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The Road Trip (6th in the Golden Series)

fetish MrNiceguy888 2018-12-04

“I think I’d like a hot tub,” I said, “It’s going to be a long day, we can relax between fucks.” I slid my cock out and told Rena to just wait and so I could piss in her open mouth. The sound quality of the recording is really good too and when I watch the now I can actually hear the piss streaming into Rena mouth and the sound of her swallowing. As much as I was enjoying looking down at Rena on her knees in a little piss puddle sucking my dick, I wanted more of her and her hot young body. After licking and probing Rena’s pussy and ass for about twenty minutes I asked her where she wanted my cock.

A Mouth Is A Mouth (4th in the Golden Series)

fetish MrNiceguy888 2018-12-01

Noting her ongoing acquiescence in the face of objectionable treatment I though I would ask her how she would like it if pissed in her mouth while she sucked my cock? Not that it feels bad to just come or piss in someone’s mouth, but I think swallowing shows a cock sucker’s real depth of devotion and enjoyment. As much as I liked fucking her mouth though, I really wanted to see her drink my piss. The last time she was really resisting, so I just started pissing on her while she sat on her couch until she took my cock in her mouth to save her furniture. Each time I saw her I pissed in her mouth and usually I fuck her ass too.

Sexy Sophie is a Piss Mop

fetish Uranus999 2018-11-14

Sophie had an amazing body and as much fun as it was to treat her like she was just a piss drinking slut, I would have regretted it if I didn’t take the opportunity to enjoy every inch of her. Sophie’s pussy felt burning hot around my cock and her body looked inspiringly filthy on the piss covered floor. The video starts with the girl sucking my cock in a bathtub, then my voice whispers, “Let me see it go in.” Tilting her head back the girl opened wide to reveal a stream of piss filling her mouth. Each time I filled Sophie’s mouth after that I was able to stop pissing with hardly a splash on her face.

High School Reunion Drinking Games (5th in the Golden Series)

fetish MrNiceguy888 2018-11-11

It's OK if you choke a little at the end and I might drive my cock into your throat for the last shot of piss - but mostly I'm just going to try and relax with my dick in your mouth and let you slowly drink down all my piss.” “Yeah, it's going to be amazing to piss in your mouth and have you drink it down...then I can find out how good you are at sucking my cock.” “I think at the point that I put my cock in your mouth and start pissing while you drink it down will already be unforgettable. I think more time and beer are keys, because a few hours of you sucking my cock and drinking my piss would be another incredible turn on.

Sweet Clairette (3rd in the Golden Series)

fetish MrNiceguy888 2018-11-09

I had to push Claire's face and muffled moans deeper into the snow as I drove my cock deep into her pussy and let loose what felt like a torrent of cum. I could feel Claire's tongue roaming over the head of my cock and probing its eye, as if trying to staunch the flow of piss into her mouth. In that vein I wanted to show Claire what it felt like to have someone lick her pussy while she pissed and to give her experience of knowing that someone is drinking her warm urine right from her body. Trying to drink as much of her piss as I could, I eventually opted to hold Claire close and suck on her pussy lips to better control the jets filling my mouth.

Musing Part Two

fetish prem2015 2018-11-05

Whenever I travel in a bus or a train, I always sit or stand close to some male, to inhale his body odour, touch him and arouse him. Though I love to be fucked by the long and hard penis of young people, old men with their soft small penis do amuse me. “I love the fragrance of your body; you smell so sweet,” said John. John let his trousers and underwear fall, bent his body, held me with both hands and inserted his penis in my pussy. He took out his penis from my pussy and said “I want to piss; will you like to have it inside your mouth?”

South by Key West (The Peequel to the Golden Series)

fetish MrNiceguy888 2018-10-31

As we fucked my thrusts kept compressing my bladder, and, when I felt I couldn’t take it any more, I pulled out and tried to piss on Chelsea’s ass. I fucked Chelsea until I was nice and deep inside her ass and then began just holding her tight against me. Deep in Chelsea’s ass my cock began shooting out interrupted streams of piss, slowly at first and then with growing intensity. As I began slowly driving my cock in and out of Chelsea the remaining shots of piss streamed out in final spurts up her ass. The shower was splashing over us, but as I fucked Chelsea I could still feel the hot piss trickling down our legs.

Sharing My Wife Amanda Ch. 03

fetish Syzoth 2018-06-28

Without a word, Philip reached into the pile of spaghetti with his hand and smeared more red sauce across my wife's body. The tall Asian man took another handful and kissed my wife again, shoving his tongue down her throat and then sucking on hers, before pulling back and wiping more sauce all over her face. Philip spent an ample time around her tits, moving up to kiss her again, letting Amanda taste the sauce on his lips and inside his mouth. When Philip's ejaculations finally subsided, Amanda gave it an affectionate kiss and sucked the head of his still semi-hard penis one time, making sure there was no cum still left inside.

Love and Death in a Time of Guano

fetish fertiegladwyn 2018-04-29

Armond, grew up as so many young children do in the lower Antilles, Destitute, living from meal to meal, hoping that the next day would arrive and pass with no more strife and pain than the day before. Children often left home when they were old enough to work to send money home for the family. The bat shit lubricated his cock while Coreen slid her calloused hand up and down its length. Armond took her to a hospital; a young doctor saw the two of them, so in love and so helpless. He sat on that hill over looking the ocean twenty-eight years old and finished with life. He left the mine after Coreen died and began working as a fisherman, barely eeking out an existence.

South by Key West

fetish MrNiceguy777 2018-02-02

The rain was coming down so hard and Key West is so flat, that by the time we got to our apartment even the raised sidewalks were under a few inches of water. As we fucked my thrusts kept compressing my bladder and when I felt I couldn't take it any more I pulled out and tried to piss on Chelsea's ass. I fucked Chelsea until I was nice and deep inside her ass and then began just holding her tight against me. Deep in Chelsea's ass my cock began shooting out long interrupted streams of piss, slowly at first and then with growing intensity. As I began slowly driving my cock in and out of Chelsea the remaining shots of piss streamed out inside her.

Golden Rules Ch. 03

fetish peemypanties 2018-01-17

Walking around school today felt like days you got to wear a brand new outfit or shoes. The two girls left the room and shut the door quietly behind them, even though no amount of noise was going to wake Gabriella up at this point. Before this piss flow had a chance to stop, I felt another one soaking the base of my blouse, moving up towards my tits. "Do you like getting pissed on?" she asked, but it wasn't really a question to be answered, because she climbed onto the bed and put her legs on either side of my body, her pantie clad pussy hovering over my already piss soaked tits.

Lea's Weekend Ch. 01

fetish ruthless bastard 2017-12-07

Moving up to his ear Lea whispered to Ray, "I want to be Daddy's nasty, slutty, little fuck toy again." From the show she was putting on with Ray the last hour or so they couldn't help but know that she was going to be his slut all night and that she wanted to be fucked rough. As the stream got to her belly button Lea lay back on ground tilting her hips up and reaching between her legs spreading open her pussy letting Ray piss into her like a urinal. With his hands on Lea's hips Ray pounded her pussy, she was screaming through the panties in her mouth.