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A Great Reason to Have a s****r!!! (Part 2)

fetish tcg 2018-11-20

Just the right size, and look, it even curves just like a guy with a hard-on!" She swayed a little on the way to the couch; they were both quite tipsy from the wine by now. "The next time we go out, you're going to get a big surprise..." She took the banana and held it in her hands between Jamie's legs, curving upward like a stiff erection, just inches from the real hard-on that was hiding in his pants. Jamie's eyes were glued below her waist, as she executed little turning steps in time to her humming, giving him a view from all sides of her sheer black panties, stretched tight across her rear and clinging revealingly to her crotch.

A Husband Further Learns His Place

fetish keptsissy 2018-11-04

"Yes Mam. Thank you, Mam." As I went to the door, bent to pick up my pants, shirt and shoes...the 'outfit' I get if I walk out the door, the only thing she said she'd let me take if I left, I hear her talk to him, talk to him like she belongs to him, talk to him like she wants to see him right now...be his...I hear her say..."Stop, you're too cruel...I'm not going to say that to him.", she laughs into the phone...turns to me, looks at me.

The Games People Play

fetish Rick Dean 2018-10-04

She laughed and wiped away a bit of her spit from her lips then took my cock and finally began to suck up and down on it as she maintained eye contact with me. I think I prefer yours!" She rubbed her fingers through the hair and placed soft kisses on my nipples, then sucked on the left one a bit before getting ready to recline back on the bed. "I'm going to lick you now baby and show you what you've missed out on" My mouth placed soft kisses on either thigh and wet licks before running my tongue over her panties and onto her slit.

Pamela the flat chested- time to think about her

fetish mrnaglee 2018-10-02

She thought back 25 years ago when she finally got a 15-year-old guy to ask her out for the first time in Pamela was already thinking this might be a mistake, letting Dave drive her parent’s car, but she was That night, fifteen minutes into the movie, Dave began to “make-out” with her and his hands started to As his two friends in the back seat watched, Dave started to feel Pamela’s ass and tried to mouth as his friends laughed encouraged Dave's behavior. "I told you I would let you guys have some fun with her," said Ricky. "Yeah, Ricky, I remember her from high school," said a voice. "Ok guys, time for some fun," said Ricky.

Life's Changes Ch. 12

fetish Scribler 2018-09-22

Pam came in to the bedroom with my coffee and said after, giving me a kiss and a smile to Kim "Good morning my Mistress here's your coffee and your fruit is waiting down stairs." "Yea, The guys in the other room are going to think I'm the biggest bitch alive by the time they're done." Then she looked over at the setting of my Stairmaster and asked. "Your upper body strength is pretty good but you need to work on your stomach muscles, their kind of weak." Then looking at her watch she said "You have twenty minutes to get showered and changed before your luncheon.

Mindy's Moving Day - CFNM Ch. 01

fetish BuckyDuckman 2018-09-16

"You don't think it makes me look like a teenage boy?" Debbie asked, expressing the same concern she had shared with me the day she came home with the new do. "Steal my clothes and fuck me running," Mindy groaned, red-faced, laughing and pushing back her long brown hair the same way she had while the movers were filling her apartment with boxes. Calling me a "sissy" was an open joke between us that sometimes slipped out in public, like earlier when she had referred to me as her "little kitchen bitch." Debbie enjoyed teasing and humiliating me before fucking my tiny, tight ass. Show Mindy how much you love that fake cock!" Debbie pushed hard and her friend's fatter, longer toy hit the back of my mouth.

Failure of the Dicklette

fetish 2018-09-03

"Yes princess", I said and started to upload my video. After a short while I said it felt too good, and she just shook her head and laughed, telling me "it had been 1 minute and 15 seconds... "She said, now lick her out, get all of your juice, you dont want stale cum on your dicklette the next time you use her do you?" She told me that I would be without orgasm for a whole month because of this, and that when she judged the time right I would be allowed to write this story, so that everyone would know how much of a small dicklette loser who cannot last a minute and a half I am.

My Last Summer at Home

fetish stifleurself 2018-08-27

fingers as his hard little cock throbbed in his jeans. "Hmm, what do you think?" Jill asked, looking at his cock and then When he didn't answer, Jill stopped and his cock twitched in her hand. "Guess you don't want to watch the movie then" Jill laughed and her hand I stopped and squeezed the base firmly like Jill did, to keep that little "Have you had a hand job before, Rickey?" Jill whispered and he nodded. "Go get us one, Rickey" Jill said and we leaned forward so he could free "Time to thank you for the cokes" Jill whispered as our hands brought "Poor Rickey, now your pants are all wet" I said as I pushed my lower

Memoirs of a Woman of the Wind

fetish LittleMissFart 2018-08-16

She was so utterly beautiful, such a gorgeous heart-shaped face like an angel, Yet it was such a thrilling sight to behold, a gorgeous naked woman doing such a thing right beside me, well it turned me on immensely. She stared down at me, a big grin etched onto her gorgeous face. She looked down at me, a big grin on her gorgeous face. In one elegant movement, she had sat her soft supple full rounded peachy butt down onto my face, with her knees kneeling on my arms, pinning me in place under her. I stared at and admired the wonderful thrilling sexy sight of a gorgeous naked bum on full view.

