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Unsuspected Domme

fetish Orallee69 2018-12-02

When Ariel and her mother first moved in next door, they kept a low profile for weeks. They only want a good time and to get off; they don’t care about my feelings or my needs.” When she pulled away her hand touched the crotch of my pants and she smiled. “Yes, I can’t explain it, Ariel, but it made me feel different than I ever have.” “Undress for me, quickly, I want to hold your cock in my hand.” She demanded. “No, not like that; spread my cheeks with your hands and kiss my ass. Come now, Lee!” I watched her fingers jerking frantically between her legs and my cock delivered right on her command.

You Want Me to Call You, What? Ch. 01

fetish SirNathan 2018-11-30

I said I liked him and wanted to get to know him better. But like I said, I was shallow back then, and after a week of shit from my friends about Stephen's wrinkles and receding hairline, I'd started to wonder myself. I want to be your baby girl, your innocent, nasty little plaything, Daddy. Stephen tut-tutted before saying, "Daddy's little girl sure is excited. "Don't think for a minute that you can just walk around here pulling on your nipples or showing off your vagina any time you like, young lady. By the time I kneeled by the side of the bed, looking up at him and feeling goose bumps breaking out all over my skin, I felt like I'd run a mile.

Cindy and Mindy Pt. 02 Ch. 03

fetish djubre666 2018-11-24

Truly a force of nature, you fucked me so hard that I cannot walk, my pussy is still open and I am still cumming." she spoke looking down at the queen. "So giant, you liked what you heard." Tina said after a short silence getting off her bed, I still tried keeping quiet and pretending to sleep. At least now you cannot pretend you don't want me." Tina said and before I could even react, she closed her lips around my nipple, one hand on one massive breast and the other going to the inside of my thigh. Having Tina squirm along my body after all the fucking before was too much for me and I felt the surge of pleasure shake my entire body as waves of cum travelled down my cock and onto the sheets.

Diary of Iraqi Call Girl London Ch. 03

fetish Scheherazade88 2018-11-19

Mr Stevenson takes a very good look at me and lays his hand down on my stomach, and smiles and say "Yes, you will do very nicely. Mr Stevenson: "Good, I'm glad to hear it." He then places his hand gently on my knee cap and makes noises of excitement and begins to rub. Mr Stevenson: "I have this picture, I'd like to show you, and you tell me what you think, okay?" He stops rubbing my knees and pulls out his smart phone and enters his photo album. Okay, guys; get a good look and feel at what Uncle Bob has brought you! The guys line up, and four of them stick their cock through the cage holes, and I start licking and sucking them off.

A Rough Sorority Rite

fetish Goldeniangel 2018-11-18

Kneeling between Zara's legs she lowered her head to the other girl's breasts, taking one dark nipple in her mouth as she squeezed the large mounds, enjoying the way their softness filled her hands. She sucked hard on Zara's clit, rubbing it between her lips and flicking it with her tongue as the other girl screamed and came, her pussy quivering around Lacey's fingers as sweet honey flowed from her, coating Lacey's hand. With all the skills that she'd learned as she'd pledged, she was able to draw Zara's orgasm out, rocking the older girl with pleasure until finally she sighed in satisfaction and pulled Lacey's mouth away from her leaking pussy.

Beer Blast

fetish HungryGuy 2018-11-17

One of the perks of being a guy was that I walked past the line of about ten females waiting to use the women's bathroom in the basement of the frat house. A few women later, one finished peeing and said, "I spent my last buck on beer, but I can pay you some other way. After tasting the pussies of an army of women that night, I was on the brink of coming, though my cock was sore from being hard almost continuously since Karen and Cynthia used me at the start. Then as one woman was peeing into my mouth, she started gasping, and jumped off me, spraying my face and drenching my hair with her piss.

Cindy and Mindy Pt. 02 Ch. 01

fetish djubre666 2018-11-13

real, they did seem big when I saw you earlier but damn girl, they are really massive." Tina said, actually stuttering for a second as she stared at my boobs from underneath. may I, could I give it a kiss?" the girl asked, and before I even answered opened her tiny mouth and gently closed them around the large glans. The thing which really set me over the edge was the pleading look in the girls eyes as her tiny hands pulled me tightly against her mouth. As this idea was forming, she was already back on her knees, her tiny mouth eagerly lapping up final drops of cum from the Queen, her hands roaming the veiny skin.

transvestite in trouble 4 - the internet porn quee

fetish hornyTVluvr 2018-11-11

I've taken the liberty of giving you the hair extentions and tarting up your makeup, ready for your next show....Andrew said how tight you were, so I've started stretching that tight little hole of your with my anal plug...feels good doesn't it"....It did..... "now....there are two ways you can play this honey" she continued "you can fight it and try to escape...Which will no doubt result in your little shows being more and more unpleasant, here, I can show you that too" She clicked at the laptop and again bought it to my face....on the screen was a girl, a funnel strapped into her mouth which a guy was pissing into...I looked away, "or how about this, she showed me the screen again.....

