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Lilith's Challenge

fetish kyaraLuna 2018-04-27

This is what she called the 'base layer', designed to prevent pulling the one piece to the side, the only way is to completely remove it. She then similarly repeats the base layer with another pair of boyshorts, spandex, back zipped bodysuit and finally a sports bra. She then puts on a pair of denim hot pants, high waisted jeans, skinny jeans, back zipped dungarees and a tight button up denim jumpsuit to compress and camouflage those layers. Her hold slowly becoming unbearable as her bladder continues to quickly fill up, and her muscles getting fatigued from the mountain of strain. Suddenly her body freezes and tenses up, time's running out and she needs to remove the layers before it it's too late.

My Last Summer at Home

fetish stifleurself 2018-04-26

fingers as his hard little cock throbbed in his jeans. "Hmm, what do you think?" Jill asked, looking at his cock and then When he didn't answer, Jill stopped and his cock twitched in her hand. "Guess you don't want to watch the movie then" Jill laughed and her hand I stopped and squeezed the base firmly like Jill did, to keep that little "Have you had a hand job before, Rickey?" Jill whispered and he nodded. "Go get us one, Rickey" Jill said and we leaned forward so he could free "Time to thank you for the cokes" Jill whispered as our hands brought "Poor Rickey, now your pants are all wet" I said as I pushed my lower

Secret Wetting

fetish kyaraLuna 2018-04-05

The overall was to hide the obvious layers of clothes I was wearing underneath, I also wore a hoodie to make sure no one notice the coverall. After finishing it 25 minutes into the lecture, I definitely felt bloated in the stomach and also a little desperate as my bladder was pressed down by my belt. It normally takes around 15 minutes from home to bus stop in walking pace, but I was probably twice as slow as that as I took small steps and stopping once in a while. I just wore my overall after the shower, I quickly took the wet clothes and hung them in the closet.

Omorashi story about wetting my jeans female despe

fetish zombieg 2018-03-26

About a block & a half away from home, a toilet = safety, my lower bowels started convulsing madly, including pains and I could feel the liquid poop trying to f***e it’s way out any way it can. I felt my shit starting to come out and quickly grabbed both my crotch to stop the piss and pushed my hand against my butt. It felt like forever but finally the door opened & it was Amanda “hey guys, what’s up?” I was trying not to cry as Amanda looked over at me and gave me a strange look; I was still holding my waistband up with one hand behind my butt & a dark wet stain on my crotch.

Holiday Mischief

fetish kyaraLuna 2018-03-17

I accidentally started to gain massive speed down as my legs were locked trying to hold my bladder. We decided to return boards and skis, I was totally crunching over with my legs squeezed tightly trying not to pee as I was taking off my board and boots. I managed to regained control and slowly started to finish undoing the jumpsuit buttons. This time I felt it travel much further as it spreads underneath my panties and skin tight bodysuit. My whole body started to relax, my bladder muscles slowly lose their strength as I uncontrollably squirt and soak myself. I still was empting my giant hold and decided to force it out, the layers of underwear and bodysuit trapped its way out so the wetness climbed upwards.

Wee are Not Amused

fetish Adrian69702006 2018-02-22

Wendy had lost count of the number of times over the years she'd heard Anne say "I'm fine" when she certainly wasn't 'fine' but she'd still not altogether grasped the futility of arguing with her friend. Wendy looked across at Anne and noticed with alarm that her friend had one hand on the steering wheel and the other pressed tightly into the crotch of her jeans. Anne shrugged, continuing to fidget and hoping she'd make it to those loos at the end of College Green, near the Cathedral in time. "Yes, Ma'am," Anne gasped, breathing a sigh of relief as the Queen, completely ignoring Wendy, went on to chat to other well wishers further along the barrier.

Her Petite Possession Ch. 11

fetish AndreaJordan 2018-02-05

Kate was lying casually on her side with her legs together and Brad was looking between her thighs and the hem of her shorts to see if there was gap through which he could see out. "Okay, so sometimes I 'accidentally' slip into my leather trousers and stuff," Kate giggled while trying to position her head so that her long hair reached down to touch him, "but it's only because I want to keep you safe and warm... Brad was hidden inside a short cream coloured dress which reached only halfway down Kate's tanned thighs. Wearing nothing but Brad and the jeans, Kate stepped gingerly into the hot bath, breathing slowly as the water soaked through the denim, through Brad and into her body.

