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fetish Shylass 2018-12-03

Would you like to put your lips around my nipple and suck, as your hand squeezes my pussy mound, feeling the wetness through the cotton? Wet. Already, my juices are spreading, and I feel the sticky nectar beginning to seep through the white cotton. If you could see me now, you'd like how I'm writhing against my own fingers, hips beginning to raise, and the pink shadow of my hand sticking to the wet whiteness of my knickers. I want to feel the force of your eager face pushing a little fold of cotton between my sliding lips, to feel your hot breath mixing with my hot juice, and I need to push against you in urgent desire.

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fetish cynthiablaine7 2018-11-22

Deirdre Carmody, Laura Franklin's middle-aged aunt who had raised Laura and now joined her at the "Weekend School" Laura ran for adults who wanted to re-experience the school discipline they had known earlier in life, and Diana Prentice, the 20-year-old fetching blonde prefect, who was the junior faculty member at the school but who had already created a strong impression by the severe discipline she administered at the school assembly, enjoyed spending the night in Deirdre's commodious bed. The older woman filled the small white enema bulb, took a dab of vaseline and gently let her finger slip it into Diana's anal opening, then inserted the nozzle into her tight little hole.

Amy misbehaves at her s****rs wedding

fetish arbymore 2018-11-19

She thought the black ones looked very sexy and was shocked when she came to the red ones and when she saw they had an open crotch she couldn’t believe that anyone would wear such naughty things, but then she remembered that they were auntie favourites! She started to think about auntie Fiona wearing the same knickers and wondered if uncle Roger really did slide his fingers inside her. And when a couple of days later another parcel arrived for her from uncle Roger and auntie Fiona and it contained another three pairs of knickers she felt really excited. After a few minutes of chit chat uncle Roger said, ‘So, Amy, I hope you’re wearing the knickers we sent you.'

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fetish cynthiablaine7 2018-11-14

Deirdre took the little soft whip and quietly positioned in down beneath Laura's split and without warning, snapped it with some authority right into the open cleft that Laura had made as she held her own labia apart. "You know, Laura, that naughty girls are not permitted breaks for that purpose once the discipline has begun, so you will have to hold it, I'm afraid," Deirdre said in her firmest tone, anxiously hoping that her niece would lose control and that the colleagues would witness her releasing her pee stream down on the floor. "I think that is enough," Deirdre said calmingly, as she first wiped Laura as one would a small child who has lost urinary control out of fear, and then bade Laura to stand, retrieve her knickers and let her skirt down.

Caught sniffing my panties

fetish DanielleX 2018-11-13

He was on his bed, his boxers round his knees, cock in hand and a pair of our panties on his face. I beckoned Gemma to join me on the bed and we sat each side of Toby as Hayley positioned herself over his face and then sat on him, her panties completely covering his nose and mouth. I stroked her hair as she sucked him, one hand still pleasuring myself but yearning to rub myself on Toby's face. I rubbed my clit through my panties, taking deep breaths between my little cries of anguish and pleasure, the torment of being so close and the sight of his cock such a turn on!

Chloe and Paul: The Beginning

fetish inyourknickers 2018-09-29

Some people think that's sick or weird or something, but I just think it's something that everyone naturally does and it's kind of intimate seeing it like this." I nodded at the screen, where a voluptuous and slightly older woman was sat on the toilet, red silky knickers stretched between her knees. My heart pounded as she reached under her skirt to tug her tights down, rolling them down over her milky white thighs, her knickers caught in them and bunched up around her knees, her cunt clean shaven just as she knew I liked it to be. Me gently eating my girlfriend out while she stood over the toilet bowl, tights and knickers bunched around her calves, stroking my head lovingly as I tasted her urine, licking every drop from her till she was clean.

Night Nurse

fetish thelimeyfromhell 2018-09-28

"Well now some one is a horny young fella." Helen said when she saw the bulge. As I said that Helen let my wrist go and walked to the bottom of the bed and made a few notes on my chart. All I could think about for the next two hours was Helen and her sexy body in that tight uniform, this was not helped by the fact she kept coming in and out to see how I was. Later that night around midnight Helen came in and sat in the chair next to my bed. As she walk out the door Helen said, "Maybe tomorrow night I will bring you a treat or two.

Courtney's caning

fetish Aimie-Leigh 2018-09-22

The Headmasters door opens, Courtney's form teacher Miss Jenkins looks out and calls Courtney, her mother and b*****r inside. They all go inside and look at the Headmaster, who is sat behind his desk, everyone takes a seat, expcept Courtney, who stands in the middle of the office, head bowed, in her rather scruffy school uniform. The Headmaster gets up and walks around next to Courtney and tells her to get up on his desk onto all fours, The Headmaster lift up Courtney's skirt up over her back, exposing her regulation school knickers covering her fifiteen year old bottom. Courtney pulls up her knickers and leaves with her Mum and b*****r.

