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Extramarital with Gail

fetish woreout 2018-12-04

She went from a shy little house wife and mother to a fully confident sexy inked model in that short time. She actually made her new friend beg her to come visit him at him home. The excitement of having sex with such and hot looking woman covered with sexy ink was to much for him. They dressed and sat together talking for a short time before she said she had to go. She figured if she dressed like this and if she happened to be late coming home she could explain it away as having been at the gym all day. She got to her friends house at ten , they talked for a short time and soon got down to business.

camping cuckold

fetish woreout 2018-12-03

She looked down and laughted , she said I need to fix that then she pulled the legs ( what little there where) of the shorts up and her pussy lips all but showed on eather side . She got off and said soory I was so late I met three young guys at the store and they where trying to buy beer . The wise guy that offered to eat her said he'd ride the scooter back to their camp and my wife could ride in the cab of the truck. Once at their camp ( two tents) she said they iced the beer down and that one guy told her to pull her shorts diown so he could pay her of the favor.

Israeli Dominatrix For Arab Men

fetish Samuelx 2018-11-23

A year ago I won an international scholarship to study at the prestigious Carleton University in Canada's Capital Region and at the time it seemed like a dream come true. A sexy Israeli gal like me knows how to make her own fun. Abdullah Saif has been living in the region of Ontario, Canada, for the past sixteen years. And like most Arab men on this planet, he's both fascinated and repelled by Jewish women and other assertive ladies. Arab guys are fascinated by blonde-haired Caucasian women and I use that to my advantage. Abdullah Saif agreed to play by my rules. Time for Abdullah Saif to find out what female domination really feels like. The Saudi guy actually loved getting dominated by an Israeli Dominatrix.

total sissy humiliation

fetish hornyTVluvr 2018-11-22

introduced myself to Lee, and within minutes had found myself dressed as a girl with his hard cock inches from my face. as I fastened them I heard lee say "mmm...blonde I think" I looked up as he opened the wardrobe....the camera stood on a tripod....behind it hung leather bondage chains and shackles....oh god! he knelt me down....then walked to the room door....he opened it, and there stood the guys from the bar downstairs....both naked...both erect.... "I told you she was perfect" said Lee...."and wait until you feel her mouth around your cock...it's like she was born to suck dick!" he said "fuck!...she could suck it" one of them said....quickly pulling my hard cock from my panties. Lee still Filming said "open wide slut....your about to swallow your tenth load tonight"

Diary of Iraqi Call Girl London Ch. 03

fetish Scheherazade88 2018-11-19

Mr Stevenson takes a very good look at me and lays his hand down on my stomach, and smiles and say "Yes, you will do very nicely. Mr Stevenson: "Good, I'm glad to hear it." He then places his hand gently on my knee cap and makes noises of excitement and begins to rub. Mr Stevenson: "I have this picture, I'd like to show you, and you tell me what you think, okay?" He stops rubbing my knees and pulls out his smart phone and enters his photo album. Okay, guys; get a good look and feel at what Uncle Bob has brought you! The guys line up, and four of them stick their cock through the cage holes, and I start licking and sucking them off.

cuckold lifestyle5

fetish woreout 2018-11-18

My wife came in and told me we where going to have a Labor day pool party. I had served the smoked pork loin and mixed a few hundred drinks, I was way to busy to keep an eye on my little hot wife. Then came all the trunks...the whole pool was nude...I looked at my wife and she was naked as a jaybird in the arms of some guy kissing. I got the idea of fucking her in the ass, she never allows me to do that , so I rolled her over very easy and pulled her cheeks apart, her butt was red , I gussed it was the concrete around the pool rubbing it while she fucked.

wife's side of the story

fetish woreout 2018-11-10

I enjoy having my pussy and ass fucked at the same time. Every so often I will avoid going in the pool or showering so when hubby gets home he can enjoy cleaning me with his mouth. Hubby came IP to me and said that he would finish the cleaning if I wanted to go and let Mike fuck me. But when hubby explained how he had caught Mike checking out my legs all night long he knew Mike would fuck me if given the chance. I remember the next day my husband was a little mad that I closed and locked the door. He enjoys it but I believe he gets off knowing that I'm being fucked but nor being able to see.

My wife loves my blue balls

fetish woreout 2018-11-10

She was slowly rubbing her clit as she was describing how John Jackson had fucked her so hard that her pussy ached for a full day afterwards. She said she was thinking about calling Johnny and Mark and having them both fuck her tonight. She was pushing it around as she told me how good it was going to feel having one guy in her pussy and one in her ass at the same time. I asked , what does it feel like having your Vagina and butt stretched at the same time. I told her yes and she said she was sorry but that Johnny had called her and was coming over to sex her up tonight and that she wanted me to watch again.