Dominant Wife Entertains Her Lover

fetish keptsissy 2018-11-08

He pulls her up close to him as he slightly lifts her like a doll and starts to finger fuck her rear end. His hand soaking wet pulled from her pussy, he runs his middle finger in and out of her tight little hole, feels it open and close, grip him tightly as he works her. The man in front of her takes her hair in his hand and pushes his semi erect cock into her mouth. She pulls her mouth of the man in front of her as he opens her ass and pushes the huge head in. He pushes up to the edge of the bed and puts himself into her as the man on top fucks her tight little hole.

Slave Max

fetish HungryGuy 2018-11-07

"Well," Ethan stammered, knowing that there was no way in hell that he could afford to buy his own slave girl. The salesman flipped through his notebook for a second, and then looked up at Ethan with a big smile, "Ethan, based on the information you've given me, I think I have the exact girl you want. Ethan followed the pushy salesman to the rear of the showroom, through a curtain, down a short hallway, and into a stockroom lined with cage after cage of naked slave girls. Xiuying looked back and forth quickly between Ethan and the salesman a few times, then said, "I'd be very honored for you to touch me, sir." "Ethan, every night, every girl in our inventory must sleep with a dildo like this strapped into her mouth."

Pissing Practice

fetish HungryGuy 2018-11-04

"Ain't no girls in here tonight." DJ was right, there wasn't a female in the place; but it was the end of footbowl season and the bar was filling up with guys to watch the Superball game on the big-screen TV. The thought to herself, "After Duane lost his job because of that fight with that honkey boss what said, 'Welfare is just the gov'ment's way of keepin' us from gettin' ahead by keepin' us hooked on their handout,' it would feel so right to make a white guy kiss my ass and drink my piss! After countless beers, Latoya just couldn't keep her balance on Ralph's head any longer and slid off and staggered back over to the sofa and went to sleep.

Sarah Finds Pleasure in Pissing

fetish Kilgore 2018-10-31

She rubbed the outside of her pussy then rolled out of bed, lightly touching the curves of her ass. She admired her naked body as she had done thousands of times before lightly spreading her vagina lips to expose her pink interior. Each girl, a blond and a brunette, quickly rubbed their clits sending electric waves of ecstasy through their bodies, making them squeak and moan with pleasure. She felt nurturing standing there with her underwear peeled, exposing her lips and tapering ass with a huge hot stream crashing down on the tree's bark. She felt the warm trickle hitting her pussy and rolling off into her ass and down the drain.

Sister & Sandra & Secrets

fetish blueskyboy 2018-10-05

We moved 1,400 miles away so we could live the way we wanted, and I'm only telling this tale to set the record straight. Carol's hand was on the chubby girl's tit, and her thigh was snugly tucked between the soft flesh of her younger lover's legs. They looked happy together, and I continued to get sucked into the bizarre world of that house, forgetting a bit longer about my disheveled sister and her army bag and her scratched face. At home, I found Jamie with her feet propped up on the couch, her hair in a towel, her long sweet body in one of my old t-shirts. I sat on the edge of my bed and came three more times before morning and all the tapes of Jamie were done.

The Boarder

fetish klammer 2018-10-05

Frieda pulled the panties up my legs and then fastened them about my waist, stroking my penis and balls and ass several times. After I shut door, I touched my dick and I was now rock hard, thinking of her smile and her looking at my crotch. Frieda was rubbing my dick thru the panties and acting like I was her prize poodle. After I shot for a long time, big ropey strands of sperm all over my stomach and her arm and hand, Frieda leaned over and kissed me again. Both Olga and Jane liked touching my dick and getting it hard. "Now let's show Frieda's friends what a good girl you are and what a big load you can shoot for Mommy?

It Shouldn't Happen To A Vet

fetish A Cracker Slut 2018-10-04

A slightly odd look passed over Sara's face for a second, Nicola noticed it but put it down to the Gin and satisfied she knew all she needed to about Lady Fontshall steered the conversation onto other matters....like stable boys she fancied. Nicola couldn't help wishing that she was owned, a piece of property to be looked after and cared for by a loving owner, she wanted to be used for other peoples pleasure, a sex slave something to be toyed with and then put away for another time. The thought of horses returns her mind to the pictures, Nicola feels as though her appetite has been wetted, she wants to see more, understand more about how this bizarre form of submission came about.

Suzy; poodle

fetish dustybit 2018-10-02

His face hardened somewhat as She sashayed over around the large desk to sit daintily on his lap and She raised Her skirt just a little to reveal just an inch of black stocking tops He blushed ever so slightly and She become aware only too soon that he was rising within his trousers at Her closeness. "I am sure You are aware how much You mean to me and the extent to which I care for You, and as such I have given Your last request a great deal of thought, but before I give You my decision I would like You to explain Yourself and Your question Suzy." As he spoke he rose from the chair and ran his hand over his bald shaved scalp.

