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You Want Me to Call You, What? Ch. 01

fetish SirNathan 2018-06-26

I said I liked him and wanted to get to know him better. But like I said, I was shallow back then, and after a week of shit from my friends about Stephen's wrinkles and receding hairline, I'd started to wonder myself. I want to be your baby girl, your innocent, nasty little plaything, Daddy. Stephen tut-tutted before saying, "Daddy's little girl sure is excited. "Don't think for a minute that you can just walk around here pulling on your nipples or showing off your vagina any time you like, young lady. By the time I kneeled by the side of the bed, looking up at him and feeling goose bumps breaking out all over my skin, I felt like I'd run a mile.

transvestite in trouble 4 - the internet porn quee

fetish hornyTVluvr 2018-06-10

I've taken the liberty of giving you the hair extentions and tarting up your makeup, ready for your next show....Andrew said how tight you were, so I've started stretching that tight little hole of your with my anal plug...feels good doesn't it"....It did..... "now....there are two ways you can play this honey" she continued "you can fight it and try to escape...Which will no doubt result in your little shows being more and more unpleasant, here, I can show you that too" She clicked at the laptop and again bought it to my face....on the screen was a girl, a funnel strapped into her mouth which a guy was pissing into...I looked away, "or how about this, she showed me the screen again.....

Sarah Finds Pleasure in Pissing

fetish Kilgore 2018-06-02

She rubbed the outside of her pussy then rolled out of bed, lightly touching the curves of her ass. She admired her naked body as she had done thousands of times before lightly spreading her vagina lips to expose her pink interior. Each girl, a blond and a brunette, quickly rubbed their clits sending electric waves of ecstasy through their bodies, making them squeak and moan with pleasure. She felt nurturing standing there with her underwear peeled, exposing her lips and tapering ass with a huge hot stream crashing down on the tree's bark. She felt the warm trickle hitting her pussy and rolling off into her ass and down the drain.

Unsuspected Domme

fetish Orallee69 2018-05-30

When Ariel and her mother first moved in next door, they kept a low profile for weeks. They only want a good time and to get off; they don’t care about my feelings or my needs.” When she pulled away her hand touched the crotch of my pants and she smiled. “Yes, I can’t explain it, Ariel, but it made me feel different than I ever have.” “Undress for me, quickly, I want to hold your cock in my hand.” She demanded. “No, not like that; spread my cheeks with your hands and kiss my ass. Come now, Lee!” I watched her fingers jerking frantically between her legs and my cock delivered right on her command.

Spanking at the Medieval Fair

fetish spankingjenny 2018-05-21

My crew, Lorenzo and I made our way to the Town Centre and positioned ourselves right in front of the stage and soon a horse drawn wagon worked its way through the crowd with 2 young bound girls in the back like they were prisoners. The crowd almost went insane when I stepped up onto the stage and when he tied my hands and hoisted them over my head it made my dress ride up and over my hips exposing a very tiny very wet thong panty. He brought my hands down and pinned them to my sides as he started to thrust his manhood into me, full long fast strokes felt like his cock was going right thru me, driving me into the bed, faster and harder until his cock erupted a flood of hot liquid love juice.

My take on Anal Sex, a Girls first time

fetish Fridagirl 2018-05-21

For men, on the other hand, it just looks the same, an organ made for fucking and pumping sperm into, and at that particular time, when a girl is induced and reminded to take notice she has a slit that men desperately want to slip into, she practices, with her hairbrush, toothbrush, pencil or crayon, and not forgetting, an inch or so away under it lies another, her tiny pink crinkled butt hole, needs to be opened up, so she can entertain two men simultaneously, and all of this coming a year before anyone can call out the old 'Bingo' parlance, 'Legs Eleven'.

whitedogs lucky lotto cuckold story chapter 2

fetish Skatana28 2018-05-20

"oh yes that's what I meant to say" I nervously studdered out "um hum, will I'm Tracy one of Kim's roommates" she said rather confident knowing she had me squiming before her, she then paused for a second and looked sternly at Doofas and threw her arms up "well...what the hell are you waiting for, you know the routine when I come back from my jog." "oh yes I'm sorry great superior one Miss Tracy" Doofas exclaimed as he jumped into action and headed back to the kitchen, Tracy's gorgous face broke out into a huge grin as she chuckled "damn pledges, they can really be quite stupid" "ah pledges?" I asked her nervously "yes pledges, I guess Kim didn't tell you, are other roomate Michele is dating a fraternity pledge master" she paused as Doofas came back into the room carrying a big metal bowl filled with ice water and a couple of fluffy towels, i watched intently as he very carefully began to pull off Tracy's ankle sweat socks and once she was satisfied he was doing it correctly she began again.