Black on Black Pegging is Cool

fetish Samuelx 2018-11-06

The name is Mistress Mali and I'm a young Black woman of Somali descent living in the City of Ottawa, province of Ontario. As far as I know, I'm the only Muslim woman to ever work as a professional dominatrix. I didn't advertise my race or my religion because the Muslim world isn't tolerant of those who are different and I didn't want a fatwa on my Black ass. I thought I'd never get a Black male client, to tell you the truth. The good thing is that my first Black male client proved far more resilient and willing to experiment than most of the other guys, who usually wimped out once I start with the spanking and whipping.

Cuckold lifestyle 38

fetish woreout 2018-11-01

I always go on first and she stands behind me, this way she can ask if anyone is looking and I'll let her know, also if I'm in front that leaves the back open for some lucky guy to look up her skirt by being a few steps back. One day at the mall she was wearing a short skirt and no panties, she had on thigh high stockings and little short boots, she was squatting down acting like she was looking st something on the bottom shelf , she had her legs apart and two teen age boys walking outside the store almost tripped over each other trying to see. She said it was fun letting the coat open and all them creepy old guys where checking her out.

you should never go home

fetish woreout 2018-10-29

My mother in law stood at the door and gave my wife and me big hugs. She said Im going to have sex with all my old guy friends and you will stay here and talk to my folks . All he said I had planed to fuck the living shit out of her for old times. My mother in law stood up and said sweetheart she's going to be gone for a couple hours at least , are you going to stand there the whole time? I said I know its just I thought it was going to be a good time for the two of us...not just her. I said yeah thats very polite of them to shake my hand before that fuck my wife.

Bible thumping Becky blackmails, bribes and begs t

fetish Johnnytames69 2018-10-04

they started taking out their cocks, and they told her to get on her knees and jake told her that since he was the oldest at 19 he got to go first, he said, don't be nervous, i'm sure you have probably sucked dick before, here I will help, he grabbed her by her head and proceeded to just use her mouth as a fuck toy, after about 10 minutes of this, with tears running down her face and her makeup all smeared, spit all over her face and dripping off her chin he told her to leave her mouth open because he was going to jack off into it, and she had to show all the guys and then swallow and then clean him off and continue on to the next guy, she was scared, grossed out, but trying to be cool and the guys were calling her all kinds of names but cheering her on, and she felt very wet in her panties.

Pamela the flat chested- time to think about her

fetish mrnaglee 2018-10-02

She thought back 25 years ago when she finally got a 15-year-old guy to ask her out for the first time in Pamela was already thinking this might be a mistake, letting Dave drive her parent’s car, but she was That night, fifteen minutes into the movie, Dave began to “make-out” with her and his hands started to As his two friends in the back seat watched, Dave started to feel Pamela’s ass and tried to mouth as his friends laughed encouraged Dave's behavior. "I told you I would let you guys have some fun with her," said Ricky. "Yeah, Ricky, I remember her from high school," said a voice. "Ok guys, time for some fun," said Ricky.

Body Modification

fetish Ed M. 2018-09-30

As the night went on, I was So goddamn high I, I wanted work done on my legs, chest, tits, around my pussy, and I was still yelling for more. On my tits and saw that my nipples were double pierced, and I had vines tattooed with little flowers and leaves all over my right breast. I went to clean the dried cum off of my pussy and ass hole, I had a clit ring vertically through the clit and nine other piercing on the major and minor labia, all were CBRs. Some places I had to scrub like my lower leg it had grass and other shit stuck in it.

Luscious Little Monster!

fetish hobrigef 2018-09-19

It could be halfway justified, sure, but I was fully aware that when they saw the sort of person I was planning to hire my employees, the guys in the office, would realize my sleazy motivation. Well none of their wives look like me in any case, do they?" said Melissa, relishing the turn of conversation. She looked like a total fucking wet dream in that one, I said. It was a top to drive men wild when worn by a girl like Melissa Chang. "Now look, I know that Melissa here is easy on the eye," I said, deciding to be very clear about things as I wrapped up. "You're, like, all powerful," said Melissa, still laughing.

Paid By The Foot

fetish lovecraft68 2018-09-15

The idea for this story came from a long time friend of mine who when we were talking about fetishes told me that back when she was in college there was a guy at a local club nicknamed "The Foot Doctor" who would go around offering girls money to be able to jerk off on their feet. "Hey, Keri, you're looking hot tonight!" Joe called from the middle of the group I'd waved to, "We didn't even know you had legs, let alone a pair like that!" "Tell you what, Keri, you are a pretty girl." Joe said, "You and Sarah are one hot pair."

st foot forward

fetish monkeydoyle 2018-09-10

Vicky got fifty grand and enrolled at a local college so that she could finish her hairdressing training and the money paid for nursery fees. By now Vicky was absolutely desperate for some action, just a nice uncomplicated sexual encounter. Shaun commented on her sexual appetite and Vicky boasted that she had done everything, except s**t, water sports and b********y, which were no-go zones as far as she was concerned. So she decided to try her luck at foot sex, gripping his now rampant dick between her soles. Shaun was loving it, this girl was a natural, both of her big toes grazed the head and sent shocks through his body. "Well you learn something new every day" said Vicky as she dressed and called a cab!!!!

