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Punished in Wet Frillies

fetish pahague 2018-05-09

She looks so sexy in her smart top, her white stockings and little black pleated skirt and I know what I want to do but her face seems to be telling me that's not about to happen. I protest again: 'I am not your maid, and I will not wash your dirty knickers.' Suddenly, before I have a chance to do anything, she's pulled down my trousers, turned me around and smacked me hard on my pants six times. 'Oh for heaven's sake - ' I can't help saying, but suddenly the short black pleated skirt is lifted - allowing me to catch a glimpse of a little stain on her pale blue panties - and I realise she's actually taking them off.

Our Evolving Relationship

fetish rnumbers123 2018-05-09

One day they went to a spa and in the steam room Anne told Sheila that Mike wanted her to sleep with other men. Nothing actually happened, but the weeks turned into months and Anne would update Sheila on her progress. My eyes were in the back of my head as I asked her if she wanted to be like Anne. It was funny, because Sheila began to bring up Mike in our sex play, but I was too ashamed to admit I wanted to fuck another woman. Sheila found a better job and Anne and Mike were now out of our everyday lives. I told her he will be like Mike, nothing will happen.

Soccer Mom and a Bully

fetish afighter29 2018-05-09

Two years since I was humiliated and made to look like a pervert. About 6 months after I got kicked out and moved in with my Dad I knew that I wanted, needed, revenge. In the two years I have lived with my father, Colin and my Mom haven't moved out of my old house and have failed to have a child. "Hello Mom. Colin has something he wants to tell you." Like the time you didn't pick me up and forced me to walk home in the rain so you could fuck him. After what seems like an eternity I look over and notice Colin came in his pants! Colin on the other hand moved out less than a day after I got my revenge.

Happy Hotife In The Gym

fetish velvetdesire 2018-05-08

Trevor had grabbed one of the gym's skipping ropes and was now using this to tie Eugene's hands to the treadmill. I looked Jack in his blue eyes while I started stroking his muscled chest with my left hand. I kneeled down and grabbed Trevor's hard cock in my left hand and Jack's huge shaft in my right hand. Both men did not slow down and I felt Trevor's delicious black cock thrusting my pussy as I came into a mind-blowing orgasm. I could feel how Trevor's sperm was starting to leak out of my pussy, as I looked at my husband. I left Eugene with a sticky face and a mouth full of cum from a huge black cock.

A Perfect Birthday Gift Ch. 02

fetish Meatballsurgery 2018-05-07

Sarah jumped up and started pulling down her own pants flashing her pink g-string, while Karen and Maria pulled Rachel legs from under her, it was a lovely hard hit against the floor since the chubby girl didn't try and brace her fall, it felt to good to be at the mercy of her new best friends. The blond birthday girl started to gyrate her hips faster and faster, and it didn't take long before the natural carpet muncher to gave her the first of many orgasms, she screamed, she panted and she pulled her so close that Rachel couldn't even breath for a few seconds, not that it mattered, the young woman loved the treatment, she loved the taste of her first mistress's pussy and she drank as much as she could, even though some of it dripped all over her face.

From Brother to Bitch Ch. 01

fetish Mixedwritings1993 2018-05-07

Vito was waiting for this opportunity to trigger, and he forced his middle finger to push into James's mouth and looked into his eyes and smiled, "well, getting any idea of what I might want, little brother?" Soon, he was fully erect and Vito closed his eyes and was trembling with full erotic pleasure, the idea of doing this in front James, turned him on even more than before, it didn't take him more than few minutes to clench his toes, and shoot up all his loads on his brother's face intentionally. James nodded and left his room, sinking on his own bed and started to sleep with that same old thumb inside his mouth, sucking like a toddler, because he needs a long rest for tomorrow.


fetish Aladylover 2018-05-06

This nasty girl was training me to be her little pussy slave, her cuckold, her submissive and this was lesson 1 -- eat the piss soaked muffin, in public, now. Because her heel was wider at the top each time she pushed further my hole opened more until it could go no further the sole of the shoe was stopped against my ass. One hand clutched and yanked my cock whilst the other manipulated her shoe and returned to the ass fucking. I am going to bust your sack right here and I promise you are going to have the most intense orgasm of your life right here on this bathroom floor." She twisted harder then started rubbing my cock between the sole of her shoe and the hard floor beneath.


fetish cwsissy 2018-05-06

Now open your mouth and lick the head gently and show us how much you love sucking cock. Finally, she lay down on top of me, pushing my rock-hard cock out of the way and told the young stud to come up behind her. She pushed back and forth until finally his cock softened and dropped out of her pussy bringing a huge dollop of his creamy cum with it into my mouth. Finally she pulled up off my face and said, "Lick him clean now, my sissy hubby." I crawled over to the young stud, finally getting to take in his whole, gorgeous, hairy body. He smiled a bit when he saw me licking my own precum up, especially as my wife said, "He loves to eat his own cum too.