Wet Dreams to Crossdressing

fetish 2018-05-17

On the front cover of “Club”, was the most beautiful girl I had ever seen: reddish blond shoulder length wavy hair, bright green eyes, innocent smile, arms crossed over her smallish breasts as if to hide them, and wearing a pair of sheer, white, lace paneled nylon bikini panties! She later became the wife of tennis player, Jimmy Connors, but I loved her panty-clad photos (white, lace, side bows, sheer), and masturbated over her many times. I went back to the Fraternity house that night, and took the yellow panties into the bathroom with the “Club” magazine, and jerked off in them. I loved looking at myself dressed in colorful panties, fantasizing about being a woman, and watching as my hand pumped loads of warm sperm out of my manhood!

Appointment By Card Only. part four

fetish midsummerman 2018-05-17

Bruce's cock bulged in the tight plastic cage as she took his leash and led him to the stool and had him kneel close to its rear; his balls tingled as he watched her lift her black skirt then sit slowly, spreading her magnificent cheeks across the small padded seat as she sat. 'I will pay you any price when she is ready, I must have her as part of my collection; please let me see her in private, I promise I will not make her anxious.' The other males who were there, peeping through the lattice, on their way to the function that Ruth had mentioned to Bruce and treated to a tour prior to it, stood with their cocks bulging at the array of submissive females in various costume; several of them leaned toward being dominated by stronger women themselves, but all who witnessed this particular lounge could not help but be aroused by the show of feminine beauty there.

The Beardsley School for Girls Chapter 2 - Justine

fetish catherine-belmont 2018-05-13

"Let's get you a little stretched out, Justine, I want to see that lovely little body of yours," as he pulled on the chain, the pillory slowly rose, pulling not only her arms up higher, but at the same time her neck. "Look at his other hand," and pointed out Headmaster Michael's other hand on her naked legs now gripped her sex in his palm, one finger dug deep between the lips of her pussy, clenching and unclenching on it like it was a baseball. "Keep your back arched for me like a good girl, Justine," his fingers ran around the areolas, a ragged fingernail over the brown flesh, tiny bumps popped up, moved closer to the hard nipple.

Gender bent – Ch 8 – Made for pleasure

fetish youngprboi 2018-05-13

We have a doctor on call here, a BBC Room with 20 hired studs as some men here like watching sluts get destroyed by BBCs, advanced sex toys and emulation staff that have stuff that you would never see outside of here.” She said joyfully as we walked up a flight of stairs. Kandi cut the men off with a glare and then said “Nikki, in your collar there is a chip that monitors you heart rate and emotions, on top of that every room in the house is bugged with cameras and mics, We have a crew who tallies up what each slut has done in a day” She said smiling “Blow jobs, amount of people you fucked, the stuff you did, etc” One guy said.

You never know a person until,

fetish 2018-05-11

Most want to serve me like a king, desire to get out of a speeding ticket some time. I made a suggestion of this being her natural color, she raised her dress, does this look like a match? I noticed a nice set of legs and her ass jiggle as she stirred the sauce. Giving her c***dren and regular sex were his good points. I understand officer Holden has a girl knocked up, did you know? he knocked up a 19 year old white girl. Told me the Mayor had a cock like John Holmes. His wife was taking a nap like she usually does on cleaning day. She hot oils my body and starts working. Its a nice ride and works her ass well.

A pretty boy becomes a girl

fetish momandboys 2018-05-10

Pretty boys were young lads who wore some girl’s things, particularly heavy makeup, stockings (usually black), high heel boots, very tight corsets and tight, almost transparent blouses to show off the corset lacing, but were still identifiable as boys with short pants and boys’ hair cuts. It was not unusual for boys to wear corsets in those days but they were looked at as having ‘strange’ parents. There I was, a ten year old boy with a very pronounced girlish figure walking along wearing a sissy blouse, short pants, black silk stockings and girls’ white ankle socks which emphasized the black stockings.

5 Cheerleader Sex Slaves (Chapter 2)

fetish braducles 2018-05-09

You wouldn't believe what happened, I can't tell you about it now, but I want you to come over tonight, I'm sure you'll love the reason why." I winked at Monique. "Oh God that feels good!" I let out a guttural roar, I've had my share of women, but I'd never buried my prick in a girl where it felt so good, I couldn't believe that little pussy could feel so amazing. "I love your pussy, you're so fucking tight I can't believe it!" I stared down into Monique's eyes, the tears ran down cheeks as she looked up at me.

an interesting walk to school

fetish 2018-05-07

i was walking to school in the morning and i decided to take the longer route cause i wanted a fag, i walked half way down the circular walk path when i got knocked over by this girl who was about in her early 20's. she had red hair, roughly 38dd size boobs and a hairy pussy which i find out later. she had brown hair with blonde highlights roughly 34c boobs and by the looks a freshly shaven pussy.

vacation 17

fetish hotandhard007 2018-05-07

You graciously lubed my cock be giving it one extremely brief suck before moving to start playing with my ass with your hands while your tongue began to lick up and down my crack. Only then did remove my still slowly pumping hand from my rapidly softening cock so that you could suck the little drops of my cum from me and only then did you use your finger to wipe the trails of my cream from your face and lick them off. After a while I began to wonder how the girl I was fucking would like my cock in her ass so I pulled it out of her cunt and pressed it to her rosy ring.

