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Kinky Regression Ch 2

fetish HayleyHollyGrace 2018-11-28

Hayley has Alan in her arms, cuddling him tightly against her breasts. “This is your Mummy Laura, smile for mummy, Holly Grace.” “You’re my pretty Holly Grace and Laura is another yummy mummy.” “Noisy plastic baby-panties, look so cute on Holly Grace. Laura introduces Nikki to their new sissy-baby. Hayley is delighted at the sound of her baby gulping milk from Nikki. Becky pulls Alan from Nikki’s breast, picking him up in her arms. Helen had gone to another room, having an interesting chat with Alan’s second cousin Emma-Jane. Baby Holly Grace stares awkwardly at Nanny Gross. “Ah Holly Grace, want my tits, out they pop babes, begging to be milked.” Becky takes Alan back to Hayley.

A Moment Of Madness

fetish HayleyHollyGrace 2018-11-02

White knee-high socks and black Mary-Jane shoes make him the perfect sexy school-girl. Louise opens the door looking ravishing in her red, satin blouse and tight, black leather trousers. This is obviously the same Belinda he has known from years ago, last seeing her at Louise’s wedding evening reception. “A lovely color purple, Caitlin looked like a princess didn't she Alan? Mummy Belinda puts a blonde, little-girls wig on his head with a pink bow. Belinda sits close to her friend so that both mummies have full access to their new foster-daughter. Louise strokes the front of his dress while Belinda inspects his mobile. Louise places her hand over his mouth making sure he feels the warmth of Belinda’s snotty substance.

Classroom Curses

fetish Rett 2018-03-06

Puzzled by this, Jessie returned her gaze to the front of the classroom in time to see her teacher get a call to leave for a minute. Anna pointed at the back of Jessie's right hand. All Jessie could do was sit their pondering about what Anna could mean about 2:30 while her teacher babbled on about sentence structure and other boring "matters of importance". Maybe it was just a stupid little trick to get me worrying." She swivelled her head to Anna and was about to pull a face that said something along the lines of "Was that it?" when she suddenly felt quite hot, as if the room's temperature had just risen a few degrees.

Kathleen's College Revenge

fetish DBoon 2017-12-01

"Oh Rachel knows I'm here," came the reply, "she helped me plan this little revenge." The blindfold was pulled off and I was left staring up into Kathleen's grinning face. "Well..." said Kathleen massaging my balls in her hand, "since you asked so nicely." She moved back and lowered her ass to over my chin all the while starring smugly into my eyes. "Now now." she replied in a sing-song voice, "I think you should tell me how beautiful my asshole is and how much you want to smell and taste it... This had to be the worst moment of my life, I remember thinking as I moved my lips up to her wrinkled asshole, in a few seconds time I would have the taste of her shit in my mouth.

Payback at the Beach

fetish JPValkenheiser 2017-11-20

Jana and Angie had taken nothing but abuse from Mandy, Lisa, and Ashley ever since they started at the university. If everything went as planned, Mandy, Lisa, and Ashley would be getting all the attention they so badly craved the following day! Mandy, Lisa, and Ashley were loudly and rudely making fun of people they saw. Since Mandy, Lisa, and Ashley were all facing different directions at the moment, they had no idea anything strange had happened. Mandy with a hand over her pussy and another over her ass, Ashley trying to hide her flopping boobies, and Lisa with both hands clasped onto her shiny scalp (as if that were really hiding it), they were quite a sight to behold!

Soccer Mom and a Bully

fetish afighter29 2017-10-22

Two years since I was humiliated and made to look like a pervert. About 6 months after I got kicked out and moved in with my Dad I knew that I wanted, needed, revenge. In the two years I have lived with my father, Colin and my Mom haven't moved out of my old house and have failed to have a child. "Hello Mom. Colin has something he wants to tell you." Like the time you didn't pick me up and forced me to walk home in the rain so you could fuck him. After what seems like an eternity I look over and notice Colin came in his pants! Colin on the other hand moved out less than a day after I got my revenge.

Ann's Revenge Ch. 04

fetish sleepless 3 2017-10-14

His role as the photographic image setter at his company, making sales catalogues for sexy lingerie has ensured he has been hard and stimulated inside his wife's padlocked chastity device and her selection of lacy female underwear she has had him wear all week has kept his mind continually thinking about sex. She leans over and looks closely into his eyes, kisses him on the lips and her right hand moves to touch over the constrained bulge inside his trousers. She now looks at his sex area covered in some very yellow ladies panties with blue lacy edges and his swollen penis entrapped inside the chastity device.