Sniffing Her Dirty Knickers

fetish mrstixx 2018-01-06

I turned up at his house and walked into his room to get his jeans and shoes after looking round i noticed and overnight bag & a pair of jeans that were far too small to be his. As i picked the jeans up i noticed there was a pair of pink knickers with black bows at the sides inside them belonging to his girlfriend. I put his things on the floor and walked back over to the jeans and picked out the knickers. I lifted the crotch up to my nose and took a big sniff, it smelt great and my cock began to get hard straight away.

Panty Fetish

fetish satish89 2017-12-31

The sight of a girl leaning forward and exposing the waistband of her panties give me hard on. I remember one time a girl in my class wore a blue shirt and jeans, she leaned forward and i could get a perfect view of her brand of panties on the waistband. A few other times throught out my live Ive seen girl with her panties exposed when they lean forward it is such a turn on when they wear cotton panties. And this girl was leaning forward checking out the poker table and could see she ws wearing hanes her way panites. But i because of the distance I couldnt get a good close up of the waistband.

A Father's Desire

fetish mikeaday 2017-12-28

I could imagine the four of them in the room with Cheryl saying "you have to swing your hips like this to get daddy's attention." They would walk up and down the room swaying back and fourth first with their whole body then with just their hips when they got their rhythm. Donna and Kate shared a room and I wondered if one of them would sleep on the couch or one pretend to be asleep. I opened the sitting room door and saw that Kate had collapsed on the couch. That would look good in the morning, me lying on the ground with a concussion and Kate sitting on the toilet sleeping.

Her Petite Possession Ch. 07

fetish AndreaJordan 2017-11-06

Brad was committed to stay as Kate's underwear, but now he knew that there was a way back, he couldn't help the other thoughts that were starting to run through his mind. Brad started tighten and twitch to massage Kate's clit in a desperate attempt to please the pissed brunette with the matches, as thoughts of returning to his old life now played vividly in his mind. A few times when the girls had been playing around, tickling each other, Emma's hand had brushed briefly against Brad and therefore by definition had also touched Kate's pussy. With Kate lying on her back with her legs open, Brad had the perfect view of Emma, who was now completely naked.

Thursday in Jeans

fetish Adrian69702006 2017-11-01

Mission accomplished, Anne further congratulated herself that despite the isolated toot whilst helping Brian pack, she'd not farted once on the way to the airport. Much as she enjoyed the sensation, Anne soon realised that if she didn't get to a toilet quickly she'd end up in a mess sooner or later. Much though she disliked using public loos she realised that stopping off for a shit in Woodchester was her only option if damage to her jeans and the car seat were to be avoided. Pulling up outside the Bishop's Palace, Anne got of the car and walked as briskly as she dared across College Green towards what she hoped would be a source of much needed relief in the nick of time.

After the Coffee Morning

fetish Adrian69702006 2017-10-25

The purpose of the coffee morning had been to raise funds for new loos for the community hall in Wendy's village. Typically Anne's reaction had been to deny that was the case whilst firmly declining to use a toilet when in Wendy's company unless it was absolutely unavoidable. However it hadn't developed into a desperate need and she imagined she would alright so long as she went for a good pee as soon as she got home. Biting her lip whilst attempting to look pleased at seeing Claire, Anne realised that she wasn't going to get away in a hurry. Resigned to her fate, and trying hard to conceal her increasingly desperate need for the loo, Anne listened patiently and kept her own words as brief as possible.

Booted Encounter

fetish trasaro 2017-10-03

Now it has to be said that among Peter's principal fetishes were leather clothing and boots, particularly of the thigh or crotch high variety; this girl was wearing one of the most erotic outfits he had ever seen, and he was starting to feel turned on just by the sight of her; he was rather relieved that he had a newspaper on his lap to conceal his embarassment. Sue at the same time put her left hand on Peter's leg beside her boot, and through his leather jeans he could feel her fingers moving gently over his thigh.

