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Dahska's Trial

fetish the giant peach 2018-09-21

He pushed the rest of his cock in to her hungry mouth and as Dahska's face rested in the nappy nest of the giants pubic hair she cried the iron ball fell out of her throat and down to her belly. As another lord spread her legs and thrust himself in her well oiled cunt she pushed her tongue as far as she could in the giants ass and felt something hard she sucked at it and licked tasting a bitter mix. This whole time the giant was jacking his huge two foot cock and as he felt her sucking at his ass he could take no more and he blasted his cum in her face and hair and over her breasts she turned from her tanned bronze to a milky white from the nipple up.

The Morning Ritual

fetish MilesKennefick 2018-09-21

Freya began to trace circles on Edward's thigh with her left foot, gradually nearing his concealed cock and balls. "Just because I let you give me head, just because you happened to make me come, doesn't give you any privileges," said Freya as she exerted more pressure on Edward's pulsing cock, causing him to whimper like a bitch. After finishing her coffee, Freya donned a red silk dressing gown and made her way to the kitchen to find Edward in front of the stove top, his firm, taut arse proudly on display as he scrambled her eggs. The poor boy, looked up at his mistress with uncertainty, his eyes making their way from Freya's milky thigh peeking out from the slit of her dressing gown, along her toned calf to her grubby foot.

Six Tasks of My Humiliation Ch. 04

fetish Alfamann 2018-09-20

Alternatively giving everyone in the room a good view of my buttocks, followed by the sight of my swaying breasts and blond pubic hair. I could not believe that as a 41 year old mature woman I was going to let myself be punished with a good old-fashioned hand spanking on the bare backside. Feeling like a very naughty little girl I shuffled over to where the three young men were seated, and then turned so they could see my reddened buttocks. My legs felt like jelly, but in a moment of extreme determination I splayed them wide open, giving Steven, Henrik and Kate a full, unhindered, view of my vagina.


If Women Ruled The World Ch. 03

fetish chronoxxx 2018-09-20

My heart was knocked so hard and heavy I swayed and perspired as I tiptoed back to my room, suddenly conscious of the makeup on my face, my hairless naked body and my very nearly dry pink finger and toe nails. Maybe I was wrong about you, maybe you wouldn't like to worship me and my body while wearing all of these clothes?" She writhed on the couch basking in my torture before continuing, "And maybe I won't introduce you to other Mistress' sissies so you can fall in love and rub your little white willies together?" With that She laughed loudly and watched with satisfaction as my willy shamefully hardened, tenting my knickers once more.

Cuckolded with a Coworker

fetish NursePoundCake 2018-09-20

I know it's because you're ready to freak out on me, but at the same time you're turned on by the idea of me getting my holes torn up by another mans huge cock I don't have anyone in mind but I'm sure that I could find someone-maybe someone from work, a random person who we meet out, or perhaps someone of your choosing-someone who I know makes you feel inadequate. I'm not listening, instead I'm thinking about what he looks like naked and how not too long from now I'm going to feel his big, strong hands on my body. I put the strap on back on and start fucking your ass hard and deep.

From Brother to Bitch Ch. 01

fetish Mixedwritings1993 2018-09-18

Vito was waiting for this opportunity to trigger, and he forced his middle finger to push into James's mouth and looked into his eyes and smiled, "well, getting any idea of what I might want, little brother?" Soon, he was fully erect and Vito closed his eyes and was trembling with full erotic pleasure, the idea of doing this in front James, turned him on even more than before, it didn't take him more than few minutes to clench his toes, and shoot up all his loads on his brother's face intentionally. James nodded and left his room, sinking on his own bed and started to sleep with that same old thumb inside his mouth, sucking like a toddler, because he needs a long rest for tomorrow.

Steven Miller's Financial Demise Ch. 02

fetish AfroerotiK 2018-09-16

Let's just say that our first meeting, between Steven and I, didn't go quite as expected. Almost as soon as the words left his lips, Steven knew he had fucked up. He was well aware of my opinion about the word slave and he looked like a deer caught in headlights fearing for his life. I continued, "It's almost unthinkable to imagine that I would even be capable of shackling you to other young boys, making you drag their weakened and dying bodies hundreds of miles, only to be branded like a piece of cattle, kept in a dungeon for months on end, fed food infested with maggots and other vermin, and not even given any sunlight or clean water, let alone medical care.

Sandler Finishing School Ch. 02

fetish humanoid_typhoon 2018-09-16

I caught a glimpse of shiny juices on the inside of her thighs before Professor Goodwin dropped her skirt back into position and pulled a chain leash out of her pocket and shoved it in Scorsha's waiting hand. "Come with me then Abigail!" she said as she gave the leash a small tug and pulled me out of the office and into the school grounds. Everywhere I looked something awful was happening - in the main building we had stood and watched tall redhead girl being held against the wall as one of the guards removed her panties and shoved them in her mouth before raping her. Scorsha seemed to enjoy watching this, pulling me closer to them and calling out to the girl handing out the paddling.

