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College SPH

fetish J902213 2018-06-27

Alex whispered to me "If you wanna fuck Lilly tonight you're gonna have to be more confident, order something strong but don't get wasted." Not good enough for that woman, I just watched as Lilly couldn't stop laughing."There's no way I'm fucking that, but I guess I can give you something else, trust me you'll enjoy it but first let me get picture." "You're a very sweet guy, that's what makes me want you as my boyfriend but because you'll never please me with that stub I need some one else, like Rob." She began to caress Rob's huge cock. After my eighth load Rob finally pulled out his huge cock and release a giant load all over a Lilly and even I got a fair bit on my face and body.

The Start of Something

fetish spuddick 2018-06-23

I remembered how Nancy had set up here apartment for our first time together and I didn't have a massage bench here either, so I would bring him to the bedroom. He came into my kitchen and noticed the bottle of wine I had left on the counter. Then, I remembered our last encounter, how he had come into the parlor just after I had made the deal, how I had fucked him without a hint of pretense. "I see that," he said and let one of his big hands fall onto my exposed breast. He lifted me off the counter and let my fall through his arms onto his dick, bouncing me against his hips.

Getting What He Asked For

fetish joey65 2018-06-15

I closed the room door and watched quietly as Michael picked up one of the condom packs and returned to Tom's exposed ass. I told Tom that since I had booked this hotel room for the last five days and had ordered room service several times during the week, I had gotten to talk to Michael on several occasions. As Michael returned to probing Tom's rectum with first his thumb, and then the two middle fingers of his right hand, I walked around to the side of the bed where Tom's head was located. I knew Tom was enjoying himself because each time Micheal's hand made contact with his ass cheek, Tom would let out a soft whimper, while he bit down on the bed spread beneath him.

Newspaper man

fetish nicoetlapresse 2018-06-13

I vaguely felt like I wanted to be absorbed into the newspaper. I developed fantasies about being caught by the newspaper man in the morning. I always spread a lot of papers inside the house, just behind the front door. Naked, I would pump in the papers and fantasize about being caught by the newspaper man who would then hump me. That never happened, but one time the newspaper man pushed the door open more and threw in the paper after a few moments of hesitation. One time I had an escort meet me there and the scenario was that he would pretend to work for the paper; he would invite me into his car, where he had a lot of papers on the passenger side.

His Everyday Object: The Beginning

fetish Kym_Rockwell 2018-06-11

Nathan's cock was getting hard and he wanted nothing more than to have Jon over his lap and owning his perfect bare ass. "..you talk dirty to them right?" Jon can see a bit of hair around the base of Derek's cock and forces his gaze to the objects in his hands. Derek pulls his hand back and realizes Jon wants him to look, not touch. Derek's balls smack his thigh as he watches Jon's first cum load drip down his fist as he strokes fast and furious. Jon did not know what would develop between him and Nathan but he knew it would be the start of an intense lesson of using objects, and more.

Jake & Ryan's heart trouble 1

fetish jamesgoodman 2018-06-08

“Ok. I’ll show these to Jake in the lobby, we can talk about the best time to come back in there.” Currently sitting on the hospital bed in nothing but tight-fitting boxer briefs, Ryan was a 26-year old athletic trainer. Jake rolled over Ryan’s sleeping body and put his face next to his broad, bare chest, exposed from the sheets down to the navel; Ryan was wearing nothing but a tight pair of white briefs; he had put them on before getting in bed, surmised Jake. The cool air had lifted goosebumps up on his tan skin; In the light shining on Ryan, Jake could make out the beat of Ryan’s heart. Juan slammed the paddles down on Jake’s chest, sending painful but exhilarating volts pulsating through Jake’s lean, athletic body, meeting up in what felt like his heart muscle.

Steph's Descent Ch. 09

fetish fitzythemartian 2018-06-06

It ended up with Steph getting her first tattoo on her pubic mound and fucking the tattooist who had a huge cock. Steph had introduced Phil to Lucifer, a huge guy with a huge cock. Steph had fucked and sucked Lucifer often but he revealed that he was actually bisexual and was attracted to sissy Phil. So the upshot was that Phil would move in with Lucifer and Amanda would live with Steph. Her career as a porn actress had taken off, she was in love with Amanda, and her husband was a sissy porn actor who lived with his boyfriend Lucifer. Steph lived with Amanda and Phil lived with Lucifer.

There And Back

fetish Tuppie 2018-06-02

There was quite a hum in the truck and the t-shirt Guthrie was wearing looked like it needed a good wash. Shortly, we arrived at the truck stop and decided to stretch our legs with a walk to the convenience store/diner for a cold drink. Facing me, with his head propped up on his arm he asked, “Are we going to do this the easy or hard way?” Observing my puzzled expression Guthrie continued, “Dinner was great, but I only consider that a deposit... When Guthrie finally lifted onto his arms, his exaggerated thrusting took me over the edge, and with my body shuddering, I began to unload on his sheet.

