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From Wife to Online Whore Ch. 07

fetish Doctork053 2018-06-26

"I'm taking Nicky to our aunt's house." She said as we polished off the lines. As I left the bathroom before heading home, I was shocked as Kaitlyn met me at the door. "Great." I said leaning over and taking the strange dick into my mouth. Kaitlyn had now started on a second cock her free hand finding her pussy, moans escaping from her full mouth. I could hear a knock from Kaitlyn's hole and knew she was taking a second load. "Fuck it, take that black cock in your dirty white pussy." I said firmly. The stranger responded depositing a load of black cum in her tiny hole. Kaitlyn showing me another black dick before engulfing it with her pussy.

Kitty Girl's Day Out

fetish sprite 2018-06-26

I took a short break, chatting with two of my favorite people here on Lush, my Mistress and Dancing Doll… coming clean about my state, discussing… well, perhaps those topics should be left to the imagination… then, it was time to let go of the last little vestiges of girl-hood, leave that 5% behind and transform into kitty girl –why do I suddenly hear dramatic movie music in my head? Well, she helped me dress, touching up my make-up, making sure my ears were on straight, and telling me what a pretty little kitty I was before sending me home to await my owner which is a story in and of itself, one I may or may not feel compelled to share.

I'm Chrissy a Slut

fetish Doctork053 2018-06-19

I decide to head out and see what my Mom's boyfriend, Mike, is up to in his man cave or what we regular people call a garage instead of sitting here, watching her drool and mumble about my dad. I did that a couple more times and had actually forgotten about Mike until I tilt my head back exhaling the smoke and notice him looking at me and chuckles. Mike tells Shelley to grab him a pack of 'Reds' as he walks directly to the back of the store where the beer is held. We get back to the garage is record time and as I'm getting off the bike, Mike asks me to light a cigarette.

I'm Chrissy a Slut Pt. 04

fetish Doctork053 2018-06-12

A girl in sexy lingerie is lighting a long white cigarette, she took deep drags and blew out the smoke as she begins to play with herself. As the woman lights her second cigarette, I fire up a 'Red.' The guy on screen starts going at her doggy style and after a few minutes the woman slowly turns around and takes the load in her mouth. I lube it up and slide it slowly in and out of my pussy while watching a girl, that's looks about my age, on the screen smoking and sucking a large black cock. I have a real good rhythm going on, with taking the push of Erik's cock in my pussy and allowing the force to push my mouth over Mike's cock.

I'm Chrissy a Slut Pt. 02

fetish Doctork053 2018-06-08

I inhale deeply and blow out a nice stream of smoke after two more drags I think, 'huh, I'm smoking and really like it.' Half way down the drive I realize I probably will need more so I head back to the house and grab two more cigs and a spare lighter. As I walk through the front door, I see my mom sitting at the kitchen table smoking a cig. I realize I still had my cig in my hand so I put it to my lips and take big drag then go right back to his dick, letting the smoke escape around the sides. I have almost finished my smoke when I hear Bryan's car race down the driveway and see Mike walking towards the whore on the couch.

I'm Chrissy a Slut Pt. 06

fetish Doctork053 2018-06-06

The first dick came through the hole and she explained how she reached out to stroke it and then began to suck on it, when it shot in her mouth she said she was addicted. After I finished Katie lit a Marlboro took a drag and exhaled three perfect smoke rings. Her delicate mouth approached my waiting mound but to my dismay she skipped right over my pussy to my thigh only allowing her middle finger to slowly spread my lips as she slowly dragged her hand down my body. I had never really thought about fucking another girl but as I kissed Katie tasting my own juices on her lips all I could think about was pleasing her, like she pleased me.

I'm Chrissy a Slut Pt. 03

fetish Doctork053 2018-05-30

After what seems like a life time, Mike walks over to the fridge and grabs a couple of beers then turns on his heels and heads back to the couch. I pull it up to me and admire the package; reading the warning about cancer and emphysema, a familiar thought comes to mind "Fuck it." I take a cig from the pack and light it, taking a nice relaxing drag I blow the smoke straight up in the air. As Katie takes a big drag of her cig, I notices how she opens her mouth after exhaling and sucks a big cloud of smoke back in.

Emmy's Iron Maiden Glory Hole

fetish hummmph 2018-05-28

I really don’t care what other people think my sexual orientation is, I have a strong desire for the feminine look but it’s just that I want it to come with a cock,” I say finishing my drink and gesturing to Emmy for another. I pull my head back a little to get a closer look at this writhing cock between my hands and I see it start to spurt it’s hot glowing white cum all over my face. I start rubbing its now sopping wet head up and down my ass crack and can’t help myself as I pull my panties aside to place my puckered asshole on to the head of the cum lubed shaft between my hands.

