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Miss L.J. Little Foot Bitch

fetish footlover95 2018-12-04

I dropped my pants to the floor, I was just about to start wanking when I received another text, “Remember no wanking your little wee wee,” she said. The second her beautiful feet covered in a, red five inch stiletto rubbed against my little cock, I looked into her magnificently beautiful sapphire eyes that you could lose yourself in and let out a moan. Good, my feet want to play with you little dick she said as she sat back down in her chair. I quickly crawled to over to her, she started to rub her bare toes against my aching cock and said, “Why don’t you kiss my knees and work your way up, I’ll tell you when to stop.”

I say You say

fetish smiler77 2018-12-02

Inside the cubicle I strip off completely and it feels a little strange to me, You sit on a chair in the corner while I dress myself in a black and red Basque with matching knickers, the Basque is mostly black but has red ribbons on the left at the right sides, crisscrossed and showing my tanned flesh beneath, I carefully put on the black stockings and then add the red shoes I’ve just bought, not until I am completely ready do I look in the mirror beside me, I am amazed at how wild I look. You switch your attention to my left foot, again I am wowed when I feel your teeth scrape across the soft skin on the underside of my big toe, you’re sucking hard, your mouth is so warm and your tongue soft and spongy like the inside of my needy pussy.

Hannah g marketing

fetish footlover95 2018-12-01

This all started off when I got a new job working for a marketing company as a door-to-door salesperson. I got a boner every time I saw them and she had the most delicious pedicure feet with red toenails, don’t even get me started on her arse. Then we left and as we got outside, she said, “I almost forgot about your present,” and handed me her pantyhose and said, “Go on take a sniff, you know you want to, you’ve been dying from day one.” I was plastered, so I thought fuck it and took a sniff, I let out a moan and she just started to laugh and said, “Don’t tell anyone at the office about this thing, it’s just the beginning.”

First time I got a footjob

fetish footfetishlover007 2018-11-29

Next thing I know, I started squirming because it felt so good and I just shot multiple, huge, thick loads of hot cum in between her sexy toes. She didn't wanna stop, she turned over and put her feet on either side of my limp cock and started stroking me until I got hard again. She said to me, "Dont be afraid to let it all out, I wanna hear how good it feels when I make you cum okay?" So then that got me going real good and I started moaning as she kept stroking me, then all of a sudden she started pounding her feet against my cock and I couldnt help but moaning really loud and she was smilng while I moaned really hard and loud.

Car Accident Ch. 01

fetish pedic7717 2018-11-28

She told me that she needed a good rest, and certainly someone to help her back on her feet again. Moving my face close to her feet I pressed my mouth on her toe nails giving her a warm wet kiss on each foot. -Yes Madame, I'm very happy, I said continuing to warm her feet with my breath. Here I am, sitting on my couch, like a real queen, with a man lying next to my feet in total submission and obedience. I couldn't see her from my position by her bare feet, but I could realize from the touch of her voice that she was really excited, like a small spoilt child.

Pretty Feet

fetish NymphWriter 2018-11-28

“You sure did make quite an impression on Mr. Cagaha,” said Ciera with a smile. “Oh… you never know,” Ciera said, touching my leg gently and she gave me a sly smile. I began to think about what Ciera had said about the impression I had made on Mr. Cagaha and what he would want to talk with me about. As Ciera finished up, I asked, “Do you think I bothered Mr. Cagaha with my Groupon the way I did the receptionist?” He smiled and said, “I knew your feet would be amazing, but now I can taste your pussy is as well.” I grabbed my purse and began to leave when he said, “Don’t forget your money, Pretty Feet.”

Cordelia's Feet 6 - The Queen Bee's Play

fetish ChrissieLecker 2018-11-27

All these feelings of shame that had built up almost unbearably high inside me evaporated in the blink of an eye, and instead of wanting to flee and hide – as I probably should - I felt the need to jump up and scream, “Yes, it’s me! Cordelia came too, trembling and making the sweetest whimpers, and she fell back into the chair, one hand clutched over her pussy, eyes closed and her face full of bliss. Images of Cordelia appeared in front of my closed eyes, her pretty, soft pussy lips stretched around the huge rubber cock, and that look of bliss on her face I had seen earlier.

Fucking my Roommate's feet

fetish footobsession 2018-11-26

It seemed too much of a coincidence that right after I jacked off looking at her feet with her in the room, this would happen. “I know you want my feet Tim. So take them.” And with that she began rubbing one foot against my enlarged cock right through my jeans and shoved the other in my face.  “I fucking love your feet,” I moaned through pleasure, as I licked more intensely, and began sucking on her sweat soaked big toe. Cum on those perfect, little feet you love.” I continued moaning, past speech at this point, as I fucked away furiously. She giggled the whole time and then winked at me again, as she lifted one of her cum-drenched feet to her lips and started sucking the cum right off her toes.