Forced Gay by Two Women

fetish fun4all6969 2018-05-21

Jenny put on nurse gloves too and jerked my small but hard cock, laughing and calling me a two pump chump as I came that quickly. A few seconds later, I had a very hairy cock shoved in my mouth and just as he got hard and pulled away, the first guy pulled out and came in my open mouth and all over my face. They gave me my car keys and wallet, but kept my clothes as they told me I should find a new hotel as guys may still show up all night long and the lock on the door is broken. He slapped my face with his hard cock as I heard Nikki and Jenny giggle.

Fag Boys Suck

fetish pospanost 2018-05-14

Weeks of conditioning, only allowed to touch it when my mouth was filled with silicone replica of his penis and my eyes covered with his cum cloth made sure I became aroused at the mere thought of his proud pole. The headphones filled my dreams with his silky voice tirelessly repeating: "I will become a weak fag boy for Master, I kneel before him, I eat his lifegiving seed." I remembered my mantra and became even crazier with lust, but the sound of his real voice pulled me back to the here and now: "I am going to make you a real fag boy now. My body felt as it was floating as I tightened my collar, kneeling and watching him: "Make me your bitch."

From Brother to Bitch Ch. 01

fetish Mixedwritings1993 2018-05-07

Vito was waiting for this opportunity to trigger, and he forced his middle finger to push into James's mouth and looked into his eyes and smiled, "well, getting any idea of what I might want, little brother?" Soon, he was fully erect and Vito closed his eyes and was trembling with full erotic pleasure, the idea of doing this in front James, turned him on even more than before, it didn't take him more than few minutes to clench his toes, and shoot up all his loads on his brother's face intentionally. James nodded and left his room, sinking on his own bed and started to sleep with that same old thumb inside his mouth, sucking like a toddler, because he needs a long rest for tomorrow.

Panty Log

fetish Wrench05 2018-04-30

On my way out this Friday morning I detoured thru the laundry room and snagged a pair of the little whore's dirty panties. After a good cum I went back inside and showered and got ready for bed putting just the panties back on. It's got a nice little patch of discharge on it and it smells amazing, a mixture of pussy, pee and a whiff of her ass. Saturday night she was running around in a skimpy little pair of shorts at one point I snuck a couple of good pictures when she was sitting on a swing with her legs up and spread open, real nice crotch shots.

Marion's reTurn Ch. 02

fetish jomar 2018-04-28

I felt the tug of my ebony earrings as I looked down and saw my light cinnamon colored toenails in my five inch, open toed, strappy black pumps. Lamont pulled away from my eager tongue, scooped me up in his arms, wringing a gasp from me, and lay me gently on Marion's large bed. Lamont left my nipples burning as he kissed his way down my chest, my stomach, my waist, and finally mouthed my cock through my tanga. When I felt the head almost slip out, I paused, looked into Lamont's eyes and let go and let gravity slam me down his cock. Marion held his cock up, looked me in the eye and waggled it, and said, "Get Lamont ready for me, baby.

Special Delivery

fetish dexterthomas 2018-04-22

Eventually, we discovered that we both have had some interest, curiousity, in sucking on a cock and tasting cum. Licking his cum was wonderful, but as I worked my way to the head I was wanting a real taste of his cock. I locked my lips around his head and licked and suck cum from his dick like a straw. I then felt him put his hand on my head and make a big hump with his hips and drive his cock into my mouth. I tried to pull off, but he held my head on his cock as he exploded into my mouth. I was very greedy for cum and encouraged him not to swallow mine and made him snoball it back into my mouth.

One Afternoon While Working

fetish Dennie75 2018-04-05

A true story. At least one did, and I was in heaven. "How's it going?" he asked. My heart sunk. If I didn't, I knew he could ruin my life. When he came back, he handed me a paper towel. "Blow your nose. As I blew my nose, and wiped my eyes, he ran his hand through my hair. I ran my tongue all over the bottom of his beautiful foot. I began to moan, this was beyond pleasure. "True." Now." At that point, I was in seventh-heaven. "Hey, Dennie, Joe," said the voice I wanted to hear. "Hey." My heart was pounding. He knew it too. One night he asked me outright. I told him I so. One night he surprised me.

Closing Time

fetish spandexman 2018-04-03

Roxy Hart, the 5'7", Barbie doll faced gorgeous, 51-year-old, former model and B-movie actress, with high cheekbones, big almond shaped hazel eyes, thick curly just below her shoulders flaming-red hair, and a very curvaceous 38GG-26-40 hourglass figure that her tight red knit sweater, white spandex pants and 5" shiny red highheels, that showed her off all too well got out of her white Mustang on Main Street and strutted to the Riding Shop, Todd was never this late and all he was going to do was exchange the riding breeches she needed for a bondage shoot on Monday.

