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Kitty Girl

fetish sprite 2018-11-28

A pair of brown kitten ears attached to a matching head band poked from the top of my blonde tresses and a pink collar, decorated with rhinestones circled my neck, a heart shaped tag engraved with the words "kitty" on one side and "property of Kay" on the other. "It’s Cindy!" I hissed at her, before following my smarter sister down the hall and burying my head under a pillow in the safety of our shared bedroom. Still, there was no way that Kay would let our neighbor wander down the hall and expose my strange little kink… "I’d have to ask Mike," she said, looking far too considering of the idea, like she wasn’t aware that it was just my owner joking around.

I Love Plus-Sized Women

fetish chubbylover35 2018-08-02

Her hair was pinned back in a ponytail and she glared at me and said, "You must think you are pretty funny showing up at this hour, young man." She signed for the package and handed me a card with an address and phone number on it. I listened to the SPANK SPANK SPANK rhythm as she lectured me with, "You will never deliver to my store late again, young man, or you will take another trip across my lap!" She spanked all over my butt and thighs and left no area unattended to. Suddenly, Tanya stopped spanking me and I felt her weight shifting as she reached for the hairbrush. She made a cooing sound and said, "Does this young man need a hairbrush spanking?" Tanya stared at my penis with wide eyes and said, "Young man!

Black Escort Makes Him Her Toy

fetish Brian1 2018-07-23

As she was rubbing my hard cock she leaned into me and said "I bet your one of those white guys who want to be a nasty little slut for his Black Mistress aren't you?" Well she was exactly right, but even though I was rock hard, I still had some will power and told her that I thought she was beautiful and that I would love to enjoy her sexy body. After she finished cumming, and having me clean her pussy to her satisfaction she told me that I was very lucky, that if she had more time that I would find out what it was like to have her black cock up my slutty ass.

A Surprise Shower

fetish peelove64 2018-07-17

John, of course, was busy talking to guests and making sure his parent's mansion wasn't trashed, but he still stole a few minutes here and there to talk to Gina; a gesture that gave her immense joy. Gina, apparently less appealing than Allison, was not afforded the same courtesy by the guy at the end of the line, despite the fact that she had to pee just as badly. The yells of the girl below her couldn't be heard by anyone in the house due to the blaring music, so no one had any reason to notice Gina silently making her way to the back of the bathroom line.

Something New Something Old Ch. 01

fetish dorian87890 2018-06-28

Josh and Sarah were playing 9-ball at the pool table for a dollar a game, while Ted and Nancy stayed at the bar telling jokes and laughing uproariously. As Nancy continued stroking Ted through his pants, she whispered in his ear, "Good little sissies like Josh always wear a plug when they have their cage and panties on." Ted struggled not to cum on the spot. We need to make sure Josh has a full load for your pretty wife," Nancy said, "Josh, get on the table; it's time to fuck Sarah while Ted watches you." When he was soft, Nancy put the cage on Ted. She called over to Sarah, who had finally recovered from Josh's hard fuck and was climbing off the pool table.

Teacher In Heels

fetish JACasper 2018-06-17

One day during class, I was having such a twisted perverted thought while she was going over some dead poet's interpretation of life when she noticed my lack of attention and that my eyes where focused on her feet. Look at that hard cock." She said as she place both her hands on my shoulders forcing me to sit down. "Yes Ma'am" I said as my eyes went down her legs to her feet and looked at her shoes. "Now John, if I don't catch you looking again at my feet during class for the rest of the school year, I will let you lick my shoes, suck my toes, and give you a bare foot job without the panty hose after class the last day of school.

Sam and his Queen

fetish QueenAmynSam 2018-06-01

The Ben climbed on the bed and Amy leaned forward and began to tease and suck his cock, watching Sam the whole time making sure he was paying close attention to how much she enjoyed sucking another man's cock. Sam fought and begged from the very beginning, when Williams cock broke into his tight ass he cried out so loud that William slapped him in the face for fighting and told Amy to gag him. Amy took Ben's cock all the way in her mouth as she watched William face fuck Sam. Sam knew how to answer, if he said anything but 'I love your cock in my mouth' he would suffer some cruel punishment that Amy and William will think up.