Working At The Shoe Store

fetish Mysteria27 2018-11-25

“You’re so fucking gorgeous.  You have the greatest feet I’ve ever seen.  I got so excited and needed to pleasure myself.  I have a foot fetish.  Please don’t tell my manager.  I’ll give you any pair of shoes you want in the store.  Just don’t say anything.” “Any pair of shoes I want?  How nice of you.  Don’t sweat it!  Everybody has something kinky in their lives.  You got excited because of me?  Fuck, that’s so sexy.  I could suck your cock if you want?  I have a strange obsession for cum myself.  I love to suck dicks.  You’re so scrumptious looking yourself.  I bet you have a really big cock?”

Two Feet Across

fetish MissAnonna 2018-11-23

A smiling gentleman passed by with no hand wave or signal that he even saw me but I did notice that his eyes did not stop looking my direction until he absolutely had to and then I heard his car stop some distance away. Soon he stepped up onto a large cement block that was next to my car and was standing straight up, pointing the camera straight down on my feet and I watched him inch forward, nearly touching his crotch to my toes. I actually giggled like a little child and he began to pump his cock harder through my toes and I then saw myself spread eagle against my car door, feet out the window and a hard head of a cock spreading my toes apart and allowing them to come back together, over and over.

Dirty Race

fetish centaur 2018-11-23

Kate still had a half incredulous and half disgusted look on her face when she knelt down and took Sandra’s feet into her hands to untie the laces on the runner’s shoe. "Now," Sandra finally said, ‘let’s proceed with my massage.’ She put her right foot in Kate’s hand again. Kate removed the sock trying not to show any signs of disgust or else Sandy might even shove it up her mouth then she started rubbing the foot. Ridiculous, I’m not an easy girl like that –’ but at that moment Kate took her pinky toe in her mouth and started sucking on it. It was hot and really wet and Sandra enjoyed thoroughly fucking it with her foot while Kate let out small high pitched cries of joy.

Sandy's Secret

fetish Footie 2018-11-22

She stood up ordered me to open my legs and she climbed to the top of my chair, where my back was resting and pressing her pussy against the back of my head, started to rub vigorously her feet soles on my abdomen and thighs. When I felt near the explosion again, I was sure that she was not going to let me come, but then she just touched the head of my penis, slightly with the tip of her toe, and I started to cum. Poured some more oil on her feet and started rubbing my face with a vengeance, making me again five or six times in the verge to cum, but not being able to do it.

Spitting Contest

fetish HungryGuy 2018-11-19

She slapped his face once again just for the fun of it, then she inserted her toes into his mouth and said, "Suck my toes while we wait for my friends to arrive." Silvina took her turn, aimed, and dropped a big glob of saliva into his mouth. Paula turned to Jessica and said, "Let's go out and let Silvina have her fun." Silvina knew that Paula and Jessica would let her have the whole evening with Robert--that was part of her prize. _Forgive me, Paula!_ Silvina thought to herself as she sat on Robert's softening cock still inside her vagina. "Wonderful fun!" Silvina stood and said, "I got my toes sucked AND fed him a huge dump."

Hannah G Marketing at Work (part 2)

fetish footlover95 2018-11-15

I’ll make it worth your while,” I said as I kissed her feet. I started to work my way up her leg, kissing it. I could hear her start to moan as I got closer to her juicy pussy. “Fuck work!” she said. I started to kiss and lick her pussy quicker and quicker. I started to work my way back to her delicious feet. I started to kiss her feet and she said in a seductive tone, “So that's why you didn’t want me to go to work.” “Fucking hell B, I’m guessing you enjoyed that?” she said. She had the most beautiful smile on her face and said, “Right. I’ll see you tomorrow at work,” she said with a smile on her face.

A Marriage Redefined Ch. 03

fetish sotto 2018-11-13

Diana was also naked and she had her legs wrapped around his waist and her hands gripped his shoulders. As I looked closely I could see that Diana held a string in her hand, later I realized it was looped around the base of Seth's penis and served as a cock ring. I couldn't stop myself from saying "I love you Mistress Diana." "I know you do." She responded with a softened even kindly tone. As I moved to her legs Diana handed me a razor and without a word I grabbed the can of shaving cream. She placed her left foot on my shoulder as I rinsed her right leg with the hand held shower.

Zainab’s Foot Lesson

fetish footlover95 2018-11-13

I took her feet into my hands and started to smell them, I let out a moan and she knew I was going to blow. The next day I had a business lesson with Zainab and the rest of my class; it was going to be torture not being able to touch or smell her beautiful caramel toes. Everybody started to look at me, Zainab quickly pulled her feet away and asked “Are you okay?”, innocently with a smile on her face. Once the entire class had left the room, she started to laugh and said, “Had a good lesson?” She asked knowing the answer. I dropped to the floor and picked up her feet and shoved them in my mouth, “That’s a good boy," she said.


fetish footlover95 2018-11-13

My erection growing and I am thinking, “Am I going to be able to control myself?” She knows I want to massage her feet by the smile on my face. My erection is getting harder and harder, I think, “It’s gonna pop out of my pants.” She moves her right foot into my lap and I almost blow my load, I let out a moan and she says, “Enjoying yourself are we?” I am inches away from smell her beautiful caramel toes when she says, “Can you massage my other foot know?” I reply, “Okay.” I know she is teasing me and it was killing me, I just want to smell and suck her beautiful toes.