In Praise of Pindicks Ch. 01

fetish rembrandt 2018-09-14

Just bear in mind that if you have a pindick as a friend, you can certainly tweak his buttons and play to his insecurities in just the right ways to gain full control over his sexually obsessed little package. You emphasis the idea that you will never be more than friends, you tease his little pindick by exposing your body to him (and by enforcing his sexual addiction to the shame that you do not see him as a prospective lover) and you also end up confusing and conditioning his little pindick to grow hard at the thought of you on the toilet, or dressing, or showering, or plenty of other mundane activities.

The Art of Scat

fetish jessie2015 2018-09-14

When my tongue went inside him I could feel the bitter, nutty taste of his remains yet I tried to ignore it as I continued licking. The more fecal matter my tongue dislodged as I twirled deep inside them told me that they had not bothered to wipe their ass after shitting. Later the Madame told me they had brought in men from all walks of life, many who were instructed not to wipe themselves clean for a couple of days! After graduating I started going to clients, who paid handsomely to be able to shit into a girl's mouth and watch as she ate it and even lick up the remains from the bathroom floor.

Just What I Wanted

fetish GettingItDone 2018-09-13

I didn't hesitate at his command, and simply slid the shoulder straps over and let it fall; leaving me standing in my bra, panties, stockings, garter belt, and heels. This time there was no waiting or teasing, instead he slid it right into my mouth; pushing it against the opening of my throat. He held his member a few seconds longer in my throat before pulling it all the way out, now coated with the sticky sheen of my saliva and a bit of mucus. The door was then slammed closed, and I was left standing outside of the cheap motel room naked in my stockings, garter, heels, and a face covered in his sticky cum.

Fun Size

fetish runtz4 2018-09-12

"Look, I'll make you a bet, if you're bigger than this candy bar," Janet said holding up a fun sized Snickers, "I'll give you a blow job, and we'll be sure to convince all our friends Angie was just messing with us." "I think you lost more than the bet, dude." James smiled a little disgusted and a little turned on at the thought of Angie sucking his dick. "I think you'd rather have tiny little penis and be made fun of than to have a big, hard, pleasurable cock." She continued to taunt me, as she jerked James's cock in her hand. Angie on my right, Janet to my left and James directly behind me, I grabbed my dick and jerked it.

Lydia: A Prologue

fetish MissKaneda 2018-09-12

The instant he felt her warm toes touch the side of his face, the salesman took a sharp, indignant breath and jerked his head back to reflexively glare at the woman, but she was too occupied with pulling her phone from her bag and checking something on it while she waited for him to remove her other boot. Lydia softly breathed as she watched the boy guide the immaculate shoe onto her eagerly awaiting toes, even letting a soft sigh of contentment leave her as her heel settled into the back of the pump and she experienced the rich, virgin leather yielding to the curves of her foot for the first time. His rather forced conversation lost its way very quickly as Lydia lifted her foot and let the platform sole of her shoe settle on the man's shoulder.


fetish Spiraltib 2018-09-12

I turned off the water, grabbed my towel to wipe my wet hand and face, and put the cellular to my ear without looking to see who it was. "And what would those ideas look like?" I asked, my mouth suddenly dry. "All you're going to get right now, big boy, is a good drying, I said as I made use of the towel in my right hand. I slipped the DVD into the player and began watching as the redhead led the man by a leash on his cock. Sparky kept right on cumming in ever smaller squirts as Mary watched from the bedroom door. "You've been a really naughty boy and you're going to have to be punished," she said as she came toward the bed.

Magikal Goods

fetish dreadknots 2018-09-12

Dark One is so formal." She smiled and winked, but when she saw that Sam wasn't in a joking mood, she sighed and continued her explanation, "Your friend Karlus the shopkeep tried to trap me, using my power as a source of magical fuel for his experiments. He's constantly aroused, leaving a trail of pre-cum from his limp dick wherever he goes." She pet the man's head, and he moved to lick her pussy. "Why are you showing me these...horrors?" Sam said, his mind lingering on 'wonders' a little too long for his liking. Magikal Goods needs to look like a proper store, if I'm going to use it as cover for my magical misdeeds.

Pamperboy Servitude

fetish FantasizeAndRealize 2018-09-11

I quickly sat back down on the floor and could feel all the hot soaked pamper gel squishing under my ass. I took Larry's cock back into my mouth and lovingly swabbed the head with my tongue. We were already into the second scene of this porno when Larry commanded me to pull the pamper up and assume the position! Larry pulled out and I quickly assumed the position, waiting, feeling my submission and the coldness of the piss drenched pamper. With the sticky lube running out of my ass into the pamper and his taste still heavy in my mouth Larry now made me pull the front of my pamper down and stroke off.