Naughty Donna

fetish toocold 2018-05-05

It was dark, and nobody but John knew, and he'd been quite kind about it, but the memory of the hot rivers running down her slim legs, the humiliation of her boyfriend seeing her piss herself like a child when she was actually a shapely young woman of 22, none of that was something she wanted to repeat. Donna continued to shift her weight and cross her legs, pressing her thighs together in her tight jeans, as the lift slowly made its way to John's twelfth-floor apartment. After she smashed several plates, John gave Donna her first non-wetting related spanking, and this established a new pattern that saw her getting punished three or four times each week.

My Beloved

fetish quotidian01 2018-05-05

Looking back, it's hard to imagine that I felt embarrassed when she told me that these were the people joining up in a chat room to watch a live sex show for free. "But that's okay, isn't it?" I stared and then she said in that voice I cannot refuse: "Answer me, Sissy Bitch." That was her name for me. "Yes, so we've been excited about Sissy Bitch's coming out party." All of me wanted to leap up and flee, but I could not. "That's right and right now I want you to admit to all these people that you are a cock sucking sissy bitch. He started to cum when I had just the head in my mouth while my hands twisted on his shaft.

Payback at the Beach

fetish JPValkenheiser 2018-05-04

Jana and Angie had taken nothing but abuse from Mandy, Lisa, and Ashley ever since they started at the university. If everything went as planned, Mandy, Lisa, and Ashley would be getting all the attention they so badly craved the following day! Mandy, Lisa, and Ashley were loudly and rudely making fun of people they saw. Since Mandy, Lisa, and Ashley were all facing different directions at the moment, they had no idea anything strange had happened. Mandy with a hand over her pussy and another over her ass, Ashley trying to hide her flopping boobies, and Lisa with both hands clasped onto her shiny scalp (as if that were really hiding it), they were quite a sight to behold!

The Next Steps

fetish newstylewife 2018-05-04

Joan came home from work and told me that she had met Peter at the bar and told him yes she would go out with him. Joan wanted me to help her relax so that Peter could use her bum. Peter was now nagging Joan to be a bit more sexy when he took her out, it was now summer, so he wanted outdoor sex and told her that she should not wear nickers and even shave her pubic hair, he said she would be more comfortable to fuck outside on a hot sunny day or warm evening. Joan told me she had agreed with this last request and when I saw her fully smooth for the first time I asked if I could feel.

Biggest That Will Fit In My Hole

fetish gentlyfirm 2018-05-03

Did the words "I'm looking for the biggest thing that will fit in my hole" actually just come out of my mouth? Damn, I haven't blushed this hard since, well, I can't think at the moment so I don't know when, okay? "I'm looking for the biggest thing that will fit in my hole." What the hell was I thinking? He doesn't know I'm here for a TV since all I said was "I'm looking for the biggest thing that will fit in my hole." There goes that blush again. "I said, 'I'm looking for the biggest thing that will fit in my hole.'" My mind wanted to know when the woman was coming back, and why, but my body refused to let it work.

Night at the Monuments

fetish WetMyself 2018-05-03

"Mark, I'm done," I said as I handed him my empty water bottle. "See, baby, don't you feel better drinking water with a diaper on?" Mark asked as he patted my bottom. Mark diapered me again, and we headed back to a bar for a drink before going home. My pint, plus all the water I'd drank that night caused me to wet my diaper in the car on the ride home. Once back in the hotel, I was changed once again, put into an overnight diaper, and was given a bottle to suck on and my hands were loosely secured before I fell asleep for the night watching Star Wars.

Humiliated Muscle Stud Stripper

fetish Cosmo57 2018-05-03

One by one the women gasped and soon they were grabbing him by his big muscular cheeks and "accidentally" pushing their shoulders or breasts into his hard crotch. "But first we're going to have a "little" fun." Jack noticed the emphasis on the word little and felt himself flush hot and red. And with that, Doris pushed the head of the dildo into the stripper's hot, tight, hole. And when Doris obliged, when she fucked his hot, arrogant, stripper hole in and out, in and out; and Jack writhed and bucked and groaned; and all the ladies laughed and took photos and teased him; Officer Anton, stripper, bodybuilder, arrogant brooding stud, exploded and came like never before without anybody even touching his throbbing little cock.


fetish LaBlancheTraversee 2018-05-02

It's like a scene from my most erotic dreams: Tori's dressed in her sexy prison guard outfit, with a short black skirt, red high heels, an ample view of her breathtaking cleavage, and a riding crop at her side. You're a dirty, worthless, prissy little whore - she spits the adjectives at me and I'm as hard as you can be without exploding - who deserves to have his ass fist-raped by Miss Tori. I can hear the click, click, click of her heels going up the stairs as I, freshly fucked and still naked and red, lick the first white rope of cum off her basement wall.

