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The Season To Remember Part 2

fetish Jakie837 2018-12-04

I exchanged words with Reece and Shayla, who were both already in bras and panties and getting ready to climb into bed, before undoing my belt, dropping my pants on the floor next to the bed, and climbing in. "Good night everyone." Reece said, turning off the lights. "Shayla, Taylor, come with me." Reece said, dragging them into the living room. "We get off school on most game days." Reece told me, and I sighed with relief. "Whatcha lookin at Jakie?" Called Reece, putting her arm around my shoulders and walking in sync with me. "You should come and visit us in our room after practice." Taylor said, and Reece nodded. "Hey Jakie." Called Aedan as I headed into the boys dressing room.

David's Tall Girls' School Ch. 01

fetish Thorilla 2018-07-28

Above these two long athletic legs encased in fine denier black stockings disappeared under a navy blue knee-length tartan skirt. The heading to the notice board read 'Dentwood Finishing School for Tall Girls aged 18 to 20 years.' Amelia W-N continued reading from the school rules and persuaded the other staff members, Matron and I to move her heavy Victorian desk away from the centre of her study to allow more space for me to be tied down. "It appears Mr Shaw that you are obliged to 'orally pleasure' the whole school beginning with me," said Amelia Wiff-Naseford in a stifled and somewhat surprised tone.

Hockey, he shoots, he scores (Non Fiction)

fetish 2018-05-21

I felt his big balls slapping against my face and the tip of his cock striking the back of my throat, my saliva was building up and I have a sweet and salty taste increasing in my mouth. After the mess was cleaned up we got ready for bed, because we were roomates, and in the end he told me Im the fag for sucking his cock, and he smacked me in the ass and shut the lights off, I thought he was going to fuck me that night as well, but he just squeezed my ass and slapped it a few more times and went to bed, he wouldnt let me leave his presence.