Cordelia's Feet 2 - The Queen Bee's Hive

fetish ChrissieLecker 2018-11-12

In the blink of an eye the room became steaming hot, and I was sure that the touch of her fingers burned little holes through the fabric of my dress, because I could feel the sparks dance directly on my skin. But I’ll let you get a glimpse of what you’re missing out on." A quick flick of her fingers pushed the strap of her top over her shoulder and the fabric fell away, laying bare a soft, ripe orb of alabaster adorned with a pink, dime sized crown and a hard, darker point that screamed at me to lick it, to suckle and nibble on it. A giggle filled my ears, then I watched hands stroke Cordelia’s thighs and arms, saw them pull down the other strap and lay bare the rest of her beautiful upper body, watched Monica’s eager small mouth attack her breast with nibbles and bites.

Do You Know?

fetish JanellElizabethMeyer 2018-11-12

She grabbed him, running her fingers through his short hair, then pushing him back so she could look at his face, into his eyes, feeling that no matter what had happened in her life with men, despite the rude treatment and the humiliation, it had all led up to this moment, with the man she'd craved for months. It was always slowly; of the few times he watched tickling videos, he couldn't get excited by the men who looked like they were jabbing their fingers into the ribcages and armpits of their victims. Jane happened to be the perfect height for what he wanted to try next: tickling her feet with one hand, and gently working his way up her thighs to the flesh in between her legs.

Hannah G Marketing Back To Work (Part 3)

fetish footlover95 2018-11-11

“You make two sales today and I’ll let you do anything with my feet when you get back to the office.” She saw the smile on my face and said, “I’ll take that as a yes, come on the meeting going to start in a little while.” Amy started to giggle as well, she then place her feet on the table in front of me and said, “Go on then suck my big toe, or I’ll make you cum in your pants, I’ll love to see you explain that to Hannah." Before we entered the office Amy stopped and said, “If you ever want to play with my feet again you won’t tell Hannah about it understood, whist grasping my cock.” I just moaned and nodded.

Cordelia's Feet

fetish ChrissieLecker 2018-11-11

"Of course, Miss Wilkins." She quickly stowed her book in her bag, gave her friends a quick wave and sashayed to the front, looking like a young tennis star in her white tank top and miniskirt, where she sat down gracefully at the table right next to my teaching desk. "I’ve read those authors you mentioned, and I found them most…" She paused for a second, and I looked up into her eyes, "intriguing." She licked her lips, which glistened invitingly, like ripe, sweet fruits. "I can see it on your face, in your eyes," she purred, "you want to lick my feet, taste my yummy toes, suckle on them and worship them.

Toyota Toes

fetish L O Reins 2018-11-10

A lingering moment passed then she said, “don’t you want to look at it…again?” I instantly conjured an image of me on my hands and knees while Philalena, dressed in the black latex of the Domina, gently massages the G-point of my being between my anus and the base of balls with the pointed toe of her shoe. Philalena softly chuckled as she gestured to the large wet stain in my pants, “It looks like you think my feet are very pretty, doesn’t it?” I kissed them one more time and reverently put her shoes back on and we both got out of the truck.

Nina... my love...

fetish prisonbreak 2018-11-07

She continued pulling down the garment, as I held her hair behind and started kissing her full on her lush, pink, delicate lips. Even as I was holding Nina’s spanked ass-cheeks apart, her delicately crinkled anus looked like a tiny rosebud. Nina then hungrily snatched my cock from my hand and started licking the peephole with her tongue. I couldn’t resist the tease and held her chin in my left hand, shoving my cock balls deep into her open mouth. Keeping Nina close to me, I pulled out of her leaking pussy and slid up my cock into her asshole. I again resumed watching Nina’s dangling feet and soft, wrinkled soles; as she cleaned my cock, sucking and slurping at it.


fetish kinkitten 2018-11-07

Watching her do that made his cock throb, all he could think of was taking each toe in his mouth, but he knew she would be mad if he ruined her polish, he also knew that if he behaved she would let him cum over her soft delicate feet. He grunted in response, pressing her foot to his cock with his hand and started moving his hips and humping it. After a few seconds she felt his cock twitch and swell and suddenly spurt after spurt of hot cum covered her foot, accompanied by a symphony of grunts and moans of pleasure. When his cock finally stopped twitching he lifted her cum covered foot to his mouth and sucked her toes, licking all the cum off her skin .