The Contest

fetish Little Johnnie 2018-09-05

Rose flashed a predatory smile and picked up the digital camera, "Well, that's good, now we can have a true comparison photo, our three men next to the little boy with his baby pee-pee all stiff." I couldn't believe how this humiliation was turning me on, I was now as stiff as a board, but looking down, it was obvious that I was much smaller than anyone else. "OK, my baby, time to see how tiny you really are." She said, and then she started lowering the toilet roll over my erect penis as Rose snapped pictures. I think you are going to look like a little baby boy without any hair." And with that Laurie opened the bedroom door and pulled me into the living room.

Secretary walks the walk of shame

fetish Grizu 2018-09-03

David looks at his watch and turns to the guys: “ok lets get our office bitch walk the walk of shame in work” She hastily agrees “YES ok I do it but don’t show the video” The crowd starts cheering again as David interrupts them by lifting his arm up in the air: ok its 5.30 in the morning, I want you to beg every single guy that is here in the room, and I mean begging as in begging to fuck you in every hole possible till 6.30 – then we will all get back to work?!

Weekend At Katie's

fetish katiewhore 2018-09-02

The reason I got up so darn early was I like time to get ready, especially after a night out, I mean there's all the normal things you need to do like pissing and pooping that you guys don't want to hear about (except the coprophilliacs like you, Kat!), but really I just love luxuriating in a long, hot shower. OH FUCKING GOD THERE'S A FIST IN MY CUNT AND THE GIRL WHO IS DOING IT IS SOOOOOO BEAUTIFUL AND KINKY AND SEXY AND SO AM I AND THIS FEELS SO FUCKING GOOD AND OH, YES, GOD, THERE'S THAT PRESSURE INSIDE MY TUMMY AND IT FEELS LIKE I'VE GOT A THOUSAND COCKS IN ME AT THE SAME TIME AND I'M CUUUUMMMMMMMMMIIIIIIIINNNNNNNNNGGGGGGG!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

E-Mail Sex Slave

fetish ownu 2018-08-30

I want you to have the butt plug in your ass and the large vibrator in your pussy, no panties or bra of course, and a top that opens easily to allow your tits to be viewed by anyone close to you. I've taken five guys home with me at the same time and let them have me in every way possible - in the mouth, ass, pussy, tit fucking, etc. I need to go do a little work in the next room." Zantha left the room and went to the computer where she logged on to Nickie's e-mail account and sent their Master a message reporting that things were progressing nicely and that Nickie had, in her opinion, truly become the slut slave he had hoped for.

Guys Like Me

fetish alexcarr 2018-08-29

I turned out the light and pushed my hand beneath the pillow to pull out my bit of Julia, her image in the office very strong , having seen her bend over when she dropped some papers and reveal a good view of the same coloured red panties I had under my pillow, or right now, pressed against my nostrils as I took nice long slow deep sniffs into the crotch which had touched her sweet pussy and which was now touching my tongue as I started t lick them all over again.

Chance meet with Stud

fetish Jizzylady 2018-08-25

The guys was astonished and Nathan heard him and put his big hand on my ass.Yeah mate she mine, he said. The balls were swing upwards and hitting my ass too.I sensed now we were not alone in the place and Mick said later a few guys had followed us from the crows in the bar plus others who had wandered in to the place!!! Nathan was lifting me higher and higher on his dick, his pants slipped about his boots, the guys outside could see that too, the heap of pants and bare black ankles, occasionally up on his toes for a big deep preventative shove! I looked down and he was right, my cunt was leaking my Black cargo, guess I was getting a bit stretched now and not able to hold in Nathans love juices when stood?

Tiffany's Party

fetish dualwriter 2018-08-24

Shirley directed shots three and four from mouth to tits then let the last of my goo dribble onto her stomach before she pulled my dick to her mouth and began vigorously sucking me to keep me hard. I looked up to see Shirley, Nancy, Bonny and several other of the women jacking guys off and directing their second shots at Tiffany. Bonny and Shirley fell to their knees between Tiffany's legs and buried their faces into the pulsing pussy on display, slurping up both Tiffany's juices and all the donor guy goo drooling around her pleasure center. Bob was filming the last of the action which was Nancy sitting on Tiffany's face while Bonny and Shirley were snacking on the Tiff's pussy full of sauce.