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Succulent Desires Chapter 10

fetish aliceslalaland 2018-12-02

Aidan and Missa engaged in some small talk with Missa responding like a little girl, but none of this registered in Alice’s brain. She was busy thinking of what she wanted to do later tonight and tomorrow with Missa and Aidan. She thought about their lips, kissing, and she thought about having a 3some in the shower with a candle or in the dark. Maybe in the morning Alice mused to herself silently. Once she realized Missa had stopped eating and was watching her, Alice turned and smiled. “Did you enjoy your lunch baby?”

Succulent Desires Chapter 8

fetish aliceslalaland 2018-11-26

  Leaning down towards her face, Alice slowly ran her tongue along Missa’s mouth, which parted with another moan as her hand found Missa’s clit and began to tease it gently.   Smiling and giggling a bit, Alice captured Missa’s clit in between her teeth and began to tease it with her tongue as she gently rubbed her fingers and hand in Missa’s pussy juices seeping out of her.   Alice gave up trying to keep her mouth on Missa’s clit, and used her other hand to brace her arm so she could continue to keep her fingers rubbing against Missa’s g-spot while Missa writhed on the bed; orgasming, screaming, and trembling.

Succulent Desires Chapter 1

fetish aliceslalaland 2018-11-26

  I agree that it would be faster to drive to your house and I’ll wait there.”   Alice allowed the rational side of her brain to rail at what her mouth and body was doing, but figured it was an adventure and if she was going to be killed by this man, at least he was a gorgeous, smooth talking, large fisted Celt and maybe she’d get him to fist her first; not to mention there were worse ways to be killed.   Alice didn’t realize that Aidan had been waiting for her, and actually called her name 3 times from the car before standing to block the sun.

Charlie and Cassandra Part 3

fetish timeflys 2018-11-22

That being said when the time and place comes I will be there to accommodate the need, is that understood pet?” I looked at the woman with a shot of paralyzing fear and my mistress placed her hand in mine and met my gaze. The woman approached me, “Pleasure to meet you Charlie, I’m Doctor Clarissa Carrington,” she said kindly. “It sounded a little out of control there, I think I’m going to write you a note for some inhalers in case you have a sudden asthma attack or have a hard time catching your breath, I know your mistress may have you a little out of breath now and again,” she giggled. “Cassie I’m scared,” I said as I looked into the eyes of my mistress with paralyzing fear.

Succulent Desires Chapter 5

fetish aliceslalaland 2018-11-21

  Moaning and reaching for his thighs with her hands, Alice slowly dragged her nails up Aidan’s thighs as she pulled him closer into her body.   Groaning, Aidan’s hands pulled her closer to his body, but before he could kiss her again Alice turned her head away.   Alice turned the hot water down a bit so they wouldn’t steam to death and continued stroking her hands over Aidan’s hard, solid, tall body.   Moaning and continuing to kiss him, Alice allowed the water to splash down on her, adding to the sensations flowing across her body as it contrasted against the feel of Aidan’s hands on her body and his bare skin against hers.

Succulent Desires Chapter 3

fetish aliceslalaland 2018-11-16

Taking a sharp breath in, Alice smiled down at Missa, and stroked her hair, running her finger along her jaw so she would look into her face while saying, “That’s my good little girl.” As she leaned down to give her a kiss on the lips, Alice heard a soft moan escape from Missa. “Would you like a tour of the place, a drink maybe, and an introduction to my sweet little girl?”   Alice asked Aidan in a sweet voice as she pressed her upper body into his side, looking up at him from under her lashes and smiling.

Succulent Desires Chapter 6

fetish aliceslalaland 2018-11-13

  Moaning into his mouth, Alice moved her hips so as to fuck Aidan’s hand, pulling back slightly from his lips she whispered, “Twist it, slightly, fuck me harder.”   As Aidan moved his hand to Alice ’s wishes, she continued kissing him while her hand massaged his thick cock.   She moved slightly as the position prevented her from moving too much, but her moans and screams continued as she would randomly say, “Yes, it feels so good, don’t stop, and Fuck.” As she orgasmed, Alice ’s muscles pushed on Aidan’s hand and dick, trying to force one or both out.

Succulent Desires Chapter 7

fetish aliceslalaland 2018-11-09

  May I eat breakfast now, please?”   Alice ’s voice was rough from all the screaming and moaning but she had enough strength left to respond, “Yes baby girl, there’s fruit and cheese in the frigerator.   As Missa’s body was underneath the shower spray Alice pressed her body against Missa’s body and rubbed her skin with her hands to help the water wash the soap off. Silently moaning in desire, Alice spoke a bit unevenly, “When you’ve learned to fuck me properly, then we’ll fuck in the shower.”   She switched places one last time with Missa, “Rinse the conditioner out of your hair, and dry off.

Succulent Desires Chapter 2

fetish aliceslalaland 2018-11-07

  Taking deep slow breaths before he responded, Aidan’s voice came out slightly strained, “Well, that sounds like a lovely idea and I can’t wait to find time to give you such aural pleasure. Closing her eyes briefly enough to regain composure, but still looking like a blink, a small smile could be seen on Alice’s face before she replied softly, “Thank you.”   And walking out the door, down the hall and actually seeing the hallway for the first time, she tried hard to focus on the décor instead of the man’s strong presence behind her.

