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The Milk Maid's Gift

fetish AlinaX 2018-06-22

I position the cups and let the pump do its work, suckling, drawing the milk from me, relieving the ache in my too-full breasts and stirring instead a different ache, the need to be touched, and more, to be driven to climax and beyond. At first the amount of milk was tiny, a disappointing few drops that would hardly provide the quantities the doctors needed, but my breasts developed, adjusting to the demand of being constantly emptied, and after a month I was producing about a litre of milk each day. And while the stimulation of my nipples continues, and the machine sucks the seemingly endless stream of milk from my breasts, I suck on the general's formidable cock, moaning with lust as I stare up hungrily into his eyes.

Meeting After Ten Years Ch. 07

fetish Tdisk 2017-12-13

She loved her new body and on re-connecting with Mike after ten years found he was more than willing to service her milk filled breasts and sexual needs. They soon formed a D/s relationship that evolved into a 12 month contract giving Mike full control over Becca's breasts and milk. One morning about nine months into their contract Becca confirmed that Mike would be home from work on time and said, "Good. He observed that he used a computerized modeling program that could show her body as it might look with several alternative implants but even this would be better left until after the breasts had returned to their natural size and shape.