Camping Memory

fetish Anal_Ally 2018-09-11

They got quite aggressive when sad sack said he didn't want to play, which I'm sure was just a ruse because they were lovely guys really. "Let's peg him out!" I suggested and we carried sad sack, one scrawny limb each, out of the tent and used guy ropes to tie his wrists and ankles and then pegged him to the ground in a star shape. The cool thing about tents is that sound travels and I made sure sad sack got to hear plenty of orgasmic moans from his wife being fucked by other men. I fucked all three guys in that tent, hugely aroused by their comments and the image of sad sack lying listening to my pleasure, covered in piss.

Sorority Princesses Ch. 02

fetish Hyperdebut 2018-09-11

"There's a party this Friday in the same place at 8pm - Queen Amanda asked me to give you the whole welcome pack," she said, handing me a large brown envelope. "Hi Princess," Jen said as she hugged me "Queen Amanda will be through in a moment." Two princesses grabbed Lizzie's legs and held them while Queen Amanda and Princess Jen rolled rubber bands down her legs. I watched Lizzie getting whipped while I came, continuing to finger Jen's slippery hole. Jen began to whip Lizzie's pussy while chanting things at her like: "dirty slut, eat that chubby pussy," and "taste her sweaty pussy." Lizzie went crazy licking and sucking me like mad.

Such a Deal Ch. 04

fetish Angelscuck 2018-09-10

I started begging with tears flowing, "Please Angel, let me suck Mark's cock, please. Angel laughed and said, "Does my sweet little faggot need Mark's cock in his mouth. Mark then said, "Come on bitch, start sucking!" "Listen honey," Angel said, "We all know you haven't had much experience at this so because I really want my man, I mean sissy, to succeed, I am willing to show you how it's done. Finally, after what seemed like an eternity, she let the huge member pop from her mouth, and with saliva pouring down her cheeks, throat and neck, her mascara smeared from her tearing eyes said,

Restless Nights

fetish sisifo 2018-09-09

This intense feeling was increasing and I decided to stay for a while, leaning over the counter, slowly glancing at the images and enjoying the growing stiffness of my cock, rising as I turned the pages. At some point my penis began to throb and the glans rubbing against the soft fabric of my underwear made it impossible to hold myself without sticking a hand inside my pants. Oh God, how I've yearned to be near her, unhook her bra and feel her breasts shudder under the touch of my hands, arouse her with my skilled fingers and taste the precious juices liberated by her pussy, take her to orgasm by the single action of my industrious tongue.

The Real Estate Broker’s Boyfriend

fetish VodouBlue 2018-09-09

Paula continued to use his tongue, mouth, face and ass for her pleasure...and his. Over the course of time, she convinced him to let his hair grow, and to get rid of what little body hair he had, so that he was smooth from nose to toes, and his brunette locks brushed his ears. When Paula's sister --who knew Bobbie back when he was a man-- came over drunk one night after a disastrous date, he was dismayed when she was allowed to use him as well. Paula sent Bobbie to answer the door, knowing Glenda would likely take out her frustrations on her sister's little feminized boyfriend. "Come on, bitch; eat my cunt!" whooped Glenda, as she rode his face, careless of his need to breathe.

Like I Always Do...

fetish SlaveToHer 2018-09-09

On Monday as soon as I got home, even before dinner, Landy told me to go into the bedroom and collect the next load of my cum in the container she had placed on my nightstand. Before we went to bed Thursday night Landy told me she wanted to watch me collect one last load for the container. When she went home she told me she was going to take a nap and that she wanted me to come home and spend some time reading stories about cum eating to get me even more worked up. She took the rest of the frozen cum and told me it was time to melt the biggest load yet and made me take all of it in my mouth.

Tip Your Server

fetish CiaraSwallows 2018-09-09

Abbie looked over at me for approval and me being the sub that I am I looked down at the floor, knowing that I would soon be serving five girls' stinky feet. Abbie walked towards me and placed the box at my feet and said "You know what to do slave" in her best stern voice she could muster. My body was quivering with lust as I was intoxicated by the smell and taste of Abbie's perfect feet all the while now had Chelsea full on tongue fucking my dripping sloppy cunt. Drunk in the smell I continued to suck toes and lick soles all the while having anonymous tongues working their way on my helpless clit.

Inches Away

fetish jacketjack 2018-09-09

"Um, yeah, sure," Jack said as he let his eyes fall to Vanessa's blouse. "So look, Jack, I want you to stop worrying about this thing, okay? Jack didn't know what to do with himself but he knew Vanessa was right next door with another man. He heard the man push Vanessa right up to the door. Take it all in, dirty girl." Jack heard the muffled slurping sounds as Vanessa eagerly sucked off the stranger. Here it comes," Jack heard, and he turned away and sat on the bed as the man emptied himself into Vanessa. "Yes, Jack, I know you like it," she said as she reached back and squeezed his crotch.