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Car Accident Ch. 10

fetish pedic7717 2018-12-04

- Good morning Madame, I quietly said and placed the dish on her bed, assuming my kneeling position. She sat on the sofa, at Madame's favorite seat, crossing her legs, left foot over the right. Not wasting any time, I rushed in front of her, knelt and kissed the tip of her right leather boot. I carefully bowed down and pulling my lips inwards I kissed the tip of her right boot once. She said extending her left foot, touching my face with the sole of her boot. She took a pair of red high-heel pumps out of her suitcase and handed them over to me, extending her right foot, her toes now touching my nose.

Car Accident Ch. 11

fetish pedic7717 2018-11-28

Very carefully I took the dish to the living room and knelt in front of miss Jennifer. I took it back to the kitchen and returned, assuming my kneeling position in front of miss Jennifer's feet. I assumed my kneeling position by miss Jennifer's feet. I knelt in front of miss Jennifer again, trying to ignore the giggles coming from the other women. Just as I was ready to kiss her feet, miss Michele stepped an inch away, laughing hysterically. Miss Michele stood still, while I made my last effort to reach her divine feet, stretching as much as I could, miss Jennifer still playing with the lace. Miss Jennifer took the two lace ends and passed them over my shoulders.

My s****r Kelly

fetish tcg 2018-11-21

This continued to happen every day as Jennifer wanted me to keep sitting with her and she stroked me all the way home. I felt Kelly sit on the edge of the bed but I kept on rubbing from my balls to the head of my dick. Besides, I kind of got a thrill having Kelly look at my naked penis. The next day, Jennifer let me squeeze her boob a little bit while she rubbed my dick. I was thinking about Jennifer but with Kelly rubbing my legs and sitting so close to me, I actually started to think about my s****r too. By the time I got back to my room, Kelly was sitting on the bed waiting for me.


fetish klammer 2018-09-29

"Mistress Jennifer, why am I dressed in these horrid male "Well, sissy Dani, I see you know I meant what I said," Jennifer Some six months after Mistress Jennifer first imposed the "sissy Jennifer at the door, dressed in her most dominant clothes--black Mistress Jennifer still preferred me to dress in this sexy manner done-up as little girls--in pink or white satin party dresses, in the room gathered around as Susan and Jennifer began to dress so dressed, Mistress Susan appeared in the door of Tammy's room. personality to that of Sissy Dani, Mistress Jennifer's lesbian mind the personality of Sissy Dani, a simpering, submissive male handed me the dress Sissy Dani was to wear to the party I

My sad cuckold, dominated life ( real)

fetish Nissa9 2018-09-19

I struggled in school and never had a chance with women because my body was so un attractive and I was just so submissive and shy even when I was in public with girls that didn't know about my home life they would call me girly and non manly but not in a bad way I was sort of their straight gay friend. Which involved me and my b*****r obediently silent in our panties doing chores around the house and when we had free time we had to stick with our s****rs because well nobody else accepted us for who we were and I was never allowed to see my friends from school.


fetish Taunus 2018-09-17

Jennifer had learned from her father, who was educated in Jesuit schools, that the only way to keep a secret is to tell no one: not mother, father, brother, sister, son, daughter, and certainly not that man who calls himself "holy" and wears a black gown and a Roman raincoat (Chasuble). Jennifer Cortez used the Internet to garner information on Melvin Mellon, high school mathematics teacher. "Betty," Jennifer spoke into the cell phone from a remote corner of her back yard, "I want to slip out with a new boyfriend. Jennifer left her cut off blue jeans on the floor and followed Melvin Mellon to the room. Betty had noticed Jennifer's car parked in front of Mr. Mellon's house and the pizza delivery. "May I have some time alone with Jennifer in the bathroom?" Betty asked Mr. Mellon.

Trapped f****y

fetish Mattfrod 2018-09-17

I chain Amanda and Jennifer to a hook half way up the wall and lead Sarah to their new toilet, ordering the other 2 to watch as they would soon be using it.looking at me in horror as I lowered the machine and stood Sarah over the top.I raised the machine, as it raised I tied her arms to a ring on the saddle that f***ed her arms behind her back. I then slipped another pair of panties onto Amanda and pushed Sarah’s head into a hole, drawstring was tightened and Sarah was stuck snug at her mother’s behind I squeezed my hand through and unplugged cumulus tubes.

Stories of a young vampire - part 2: Cursed or ble

fetish toyboy090 2018-09-15

We actually fell in love but neither of us dare to tell to other one, it took some days to finnaly give in to our feelings and once we got that out, we started kissing and getting horny. Gina wasn't pleased to see me in love with someone else, she wanted Jennifer out of the picture forever. Gina wasn't intimidated by the knife and striked it out of her hands and grabbed Jennifer and starting choking her. We burned Gina's body to make sure she wouldn't return, after that night we needed to go away from there, we took the car and drove miles and miles to the coast and just sat there.

