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Miss L.J. Little Foot Bitch

fetish footlover95 2018-12-04

I dropped my pants to the floor, I was just about to start wanking when I received another text, “Remember no wanking your little wee wee,” she said. The second her beautiful feet covered in a, red five inch stiletto rubbed against my little cock, I looked into her magnificently beautiful sapphire eyes that you could lose yourself in and let out a moan. Good, my feet want to play with you little dick she said as she sat back down in her chair. I quickly crawled to over to her, she started to rub her bare toes against my aching cock and said, “Why don’t you kiss my knees and work your way up, I’ll tell you when to stop.”

Car Accident Ch. 04

fetish pedic7717 2018-12-02

I bent down and took both her feet in my hands and started kissing them as usual. I began applying the first layer of transparent varnish on her right foot starting from the little toe. -May I ask what color does Madame wish to have her toe nails painted? I think I'll wear open shoes today, just to have my feet looked by everybody. Your humble slave bids you good day Madame! I went upstairs and took Madame's slippers. -Then you may begin slave, she said and lied down lazily on the couch, her right foot hanging on the side. My Madame was actually sleeping, having her feet massaged, by her humble slave!

At Sophia's Feet

fetish fucktoy99 2018-11-30

As I started to walk away, I realized she must've tracked dirt through the house with her boots, while she was walking over to the couch. I dutifully started licking the rest of her boots clean. I was still kneeling with my face right next to her feet, so I didn't have to move much as I slowly pulled each boot off. I got down on my knees once again and started licking her right after she pulled her shorts down. I started licking, since I realized that's what she meant by clean. Once I got home, I realized how much my life had changed in the past few hours, and was glad that I was given the chance to worship Sophia.

Car Accident Ch. 01

fetish pedic7717 2018-11-28

She told me that she needed a good rest, and certainly someone to help her back on her feet again. Moving my face close to her feet I pressed my mouth on her toe nails giving her a warm wet kiss on each foot. -Yes Madame, I'm very happy, I said continuing to warm her feet with my breath. Here I am, sitting on my couch, like a real queen, with a man lying next to my feet in total submission and obedience. I couldn't see her from my position by her bare feet, but I could realize from the touch of her voice that she was really excited, like a small spoilt child.

Jenna's Bitch

fetish fucktoy99 2018-11-27

She then looked pleased with herself as I was now laying on the floor, sucking her toes, as she sat dominantly on the couch above me. Jenna picked her phone back up and continued whatever she was doing earlier while grinning down at me; wiggling the toes of one foot in my mouth and resting the other foot on my chest. Jenna placed both feet over my face and then just kept them there while I was breathing in their amazing scent for what seemed like forever. Once we got there she sat on the bed and pointed to the floor where I could sit and told me to start massaging her feet.

Car Accident Ch. 03

fetish pedic7717 2018-11-14

She certainly enjoyed her breakfast, with me gently holding her foot in my hands, offering my best kisses. I was kissing each separate toe, then going on with the rest of her foot, finishing with her ankle and starting all over again from her lovely toes. -Forgive me Madame, I said, her beautiful foot still in my hands. -YES Madame, I said vividly, giving her foot a warm kiss. Kneeling in front her, I gave her the dish and bending to the floor I took her dusty boots in my hands and kissed them. I was still kissing her divine feet, licking them clean of tears at the same time.

At Sophia's Feet Ch. 02

fetish fucktoy99 2018-11-01

"Hi Sophia, I think you should probably go home and do some homework or something." I barely squeaked out while my voice cracked. I had been kneeling and holding up the foot I cleaned with my hands while she had been rubbing the other one all over my face. I thought I had finally finished my task when I realized that she had originally rubbed so much dirt on my face that her first foot was dirty again. I laid on the floor doing her homework and she sat on top of me rubbing her feet on my head or sometimes placing them in front of my face for me to admire.

Goddess Mina: Banished

fetish ArmondoDeHavana 2018-08-19

I am satisfied and at home my goddess begins to slide her feet around my face with expert precision. My goddess rubbed her feet on my face in a circular motion and did so with some force. I did so with love and with my eyes watering and struggling with intense jaw pain I bathed her beautiful rounded heels. My goddess put her right foot to my mouth and told me to open. She moved her toe in and out of my willing mouth like a cock. I licked the balls of her feet like a pair of balls and lovingly washed them from heel to toes and back with my mouth. If you find a goddess like this in life don't ever let her get away.