Chastity blog day 5

fetish garyw 2017-09-19

Unfortunately, the material is also thinner and less absorbent and a couple of times I found the rapidly building levels of cum in my balls leaking a little with the feeling of pleasure coming from down below and this was far easier to see than it would have been in jeans. Unluckily, I drove past a hotel where I'd spent a couple of hours with a very sexy Asian TS once and the whole way home I kept thinking about the things we had done that day. Work today was a little bit of everything, so jeans would be OK and I have to say the freedom of not having to worry about the bulge showing too much or of there being too much leaking was a weight off my mind.

Home Alone

fetish kyaraLuna 2017-08-06

I slid open my drawers and wardrobes, taking all of my intended ingredients; a black one piece swimsuit, pair of jeans, a cotton ball, a casual top with a grey hoddie. So I casually tied a few knots then pulled the rope between my legs and lifted it straight up my back, digging into my valley through the swimsuit and underwear. By now, I was a little bit fidgety, but not too much since the ropes distracted me most of the time; rubbing and sliding when I'm walking. Seeping through the swimsuit, into the cotton and absorbed into the shorts, jeans and overall. I also removed both jeans and shorts, and started to untie the ropes.

At The Movies

fetish PassionForAll 2017-07-26

Thinking about nothing but my bladder, I pressed nervously against him, like it would somehow force the mass of people slowly making their way out of the theatre go faster. Cole stepped closer—ostensibly to shield my illicit voiding from the view of passers-by, but I think part of him wanted to be sure, and I mean really sure, that I was actually pissing my pants in the middle of a crowded movie theatre. Outside was no relief, as the heat from the so-recently-spilled urine caused a small cloud of steam to follow us all the way to our car, where Cole actually made me wait while he piled plastic shopping bags on my seat!

P1: My First Blowjob (received, not given)

fetish Strapurple 2017-07-15

I placed my hand self-consciously on the front of my pants, around the shaft sticking out between my open zipper as he moved closer. I was gone and could think of nothing other than how good it felt to have his mouth on my cock, and how good he was at it, how much he was enjoying himself, how I liked watching it, how I couldn’t believe it was happening, and how much I wanted and loved it. My mouth was open, my back was arched, my breath held, the front of my jeans wet from the blow job, when he looked up and asked in almost a whisper, “Do you want to fuck me?”

The Booted Barberess

fetish trasaro 2017-07-15

I was enjoying the sensation of my jeans-clad leg against the thigh part of Emma's long boots, and felt my cock starting to harden uncomfortably in constriction of my tight jeans. I reached down, and unzipped her jeans, inserting two fingers, I quickly pushed the damp thong to one side, feeling the lovely wet curly hair, and on in to her juiced-up cunt, scooping her smelly juice out onto my fingers and bringing my fingers up to my nose, while we continued to kiss. She felt it too, and said "You can cum on my boots if you like, and then lick them clean for me.

Dirty Country Girl

fetish Adrian69702006 2017-06-21

Also Mum was normally at the Institute on Tuesday afternoons, singing 'Jerusalem' and swapping jam recipes with her friends, so Anne thought she stood a good chance of getting home and cleaned up without anyone being the wiser. Lathering herself with that expensive soap her mother liked to buy, Anne relaxed as the lovely warm water cascaded around her, savouring every moment of the experience. Although less than an hour had passed since the unplanned wetting of her jeans, Anne parted her legs and peed as hard as she could, her amber fluid mixing with, and finally being washed away, by the water that cascaded from the shower.

Theodore James: Fuzzy Cuffs Ch. 01

fetish Mewzik_Kitten 2017-06-08

Pear-shaped with smaller, maybe between B- and C-cup, breasts, and fuller hips, his eyes were drawn to the way her yellow Kimya Dawson t-shirt was faded and vintage looking, pulled taut over her breasts and flat stomach, and then down to her black jeans, the knees faded almost to the point of frayed. "Uhm..." she rested her slender hands on the countertop and leaned forward a little bit, taking her time in looking at all the different pastries and treats the cafe had to offer. 'I've always wanted a house in a smaller town, Sweetpea, what do you say?'" Willow smiled as she imitated her father. "Yeah dad, I'm sorry - I'm coming." With a smile the man closed the door, and Willow turned back to T.J.