Chav humiliation - chapter 1

fetish mr_massive 2018-08-10

They started to laugh as I approached, then the ginger one said: "hey, you little mosher freak, me mate will wank you off for a tenner!" My little dick got instantly hard. Get your cock out and lets get this over with." I pulled down my pants and stood before the two chav girls, my dick throbbing and pointing up at 45 degrees, undeniably hard. Chelsea laughed so hard she could hardly breathe, gasping lungfuls of air in between insults like "tiny!", "unbelievably tiny" and "micro cock". Pathetic micro dicks like him never can keep their hands off their creepy little cocks!" She whipped the washcloth off, exposing my hard little nub and burst out laughing at the sight if my exposed bell-end:

Saloon and Shirley

fetish PeggyBuxton 2018-08-09

"Your chariot awaits." I laughed again and watched her long legs hike one at a time up onto the seat giving me a preview of what awaited me. "Guess you like it." She laughed and ran her hand over my ass and across the end of my short stump. "So that's what it looks like," she slowly said as her head moved closer to my stump. "Oh-h yeah-h," she gasped softly while letting her fingers hold my cock more firmly and her tongue stroke the bottom of the head. "You make it look natural," she said as she watched the next time I moved the large black crutch tips forward. Her hand roamed my body and covered my stump for a moment then she stepped back and took another sip leaving her glass empty.

Mechanical Dreams

fetish jusduit 2018-08-07

Renee was a kind of big sister at times, having matured like most girls at a faster rate than their male counterparts, and a bit of a surrogate parent when parents left them alone. I mean, I liked you doing it, Renee." He waited an awkward moment, then plunged further with, "I did see you playing with your, uh, things too, and then shoving a hand in your, uh, underwear." He nodded alternately at her breasts and crotch. She chuckled again and said, "It's nothing to worry about little brother." After a moment's hesitation, she looked again at the pajamas, and reached her hand down to his waist band.

Obsession of the Stepsister Ch. 02

fetish k4d0h1 2018-08-07

I quickly fixed my gaze upon the lower half of her door inspecting or admiring (I wasn't sure) where I had recently shot my load after gazing upon her naked body. I wanted to push the door open an inch to catch a better view of her shapely sexy legs; further hoping she was revealing a candid shot of her voluptuous ass. Rochelle was standing with the door open guzzling half a bottle before she turned toward me. The closeness and flirtatious way she moved her body over mine caused my dick to point straight out within a few seconds. I thought about turning on the TV, but wasn't sure if I wanted such a distraction that might cause a certain someone to be anything less than delightful towards me.

The Table

fetish imornery81 2018-08-05

I felt her slap playfully at my cock and she said, "I guess I can understand wanting to look at the parts of the body that belong to the opposite sex, I just can't figure out why you weren't happy with looking at mine..." With that she gave my nuts a firm slap and I groaned. As she walked around to the side of the table I could not think for the life of me what Torrie was up to and then I felt her tug on that stocking that had my cock locked out at full attention, and the parking brake set on my nuts and I groaned. Sure enough, about a minute later I felt a sharp jerk on the jewels and then I could feel it swinging under the table, pulling knots tighter and my cock and balls lower!!

Lost bet to mom

fetish 13anonymous13 2018-08-02

When I was nineteen and back home from college during the summer, i was watching a jeopardy episode with my mom. What we liked to do is when the question was picked, we would pause the episode (it was recorded from the day before on VHS) and guess the answer, then play it and see who was right. Before she played it, she asked what we should bet. She finally said dont be a chicken, leaped forward, and yanked my boxers half way down my legs. I was gonna pull em up but she said i was half way there and i shudnt go back. Said fuck it, pulled em off, gave em to my mom, and started walking around my front yard.

The Power of Higher Learning Ch. 03

fetish lickerwell 2018-07-19

Apparently they felt that the bulk of their relationship should be hidden from my sister and I until we turned an age where we might understand better and Mom had decided 16 was the right time for me to know the truth in order to start living within it. As our food arrived Jessica continued, "My sister, however, relishes the power she was suddenly given and loves to torment him endlessly," she laughed as she took a sip of her wine, "Mom and I now threaten him that we'll get Megan to punish him if he doesn't meet our expectations.