Mistress Jones Ch. 01

fetish TF2123 2018-05-02

"I was going to let you lick my feet, but I don't think you deserve that yet," she said, teasing me by dangling her right foot centimetres from my face. I am no more than lowlife scum, I don't deserve to massage your beautiful feet with these filthy hands, please!" I begged, kneeling down completely as if worshipping her like a goddess. I took hold of her arch and started to roll her toes in a circular motion, I remember seeing this in a foot massage video, it worked because I noticed Miss Jones give a soft moan and I suddenly felt her foot relax in my hand. Once I was finished massaging her small, cute toes for a fourth time, I placed her oily foot onto my spread out shirt and patted it dry firmly.

Sorority Princesses Ch. 03

fetish Hyperdebut 2018-05-02

We entered the meeting room and too our seats, I sat with Jen. She put her hand on my bare leg and stroked my thigh, stopping at my crotch. I looked round and saw Lily enter the room, back from toilet duty. I sat and watch different girls take turns whipping Jenna as she squirmed and screamed. She was rolling and writhing with waves of pleasure as Princess Lizzie sat on her face, the chain of Jenna's nipple clamps in hand. Amanda shook her head and the girl left the queue and sat to watch. Amanda shook her head and the girl stopped and left. Princess Rosie cheered and all the girls clapped, besides Jenna who had not been told to.

Behavior Modification Institute Ch. 08

fetish NancyPan 2018-05-01

Nurse Pyre took her phone from her pocket and began to record a video of me, "Crawl around in circles in front of your cage, wittle Tommy, I want Kelli to be able to see this. For one thing it is not good for your body and you will not be released from this punishment until you have filled your diaper sufficient times to please Ms. Panington," she took some baby wipes and cleaned the dried baby food off of my cheeks and chin, "And Tommy," she said gently, "A word of advice if I may, just relax and let it go." Then she kissed me on the cheek, closed and locked the cage door, turned out the light, and left the room.

My Dirty Little Whore

fetish hardcock30m 2018-04-30

I watch as my slaves begins to grind herself down onto the small of your back, moaning softly while her hands wander over your ass and probe down between your thighs. I sit stroking my cock and watch as my slave rubs her pussy up onto your ass and then back down again, humping you with increasing pace and determination and groaning loudly with desire. Spreading the cheeks of your ass my slave moans loudly at the sight of your puckered little cinnamon ring and begins riding hard and fast, like she's a cowgirl on a bucking bronco. As soon as my chained little pet has completed her task and dismounts I turn you onto your side and holding one of your legs in the air I press the head of my cock against your slick and cum covered asshole.

Long Night Ch. 01

fetish tieddown 2018-04-30

As I was led into the bedroom by my wife grabbing my hair and dragging me into the room, she laughed and told me to strip down to my panties... She looked down and saw my "boy clit" straining against the silky panties and leaving spots of pre-cum. I could taste her pussy on the panties in my mouth, and as she worked herself into a frenzy, the moans filling the room I started to move up and down on the cock that was fucking me. She then walked over to me, still longing to cum, and wiped the pussy juice on her hand all over my face.

Lydia: A Prologue

fetish MissKaneda 2018-04-30

The instant he felt her warm toes touch the side of his face, the salesman took a sharp, indignant breath and jerked his head back to reflexively glare at the woman, but she was too occupied with pulling her phone from her bag and checking something on it while she waited for him to remove her other boot. Lydia softly breathed as she watched the boy guide the immaculate shoe onto her eagerly awaiting toes, even letting a soft sigh of contentment leave her as her heel settled into the back of the pump and she experienced the rich, virgin leather yielding to the curves of her foot for the first time. His rather forced conversation lost its way very quickly as Lydia lifted her foot and let the platform sole of her shoe settle on the man's shoulder.

The Scarlet Chronicles Pt. 02

fetish scarlet_letter87 2018-04-29

"Subject is well built, but carrying a little extra weight, however, that should not be an issue." Doctor Rute continued his assessment with no apparent regard to the fact that he was examining a living person. Scarlet assumed that was it, but Doctor Rute selected the next largest rod and began lubing it. The process continued for several more rods until it became apparent to the doctor that Scarlet's cervix wasn't going to dilate anymore. "We are almost done with this portion of the exam, just a visual inspection and then a manual examination." Dr. Rute said as he shined a small flashlight into her vaginal canal, mentally noting how pink and inviting it looked.

Cleaning up Bob's Mess Ch. 02

fetish MarkLazer 2018-04-29

I pulled Bob's stiff cock away from his abs and started licking from his balls, all the way up to his dick head rim. Upon witnessing that Bob's entire dick had disappeared in my throat, Brenda started moaning, lifted and pointed her feet as she orgasmed with her fingers rubbing her clit. When Brenda finished cumming for the second time, she put her ass back down on the couch, lifted her legs up in the air, and pulled her thong off which totally exposed the most beautiful, hairless pussy, I have ever seen. After I had completely consumed his sweet tasting wad, Bob was now relaxed with his flaccid dick still in Brenda's hand with a long stream of cum dripping from his cock head.