Outdoor sex with a stranger

fetish DirkDastardly 2018-09-21

Currently I’m sitting on a log in a rarely used area of countryside to walk my dog, Mutley. I’ve only ever see a plain looking woman around my age, with a collie, a grumpy 35 something guy with a boxer and two twenty something female joggers. “You think I’m joking!” as she steps right up close with her feet shoulder width apart and continues, Without interrupting this finger fucking, she unbuttons her coat and starts working on the buttons to her blouse. That said she popped my cock on her wet pussy lips entrance and excruciatingly slowly slid down and only stops as her bum meets my thighs. “I hope you enjoyed a ‘good solid fuck’.” With that she turns and walks off tossing her wet knickers beside her discarded bra.

My Best Friend's Crazy Fat Sister Ch. 04

fetish RetroFan 2018-09-21

INTRODUCTION & DISCLAIMER - When Sean is awoken very early on Sunday morning by fat Zoe sitting her panty-covered pussy in his face, it starts an interesting and hot week for both of them. Taking off her knickers and twirling them in her fingers before tossing them to one side, the naked Zoe then turned so I could see her fat bare bottom and removed my boxer shorts so now like her I was in a state of complete nudity. After five minutes of pure delight, I could feel my orgasm approaching and given the way Zoe was writhing on my face and her vagina was like a leaky tap, I knew she was close to orgasm too.

David's Tall Girls' School Ch. 07

fetish Thorilla 2018-09-20

I had unfortunately been detained by Amelia Wiff-Naseford, headmistress, for being a Peeping Tom in the grounds of 'Dentwood Finishing School for Tall Girls aged 18 to 20 years old'. "Who wants to sit on the Peeping Tom's face while wearing their knickers, panties, culottes or whatever you wish to call your underskirt underwear?" All the hands shot up followed by exciting giggling, jumping up and down and smiling glances towards me and my erect penis. "Matron we need to get the Peeping Tom and class 1B showered quickly, get Lesley to sort it out for me." Said Miss Wiff-Naseford opening some windows to let in welcome fresh air.

"Squashtoy" Final post.

fetish 2018-09-19

M made no move to get up from sitting on my stomach and accepted the offer of a coffee from my wife who crouched down and patted my face. Let's just put it this way if she hasn't had an orgasm on your stupid face by the time I get back we are both going to bounce on you so hard your guts will come out of your mouth"! Her urgency and ignorance of this practice was readily obvious as I soon found my lungs crying for air as she sat on my nose and covered my mouth completely and I tried hard to push her upwards with my hands so I could twist my head to get a breath. Soon I heard my wife come back into the room and I felt her sit down behind M onto my stomach.

Mother in law arse licker (2)

fetish maytoseptember 2018-09-18

I move round to get at her easier and I was soon lapping away at my Mother in law’s hairy pussy, like a cat drinking milk, licking every last drop of her piss up. “Right you had better clean up my bathroom,” she said and she handed me a wad of toilet tissue which I used to soak up her piss and cum. “I’m in charge here, if I want your little cock up my bum I’ll tell you, as it is I like the arse licking. When we had finished she said “Slaves do as they are told, I’ll let you know when my boobs need attention, now you had better get home and get prepared for my next call.

Fleeting Glimpses Ch. 03

fetish laplappapillon 2018-09-14

Almost helplessly I slid my cock from inside her and as she climaxed I wanked slowly along her slit, waiting for her to finish to let her watch my little fountain. Her climax seemed to last an age, but eventually she regained control and bent her head to watch my pulsing cock as it splashed little jets of spunk onto her knickers...she reached down to catch the splash and massaged it all over her swollen clitoris and pussy lips, moaning and mewing as she did. "Before it goes soft, honey, slide it up my bum, I will cum again as sure as apples, I do love that gorgeous feeling of something pressing gently up that tight little hole.

Watching Pt. 04

fetish MaryGrangerx 2018-09-13

Jennifer felt incredibly aroused but wanted to make sure of one more thing and said quietly "Bruce?" Bruce knew that the time was right and said "When we spoke a few days ago Malcolm, you told me how much you enjoyed my wife's panties all those years ago." As he spoke, Jennifer walked quietly into the room and stood in front of Malcolm and in a little girly voice said "You were very kind to Bruce all those years ago, Malcolm. Jennifer smiled coyly "I understand that when Bruce was in your house Malcolm, your wife pulled her panties down for Brucie. The words took Bruce 10 years back in time when he had been watching Mrs Smith like this and he had said exactly the same thing.

Panty Boy and the Landlady's Daughter

fetish Mag58 2018-08-26

By the time I was 18 my sisters had all left home and my Mother was quickly deteriorating into a drunken mess; so I chose to go to an Art School about 40 miles away meaning I had to stay in student accommodation and eventually share flats; usually with girls as the boys 'thought I was gay!' I had a room all of my own of course but while they understood my need for privacy; their doors were rarely locked; giving me ample opportunities to accidentally see my roommates in their skimpies or occasionally naked. With a big smile and another raise of the eyebrows Avril lay alongside me on the bed and immediately began licking my dick and balls again as she curled a leg across my stomach; so I could see how wet her knickers were.