Turned into a Slut Ch. 01 - ( Timmy is turned into

fetish germanboi4bbc 2018-09-09

I didn't realize that it was only the start of something that would land me in the position I am in now, on my knees dressed in a slutty skirt and panties with makeup and a wig, taking her friend's dick in my ass while I ate another guy's cum out of her freshly fucked pussy. "Sure Timmy (that's me), we can try some, but if you expect me to do it then I expect you to also," I smiled and laughed when she said this, thinking there was no way I would let anything like that happen because I was straight and besides, after I did her I could always say no to whatever she wanted, right?

The Computerized Bed Ch. 2

fetish submissive~pet~ 2018-08-26

Wow Jennifer looks like you been practicing with some bots also. Back in the room were Paula is being fuck hard the bots are feeding him load after load of their cum, cum is all over his face, the look on his face is one of oh hell what have I done went and got myself into. Oh Paula call me Jennifer, I want use to be like sisters from now on. Wow Paula you got a good head on your shoulders, and I might add that mouth is umm nice also. Jennifer steps out of the room and has almost the same look as Paula, but her outfit is purple, and so are her panties.

Bondage And Discipline

fetish spice16 2018-08-23

No wonder Robert likes it so much." By the time Karen put down her crop, the exposed parts of Jennifer's body were burning bright red. Reaching inside her jacket, Karen retrieved two long, thin pieces of metal with what looked like spurs from a cowboy boot on their ends. "Hmmm, let's see...better start with the rope." Karen went to work harnessing Jennifer's upper body in hemp. "Wow. Now I know why I wouldn't let Robert use one of those on me." Jennifer closed her eyes and tried not to think about what her weight on the rope between her legs was doing to the butt plug.

Turned into a Slut Ch. 03 (Timmy takes it from two

fetish germanboi4bbc 2018-08-23

I was thinking maybe you wanted to help me a little with his training?" Jennifer said. He wants it so bad Michelle," Jennifer said laughing at me. "That's right my little slut, get in there and lick my pussy like a good little whore," Jennifer said pushing my head between her legs. "That's it, let Michelle use your slutty asshole," Jennifer said as she ran her hands through my long hair. Michelle pushed me to the floor in disgust and I started to hump the floor, looking up at Jennifer and begging her to let me orgasm. My arms were almost pulled out of their sockets by the strain but I couldn't feel any of it as my cock immediately started squirting cum into her hot pussy.

Kinky Girl Games 02

fetish poetposh 2018-07-26

"That's it," Jennifer says with a smile seeing the private parts of Steph starting to show though the panties better now after being pulled up tightly. Oh good she thinks as she's pretty sure her pee will have no smell or at worst, not as much as Steph's, she finds more confidence to bare it to the world, and too that small room with that hot lights that is now smelling a bit like someone just peed in. Steph then returns to her mission and opens her mouth, sticks out her tongue and starts to lick on the insides of Jennifer's legs down around her knees where the first drops of pee and rolled down.

Isabella's Reversion Pt. 04

fetish silverbackteddy 2018-07-22

Isabella found it hard to awaken, and honestly didn't care to, for she was dreaming of Jennie, dressed as a gorgeous little girl, was fucking her and suckling her nipple for the sweet nourishment it possessed, while Jade was face humping her after having filled her diaper with morning lemonade and brownies. After having soaped it with the body puff, Isabella took Jennifer 's rising cock into her free hand, and began slowly working it up and down, making her become harder with every stroke. After warming up a couple of bottles filled with Jade's breast milk, Isabella went into the play room, hung up her dress, and began organizing everything, before putting the large My Little Pony by the child's table, and began sewing as she slowly humped the pony.

Sissy Dani CHAPTER 4

fetish 2018-07-20

mind the personality of Sissy Dani, a simpering, submissive male "Bind me into your service as sissy Dani." Jennifer handed me the dress Sissy Dani was to wear to the party I I looked down at my feet, and the Sissy Dani persona with the sexy yet virginal white of my outfit, Mistress Jennifer hypnotic effect of Jennifer's commands combined with the "persona imposed female persona were Tammy, Little Miss Mandy and "her" mother Carla, and Busty Barbie and "her" wife- mistress, Maria. Normally, Carla kept Mandy dressed in sissy-boy attire (velvet or Bob, when released from the Barbie persona, was compelled to gaze transformed self." The entertainment complete, Mistress Jennifer Such was the effect of the Sissy Dani persona upon me.

