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Sales Pitch

fetish mistyfdfa 2018-11-10

"You really think that?" She gestured at her body, sweater and skirt tight against huge boobs and wide curves under an open lab coat. She gripped her desk with hands that were growing larger and more paw-like by second. She felt more than heard a grinding as her skeleton began to grow to accept all the new bulk. As her muscles grew and her frame lengthened and her body tightened, she felt a pressure building between her legs. With her arms crossed on the desk, it looked like she was holding on for dear life as a severe overdose of the formula wreaked havoc on her body. With each pulse of her racing heart it felt like every inch of her expanded as fire surged through her veins.

Combination Sale

fetish mistyfdfa 2018-11-09

She had come down a little bit but, it was starting to seem like her being ten feet tall and hyper muscled was going to be the new norm. The woman's animal legs made her shift back and forth as she walked, causing her ample busts to wobble and sway in a way Claudette was unable to stop watching. Tiffany gasped and stepped forward to stop her, but Claudette's tail moved quickly to hold her in place. It was not until the smell of cum washed over Claudette that she realized Tiffany had grown quite a lot of boob and an equine hard-on that would likely still stuff her ass full. "Now for the surprise," Tiffany said as two feet of horse cock steadily entered Claudette.

Sal's lover

fetish styxx 2018-11-07

It hadn’t really mattered very much until he had met Sal, but now he wanted to be like any other man with a normal relationship and a life. Until you, there has been nobody I wanted to watch grow old and grieve for when they die.” He sat bonelessly in a settee opposite her like a condemned man, waiting for the Priest to offer prayers for his soul as he made his way to the gallows. I found myself wondering what you were doing and I must have dialled your number a hundred times, but I didn’t know what you would say when I told you, Oh, by the way Sal, I grow four legs and a full coat of fur during the full moon and eat live food, but don’t let it worry you.

Home alone

fetish styxx 2018-10-29

The wolf took a step closer, its head coming into the relative light cast by the crack of the door while the rest of its body stayed in the shadows. Jan sat back; placing her palms flat on the floor behind her while the huge animal stepped closer to her, bending its head slightly to lick her throat again, then her shoulders in long lavish passes of its hot tongue. It was an assault on her insides, her labia, her senses and desires; Jan gasped, gritted her teeth, came and pushed back on his cock, driving him deeper, filling her cunt and womb with his rock solid cock in a primal need to feel him impregnate her.

All in a Day's Work

fetish AmethystMare 2018-09-29

The party had a deadline, however, and Chris breathed at long last when she stepped into the cool night air, waving off Mr Harris' company with a less polite paw, professional mask slipping for the briefest of instances. Growling, Chris closed her eyes and lost herself in the arms of the lion, flipping him over on the bed with her finely muscled body to ride him, hips slamming down to meet his eager thrusts. Gasping for lost breath, the dragoness twisted, pushing her muzzle out and away from the glass as the last tremors of pleasure rocked her body, lasting far longer than usual.

Bound at the Art Show

fetish AmethystMare 2018-09-22

When the vixen scurried out of his sight, her long, red dress setting off the hue of her fur with just the right note, he didn't think too much of it with the zebra fondling his horns. It didn't look like it should have shimmied up as far as it did, but it easily exposed her crotch to his muzzle and Goatie eagerly allowed himself to be drawn in, tongue flicking out to tease over her panties, already soaked with her own juices. She arched up to his muzzle as Goatie longed to roll his hips back onto the zebra's driving shaft, though he could not spare the time to be jealous as she ground her crotch on his nose and tongue, too keen for his attention to wait for him to use his tongue as he could.

Thul Pa Ch. 01

fetish Smother 2018-09-17

Without understanding what she had said to the conductor I understood what her conversation with him had been about - "Do not disturb." In an effortless motion, the pouring white mass of fur undid my belt, slid my jeans and underwear off and shuffled them into a corner. A second fluffy hand formed and draped itself over my waiting penis and began to slowly and steadily jerk me off in time with the clacking of the rails. "It's time to leg go," she said, as the funnels of thick, deep fur around my arms, legs, and torso began to undulate up and down my body like a piston in an engine.


fetish kinkyraerae 2018-09-15

Soft lips touch your cheek as the fingers continue to trail even farther downward. The lips find your chin, nipping and sucking for a moment as the hands, soft and silky against your skin, return to your hips. "I figured you would after I sucked your cock a little bit." I reach up and touch the blindfold, as if tempted to take it off, but I leave it where it is. I let my hand fall away from your penis, leaving my fingers plunged deep into your asshole. I feel your cock bulge and I pull my face away quickly. After a while of teasing myself, I'm rubbing furiously at my clit as my other hand finds itself finger deep inside my pussy.