Daddy cured my Nymphomania

fetish Fridagirl 2018-10-02

I am still feeling empty, and I know I want that last fuck, and as I led him by his reluctant hand to the bare brick wall ahead, I turn when we arrive, 'Kiss me like you mean it', I say, as my mouth opens crazily, and swallows half his face, and I lick his cheeks and eyes, plastering him with saliva, his hands groping between my semen soaked cunt and ass. Now I reply, trying to justify my humping against this red brick wall, 'I'm cumming', I say, but an arm goes around me and I am pulled of this boy's cock, 'He's too young for you', the voice says, 'he's still in school', it continues, as the light in my eyes gets brighter, until a door opens and pushes me inside down onto the back seat.

Don´t Go Into The Woods

fetish klammer 2018-10-01

I started pulling up my shorts and panties but he said, “Wait, turn around “Don’t touch or rub your ass after a spanking girl,” he said. asked if I wanted a spanking and I had to answer “Yes Sir.” “Remember what I said about you would one day ask for a spanking?” Dick didn’t want another spanking but I had to walk slowly with my ass Dick also said what I did was more of a feminine orgasm not man cum and so The man turned to Dick and said, “I’m glad you left the toilet training to “Lift your skirt and look me in the eyes girl,” he said. “Yes Sir,” I replied like I had too but didn’t want to.

The Wet Patch (continued)

fetish bobsmart 2018-09-30

Sally was one of those girls who knew instinctively what a boy wanted. She knew that she didn't have to go to the bathroom to wash her pussy before going to bed with a guy - with him left desperately wanking for five minutes in the bedroom, in anticipation of the sex to come. She wasn't one of these girls that needed telling not to wash all trace of their womanly smell away from their pussies. It was wonderful to savour the changing smell of her pussy. From the slightly salty taste of sweat and pussy juice mixed together as her knickers were first removed, to that milder smell and taste as her fresh juices started to flow in expectation of a cock entering her.

Intrinsic Right

fetish D_Lynn 2018-09-30

As Corinne started blabbing on about what she was looking for, I turned my attention to Jesse. I frowned at Corinne when Jesse wasn't looking. Jesse fiddled with the bottom edge of her blouse, then shot me a glance when Corinne turned to point at the edge of the carpet. My wife led Jesse down the hall to continue their discussion, and moments later, I was chastising myself for lusting after a girl so young. This realization plagued my mind as Corinne saw Jesse to the door. "Don't you think it would be better if we waited until next week for Jesse to start work?" During work-from-home days, it was unusual for me to wear anything but my boxers, but I, of course, knew that wasn't going to fly with Jesse.

Pungent flower 5: Pampering

fetish TheAgantuk 2018-09-29

I did not inform Bodan in advance as he may worry about Anita and look for another accommodation. Couple of days before the journey I told Bodan about the trip, stressing it was crucial for his career. As instructed by me he told Anita he was going for just a couple of days and she can continue to stay with me and carry on her work. Anita showed some hesitation when told, but neither Bodan was too concerned nor was she really in a situation to afford an alternative. I refused to take no for an answer and told her she was my guest and in absence of Bodan she was my responsibility (‘male chauvinist pig’? I told her I want to buy some new clothes for her but she refused.

Shawna's First

fetish Oli 2018-09-29

A handsome middle-aged man, obviously the owner of the second cock, stepped out of the stall and smiled gently as he walked out the door. Meg gave us a very hard look before turning to leave, and said"Honey, you just let me know if you need my help, okay?" "If you want to be a girl, why don't you let me treat you like one." he said and put a hand on my thigh, just below the hem of my skirt. I wanted to reach out and grab it, but Mr. Booth took my hand and began to gently pull me off my bar stool. " Open your sweet little mouth Shawna," he moved a hand to the side of my face and lightly pulled me forward " and let him in.

Hellsgate Prison

fetish Julie20 2018-09-29

A favourite punishment was to force a girl to go naked for a day or a week so that her bare feet were freezing on the stone floor and she felt the lustful eyes of the guards wherever she went. Any guard, on a whim, could order a girl to stand with hands on head so that he could tweak her nipples and push his fingers into her pussy. Each time I was sure that she would asphyxiate me and then she removed her hands so that I could pull my head back and gulp in a lungful of air before being, once again, pressed to her body with the pain in my knees against the hard stone constantly becoming worse.

Deal or no Deal ( creampie eating )

fetish fukthisprettyboy 2018-09-27

so one day after a long hard fuck, we were laying in bed and i asked her "hey do you have any fantasies or wierd sexual fetishes that you were just shy about but always wanted to try?" she looked at me and said no! things were growing continually kinkier and kinker, when i started to get the hunch that she wanted me to taste my own cum. dying to explode when she looked back at me and said' Deal....or no deal" at this time, i was aching to cum.. and she proceeded to put her hot, messy, cum filled pussy right in my face. at first i was a bit sceptical, but since then she made me taste my own cum from her pussy everytime we fucked..