Succulent Desires Chapter 9

fetish aliceslalaland 2018-11-05

Then Alice reached a hand back to scratch Aidan’s hips and massage his hardening cock so he could insert it into her ass while Missa licked and fingered her pussy. Alice removed her lips from Aidan so she could speak, “Put two fingers in my pussy Missa.” Moaning as Aidan’s cock entered her further and further while Missa’s fingers filled her pussy, Alice ground her hips and gripped on Missa’s hair harder. As Alice’s body bucked and clenched with her orgasm it seemed as if her breathing stopped, but as she gasped in for more air her hand dug in harder to Aidan’s flesh while the other grasped harder upon Missa’s hair. Alice felt his teeth grip her shoulder causing her to moan into Missa’s mouth and squirm a bit faster onto Aidan’s thick cock in her ass.

A Chance Encounter, Part 3

fetish bc9373 2018-11-03

I bet you did, making him think you were a naughty girl last night,” Master said looking down at me smiling. I pulled my mouth off of Doug’s cock and held it in my hand as I turned to look at Ashley. “If you want to be like him, you have to stop dressing like a Jersey Boy,” Ashley said pulling away from my mouth. “Your ass is so perfect, I don’t know whether to be jealous or excited,” I said looking directly at Doug. Ashley sat up from the floor and kissed my bare pussy as she looked up into my eyes, taking the bag from my hand.

Succulent Desires Chapter 4

fetish aliceslalaland 2018-10-31

  Trust me, I’ll leave you so frustrated and I’ll make Missa and Aidan stay here tonight while you go back to your hotel room alone.”   Ronin finished in a soft voice, staring into Alice ’s eyes as he communicated that she couldn’t back out now.   This time he didn’t add more pressure, but as she began to kiss Missa more intensely he increased the speed of his finger making Alice moan into Missa’s mouth.   And suddenly, her whole body tensed and her noises ceased as she climaxed, and when Aidan began to stop in response she quickly spoke “Don’t stop, not yet.”   After a few minutes, her body completely relaxed and Ronin made a hand signal to the men and they stopped touching her knowing she had finished orgasming.

Kitty Girl Goes to the Beach - Part I

fetish sprite 2018-10-30

I tried to think of safe thoughts, but was unable to come up with any, so I quickly gave up and enjoyed the sight of her adjusting her lush breasts in the mirror, her ass swaying erotically with her every movement, stray thoughts of peeling her bikini briefs down her thighs, my head under her dress, exploring her cunt with my tongue, my face smeared with her beautiful nectar… I became so lost in the feeling that I barely even noticed Kay stroking my hair tenderly, leaning over and whispering in my ear, calling me a good girl and promising all sorts of things if I came for her.

Carolina's Sundae

fetish eroticeats 2018-09-07

The lips were now suckling on her clit and the fingers snaked underneath Alex, spreading apart her ass cheeks and plunging into her naughtiest hole. Mistress walked over to it, and after glancing at Alex, picked a small, needle like nozzle and pushed a few buttons before the machine whirred to life, pumping a white frothy liquid into the hose. Crawling underneath her prize, Mistress took a large nozzle and pushed it into Alex's ass. Alex didn't think she had enough ass to take the entire pump, but the fudge also filled her thighs and calves, and mistress grabbed another hose and slipped it into Alex's mouth. Alex felt amazing as Mistress reached her udder-like breasts.

Dahska Beginnings

fetish the giant peach 2018-08-23

"Hi sexy, um, You taste great, " Oxard came out of the water behind Ashley wrapping his arm around her body as he licked his finger. "Fucking cunt, " Oxard threw up his middle finger at Dahska as she swam away to shore. "Yes, here now, " Ashley moved her hand letting his cock rub her hot pussy. "Yes, baby it's so fucking hot seeing you take it, You don't want me to stop do you, " Oxard was flexing his hand and relaxing it to his heart beat which was fast. "Well, you see Groanen got Dahska to drink his piss and he told the guys and um they want to piss in her mouth too, " Oxard looked like he was scared.

A Strange Encounter

fetish naughtybessparker 2018-06-19

My cunt lips swelled and I felt hot inside as I stood frozen to the spot letting him piss on me. The woman kept rubbing her clit and moaning, her groans getting louder as a trickle of golden pee seeped out from between her legs and ran down her fingers. "Oh fuck here it comes," she cried as she released her orgasm and pee at the same time. I threw my head back and let it go, and all the time the woman fingered my clit and moved her fingers inside my longing cunt. The woman slowly withdrew her fingers from my glistening hole and I watched with deep satisfaction as she licked each one clean, savouring the taste of my juices and pee.