Sweet Submission

fetish AmethystMare 2018-09-09

The jackal writhed and moaned, eyes closed and lips parted in lust as her partner, a pale feline with the faintest, most alluring tinge of violet to his fur, thrust his fingers lazily into her cunt. The feline licked her juices from his soaked fingers and purred in her ear, sinking his cock slowly into her as he covered her body with his own, the jackal on her back with no way to escape. The jackal moaned beneath him, his cock not enough to bring her over the edge, yet more than enough to make every nerve in her body thrum with raw need. Knowing her body better than she knew it herself, Ace purred and flicked his tongue over her clit, rapidly driving her to the peak again and again and again.

The Slaves of Paine Ch. 01

fetish LesbianFurry 2018-07-24

Laying back my head I said to myself and scratching behind my ears I thought, "Ooooh, it's driving me crazy just thinking about it!" as I closed my shockingly ice-like blue eyes and my petite paw-hands wondered to my high, perky, firm, round tits around a C1/2-cup, fondling them, playing with the fur, and pinching my nipples gently. I can't wait till she gets here!" Then my paws betrayed me further as my middle finger slid in and out of my tight, wet little pussy. I quickly got my left hand up and semi-closed the shackle as the door swung open and Mistress walked into the room.

Ice Me Up, Baby!

fetish AmethystMare 2018-07-20

And he wouldn't have the time to ask as he picked up the first ice cube and ran it in a slow, slick circle around her breast, the ice slowly melting and slipping beneath his fingers. Ren smothered her lips and neck with kisses, the ice cube slipping between his fingers. He yipped softly and nuzzled into her neck, his russet tail wagging as he let the nearly melted ice cube just barely touch the lips of her sex. He ran the tip of his tongue over the softly scaled lips of her pussy, working her up to a frenzy of need, and only then did he swap the sensation out for the glorious ice that sent pleasurable chills up her spine.

Squealing Pig

fetish Mmmbabysex 2018-07-12

Next to me, a female and male pig were fucking, and I couldn't help but watch as the male pig humped her behind, and I wished it was me that was getting plowed in the pussy by a big pig cock. "Uh, you want someone to fuck you hard, don't you, girl?" He smirked and rubbed my snout softly. The male, Tony, got onto his knees and rubbed his thick, long cock against me. I squealed in excitement as I realised that not only had I gotten Tony hard, but I had also gotten my owner hard too. My eyes rolled back into my head as my owner got onto his hands and knees and began rubbing my very swollen clit.

Black Journal Ch. 10

fetish Dhc000333 2018-06-15

My old place I had a week left to clean it up and to give it back to my dickhead of my old landlord. I watched them clean the place up from top to bottom. My neighbor, a buxom chested and assed redhead owns a fat, black-furred cat. Thing is I didn't know she brought Bunches into my apartment. When I was finished I saw Bunches and she looked at me with a peculiar stare. I worked in an office and my boss was actually a Mrs. Bunches. Her fur was very clean and silky black like a starry night sky. She didn't want foreplay because apparently I had already given my mouth to her juice box early that morning before everyone else came in.

Gasping for Air

fetish AmethystMare 2018-05-08

Enora shook her head, plucking the mask neatly from Ren's paws and turning it over to see where the zip and buckle would pull it flush with another's neck, sealing off all air. Gulping, Ren tried to pin his ears back, but only succeeding in trapping them against the latex hood as Enora secured it smoothly to the fur of his neck, forcing him to breathe through the holes and the holes alone. Flicking open the breathing holes again, Enora quickly grabbed a length of rope -- Ren really was one for just leaving bits lying around all over the place -- and slipped it around his paws.

Life on the Farm

fetish VoluptuousCara 2018-05-06

"Well look at you, my Pet," he said, smiling appreciatively at me, "it seems you've much to give." He took the MILKING MACHINE, which was actually a hospital grade double-breast pump, and, unbuttoning the rest of my bodice, attached it to my engorged breasts. "Delicious as ever, Pet," Daddy said, tasting my milk, "I'm a go put this in the fridge and then I'll be back to give my best girl a treat, OK." I got up, glass of water in hand, and figured if "Daddy" wanted me to stay here at the farm, he wouldn't object to me leaving the medical room. It's perfectly good milk." When he said this, he was sitting beside me on my bed, helping me attach the pump to my breasts for the first time.

Branding the Feline

fetish AmethystMare 2018-04-29

"Easy now, kitty-cat," Flint murmured, a paw in the small of his back as he plunged the brand into a bucket of cold water, steam rising in a plume. The fresh pain was a welcome distraction from the deep, heated throb of the first brand and she mewled piteously as she was marked, tail aching from how forcibly he pinned it up and out of the way to do his work. She turned slowly on the spot, wincing as skin pulled uncomfortably between the brands, the fan working to remove the mingling scents of burnt flesh and fur from the room.