Goddess Mina: Reunited

fetish ArmondoDeHavana 2018-06-13

Goddess looked down at me and asked me if this is where I wanted to be. I love the feeling of her feet on my face. Goddess moved her feet around my face and pressed them hard into my face several times. I wanted to service her toes like they were her cock. As I have written many times, my goddess has a beautiful breath taking ass. I dream of her asking me to orgasm for her and cleaning her feet of my mess. I want to be under her feet at all times I want to be her property I want to serve her in any way possible.

Foot Slave

fetish 5horn 2018-02-21

Then lifting her foot up her bare soles hovered just above my head I tilted my head back following her every move with my eyes and salivating tongue, she continued to move her foot above my head, swirling just out of reach, I felt so powerless, kneeling on the floor with my hands bound and a slave collar around my neck, following my Mistresses feet as the moved from side to side and up and down, like a cruel game to tease her eager footslave. It was an unbearable tease to feel her soft soles in my hands, and with her foot placed so close to my face due to the short chains connecting my slave collar to my wrists, it was hard to restrain myself from worshipping those perfect toes with my willing tongue.

Rachel and the Movers

fetish thefootprint 2018-01-08

Rachel really enjoyed the attention he paid to her feet and soon she realized the power she had over foot guys. Still a little shy about really using her newfound power, Rachel nevertheless took advantage of the opportunity to "have a little fun" with guys whom she knew wanted her feet. It wasn't until the night she and her coworkers went out to shoot pool and drink, that she found another foot guy other than Jim. Rachel had chosen to wear a sexy little tank top with blue jeans and of course her favorite Keds without socks on. They had even managed to find a few local guys who had foot fetishes in the area to come by and enjoy Rachel's bare feet.

Cheerleader Foot Worship

fetish bondage_philosopher 2018-01-03

So there I was sitting in government class with two very beautiful cheerleader dream girls sitting next to me, cock hard and untouched for several days, while attempting to take notes. Instead of ogling her chest, all you looked at was her legs and feet like a little pervert. My cock was pressing painfully against my jeans, and I feared I would cum before I ever got to actually smell those sweaty feet encased in nylons. "I like pretty cheerleaders slapping me and dominating me with their attractive bodies," I said bowing my head in complete humiliation. Karen moaned back, and began rubbing her crotch with one of her hands while forcing me to worship one foot and masturbating me with the other.

Mistress R's Foot Boy

fetish footslut2u 2017-12-31

"Suck my toes like the little bitch you are!" She forced her pungent warm nylon toes into my mouth all the way to the back of my throat. "You dare put a run in my nylons with your teeth and I will have you little ass publicly paddled by Mistress N, you understand!!??" I nodded yes, and she continued to have me suck her foot almost the entire evening. Ever since then, I have to wonder who was there and saw me disgracefully suck her feet like the lowly little foot-boy I really am. Afterwards, she made me blow dry her nylon encased feet and said I needed to learn how to lick and suck without getting her foot so wet.

Foot Teased into Submission

fetish footslut2u 2017-11-23

She had me fetch her Cokes from the cooler, light her many cigarettes and numerous times through out the day I was told to rub suntan oil on her beautiful bikini-clad body. I worked my way down her soft tan legs and intentionally put too much oil on the soles of her sexy feet, so I could spend more time rubbing in the oil, and gazing closely at her coral pink toenails. I can remember the humiliation, my face was burning in shame, and I was enjoying the thrill of sucking both of her feet and toes, while her soft pink soles glistened in the sunlight, while I throbbed uncontrollably in my swim trunks and the females looking on laughed even harder.

Fatale Foot Frenzy

fetish SeedeeBeetoo 2017-11-03

The elevator finally reached the twenty-fifth floor and Noel switched video angles again to watch Carl exit the elevator car and make his way to his office. All he could do was kneel as the foot scent assaulted his nose and images of the beautiful feet assailed his mind's eye. Noel sat on a nearby black leather sofa and reclined with her feet facing Carl. Carl hesitated, but Noel raised one foot, flexed it, then quickly pointed it at his face. The salty taste of Noel's foot immediately hit his tongue and Carl couldn't contain himself. On the thirtieth floor, Noel Fatale tapped the touch-screen on her desk and switched off the video surveillance on her new pet.