Aired Out

fetish BrockRockhold 2018-05-15

The stranger centered Jackson's body to the sideline, making sure his head, torso, and legs were completely parallel to the bench. The stranger placed a pair of his teammate's steaming socks over Jackson's nose and mouth. The stranger took a new pair of sweat-soaked socks and placed them across Jackson's mouth and nose. The stranger removed the second pair of socks from Jackson's face and replaced them with the third. The stranger would tape a new pair of socks to Jackson's face whenever she felt her captive had inhaled them dry. The stranger pressed her sock against Jackson's nose and mouth, using her bare foot to secure it in place.

Librarian's Assistant

fetish ClosetFetishist 2018-05-09

"Enough, bitching; time for the Princess to meet her Prince Charming," Ms. Blok said, then slid a few more inches forward, until her butt crack hovered over Laura's face. Laura shook her head aggressively, practically massaging the large butted woman's crack, as she started to catch strong whiffs of old, fermented gas that clung to Ms. Blok's butthole; a butthole that seemed like it was often left unwashed for long periods of time. Laura's eyes roll back in her head as Ms. Blok speaks, at the same time releasing a long, silent fart up her nose; distracting her, "Tomorrow, you'll tell Dick that you quit. Laura can't help it and vomits inside her mouth as the fart assaults her nostrils and Ms. Blok laughs at the plight of the young woman underneath her butt.

Naughty Little Girl... Ch. 01

fetish IveBeenANaughtyGirl 2018-04-08

At the moment she was being fucked in her ass by one of the school's football jocks. The thick member slid smoothly into her ass and her walls tightened as the senior went back in for another thrust, pulling back on her ears for more leverage, making her yowl in pain as she steadied herself with her breasts and hands getting squished on the lockers. Best thing about getting fucked from behind, your ears and tail didn't disappear, since technically...you didn't lose your virginity. She turned with frightened eyes at seeing her science teacher watching her getting fucked. Quickly, the senior slid out of her as with a sickening wet 'squelch' and hurriedly zipped up his pants as she tried to smooth out her skirt.

A Visit to Nurse Peters

fetish Subtext 2018-03-16

Tom felt his blood flush up into his face hotly as Nurse Peters pulled his wet, jockey briefs down and away from his butt. You will wear this diaper and like it!" Nurse Peters stated peevishly as she grabbed Tom by the arm and pulled him down over her knee. After one of the waiting students was seen and dismissed, Nurse Peters changed Tom's diaper right there in the middle of the floor in front of the last remaining female student and this time he laid there and watched her wipe his rear end quite contently. "No, she doesn't!" Nurse Peters replied as she watched Tom's diapered ass shuffle away with a satisfied smile.


fetish dad4anal 2018-03-16

Both are oh, so sweaty, her eye makeup running as he's good for another few violent thrusts, and the thing they always go after finally happens: he starts to make her asshole queef as each thrust forces air into her, making him fuck her hard, which then repeats the process. They've been doing this for the last 2 years, so she knows just when it's time to cum before her ass becomes too accustomed to his huge cock and it starts to hurt less. Brad's cock slowly withers as Elena finds the courage to push the remaining semen he pumped into her, farting it all out onto the sheets, the nasty, wet, gurgling sound giving Brad a mental orgasm, wishing he was still hard enough to enjoy it.

Happy Ending Clinic

fetish ColetteJulie 2018-03-15

The fourth enema bag was emptying into me, I felt close to bursting and I was twitching and squirming and in ecstasy and hell at the same time, I was perspiring from the pain and leaking from the arousal and that goddess was going to make me cum. Ah mother of mercies, one nurse was fucking my ass hole, the other was rubbing my balls with one hand while she pinched the top of my ball sack with the other so that my balls couldn't retract and the doctor was vigorously jerking my cock. My doctor rubbed the liquid on my face into my hair and down my neck and then shoved her gloved hand in my mouth for one last taste.

Baron Buff vs. Johnny Angel Pt. 01

fetish BigBuffChamp83 2018-03-03

Being the more level headed of the two athletes, Baron decided against his suspicions and let his friend slide; maybe it had been just an off night for the younger Johnny: after all, he had just finished winning his OWN grueling match moments before. At the very next fight night, Baron Buff would defend his title belt in a rematch with Becerra; but this time, it would be without any support from his now distant friend. Things would only get worse, as soon the "Heavenly Body", was announcing himself as the real champion; claiming his knockout on the "Big Dick Champ" Baron Buff, was legit; if only recognized by himself.

