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To Lunambra Pt. 03: To Freedom

fetish Candy19837463 2018-03-06

"What in God's name," he whispered as he stared at the red-haired girl, standing in the corner with tears in her eyes and her thin dress pulled above her womanhood as pee trickled onto the stone from between her legs. Gaston coughed and blinked, a distraction just long enough for Baeden to tear his helmet off his head and toss it aside, before he delivered a series punches so fast that Marina couldn't have counted them if she tried. She stood in the same spot, crying and leaking, as Baeden postured up and landed a final thunderous blow to Gaston's forehead, knocking the man out cold. Now that Baeden had released her, she had dropped the dress and both hands were pressed against her flower, her right middle finger pushing hard against her hole.

Disney is Where Dreams Come True

fetish nymphononymous 2017-10-17

She grabbed the shaft in both hands and took his jewels in her mouth, scrotum and all. His arousal dripped from the tip of his cock, into her hands and onto her forehead as she alternately rolled his balls in her mouth, sucked on them with much gusto and nibbled playfully on the skin. His head cocked to the side as she reached down, blushing furiously and breathing heavily, and parted the lips of her pussy wide for him to see. She screamed in ecstasy, her hands involuntarily grabbing his wrists for support as he pushed his cock into her hot depths. And she only loved it more, as she felt his hot semen coating the walls of her happy little pussy, and probably squirting deep inside her womb.