The Last American Male

fetish BuckRivers 2018-07-13

Blonde, Brunette, Petite, Desi, and Greek, all backing up Red. Maybe I didn't have much imagination these days on nicknames, but imagination wasn't a necessary survival trait for me in this place. Red pulled my head up so that I was looking straight ahead, and fastened a strap around my forehead to keep my eyes pointing forward. The guard that I called Desi, a high-energy busty type with cocoa skin and a Bollywood figure, stepped forward and worked with the blonde to attach a large strap-on dildo around her waist and hips. We'll bring them back in for the demonstration." The two showgirls were quickly ushered from the room, Diane still wearing her strap-on and Jennifer still in her handcuffs, and the power woman waited until the guards lined up again.


fetish gag9gag 2018-07-03

Instead of showing embarrassment (as I was hoping), Roger, his head bobbing to the beat and his face frozen in a grin, watched openly, his brown eyes fixed on her pussy. Thinking she was headed to sit down on the couch, I said: “Come around here, Jennifer, so you don’t bother...There’s no room for you to pass.” Chewing on her lower lip, her fingers shaking, her eyes wide, her tongue hanging out of her mouth, she bounced like an infant opening a christmas present as she undid each button. Roger teased her, whacking her pussy lips and flicking her erect clit back and forth with the pink glistening head of his cock.

Wes and the Watermelon

fetish Totzman 2018-06-19

Wes was tempted to follow them, but knew his phone would be blowing up with calls from his mother asking why it was taking so long to buy two items, so he reluctantly headed to checkout instead. Wes could hear Jennifer and her best friend Ariana in the next room, talking and laughing. "Guess what time it is?" Jennifer said, snipping the shears in Wes' direction. The last time his mother asked Jennifer to give Wes his biweekly penis cut, she used her longest, sharpest shears to do the deed. Once Wes was certain they had gone, he finally emerged from the bathroom and tiptoed to the kitchen, still wearing Jennifer's panties.

Watching Pt. 03

fetish MaryGrangerx 2018-05-18

They all laughed especially when Mrs Smith added "And you had better be a good girl Jennifer or Mummy will smack your bottom." Bruce noticed that his wife panted a little. Bruce really enjoyed this banter but after the conversation with Malcolm in the garden he looked at Mrs Smith sitting there in her brightly patterned cotton dress and couldn't help thinking that she looked like a lovely big flower ready to have her petals parted. There were several instances like this which were exciting and Bruce noticed that Jennifer seemed really fascinated with Mr and Mrs Smith and seemed to very willingly do little things that the older woman suggested.

Hot Pregnancy Ch. 2

fetish pregnantlover2001 2018-05-16

A huge smile came over Alex’s face and his cock got hard as a rock when he heard the news. Alex smiled back and then went into the nursery and gave Jennifer and the babies all a kiss on the head and then he walked out of the room and downstairs. As Jennifer was sucking on his cock Alex went back to eating at Jennifer’s wet horny pussy. Jennifer stood up a bit and took hold of his cock and slid it up and inside of her horny pregnant wet pussy. Alex also told Julie and Tom that Jennifer had told him about their naked side and that they should feel free to be nude any time that they wanted.

Watching Pt. 01-02

fetish MaryGrangerx 2018-05-16

He was a married man with a beautiful young wife Jennifer, but at times his memory and excitement overtook him and he had to visit the bathroom to be alone with his secret thoughts. Bruce had relived the following 2 hours so many times over the next 10 years as the man had encouraged him to go into the woman's house with him and he had felt her up in all ways. Bruce looked at Mrs Smith who smiled "You can visit us, if you really want to Mr Rees." But he was so excited about seeing them again he must have sounded like a grateful little boy as he said "I really really want to see you tomorrow Mrs Smith."

passed out

fetish 2018-05-13

Jennifer, like Kelly, is very sexual and open. Kelly got ready and came down just as Jennifer rang the Kelly, so I held Jennifer's arm to help her to the Jennifer walked in just as Kelly had got herself Jennifer sat next to Kelly and handed her drink to her. When I got back to the living room, Kelly and Jennifer started to piss in Kelly's mouth. Kelly said that they got into the bathroom Kelly was watching to and had started to rub her pussy Jennifer looked at Kelly's pussy and watched as she After watching Kelly for a few minutes, Jennifer Kelly got on her knees and cleaned off my soft cock and then, seeing my gooey mess on Jennifer's pussy, Kelly

Black Mamba - pt 3

fetish germanboi4bbc 2018-05-12

"Does my little girl like sucking her Mommas big black cock? "Vanessa" chain and a bitch collar, I knew then, I wanted Jennifer to fuck me. Mistress Jennifer then spat on the bulbous head of the phallic like whip As if reading my mind Mistress said, "You be a good girl and do as your My black goddess told me that I was a good girl and for sucking her cock heels and bitch collar saying that I could now wear any shoes that I liked as long began to water thinking of that fat black cock and how good it tasted when it Wearing only my wig, Vanessa chain, bitch collar and high heeled slides

Spanking in Amsterdam part 2

fetish spankingjenny 2018-05-09

Peter could not see what he wanted stating that it must punish the flesh but not damage it he also told Corinne that he intended on using it on Jennifer's inner thighs and pussy. Well Corinne started, you want to use it on her inner thighs and pussy, Peter nodded, she continued that she would be happy to sit up on the front counter, her bottom right at the edge, lay back, spread her legs and let him whip her. Peter retrieved his new Cat-o'-nine-tails whip and began lightly flicking it at my inner thighs; I thought that he was just going to play with me for a moment until he really started to apply the strokes with f***e.