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Extramarital with Gail

fetish woreout 2018-12-04

She went from a shy little house wife and mother to a fully confident sexy inked model in that short time. She actually made her new friend beg her to come visit him at him home. The excitement of having sex with such and hot looking woman covered with sexy ink was to much for him. They dressed and sat together talking for a short time before she said she had to go. She figured if she dressed like this and if she happened to be late coming home she could explain it away as having been at the gym all day. She got to her friends house at ten , they talked for a short time and soon got down to business.

Dominican Slut: Office Sluts

fetish silkstockingslover 2018-11-30

I walked in and saw my husband, bent over Ms. Goldstein's desk clearly getting ass fucked by her, while Juliette stood on the desk as my submissive husband licked the tops of her feet. "Elizabeth, please close the door," Ms. Goldstein ordered while slamming into my husband, who was whimpering like he always did when I ass fucked him. "Yes, I'd give my chula culo puta to every white man or woman to use as they please," he declared, no longer even trying to lick the soles of Juliette's feet, but burying his face in them instead to hide his shameful declaration. "To be a cunt licking, cock sucking, ass taking, cunt spreading, cum swallowing spic for white men and woman?" she clarified, clearly revelling in the lengthy list of sexual submissive duties.

Punishing Aylin

fetish Cinner 2018-11-29

She didn't want to go home because she had messed up badly and had decided to confess the fact to her husband, Eric, before he had to ask about it. So, although she had brought this evening upon herself, first by having a nine hundred dollar bill on her secret credit card, money that she had spent buying virtual housing, food and clothing for her various games on the Net; and then by confessing her folly to Eric before he found out on his own, she felt sickened by the thought of the beating that he told her that she would receive at his hands. The longer hours at work meant that she didn't see her friends as much, but she still had those late nights to fill before Eric came home.

Different Dreams

fetish NaughtyWhiteWife 2018-11-27

My husband, Jack is a very small man and you wouldn't expect to see a guy of his size with a huge dong hanging down between his legs. Jack started to move his little butt above my face and I knew he wanted to cum inside my mouth. My own body began trembling as I got close and taped Jack on his leg to let him know I was going to cum at any second. He followed me into the house and the timing couldn't have been any worse as Jack walked out of the bedroom wearing his new dress and pumps. Jack thought he was being funny but when I saw the expression on Jerry's face, I knew that he was thinking that there must be a glimmer of hope that I'd be interested.

My son's friend

fetish tcg 2018-11-21

As I popped in the kitchen, Scott stood in just a little pair of jockey underwear clearly showing his penis out line. He made a number of little circles before he slowly let his hand go lower into the folds of my pussy. This time as we talked Scott hand slowly came over and started rubbing my pussy lips. Four months later Scott had called our house to see about staying during another tradeshow and my husband readily welcomed him to stay. Every evening we met down stairs and every night he fingered me through my satin panties to orgasm. That night we ended up meeting in the kitchen once again but this time Scott said that he wanted to help my lower back feel better.

Cuckolding Hubby

fetish porscha 2018-11-18

After all my research, I did a search of Steven's computer for the word cuckold, low and behold, I was greeted by dozens of pictures, and articles in a sub directory under program files called simply; cuk. Turning off Steven's computer, I retreated to our bed room, and got out my little pink vibrator, and proceeded to give myself half a dozen orgasms! When Steven got home that night, things pretty much went as usual; dinner, a little TV, and then off to bed. I quickly retreated back up stairs to our bed room, and by the time Steven got in bed, I was breathing normally, and I appeared to still be asleep. The hours passed slowly, but just before it was time for Steven to leave work and head home, I got ready.

Husband gives the neighbor his wifes panties

fetish tcg 2018-11-18

For example, Jim knows I've always had some exhibitionist tendencies, and every now and then, we do something insanely wild like going to the mall with no panties on, and he'll watch while I shop for shoes, teasing some poor salesman with little peeks between my legs, or, sit across from some man in the food court and innocently let my knees fall open. That night, when I played my little game and pretended to go out with my old boyfriend, he wasted no time in pulling my skirt up, my panties down, and putting his face right into my pussy and licking and sucking me.

wife's side of the story

fetish woreout 2018-11-10

I enjoy having my pussy and ass fucked at the same time. Every so often I will avoid going in the pool or showering so when hubby gets home he can enjoy cleaning me with his mouth. Hubby came IP to me and said that he would finish the cleaning if I wanted to go and let Mike fuck me. But when hubby explained how he had caught Mike checking out my legs all night long he knew Mike would fuck me if given the chance. I remember the next day my husband was a little mad that I closed and locked the door. He enjoys it but I believe he gets off knowing that I'm being fucked but nor being able to see.


fetish lilalola 2018-11-07

He pulled me hard into him, his hands swarming down my back and ass before ending up in my hair then cupping my face. I cupped his balls before going down on him, deepthroating him fast, running my tongue like a helicopter round and round the head, sucking hard. He slowly stuck one finger into my snatch, gently pushing in and out, continuing to suck at my nipples, alternating between each breast. Suddenly, he slapped my ass, the head of his cock at the opening of my pussy. He lay down on me, breathing hard as his cock slowly went limp, his sweaty skin against mine as the snow outside turned into a blizzard while we were in the warm.