Detention Pt. 02

fetish Croony 2018-03-23

The last time he'd seen her in that dress was when she'd walked into the headmaster's study and he'd been naked and tied to a chair while a fully clothed Mrs Smith, the school secretary, slowly stroked his cock. As Toby was led away by the teacher Susie tried to stand and said, 'Wait..wha...' Mrs Smith held her back and told her not to worry as they would be going upstairs soon. Adam sat with his back to the headboard and guided Susie's mouth onto his throbbing cock just as Mrs Smith's rubber cock slipped easily in to her soaking pussy causing her to moan around the headmaster's. The headmaster fucked Susie for the rest of the afternoon and Mrs Smith took her urges out on Toby.

A Visit to a Mistress

fetish fun4all6969 2018-03-23

She laughed and said, "You have no choice, sissy." Then as I started to protest more Mistress Tessa forced her 7" strapon in my mouth at the same time the 8" pushed deep in my ass. She said, "I should tell Mom and get your loser ass out of our house but Mom definitely loves having your money to spend." Just then Tessa yanked me up and Amy continued, "We want you to see the pictures we took of you." I saw on the big screen pictures of me sucking Jerry's cock, getting fucked by Jerry and eating the cum filled condoms.

Taking Stock

fetish prettypolly 2018-03-20

But even he succumbed to sleep, and so I had the entire store to myself, well almost, Chris was somewhere in stores getting clothes ready for display near the office section. I shifted the light box over to the centre of the room, in the overhead light I could see it was hosiery, a box of large sheer tights. She's taller than Angela and she wears very high heels that make her long legs look even longer. Very well defined legs and nice thin ankles, she always wears shiny sheer tights either nearly black or navy. I backed off slowly and silently, Chris was pulling his black tights down.

Cheating to Cum Slave

fetish bisexaddict 2018-03-11

She came down to kiss me and asked if I liked licking Kenny's cum from her pussy. Kelly got pissed that I was watching him clean his cock off and said out loud, stop looking at my husband and start cleaning my steaming pussy, as Kelly said this she cuffed my hands with the Velcro cuffs and slipped a black blindfold over my face, so I couldn't see a thing. So as I lay down she crawled up on top of me and wrapped her muscular legs around my head and commanded me to lick and suck my spent cum from her fat, sore, bald pussy, so I did as I was told.

Brother and Girl have Sex with Me

fetish grsweeter14 2018-03-11

So then we left and he took out his dick during the drive home and I was still taped on and he said "so did you like the view?" He said "no, a horrible brother would have had sex with your 4 inch arse not my girlfriend!" He started to jerk off and said, "wait till we get home!" He said, " oh and I don't want you watching like a creep, so I got a better place for you!" He took me off his dick and he lifted up and he stuck me directly underneath his huge arse! Then he said to suck his dick, so I at 4 and a half inches tall starting to suck my big brothers 12 inch cock!

Doing Rebekah's Bidding

fetish call_me_dana 2018-03-10

At some point during my chat with Sonny, a tall redhead walked into the bar and ordered herself a drink before sitting off to the side of the room. Looking over my smooth chest, a grin crossed his face as I continued to stroke his semi-hard cock. "I didn't offer my finest whiskey boy for you to just suck me off." I stood up but continued stroking his thick cock with my hand. Sonny took the head of his thick, wet cock and pressed it between my cheeks. Rebekah allows me to catch my breath for an instant before grabbing my cock in her large right hand and pulling me close to her.

Topped from the Bottom Ch. 02

fetish cutebabysadie 2018-03-08

"Hey man I bet you got it all, but I am also a little messy can you clean my cock up to" I was shocked and wanted to do something to hurt or embarrass him, but for some reason I was immobile and a tiny voice in my head said... "Look we all know who the real top dog is here...what they say is true cant judge a book by its cover ...I fucked Samantha into a frenzy of orgasms then you licked up our messy creampie...not to mention you cant stop staring at my cock" "Dont you dare stand up!" Mark said looking down at me "I think you are beginning to learn a lot about yourself and your new place, so to seal the deal for today, I am going to cum in your mouth.

James, Anal Exploration Ch. 01

fetish Malone_Thomas 2018-03-07

I grabbed her stocking covered thigh and felt the lace of her thigh hi tops as she fucked my mouth. "You little bitch." "Did enjoy that mouth fucking I gave you?" "I actually didn't think sucking cock would make you cum." "You are such a good whore. "I'm a good whore." "Take my ass, hard." I'd given up any inhibitions and any desire to hold back from this fucking. Naked with Jessica's strap on buried in my ass and my mouth coated with my own semen. She grabbed my ass hard and pulled me over and over again on her cock. I wanted to grab a cock between my hands and bury it deep in my throat.