A Bondage Story

fetish wastedaway 2018-07-15

My seven inch muscle was so hard it throbbed, and as Suzy ran her hand lightly over my crotch, she said, "Remember your promise? Sally twisted my balls a little more as she let my arms down, only so that Suzy could attach the handcuff chain to a short chain dangling from the back of the collar. You will also learn who are the bosses, and who is the slave!" I struggled in vain as Sally shoved a ball gag in my mouth, tying it around my head, and Suzy unbuckled my belt. Finally, Sally said, "Now we can really 'beat his fucking ass,' can't we?" I felt the riding crops slap down hard on my ass, and I shook my hips back and forth, trying in vain to escape it.

The Joke's on Him

fetish J_R_Ashunwhy 2018-07-15

"I know, stupid, but he was like, really into it, and then he started asking me what I thought about some of the toys, and if I would ever use them, and if I could ever feel comfortable enough to maybe experiment with the idea...of...taking the lead...in bed." She winced again, and after placing her coffee cup down on the little table between our chairs, she picked her legs up, and folded them against her body while she curled herself around her bent legs and crossed her arms in front of them. "'So, you wanna be my bitch?' I asked him, and then tried to slap him across the face, but not being able to really hit him, I ended up, like, tapping his cheek...He looked so confused, so I choked while I stuttered though a 'yeah, that's my good little bitch,' and he laughed at me!"

Crushing Cousins

fetish 2018-07-12

Kathleen looked at me and the expression on her face scared me, especially when she said, "I think we should soften him up a bit more Janet, bounce very hard on him, 20 times should do for a start. "That's right pervy boy cry as loud as you like nobody is around to hear you, Janet sit on his chest I am going to stand on him and do some more of those knee drops. Janet added, "next time David we might even try and really hurt you, lets go for 200 bounces and knee drops each Kathleen and then both sit on him for a couple of hours".

Black Guy And Sexy Married Woman

fetish coolguy2020 2018-07-05

I laughed and I said try that next time and she removed and I was fully erect and she started stroking, my dick is 9.5 inch when fully erect ( as a black guy, we are blessed down there even though its not all of us) she put it in her mouth and man she was really good on blowjob even though I have seen some better woman she was great she was trying to deep throat but I guess she had a Gag-Reflex and my cock was long and big she was making sounds.

Roger and I and an unexpected quest

fetish xhamporn 2018-06-29

My tight little pussy began to twitch and I could feel myself getting wetter and wetter as I closed my eyes and pictured myself squatting down on Rogers throbbing hard cock as Freddie’s hot fat cock probed and pushed past my tight pink anal ring and how I bit down on Roger’s shoulder as his cock slipped inside of me. I flicked my tongue out and licked my lips as I thought of looking up into his eyes while on my knees and slowly taking his hard thick cock deeper and deeper into my hot wet mouth until I felt him slide down my throat.

Weekend i will never forget(Part 1)

fetish wannabesubformt 2018-06-11

She had the evil smile on Her fact that always drove me wild and as I opened my mouth to say how amazing She looked She pointed Her finger at me and said, ‘stop, don’t say a word you sissy.’ That really wasn’t a problem because as soon as She raised Her voice and pointed Her finger at me I was speechless because I never imagined Her being like this. Soon Mistress Cindy came back in and pulled my panties to the side and said that I had done a fairly good job but tomorrow I would need to shave that hair out of my crack tomorrow because no good sissy has a harry pussy.

"TWO GRAVES" -- Horror Story Featuring A

fetish 2018-06-11

Just as before, the time that lead her here, she pulled her panties down to her ankles and lifted up the dress, showing the dark hair of her pussy, bending her knees up and apart, sliding her right foot up and back free of the panties, until she was spread widely, all plainly visible in the candle light; then she parted, wider and still wider at Lovell’s urging, until her feet were almost a yard apart, so wide she could not plant the feet on the freezing slab, totally exposed, her ass now numb from the frigid stone.

kate 9

fetish sissychris 2018-06-03

Off my balls and run up my crack, and started licking my bum hole, , her other hand went between her legs, I could see her finger stoking her clit through her knickers, her head pushed forward I could feel her tongue penetrate me , her finger was moving faster over her clit, I could feel her hot breath on my bum , her head moved back and forth pulling my balls tighter, she let out a moan as she orgasamed, She stood back and looked again, then went to her draw and pulled out some tights, she rolled a pair into a ball and pushed them into a cup and repeated in the other cup , then shushes the bra again, there perfect