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fetish MaxwellSpanx2015 2018-12-02

“I have a bladder that can hold back more water than the Hoover dam.” Linda stared down at her red toe-peep shoes. It felt magical when I welcomed Linda home like the wife I wanted her to be. The natural musty perfume of her feet filtered into my nose, stirring my senses and making my cock rigid as I brought the shoe free from Linda’s foot. But like I said, after an hour I felt a huge burden had lifted.” Linda leaned back onto couch. I leaned forward and began worshipping Linda with my lips, kissing her outer ankle, before tasting the soft brown skin of her upper foot.

Kinky Black Love in Our World

fetish Samuelx 2018-12-01

My favourite big and tall Black stud, face down and ass up while getting fucked by me. I'm a young Black woman of Haitian descent living in the city of Ottawa, Province of Ontario. Most of the young Black women at Ontario provincial schools like Carleton University, the University of Ottawa, York University, La Cite Collegiale, Algonquin College and the University of Toronto aren't lucky enough to find a sexy, smart brother to share their lives with. That's because most Black men living in the province of Ontario chase White women like their lives depend on it. For months he had been going to this website featuring dominant women fucking men in the ass with strap-on dildos.

Eileen's First Facial

fetish oceanrunner 2018-11-25

Or if his particular fantasy was watching a guy take on an entire sorority house, I would have thought, “Well, gee, if Mike likes to think about an orgy with fifteen college sophomores he’s definitely going to need porn, because I can’t make that one happen for him.” I found that I was wet, surprisingly so, and I slid a finger into my pussy at the kitchen table, looking at the cum-covered faces of the women my husband masturbated to. Or you could just, you know, look at them for fun.” I gazed at my husband, feeling closer to him than ever, my eyes shining with happiness, and my face with his cum.

Mother Dear Pt. 09

fetish keptsissy 2018-11-20

I think about her slapping my face as I dawdled while helping her step in the sexy black lace panties she is wearing under her tight skirt, scolding me as I knelt in front of her, her holding the short leash attached to the collar she puts on me when I help her dress, telling me 'Stop staring at my pussy and pay attention to dressing me!'. Even though I know only she and I hear each other and know what we are talking about, it feels like everyone in the room can hear, feels like they all know I'm wearing my locking penis harness and a rubber 6" butt plug inserted in my rear end, all held firmly in place by a tight panty girdle.

Black on Black Pegging : Wedding

fetish Samuelx 2018-11-20

A tall, good-looking young Black man from the City of Atlanta, Georgia. When you're a highly educated Black man living and working in a North American corporation, White men will see you as a threat. My whirlwind romance with Ryan Calhoun, the half-Black, half-Irish and all Macho Man from the office, took me by surprise. Looking me in the eyes, Ryan told me he'd been into dark-skinned Black women ever since High School. My pureblood Black men usually deliver but Ryan the mixed stud didn't disappoint. Ryan's mother Lamika lived in the Atlanta suburb of Buckhead with her lawyer boyfriend, an older Black guy named Lester Morrison who reminded me of the 1980s B-movie actor Steve James.

Black on Black Pegging: Married

fetish Samuelx 2018-11-15

Anyhow, while I was in my first year in the MBA program at the University of Ottawa I met this charming Black guy named Kelvin Saint-Guillaume. Apparently, Kelvin was once engaged to this Italian-American gal named Nicole Brigida and her family didn't like him. When Nicole broke off their engagement mere days before they were supposed to get married, Kelvin went nuts. My girlfriends were quite surprised to see me marry a Black guy from America after shunning Black Canadian guys for white men of French Canadian descent all my life. I love going home, getting naked, sucking my man's dick and then have him shove it up my ass while riding him real hard.

The Military Guy

fetish SexyGator 2018-11-14

I was dropping my daughter off with my parents and saw Kyle's car in the driveway, which was a little strange. I walked in and saw Kyle in his uniform pants, boots and his tan shirt. My daughter being four, and knowing I have watched a few guys drop kids off to her school in military uniforms lovingly said, "My mommy likes guys in those clothes." Kyle laughed, picked my daughter up and said, "You know, I think your mommy is really cute, do you think I should go workout with her." I was a little confused, until he came around and opened my door and said, "Let's go get your cardio in." I couldn't resist, I placed his cock inside my pussy.

3-Day Stand, Part III

fetish Francisco 2018-11-13

He decides to pull out and does so with a two consecutive “blurps.” His left hand reaches up to twizzle the sticky white nipple on her left breast and his right hand coils over her thigh to hold her ass down on his face. The movement of his chocolate lips, revealing, in contrast, neon white teeth, sends her into paroxysms of laughter, Ruby rolls to her right on all fours facing the other direction and then turns like a brown bear on trout to lumber over his body and stare down at her prey. Still holding the bottle in her left hand, she slides forward so that her breasts drag up his belly until she is staring him right in the face.


fetish apexneutral 2018-11-12

I usually have to press my wife into sucking my cock, but clearly, the wine had the desired effect, she had already started to slowly push her full red lips over the tip of my cock. I was torn, but also knew my wife doesn't usually like it when I cum in her mouth, but between the several weeks of build-up and between her mouth grinding on my cock harder and faster I knew I wasn’t going to last long. I couldn’t help feeling the familiar stirrings of another erection as I watched her pressing her perfect curvy ass back onto the pommel of the gear shift. I started to pump my cock in my free hand in time with my wife's fucking.