The Rest Stop

fetish TheNaughtyOne 2018-05-28

"Ok, that sounds like a fair—" before she said finished her phrase, the man tossed 250$ cash underneath the stall, "I'll give you 250$ when you finish your pee, and the rest once you suck my dick, girl." Then, a little shaken up, Cindy eased her muscles and began to pee a little. Getting a little weirded out, Cindy dropped the note, picked up the cash and said, "let's get out of here." Lisa, pulling up her zipper said, "Yeah, we have a long trip ahead of us, and remember, no bathroom breaks." Cindy grinned.

From Wife to Online Whore Ch. 03

fetish Doctork053 2018-05-27

"Plus if you want some real fun check out the video booths in back." She said with a big grin. The clerk said "They had booths with video screens, you put money in the machine and there are a hundred and fifty movies to choose from." I headed outside grabbed a cig and pulled the smoke in while pondering the situation. The moans coming from behind the wall increased and I got a load of cum in my mouth and even a couple shots in the face. I handed her a hundred dollar bill and asked "Would you grab me a big Jack Daniels, some pineapple rum, and whatever you want?"

Colour Blind

fetish sarahsmith1989 2018-05-12

Our entire town had only a handful of black families which gave me pretty slim-pickens when it came to finding a man. I had seen these videos on the internet where guys would get sucked off anonymously through holes in the wall. He looked to be in charge, so I decided he was the one to ask about these mythical booths from the videos. The action on screen had got me feeling very warm, so I reached down my jeans and started to rub. My sounds identified me to the booth next door, soon a great white cock entered my room through the hole connecting the two stalls. I couldn't decide who enjoyed this more, but I knew he felt great inside of me.

gloryhole fantasy

fetish nigeltallguy 2018-05-09

As I felt her pussy release my cock I then heard my wife tell me to stay in the bedroom until she came in. To my surprise her friend then appeared naked, knelt down and started to suck my cock. She paused the video and told me that the carpenter who had worked on the door had jokingly said that it looked like I was having a gloryhole made. My wife looked at my hard on and said that her friend was still here and would I like to use the gloryhole more, and they would both play with my cock. Of course I would and my wife went outside the bedroom, closed the door and whispered through the hole ‘well come over her then’.

Tale of a Bored Housewife

fetish Maria24 2018-05-03

With jizz dripping off her chin her knees gave up when she reached her climax whilst the nameless cock was still going hard and deep inside sending spasms of pleasure across her body after each long thrust. With a few strokes of her hand—and gently sucking the head—the stranger let out a prolonged moan of pleasure and his cock pulsated violently and fired several shots of fresh cum on her face and breasts. Holding her coat under her arm and walking unsteadily, she exited the restroom; she stepped into the store and handed the keys to the clerk, who simply gave her a wide, knowledgeable smile and didn't appear at all surprised from seeing cum drying up on her face and chest.

Insatiable for Cum

fetish jptune 2018-04-28

We entered one of the booths and my girlfriend Julie tells me that she wants to wait for a nice big black cock to come through one of the holes before she starts to fulfill her fantasy. I open my cum filled mouth and start to engulf this nice huge cum coated black cock. She then placed her mouth right by mine and while my cock was in my mouth she started to let the nice load she was holding in her mouth pour into mine, further engulfing my cock with cum. When I was about to blow by load I stopped sucking and she continued to jerk me off and asked me to start swallowing all the cum in my mouth.

Fantasy Fulfilled

fetish LOAnnie2 2018-04-03

He wasted no time obliging her fantasy, only a few seconds separated her mouth being ready and the feel of cock sliding against the top of her tongue. Much to Jennifer's delight, he wasted no time in getting to fucking her pussy. Jennifer had to use all her might to keep her mouth closed and to not cry out in pain, but once her ass had opened and the cock was sliding in she knew she took it like a champ. Her hand flew down to her pussy and as the cock pumped into her ass it only took a few seconds before she was rocking another, much more powerful orgasm.

Park Life

fetish muckyboy 2018-03-30

As he pulled his panties back up, trapping the load of warm, sticky come in with his cock and balls, he heard the cistern flush and the door open in quick succession. Alan stood proudly before his new lover, cock stuck out hot and hard from the sexy, shiny satin panties, the black holdups gripping his thighs, his balls sticky and wet from the earlier load of stranger's come. He lifted the waistband of the panties up high so that all of Alan's cock was inside and his balls were tightly encased in the soft satin then started to lick along the length through the cloth, stroking his hands up and down the stockings and onto his pantied arse cheeks.