A Wife's Lover, His Boss Ch. 02

fetish keptsissy 2018-11-07

She gave me all the embarrassing details on the way home, teased me about never having a real man finger fuck her ass before. And would use Jones to make my dick hard sometimes right in front of her by having him suck it before we sent him out of the room, before I used his wife's ass. I could see what your wife needed as soon as she walked into my house, that blouse tied up under her boobs, tits pushed out in that bra, her submissive husband in tow. I think we've found the man to make all your kinky dreams come true, dear husband, good little husband of mine."

The Rickshaw Driver's Wife Ch. 03

fetish spankedboy 2018-11-07

"It will be only for one night and no one will know your wife has slept with another man, and that you were helpless to prevent that," Narges told her husband. "Dear husband," Narges taunted him, "a man is in your house, he has your wife's breasts in his hands, and calls her a bitch, and you grovel at his feet. Fateh's face flushed a deep shade of red as he watched and heard his wife's reaction to me fondling and sucking her breasts. Then I bounced them gently up and down, looked into the Narges's eyes and asked, "Does Fateh bounce your tits like this while he's sucking them, honey?"

Black Cuckolding 101

fetish Samuelx 2018-10-31

When you think of cuckolding, I bet you automatically envision a White couple, a Black guy with a big dick and a scenario involving the Black dude fucking the White chick while her White hubby watched the whole thing unfold. I love watching porn featuring a chick with a big dick, especially if she's Latina or Black. Like a lot of Black women out there, I love anal sex but it's not an easy thing to achieve with Al. My hubby's got a nine-inch, uncircumcised chocolate stick for a dick. And just like that, I got on all fours, shook my big Black butt at Samuel and told the young brother to fuck me.

How I Became a Cuckold

fetish Rjt72088 2018-10-05

This time when she got home she told me to eat her pussy. When I asked why she did that she said "Brian thought it would be hot" that night I realized my wife was no longer mine. It has now been 6 months since our first encounter, my wife and Brian fuck a minimum of 3 times a week sometimes he leaves work early to fuck her and I have to stay and do his work. She put me in a chastity device after he suggested it and I have to ask permission to fuck my own wife and when he does allow me to fuck her I have to wear a condom.

My s****r and I Part 2.

fetish Biguy6420 2018-10-05

She tasted so good,I ate her for about 20 minutes at which time she came and had an orgasm.She then got this look in her eyes,when I asked her what was wrong? Her husband must have had a really small dick because she felt like a Virgin!After about 30 minutes of me fucking her I pulled out and blasted the biggest load I ever had on her stomach and tits.That was some of the best sex I have ever had,and look forward to a repeat performance next time she is up.

Daughters Boyfriend

fetish 52remdiver 2018-10-04

I’ve seen the way this boy has looked at my body and I’ve got a good idea what he would like to do with me, I like the idea and if the chance comes up I’ll let him have me. Anyway I was at the door with my house coat on talking to the boy and he wanted to wait for my daughter to come home from school they were to go to an early game that night. I went to him and started to suck the pre cum off his cock and he came in my mouth, he tasted good but being so young he didn’t last long. The last time my husband got home early and he found us on the bed; he was a good husband and let him keep going.

Complimentary Desires

fetish MarthaD 2018-10-01

I explained to him that this would make him a better and nicer person and that paying women compliments is a good way to demonstrate your appreciation and respect for them. He said, "When you told me that paying a compliment to another woman was a way of showing my respect for you, it made me want to do it since I'm always happy to do something that will show my love and commitment to you." Maybe more accurately, she wanted to make sure that she had in fact gotten inside my head and that my desire and motivation to extend compliments to women and make them feel good was a manifestation of my desire to please my wife.