Finding Rachel’s Switch

fetish timojen 2018-11-11

“Christ, there goes date night.” I said, not wanting to end it like this. She didn’t answer, instead Rachel started shaking, like she was laughing silently. I got hard instantly but Rachel didn’t roll over and pull me on her. Two times she managed to get me hard again with some enthusiastic oral sex, meaning she sat on my face and did her best to jam my cock down her throat, something she excelled at and loved to do anyway. “It didn’t work,” she said, as I came back to the bar conveniently late on night. There would likely be several single women in the bar area, which meant my philandering Aussie would need time.

His Smoky Beauty

fetish CuriousButterfly 2018-11-10

She knew he was watching her, so she dramatically took the first drag and then slowly blew the smoke out from between her soft, full lips. She leaned back and took a second drag, a seductive curl formed on her lips as she exhaled, letting the smoke linger. Her eyes flickered as she spread her legs; her right hand slowly moved over the curve of her breast. Her left hand raised the cigarette to her pouting lips; she slowly inhaled and exhaled. Without hesitation, his hand started to caress her right breast and he adjusted his body so that his hot breath was teasing her nipple. Her pussy gripped his fingers; it pulsed and released as her body responded to his deep, penetrating movements.

Generation Gap in Poetical Prose

fetish Morninglcoffee 2018-11-08

Yes, I am tall and I am "built" so the young woman said.. We stood as clothing fell to the floor, And fell to the bed of lasciviousness, Her knees bent with long feet on the sheets, Sodden with the scent of harvest, As her lovely head went back and she looked to the sky, Until my mouth was covered The beautiful flower jumped from my bed, With a warm wet cloth she returned, But like most young woman they think the grass is greener over the hill, and yet the older man remains her thrill. There is nothing wrong with a young woman that time does not cure. There is nothing wrong with an older man that a young woman cannot fix.

Nina... my love...

fetish prisonbreak 2018-11-07

She continued pulling down the garment, as I held her hair behind and started kissing her full on her lush, pink, delicate lips. Even as I was holding Nina’s spanked ass-cheeks apart, her delicately crinkled anus looked like a tiny rosebud. Nina then hungrily snatched my cock from my hand and started licking the peephole with her tongue. I couldn’t resist the tease and held her chin in my left hand, shoving my cock balls deep into her open mouth. Keeping Nina close to me, I pulled out of her leaking pussy and slid up my cock into her asshole. I again resumed watching Nina’s dangling feet and soft, wrinkled soles; as she cleaned my cock, sucking and slurping at it.


fetish lilalola 2018-11-07

He pulled me hard into him, his hands swarming down my back and ass before ending up in my hair then cupping my face. I cupped his balls before going down on him, deepthroating him fast, running my tongue like a helicopter round and round the head, sucking hard. He slowly stuck one finger into my snatch, gently pushing in and out, continuing to suck at my nipples, alternating between each breast. Suddenly, he slapped my ass, the head of his cock at the opening of my pussy. He lay down on me, breathing hard as his cock slowly went limp, his sweaty skin against mine as the snow outside turned into a blizzard while we were in the warm.

Dirty Martini

fetish oceanrunner 2018-11-06

Once our panic had faded, Pam smirked at me as she schmoozed, raising the glass to her lips, drinking my cum at a black-tie party. She started to hold out her hand for the drink, directing a knowing smile at me, before she thought better of it and answered Pam with, “No, my dear. “Well, usually when you say that something tastes like piss, it’s not a good thing,” I said mildly from the shower, making sure that the water washed away the last traces of my urine from the bottom of the tub. “You like how it tastes?” I’d asked after she’d lapped up the last drop of semen from my chest.

Arab Femdom in Ethiopia

fetish Samuelx 2018-11-06

I seriously sexed Jamal Garrison down and hypnotized him using my awesome Black pussy. Having seduced Jamal Garrison away from the white sluts of Carleton University, I made sure I kept him. Jamal Garrison loves the taste of my pussy. A lot of Black men think if they let a Black woman finger their asshole or use a dildo on them it makes them gay. So, straight brothers, letting a hot sister plug your ass with a strap-on dildo does NOT make you gay. Jamal's dick actually got harder as I worked my eight-inch dildo up his ass. While fucking his ass with my dildo, I stroked his big Black cock.