Daddy gave me a Black Man to play with.

fetish 2018-05-05

It was too much, I needed to feel release, 'Make him lick me daddy', I groaned in pent up sexual frustration, my knees drawn back and open, as daddy bent forward and pressed his mouth to mind, and f***ed his tongue inside, where I sucked on it like I did when I was nine, all the time feeling my panties being pulled down as if in slow motion, the the heat of his breath and his pink tongue finally made contact with my cunt, 'Oh daddy', I groaned from my very soul, as I clung around his neck, I was cumming with the black man's tongue in my cunt, I was squirting into his face and mouth, and he was lapping and swallowing, all the time my daddy was watching as his little girl lost control of her bodily functions.

My Threesome Sex

fetish coolguy2020 2018-05-05

Neelam got horny and came near me she put her hands on my pants to feel my rock hard cock, I couldn’t hold on and smooched her real hard and squeezed her boobs not realizing that her friend was sitting next to me, then I looked towards Neeta and she acted as though she was not seeing and was busy seeing the movie, now I couldn’t hold on and my hand went under neelam’s skirt and her panties were completely wet. Neeta saw us and smiled and continued to see the movie, Neelam made me lay down on the sofa with my head on Neeta’s lap and she started to suck my cock, I was so horny and seeing Neeta’s boobs right in front of me I could not resist holding them.

Well developed girl

fetish Aeryk2571 2018-05-03

One of my duties the maintainance personal is to care for the two swimming pools and hot tubs at the resort.Most of the people that come through are forgetable to say the least.A f****y had checked in one day.It was in the middle of the week,so it was pretty slow.The weather was great.Nice and warm for early in the year.When they arrived at the check in desk I instantly noticed the oldest of the two daughters.She was gorgeous.She had shoulder length brown hair,stood about 5'3" with blue eyes and a great figure from what I could see.Something about her made it hard for me to not stare.The last thing I wanted,was to piss off her parents.She also notice me.

Bianca Behind Bars (Part 1)

fetish BiancaBigTits 2018-05-02

"According to a witness, you were flashing your, and I quote, 'massive, throbbing cock, shouting 'who wants to suck me dry?'" Officer Goldsnatch smiled as she told Bianca what happened the previous night. "This is really embarrassing, Officer Goldsnatch." Bianca blushed hard, crossed her legs, and did her best to cover her fat cock with her hands. "Mmmmm, has anyone ever told you your cock smells so fucking sexy!" Officer Goldsnatch was intoxicated by the musky, futa scent of Bianca's girl cock, and began to sniff closer to her heavy ballsack. Tori reached up with her right hand and began to jerk Bianca as she sucked on her fat cock head.

The pretty teen voyeur (another true story)

fetish steeeviej 2018-05-01

As it happened that half frosted window was not enough to stop the pretty teen girl across the way on the 5th floor having a good look at my cock from above. I pulled Leigh’s head onto my cock, that view was clearly visible to the watching teen. I would momentarily pull my head away to look up at the window, she was still there, just taking in the view. The fucking shows with Leigh went on for around 3 more months until our relationship inevitably ended, I carried on wanking with a teen audience, she didn’t seem to mind the change at all until I moved house a few months later.

Pay Day chapter 2

fetish Horn-man 2018-05-01

Randy began making little moaning sounds as we massaged and kissed her breast and then she unbuttoned my jacket, “oh Ms Raunch” she said “you’ve no blouse on”, opening my bra “but you’ve very pretty tits”, then she started sucking on my nipples, switching between them. I pulled down her white cotton panties and looked at her sweet wet, puffy, shaven pussy, “beautiful” I whispered as I started to lick the length of it, at the same time Zelda dropped to her knees behind Randy, separated the globes of her ass and started to push her tongue up into her asshole.

The Wet Patch (continued)

fetish bobsmart 2018-04-30

Sally was one of those girls who knew instinctively what a boy wanted. She knew that she didn't have to go to the bathroom to wash her pussy before going to bed with a guy - with him left desperately wanking for five minutes in the bedroom, in anticipation of the sex to come. She wasn't one of these girls that needed telling not to wash all trace of their womanly smell away from their pussies. It was wonderful to savour the changing smell of her pussy. From the slightly salty taste of sweat and pussy juice mixed together as her knickers were first removed, to that milder smell and taste as her fresh juices started to flow in expectation of a cock entering her.

I think I might be the dirtiest girl on x-Hamster

fetish Fridagirl 2018-04-29

So what makes a normal healthy girl turn into a cock hungry female adult, who has no compunction about showing her tits to a stranger who wants to jack off on them, well, that might be a poor example, as I was always told when my nipples started to swell, that rubbing sperm into them would make them bigger, I would tease my poor father to ejaculate and let my watch, then gather this tit growing serum and rub it in until it was completely absorbed, while my poor father sat mesmerized, watching his ten year old daughter being so sexual. When the stranger left, she called both of us out into the living room, she was still naked and she grabbed my b*****r and pulled him over her lap, and began to violently spank him, really hard smacks, but my b*****r said nothing as her smacks increased until double digits, then he moaned out loud, and mother stopped.