Harsh Domination

fetish chainedkitten11 2018-02-28

Opening it up I find a huge anal plug, a bottle with a little hose attached to the tip, a note, connecting nipple clamps to a clit clamp and a large vibrating egg. Already I thought of having to walk back out there with a belly full of water, an ass full of plug and a pussy full of vibrator, and somehow manage to look normal. When we got to his car he let go of my arm and hit the button on his fob to have the trunk door open. When the trunk opened I was still the way he left me, with my shiny wet pussy facing him.


fetish cow_dina 2018-02-17

The Mother is standing in the center of the circle twirling the whip around and hitting randomly the dancers. The sister, busy in torturing the mad one's tits, slams her cunt on the kneeling one's head and starts rolling her hips around. I start crawling around rubbing my head and face in a tangle of limbs, buttocks, thighs, drenched twats, suffocating myself in a rancid cocktail of beastly wetness. One hirsute cunt is fucking furiously my bald head, filthy feet are rubbing my body all around. I grasp the feeling of the rotten taste as the vile mass of Mother's soft, runny turd overflows out of my mouth. Stranger hands start grabbing pieces of it and to smear it all over my head, my face, my whole body.

Naughty Little Girl... Ch. 03

fetish IveBeenANaughtyGirl 2018-02-10

"NO!" Desire scrambled away, but soon was mewing in pain as her hair was bundled tightly in his fingers and she was dragged up to her room and shoved onto her bed, like a common kitty cat whore. Then the girl had to shove the phone down in the blankets as his large cock stretched her walls and Desire let out one of her most sultriest moans yet, and her breasts bounced once in her jersey...maybe Jason and Mr. Gabriel could come over tomorrow and fuck in her room... Obediently, she raised the phone to her ear and gave a high pitched pleasured moan as one particular thrust lifted her up a few inches and threatened to tear her apart with his cock inside her ass that deep.

Standing on My Aunt

fetish Dangerous Feet 2018-01-09

I felt a little awkward about it, because standing on women is a real turn on for me, but I nodded and said, "You're crazy, Gloria!" I was already barefoot, so I stepped down on her thigh with my left foot and then quickly shot my right foot onto her right shoulder, putting my hands on her head for balance until I could get my feet onto both her shoulders. I heard her grunt just a little, then got her rounded shoulders under my the balls of my feet. I was getting way too turned on, so I moved my feet back on her shoulders a little and got ready to get down.

Baron Buff vs. Johnny Angel Pt. 02

fetish BigBuffChamp83 2018-01-03

While others got a little hot and bothered with the thought of Johnny Angel humiliating the champion for a second time, only now taking what should have been his to begin with! The World Heavyweight Champion, the "Big Dick Hunk" Baron Buff, had cut out all the noise and racket from his space; from his mind. To win this match, Baron Buff had to be at his all time best! Mina, now getting aroused at the mere thought of finishing her question; or rather, explaining further, without time to react, grabbed Baron's arm and kept him from finishing off the poor bag and his sentence! I just wanted to hurt Johnny real bad, you know?

Becoming Her Pedestal

fetish BrockRockhold 2017-12-30

"Now Malafi, I made a promise to the Gods, and you better believe I'm not one to break my word..." she smiled, turning to the sea of people surrounding her temple. Ariah snapped her fingers again, prompting her guards to flip Malafi onto his back. Ariah slowly removed the wraps as the guards pulled Malafi's head toward the base of her throne. Ariah cupped her feet together and gently lowered her vinegar-soaked soles toward Malafi's nose and mouth. Ariah dug her toes into Malafi's mouth. Malafi could see the fumes evaporating from Ariah's soles. Ariah's guards pulled Malafi's chains, dragging his limp body into the temple as the crowd chanted the name of their new Queen.

A Fantasy Night Exposed Ch. 01

fetish tfrah 2017-12-21

I had agreed to dress up in my wife's clothes and let her tie me to our bed and leave me alone, bound and helpless in our bedroom while she went next door to entertain one of her new girlfriends from work. With my arms tied to each bed post I could do nothing to hide how embarrassingly aroused I was - nothing to hide how much I really did love being dressed up as a girl nor how excited I was by the possibility that at any moment my wife might open that door and let some unknown girl walk in and see what a dirty kinky sissy slut her husband really was!