Black On Black Pegging : Novelty

fetish Samuelx 2018-11-02

Anyone looking at me sees a six-foot-two, lean and wiry young man with light brown skin, pale gray eyes and curly Black hair. My father told me that he never had any luck with African-American women, that's why he married a Mexican gal. A beautiful young Black woman from the City of Lagos in the African nation of Nigeria. Evelyn was in the graduate studies program at Carleton University, taking up sociology with a focus on women's and gender issues. Over the next few days, Evelyn Mbakwe and I got to know each other better. For a biracial surfer dude born to a Jamaican father and Mexican mother in Los Angeles, California, that's quite a change in both mindset and lifestyle.

A Dominant Wife Takes Another Slave

fetish keptsissy 2018-11-01

The CB-6000 penis harness I wear at all times, except for reward or punishment sessions like this, sits on the table off to the side of my stool, next to a bottle of k-y lubricant and a small 5" braided penis whip. But first I want my little man to feel the pleasure of my hand. She pulls her hands away from me leaving only her wetness and her lover's cum behind all over my face. "This Mistress-slave thing is an absolute turn on and I've been wet for the past week thinking about taking it to a new level. She feels me go completely soft in her hand as she stares at the screen while talking to me.

Impregnation Cruise Ch. 05: Guadeloup, St. Maarten, Home

fetish Scorpius1945 2018-10-30

I've had lots of fun, had a really sexy trip, found you, made love with you thousands of times, had sex with many other random men and some women, but really, as I said, the place I long to be is in your arms forever. "Well, I think Cherie and I will go ashore and see if we can find a nice ring that will suit the third finger of her left hand," said Charles, interrupting my thoughts. "Yes, definitely," I said, "After all, I hope I'm pregnant and when I'm huge I guess I won't feel like sex a great deal so Charles will have to make love with you to get his rocks off.

The Best Gift Ever Ch. 08

fetish Katiekatsman 2018-10-05

They woke early each morning, Mistress often putting Bobby between her legs for a few minutes before sending him to the kitchen to prepare a hot breakfast of her liking. "I love your kisses Bobby, but I want you inside me. Bobby did make love and he did it for a long while; sometimes moving, sometimes stopping just long enough to kiss and tell her know how much he adored and cared. Mistress didn't want to leave the bed once she got in and so Bobby remained caring for her. When things first changed it took Deb two weeks before she conceded to Bobby's suggestion of having him lick her whenever Ty demanded service.

My Aunt Agnes

fetish shoeslayer 2018-10-05

"Oh yes Ron, you like being with older ladies all right." Aunt Agnes said with a smile and I had the idea that some very nice things could happen here. And if you feel you need to do something, tell me so I can lick the cum up before it makes a stiff spot on my dress and I know I'd like to see you do things as you wear my clothes. Aunt Agnes takes the pearl beaded chain for those silver ovals and wraps it around me then takes me into her warm moist and very loving mouth and is sucking me as she moves those beads back and forth and dragging those ovals under my balls and as her head is going up and down my cock, the kitchen lamp is seen in her half-square glasses.

My Sex Doll Came to Life

fetish AndyPanter001 2018-10-02

At the time I was working a pretty menial job and didn't have much of a social life, and so my nights were typically spent alone, watching tv, playing video games, eating junk food, and, of course, masturbating. I just hoped to god that it didn't come in some big box that said "Bill's Sex Doll Emporium" or something like that. The whole day just seemed like it was building up to that night when I would fuck my doll again. I felt like a beautiful girl was in my room wanting to cuddle up with me and go to sleep after a night of intercourse. I realized that I needed to take a long, hard look at myself and reevaluate my situation, and so, sadly, I broke the news to Samantha.

Complimentary Desires

fetish MarthaD 2018-10-01

I explained to him that this would make him a better and nicer person and that paying women compliments is a good way to demonstrate your appreciation and respect for them. He said, "When you told me that paying a compliment to another woman was a way of showing my respect for you, it made me want to do it since I'm always happy to do something that will show my love and commitment to you." Maybe more accurately, she wanted to make sure that she had in fact gotten inside my head and that my desire and motivation to extend compliments to women and make them feel good was a manifestation of my desire to please my wife.

Chloe and Paul: The Beginning

fetish inyourknickers 2018-09-29

Some people think that's sick or weird or something, but I just think it's something that everyone naturally does and it's kind of intimate seeing it like this." I nodded at the screen, where a voluptuous and slightly older woman was sat on the toilet, red silky knickers stretched between her knees. My heart pounded as she reached under her skirt to tug her tights down, rolling them down over her milky white thighs, her knickers caught in them and bunched up around her knees, her cunt clean shaven just as she knew I liked it to be. Me gently eating my girlfriend out while she stood over the toilet bowl, tights and knickers bunched around her calves, stroking my head lovingly as I tasted her urine, licking every drop from her till she was clean.