My Best Friend's Crazy Fat Sister Ch. 06

fetish RetroFan 2018-08-22

INTRODUCTION & DISCLAIMER - In this installment, after stirring up trouble with her brother Adam's temperamental wife Emily, naughty BBW girl Zoe allows Sean to use her back door as an entrance, rather than for its proper purpose as an exit. I looked down the street, full of people enjoying a fine Sunday autumn morning in Melbourne and to my surprise I saw Adam, Emily and their son and daughter Connor and Rose walking towards me to go into the same café I was leaving. "Yeah, we thought Sean might be Zoe's gay friend if they aren't going out on dates," said Connor.

Levelling the Score

fetish Adrian69702006 2018-08-12

Brian was a little puzzled by his Anne's cryptic comments but he'd been married to her for long enough to know when it was wise to pursue a line of questioning and when it was better left. As his wife was on tonic water, Brian decided to opt for a pint of best bitter as he thought it would look odd if he sipped a glass of Merlot or Chardonnay alone. Anne knew perfectly well that Brian couldn't last for three hours without a wee, especially when coffee preceded the event and that, of course, was the real reason behind his decision to skip the seminar. Brian was beginning to feel the need to pee increasingly badly now and it worried him that his wife was intent on prolonging the evening.

Lingerie Fetish

fetish monicaelwes 2018-08-10

"I think we'll keep these on," my boss at the ad agency I had joined after leaving Bristol University said referring to the white, French knickers I was wearing specially for him. I was only wearing the French knickers under the dress, no bra or tights or stockings. "You dirty little bitch" he whispered as he slid down a little so that the tip of his cock pressed against the gusset of my white, French knickers. And then, with me still wearing my white, silk French knickers he fucked me. I can get excited at the briefness of a thong or the fullness of a pair of high-waisted panties, particularly when made from silk or satin, which means that more of my skin is stimulated by the lustrous material.

Satin Cum Boy Ch. 01

fetish biggles3309 2018-08-08

Taking the black satin knickers from my shacking hands Natasha leant forward and wrapped them around my bobbing cock and started massage its full length making sure the head was treated to a sensory overload of satin crotch. I felt her arms wrap round me and her body push close so I could feel the silky material she wore slide between us as she encased my cock once more with her knickers and proceeded to give me the best slow wank I have ever had. The ripping sound was unexpectedly met with a moan of pleasure from Kay and I proceeded to now massage her clit through the satin of her knickers as I had done earlier today with Natasha.

Chloe in Prison Ch. 03

fetish coniungoergosum 2018-08-05

I was terrified: I was certain Dawes was going to beat me: it came as a complete surprise when, instead of hitting me, she took off first her skirt and then her knickers, and handed them to Raymond. Then Bradley put the bowl down on the floor, and I felt I'd slipped into some sort of insane time loop as, just like Dawes before her, she unbuckled her belt and took off her knickers and skirt. "You heard me," Rose said: then to Bradley: "she didn't mean anything – it was just her little joke." Then Dawes took off her knickers: and Sandy found herself with a bowlful of porridge and piss.

Dinner night dirty knickers/panties

fetish johnnjohnn666 2018-07-31

As we met she introduced herself "hi I'm emily, your girlfriends next door neighbour." the whole time we were chatting I couldn't help look at her body in her dress and was aware that my gf was away chatting to someone else so I could really enjoy a perv. Once I'd picked the ones I wanted I quickly got my cock out and sat on her bed, smelling her pussy and arse on the thong literally made me cum in about two minutes, into the sweaty damp pair. The best bit was, her my gf and all their colleagues were going to work in the morning and I would be left with an opportunity to go back into her room and smell the knickers she was wearing right now!!

Susie the Baby-Sitter

fetish DaveFree 2018-07-29

My cock was rock hard as Susie said: "Now, I'll do whatever you want to me to do – these panties will be completely sodden by the time we're finished." Then Susie asked me to wait and she took her bag off the dashboard and pulled out her own, soiled panties (that she had taken off earlier). Susie was still stating up in the sun-roof and I slid my hand up Susie's thigh and under the elastic lace at the crotch of the pink panties (Jane's) that were already warm and moist. She pulled aside the white lace leg of the pink panties and slid down slowly easing her crotch onto my now fully erect cock – breathing heavily all the time.

Fleeting Glimpses Ch. 04

fetish laplappapillon 2018-07-28

The walls above the dado were painted with very expensive Wedgewood blue eggshell paint and between the quarter landings a spectacular stained glass window threw shards of violent coloured light over our heads onto the mosaic tiled floor.Although it was a classical Victorian whimsy with fawns and ivy and pretty girls, it reminded me, ironically, of a striking, yet austere black and white image taken in Central station, New York. A young man dressed in a beautifully tailored black suit and waistcoat, with sky-blue bowtie and shiny white shirt strode purposefully towards us, looking very busy and veered to take the steps 2/3 at a time till he disappeared from view.