated, but Noel raised one foot, flexed it, then quickly pointed it at his face. The salty taste of Noel's foot immediately hit his tongue and Carl couldn't contain himself. On the thirtieth floor, Noel Fatale tapped the touch-screen on her desk and switched off the video surveillance on her new pet.