A Perfect Night in the Perfect Home

fetish JayTM1986 2018-10-01

In turn, she smiled with a proud, affectionate, feminine satisfaction that she only felt in moments like this, when she had worked to serve him, in a way only a woman can serve a man, and brought him such pleasure. He slowly thrusted his two fingers in her pussy, his other hand spanking her, hard now, leaving marks, sending lightning bolts of pain and pleasure from her spine to her toes, rocking her, shaking her, transforming her. Her body tensed, her toes curled, her head bend back, her breathing stopped, just for a moment, until he felt her pussy contract on his thrusting fingers and she screamed an orgasm from the depths of her soul.

Body Modification

fetish Ed M. 2018-09-30

As the night went on, I was So goddamn high I, I wanted work done on my legs, chest, tits, around my pussy, and I was still yelling for more. On my tits and saw that my nipples were double pierced, and I had vines tattooed with little flowers and leaves all over my right breast. I went to clean the dried cum off of my pussy and ass hole, I had a clit ring vertically through the clit and nine other piercing on the major and minor labia, all were CBRs. Some places I had to scrub like my lower leg it had grass and other shit stuck in it.

A Good Husband

fetish 2018-09-27

The black man's face was close-shaven and his eyes were from between her legs and began to remove his briefs, Her husband had seen the black man at his health club. Roger's wife was modest and proper and would certainly The chances of a wild night of pleasure for his wife When Daryll entered the hotel room, he was amazed by legs wide apart, a handkerchief tied through her mouth, gentle kisses, his now-warm hands worked their way breathed and tongued her sensitive orifice, he began to Daryll had arrived, Roger was close to the point of suitcase and began to gently stroke her pubic hair. arms and large hands worked their way beneath her, past down from the man's wife and quickly dressed.

Double Cuckold's

fetish 425olds 2018-09-27

Your wimp mouth is handy to have on call, but Rach and me, when we were single, got all the cock we wanted. Rach was on the sofa making out the other one, who she called T-Dog. My wife loosed Jake's cock, an intimidatingly long and thick specimen, and stroked it up to 9 inches that she could barely get her hand around. Candy said that if I even looked at her like I expected sex, she would remind me of how much I 'enjoyed' playing swap-the-slop with another guy. Candy didn't make the other husband do that for her, but she did knee him hard in the balls, so I figured I got the better of that deal.


fetish 2018-09-25

Nate and Isabelle can see there are already dozens of company families here, and the pool area is filled with the secretaries in bikinis and the guys ogling them, already half d***k. The wimpy looking husband notices several guys checking Isabelle out, smiling her way. He is the manager in my office; even the bosses listen to this guy!" Isabelle grabs Nate's hand and drags him along before he has a chance to get his drink. Meanwhile, Jeff's lips are tightly pressing against Isabelle's and his hands slip up under the little mini-skirt. "Fuck, you're GOOD at it!" He grunts, his hands slipping to Isabelle's hair, holding her and guiding the rhythm of her sucking."Gonna be my cumslut in the office now, Belle?" Jeff's firm stiff meat wedged fully in the blonde's throat.

Waiting For It

fetish MarthaD 2018-09-24

While stockings began as his fetish, I've come to totally love the way they feel and how great they make my legs look. Because of my husband's fetish I wear stockings, pantyhose or tights just about all the time -- only keeping my legs naked in the heat of the summer when he can enjoy my pretty painted toes in tall strappy sandals. I wanted to feel the power of knowing how hard it made him to be sucking my toes and that I'd soon have him begging to give me any pleasure I wanted. Deciding a relaxing cup of herbal tea might calm me down a bit and buy some time, I slipped my stocking toes into my three inch bedroom mules and made my way downstairs.

Trained to Eat Creampie's Before and After Cu

fetish 425olds 2018-09-23

When he was naked (and his little dick getting hard) I said to him, "I want to tell you something, I have been fucking some other men. I took him by the arm and said to hubby, "This is Scott, my lover, we're taking your car and going to eat and then we'll be back. I had wanted to be seen with my husband at the reception, and with another man as I left the hotel (am I mean?) I was already wet as Scott opened the door for me and I got in the car. I pulled my skirt up as he drove and Scott felt my wet pussy through the panties my husband had just bought.

Big Cock Cuckold

fetish Sinful55 2018-09-21

After, coming out to my husband, Dan, about my desire to experience a truly huge cock, I was surprised to find that he was just as turned on by the idea as me. Eric looked down at me, obviously enjoying watching me struggle to take his cock as I licked around the swollen head coating it with my saliva. I glanced over and saw Dan, watching me intently, obvious discomfort written on his face as his tiny cock strained against the cage. I looked over at Dan, who was squirming as his own dick hardened against the cage at the sight of Eric plowing me from behind. As Eric stretched and pummeled my pussy, I felt an orgasm rising up inside of me.