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Summer Break Party

fetish Footfetishfan 2018-09-26

Not wanting to miss out, she took out her tube of spermicide from her cupboard and rubbed some unto her wet clit, and plunged my penis into her vagina not long after I had ejaculated from the awesome foot job given by Rene. Rene inserted her toes into my mouth for me to fantasize and suck on it as she knew I loved to do that, at the same time fingered Kayla as well. Not long after, I was controlling my penis not to orgasm so quickly as I wanted to let the girls enjoy watching and pleasuring me as I could tell that from their faces they loved it.

Me, Tina, Maggie and Lillian

fetish mikegarza335 2018-09-14

I yanked out the bloody whip, wildly slung it around over my head like a cowboy in a rodeo, and began spanking Maggie all over the back of her neck with it while feverishly pinching her butt. Just then, Tina stared up at the east sky posing like a Greek Goddess Statue and with an angelic vibrato broke out with a glorious rendition of "Chestnuts Roasting on an open fire..." Lillian started quacking over and over again like a broken record when an uncontrollable laughter possessed me and I started laughing like the Riddler. The three us in the heat of the moment: "Tight Lil" quacking like The Penguin, myself uncontrollably laughing like the Riddler, and Tina singing "Chestnuts Roasting", overwhelmed Maggie to the point that Maggie's stomach began convulsing.

Cum Fetish

fetish Many Feathers 2018-09-10

I was slightly surprised when I saw the very first guy who had come to begin with stagger over, still fisting his cock which he'd obviously been stroking the entire time, placing the head against one of Darlene's succulent looking tits which he held in his hand, rubbing his prick-head against when he again came, and though his second climax of the night wasn't nearly as copious as had been his first, he still treated her nipple to a nice slick discharge of spunk, rubbing himself against her until he'd managed to milk out every last drop.

A Perfect Birthday Gift Ch. 02

fetish Meatballsurgery 2018-08-03

Sarah jumped up and started pulling down her own pants flashing her pink g-string, while Karen and Maria pulled Rachel legs from under her, it was a lovely hard hit against the floor since the chubby girl didn't try and brace her fall, it felt to good to be at the mercy of her new best friends. The blond birthday girl started to gyrate her hips faster and faster, and it didn't take long before the natural carpet muncher to gave her the first of many orgasms, she screamed, she panted and she pulled her so close that Rachel couldn't even breath for a few seconds, not that it mattered, the young woman loved the treatment, she loved the taste of her first mistress's pussy and she drank as much as she could, even though some of it dripped all over her face.

Cum Whores

fetish call_me_dana 2018-06-16

Jerry began to pound his cock into Nancy's mouth with more urgency. Nancy would gag about every fifth stroke, both from his oozing pre-cum and from the sheer size of the cock in her mouth. Mike took his cock by the base, pressed it to her lips and shot his load of cum into her mouth. Nancy opened her mouth and Ted shoved his cock inside. Nancy started coughing and gagging on his cum and his cock, it buried in her mouth and down her throat. Mike reached up and used his teeth to scrape both sides of her tongue to pull the last of his cum from her mouth. John, then Jerry, then Ted all took a second turn at cumming in and on Nancy's face and tits.

First BI Wet Foursome

fetish ASIANDREAM 2018-05-25

The Woman said to me to let her feel some boy pee inside – I can usually piss when hard - but this time as I pushed to try to urinate my orgasm hit me – really powerful - and my body was pumping out my semen inside her instead. I got my dick into her vagina with no help – the Woman got me to hold still while she pushed (gently this time) a butt plug into my ass – then switched it to vibrate and said to tell her when I wanted it faster. I sat lower and we kissed for quite a time – till the Woman said it looked like there were no dry bits of the bed left and to lets go to the other room.

Maid of Dishonour

fetish Rodneynimrod 2018-05-13

The photo shoot had been unusually long but once it was over Cathy encouraged Mark to go mingle with his friends while she and her maid of honour disappeared to do some girl stuff. Danielle eased her cunt down on Mark's mouth as he extended his tongue to take a taste of this unexpected wedding gift. The sensation of her husband's cock in her cunt coupled with the way Danielle was caressing her clit drove Cathy perilously close to the orgasmic cliff from which she so desperately wanted to plunge. Mark knelt behind Danielle and eased the head of his cock into her waiting pussy. He glanced over at Cathy whose hand was under her wedding dress rubbing her pussy as she watched him fuck her maid of honour.

Lovin Mouthful Ch. 05

fetish Benny_Blank 2018-03-21

As Laura wrapped her lips around the head of my cock, my fingers were probing her pussy. Laura's hips began to undulate in time to my rhythmic probing and her mouth and hand were both in sync as they attended to my cock. As Laura pulled herself away from me, I again looked over at Jessica who was licking and smacking her lips, savoring the taste of my load. All this time, Lurecia had kept licking away on Jessica's pussy and clitoris and now, I could tell, Jessica was beginning to have an orgasm of her own. "Well, you see it's not difficult at all dealing with my husband." Laura gave Jessica and Lurecia a knowing wink.

Crazy Cheating Jennifer Pt. 02

fetish Surprise1997 2018-03-19

After the Hooters parking lot incident, I fell for Jennifer. The next day, at volunteer headquarters, she asked me more questions about my plans to run for office. I told her that it was my 2nd wedding anniversary and that I was taking my wife Katie out for a romantic dinner. As the day wound to a close, she asked me if I could drive her home. Jennifer pulled one hand away and I felt her place what felt like a damp cloth in my right hand. "Feel Ryan's cum on my panties? Why had she wanted me to drive her home on my anniversary of all nights? I roughly rubbed my cock with Jennifer's cum stained panties.

Crazy Cheating Jennifer Pt. 01

fetish Surprise1997 2018-02-27

I was captivated by her radiant blue eyes, long natural red hair, and perky little body. Jennifer did not look like your typical Republican volunteer. She turned to me after a few minutes of polite small talk and bluntly asked "You want to fuck me don't you?" I almost jumped out of my skin. Her warm hand literally yanked out my throbbing 7 inch dick. I wrapped my hand around her waist and she squeezed my dick so hard I actually let out a yell. Jennifer moved back another step, and looked me up and down. There I stood in the parking lot of Hooters, spent out of breathe, with my limp dick hanging out of my fly.

A Perfect Birthday Gift Ch. 01

fetish Meatballsurgery 2017-11-10

Everything was ready, Sarah thought to herself as the four girls sat around in their pajamas in her room, it was herself her two best friends Karen, the slim redhead, Maria was the blond with the largest breasts of the group, and then there was Rachel, plump brunette, not fat or even overweight just a little rounder in her curves. "I think..I'll go with...Dare!" She had hardly finished the word before Sarah gave her the dare "Slap Rachel in the face!" She said with a badly masked evil grin, The other two grinned just as much and to their surprise so did Rachel, it took Karin a few seconds to get up and by that time Rachel had sat up better and was leaning out her chin for the girl to slap.