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All Day Tease Ch. 01

fetish shapeshifter37 2018-08-08

For years, I had fantasized about coming home from work one day to find Kelly waiting to seduce me, cigarette in hand. For the next couple of hours I was barely able to concentrate as I imagined Kelly fulfilling my desires: lying on the couch and reading with a cigarette in her hand, smoking while putting on her eyeshadow, taking a drag as she shoved a 12" dildo into her neatly trimmed pussy... She sucked on the first few inches of my cock for a couple of minutes, stroking from the base up with her right hand and pausing twice to take drags from the cigarette and exhale around my shaft.


fetish Tori Dylan 2018-06-28

It is perfectly logical to invest in this worthy man - be he the king, the life partner, the Dom, the sugardaddy, the call-after-10pm, the Monday-Thursday, the uninvited/unrequited, the highschool lover-turned life partner, the fuck in car after closing-time, the prince, the pauper, or the femme-dom fucked/cum-sucking queen. You drink from me, with those sweet baby eyes fixed on the expressions of pleasure on my face...one of grown man hands hold my breast and the other on the cheek of my ass now as I arch to you. Your right hand commands me...your thumb torturing princess with unending swells that break into more surges of desire and wetness while your fingers expand the narrow sweet-sticky walls.