Glory Hole First Timer

fetish yourtoy 2018-03-27

All of a sudden I became so curious as to what a cock in my mouth would feel like. One day I just happened to stumble into a dirty video store, got some tokens, sat down and noticed the hole in the wall. I pulled my pants down and started stroking my cock. The guy came in and stood in front of the TV screen, dropped in some tokens and pulled his cock out and started stroking. I didn’t know what to do so I held his cock in my mouth. I let this guy that I didn’t even know, not even what he looked like, cum in my mouth while sitting in a dirty video store.

Ashley's Confessions Ch. 03

fetish Marie89 2018-03-23

I sucked him but before he could cum he pulled me up and took me to his bedroom where he closed and locked the door and put a gag on my mouth to muffle my cries and began to fuck me from behind. He fucked my body relentlessly, he grunted into my ear that he was going to sell this pussy tonight for a good price. My arms were tied behind my back and they set me face down onto the bed, a cock began to push into my pussy and I was pressed to the mattress by a heavy body fucking me. I struggled to reach him, my legs flailed until another set of hands roughly held them apart and began to slap my pussy.

Susan at the Glory Hole

fetish eee999 2018-03-13

Seeing Susan's fat tits, fat ass and ample hips, her big long cigarette next to that huge prick, coaxing the hot cream out of him is nearly more than I can stand, and as I watch the man's cum shower Susan's nude body, I find that I want to fuck Susan badly, but I also have the oral urge that not just a cigarette can satisfy. The cum bath she'd had earlier from her glory hole suck-off has pooled down into her bush and thighs, making her skin damp and shiny, and I love the feeling of my skin getting soaked with cum as I continue to drive my aching hard cock into Susan.

Cute Couple

fetish Hyperdebut 2018-02-07

Alicia had long, brown hair and was a petite hispanic girl with cute little A-cup boobs and was the younger of the pair, aged 20. "You know Alicia and I don't go to parties," Jodie replied "we always stay in at weekends and spend quality time together." Alicia placed an old potato sack over Jodie's head, a hole for her mouth only. Alicia duct taped Jodie's mouth to the hole so that her lips were exposed and her mouth was always open. The man pulled out of Jodie's hungry mouth and shot his hot load all over her big, plump lips. Alicia grabbed the leash and lead Jodie out of the cubicle into the cold night to continue the fun.


fetish St_eve 2018-02-03

I started slowly, looking at Her bare backside, the side of Her breast, Her long dark hair and finally at Her ass. As I started to say that I was going to -- She orders me to push the head of my dick between Her ass cheeks as I cum. I pull back and watch the cum ooze from Her ass crack. He grabs my head and pulls it to his cock, and pushes it in my mouth. Unfortunately he started to cum and a long rope hit my face and hair. The both were intently jacking their cocks, suddenly they both stood up and walked over to me and started cuming on my face and hair.

The Cheerleader Uniform

fetish pondcat 2018-02-03

She pulled her lips off the head, leaned over at me, and spit a load of white cum down the front of my...Britney's...uniform. Mary Jo slowly drizzled his load onto clean parts of my uniform in a way that made me want HER. I took him in deeper as my throat relaxed and started jerking what I wasn't taking in by hand the way Mary Jo had. Mary Jo, wide-eyed, flipped her hands at my uniform like "Do it already!" and I suddenly remembered why we were there. I took my second and third loads before Mary Jo asked the last guy to unscrew the bulb and shut the door.

The Bathroom

fetish MsViolent 2018-01-16

The hole made him imagine his wife's red lips wrapped around some hard cock, slowly and seductively sliding up and down its entire length. A warm, wet sensation immediately surrounded his finger. He couldn't escape the sensation he felt wrap around his finger. Slowly, the warm wet sucking sensation was surrounding his cock. He imagined the cock sliding into her mouth, her lips stretching, wrapping around the shaft and taking it all in. He felt the sensation building deep in his groin, the feeling moving in waves throughout his body. Once again, he thought of his wife and the look in her eyes, overwhelmed by a throbbing cock.

Gloryhole Gas Station

fetish croat79 2018-01-16

I wanted to say suck my cock please, but just as I was thinking that I could fell nice long licks up and down my shaft. She then began to suck on it slowly pulling her lips off the head with a nice lick and a loud pop as it burst out of her mouth. She grabbed my dick and placed her hot mouth on it and I began to blow, after each shot she moved her mouth down my cock almost like she craved cum and wanted more and more. When I was done shooting, she slowly pulled away and licked every inch of my penis, she squeezed the base of my shaft up to my head and sucked up any remaining cum that was left in me.