A Long Night Ahead

fetish AmethystMare 2018-04-09

She couldn't help the pleasured hiss that rolled off her tongue as Ren bucked and moaned through another trickle of cum, the stream near constantly running from the tingling tip of his shaft. The fox's hips rocked from side to side and he panted into the gag as he sucked down his own cum, trying to focus on the sensation of closing his lips quite firmly around the tube, how it felt to dig his teeth into it. Gagging and whining as breath simply did not seem to come, Ren could only helplessly gulp down what more cum trickled into his muzzle, the sensation of tightness and soreness mingling with the lack of true fulfilment.

Conventions in Cuckolding

fetish AmethystMare 2018-04-04

A muscled American Pit Bull snarled as he pounded the cougar into the bed, Pyros' wife letting loose a yowl that she seemed to have been containing since he'd first entered the house. Whimpering as the Pit Bull's hips juddered all the way up to the feline's rump, Pyros slid his paws around to the back of his neck, head spinning and lust at an all time high. And they'd have a lot to discuss while Jenson's knot deflated, he was sure too, but, right then, Pyros pressed the back of his paw to his cock through his trousers and let out a low moan.

Cathy Ann

fetish hotwriter1 2018-03-16

"I feel like you're fucking my hairy arms," Cathy Ann shouted to be heard above the music. She promptly covered her cunt with her skirt so I only got a momentary glimpse of a dark brown triangle overspilling the natural creases of her crotch, but it was enough to tell that this woman had serious hair between her legs. her hairy tits and chest with her long nipples engulfed in hair, her profusely hairy crotch, and her curly-haired legs, I had no choice but to push her up against the porcelain-tiled wall, grab her hairy ass cheeks with my hands, and thrust my throbbing cock into her to the hilt. I spread her ass cheeks wide, felt the long thick curly hair sprouting in her ass crack, and then plunged a finger into her asshole.

The Beginning

fetish kinkyraerae 2018-03-04

You quickly glance down at your foot and see another tentacle there, slowly wrapping it's way up your leg, heading god knows where. You pull away a little bit, unsure of what's going to happen to you. "Come on Eric, let the little tentacle inside," I murmur, sitting down in the center of the light. You groan against the tentacle in your mouth, which is slowly starting to slide in and out, trying it's best to touch the back of your throat without making you gag. One of the tentacles, as more have appeared by now without you really noticing, makes its way to your back side, touching every inch it can before finding the tight bud of your asshole. "Would you like to cum inside me?" I ask, starting to move into position to ride you.

Kitty and Wulfe

fetish CommunistCrab 2018-02-27

"Most likely someone I don't want to open the door to..." said the cat in his mind, shrugging the knocking off and going back to his seat, a tad disgruntled now. Wulfe turned around, placed his paws on his hips and said "If by chance you wouldn't have opened after the third knocking, I would've tore you up next time we had a meeting." This followed by a copious amount of laughter from him, taking a few steps towards the cat "Now then, just relax and close your eyes, Kitty." Kitty closed his eyes, wishing to see what came next, taking a deep breath. After a few moments, Wulfe's forked tongue coiled around the cat's member, one last motion making the cat ejaculate and the wolf slurp up all of the released fluids.

Thul Pa Ch. 03

fetish Smother 2018-01-27

Flowing from her arms like I have never seen before the fur is racing about the bench; over top, around, underneath, its relentless movement is spellbinding. She has turned her attention back to the bench and begins to move her arms like she is gathering up the fur from around the entire room. Pressed up against the wall with the fur creeping up my thighs towards my crotch I look to see the furry heap allow two legs and then two arms to slip from its grasp. The white plush pile smells exquisite, and even though I can feel the fleece working to consume the body on the wooden surface below me the head of my stiffened cock is dripping profusely.

The Fertility Potion

fetish AmethystMare 2017-11-29

Richard didn't need to be told twice as he unstopped the vial and shook it lightly, letting the contents swirl around inside as Sierra pressed her lips into his neck, teasing his Adam's apple with warm kisses. Rising up onto her knees so that he had just a little more freedom to move, she moaned and pressed her heavy breasts into his face, letting their warmth squeeze in around his cheeks so that his world became nothing but mare, her scent enveloping his senses in a haze of lust. Thrusting up into the equine, Richard groaned and huffed into her breasts, capturing a nipple with his lips through the fabric of the teddy to a chorus of lustful moans.

Pierced for Art

fetish AmethystMare 2017-11-06

Shrieking, the feline arched up from the piercing table a moment after the pain hit, though thankfully not while he was actually pushing the needle through her nipple. Flint shook his head and rapped her nose sharply with his fingers, pushing her back down as he readied his tools for a matching piercing through her other nipple. Finished with the piercing work, Flint sat back to survey the two lines of piercings running down the cat's body, from the inside of her breasts to a wider section at the tuck of her hips. Far from pulling away, Gwyn struggle not to buck into his touch, the pain making her sex slippery, drooling over Flint's fingers even as he made his mark on her.