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An End To All Doubt

fetish 2018-04-19

In front of her laptop Leah Jane flushed bright red and felt goosebumps prickle up all over her body, her nipples stiffened, her mouth dropped open and she let go of her pendant. Mani opened the email and there before him was the most beautiful thing he'd ever seen, Leah Jane topless with her most determined expression and the keys to his cock nestled between her soft, pale breasts. At first she was uncertain as to what she was looking at and turned the phone this way and that trying to make sense of what she was seeing, but when she looked up Leah Jane was dangling her chain from her little finger.

Love Not Given Lightly

fetish 2017-10-08

"I know she's just messing with my head" thought Leah Jane, when suddenly Anna's carresses turned to a sharp sting as she pinched down hard on both nipples. Anna drew back abruptly, freeing Mani's replica cock from the confines of their clinched bodies and teased the ring end of it up and down Leah Jane's breathless torso... "No more secrets then..?" asked Anna as she made Leah Jane look her in the eye by raising her chin with the head of the toy. Anna took a moment to survey her handy work, looking Leah Jane up and down like a rapacious b**st deciding which part of the kill to eat first.