O'Malleys Bar

fetish electricblue66 2018-04-23

She is pressing her whole long body hard up against mine and she has set up a spiral of pleasure in every soft hole and every hard point and now my clit is hard and my nipples throb and my asshole clamps on her finger and my cunt aches and my clit throbs and my sex clenches and she just doesn't stop I'm being pushed higher and hotter and harder until my whole body tightens and arches as if I've been pierced to my centre with a lightning bolt and the centre of my belly and sex and lips and ass and breasts and deep in my cunt I simply explode with pleasure. "I'm sorry, I'm not feeling so good right now." And I rush out the door into the cooling night, cheeks ablaze, but my breasts and nipples still hard with pleasure and my cunt still wet and hot and my legs still damp with piss.

Now or Never

fetish naughtybessparker 2018-04-21

Sue gasped and opened her mouth then screamed out her ecstasy as Chloe released her muscles and let loose a cascade of hot golden piss which showered down over Sue. It splashed onto her face, covered her pert white breasts and ran down her body in a yellow river, pooling in an acrid puddle around Sue's quivering body. Tim watched amazed as Sue spread her legs wide allowing Chloe to push her head between them and lick out her cunt. Chloe kissed Sue softly on the forehead before stepping out of the bath and taking Tim by the hand. Sue was on the bed with them, on all fours next to Chloe, inviting Tim to fuck her as well.

Dahska's Trial Ch. 03

fetish the giant peach 2018-02-06

She felt it as he pushed her harder up his ass the thick shit smashing around her head in her eyes and mouth. " Dahska was grinding her cunt into the girl ass. " She thrust her pussy in Dahska's face and with a loud fart shit right in her mouth rubbing her ass all over Dahska's face smearing shit in her eyes and nose. Dahska pulled the girls ass cheeks apart and slid her hand up the shit covered passage. Pushing harder Dahska's arm was up to the elbow in the girl ass. " The girl looked at the thick shit covering Dahska's arm, Leaned in and put it in her mouth. All 16 inches and when her mouth touched ass she hummed and the girl came, passing out face down in Dahska's cunt.

The Birthday Present

fetish BenjaminMcqueen 2018-01-12

The smile is plastered across my face like a goon and I pull the girl round into my arms. I had mentioned my love of Asian girls just in passing some weeks ago and now look, here she is presenting me with a stunning vision just as if I'd dreamt her up myself. My girl is taking me deep into her mouth and I know she's waiting to feel my hands on the back of her neck, waiting for me to force her to take it right to the back of her throat. I pull my girl round and plant her face deep into the pussy of my present. My beautiful present lowers her lips and sweetly begins to lick and suck my cum from the very place I had just so powerful deposited it.

Assassin Ch. 02

fetish devinn 2018-01-02

Violet heard the tapping of the shoes recede from the bed and the woman disappeared out of her field of view. Violet didn't know how long she had been enclosed in the bag, but she already felt weak. Violet took a deep breath and said, "Then take off the bag," while exhaling heavily. "I wish you could tell me how you felt," the woman said, her voice sounding as if it were coming from far away. The world was beginning to slowly spin around her and it felt like she was floating away, the other woman a passenger. The woman began to breath heavily and began moving her body slowly against Violet. A moment later Violet could feel the woman jerk then she collapsed.

Icky Vicky (F/F)

fetish scorpia95 2017-12-08

Taking a deep breath and steeling my nerves I unlocked the stall door and let it open of its own accord as I came crawling out on my knee's like Vicky taught me. Vicky had stopped wearing sock's soon after she figured out about my fetish. Taking her feet into my hand, I started kissing it while breathing in as much as I could at the same time. Giggling Cassie started to push her favorite ankle length sock inside my shaved pussy. Cassie had a huge smile on her face as she said "Bye slut, next time I'll bring my friend Jessie, she has some really stinky feet!!" The rest of the girls were soon following her lead by making Vicky promise to let them punish me later.

Hands Off

fetish SinAndGrin 2017-12-06

Eyes are a little close together, the better to watch you squirm with!" She turned to Kimber while Sara touched her own nose, thinking 'What is with the button nose?!'. "Who's going first?" Brylee raised her hand and jumped on the bed, straddling Sara's face. "You're up to 3 minutes!" With a last ditch effort to not rack up anymore time, Brylee placed her hands on the wall above the headboard and leaned down, peering into Sara's big doe eyes. Once she found her rhythm, she began to fuck harder, forcing her weight to grind her underwear directly against the apex of Sara's upper lip and where her nose connected, making it bloody and raw.

Juliet's Hideaway

fetish jacketjack 2017-10-27

"Let's go find out," said Juliet, grabbing Jack and pulling him to a back room as Carla and Vanessa followed, cheering Juliet on with giggling ridicule. Carla turned around and Jack heard her moan, "oh, god, yes." She knelt down and pulled the model's cock into her mouth, barely containing both his member and her glee. "Oh god yes," said Vanessa as the model pulled his still-rigid cock out of Carla, "I need that now myself." The model flipped Vanessa over the wedge and drove himself into her, fingering her clit as he pounded her ferociously. "Holy shit," said Vanessa, "that man can fuck." Carla could hardly speak, but managed to mumble, "let's go." Juliet handed her the bowl.