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Dirty Martini

fetish oceanrunner 2018-06-20

Once our panic had faded, Pam smirked at me as she schmoozed, raising the glass to her lips, drinking my cum at a black-tie party. She started to hold out her hand for the drink, directing a knowing smile at me, before she thought better of it and answered Pam with, “No, my dear. “Well, usually when you say that something tastes like piss, it’s not a good thing,” I said mildly from the shower, making sure that the water washed away the last traces of my urine from the bottom of the tub. “You like how it tastes?” I’d asked after she’d lapped up the last drop of semen from my chest.


fetish apexneutral 2018-06-18

I usually have to press my wife into sucking my cock, but clearly, the wine had the desired effect, she had already started to slowly push her full red lips over the tip of my cock. I was torn, but also knew my wife doesn't usually like it when I cum in her mouth, but between the several weeks of build-up and between her mouth grinding on my cock harder and faster I knew I wasn’t going to last long. I couldn’t help feeling the familiar stirrings of another erection as I watched her pressing her perfect curvy ass back onto the pommel of the gear shift. I started to pump my cock in my free hand in time with my wife's fucking.

Nina... my love...

fetish prisonbreak 2018-06-16

She continued pulling down the garment, as I held her hair behind and started kissing her full on her lush, pink, delicate lips. Even as I was holding Nina’s spanked ass-cheeks apart, her delicately crinkled anus looked like a tiny rosebud. Nina then hungrily snatched my cock from my hand and started licking the peephole with her tongue. I couldn’t resist the tease and held her chin in my left hand, shoving my cock balls deep into her open mouth. Keeping Nina close to me, I pulled out of her leaking pussy and slid up my cock into her asshole. I again resumed watching Nina’s dangling feet and soft, wrinkled soles; as she cleaned my cock, sucking and slurping at it.

3-Day Stand, Part III

fetish Francisco 2018-06-11

He decides to pull out and does so with a two consecutive “blurps.” His left hand reaches up to twizzle the sticky white nipple on her left breast and his right hand coils over her thigh to hold her ass down on his face. The movement of his chocolate lips, revealing, in contrast, neon white teeth, sends her into paroxysms of laughter, Ruby rolls to her right on all fours facing the other direction and then turns like a brown bear on trout to lumber over his body and stare down at her prey. Still holding the bottle in her left hand, she slides forward so that her breasts drag up his belly until she is staring him right in the face.

Finding Rachel’s Switch

fetish timojen 2018-06-07

“Christ, there goes date night.” I said, not wanting to end it like this. She didn’t answer, instead Rachel started shaking, like she was laughing silently. I got hard instantly but Rachel didn’t roll over and pull me on her. Two times she managed to get me hard again with some enthusiastic oral sex, meaning she sat on my face and did her best to jam my cock down her throat, something she excelled at and loved to do anyway. “It didn’t work,” she said, as I came back to the bar conveniently late on night. There would likely be several single women in the bar area, which meant my philandering Aussie would need time.

Generation Gap in Poetical Prose

fetish Morninglcoffee 2018-06-06

Yes, I am tall and I am "built" so the young woman said.. We stood as clothing fell to the floor, And fell to the bed of lasciviousness, Her knees bent with long feet on the sheets, Sodden with the scent of harvest, As her lovely head went back and she looked to the sky, Until my mouth was covered The beautiful flower jumped from my bed, With a warm wet cloth she returned, But like most young woman they think the grass is greener over the hill, and yet the older man remains her thrill. There is nothing wrong with a young woman that time does not cure. There is nothing wrong with an older man that a young woman cannot fix.


fetish MaxwellSpanx2015 2018-06-03

“I have a bladder that can hold back more water than the Hoover dam.” Linda stared down at her red toe-peep shoes. It felt magical when I welcomed Linda home like the wife I wanted her to be. The natural musty perfume of her feet filtered into my nose, stirring my senses and making my cock rigid as I brought the shoe free from Linda’s foot. But like I said, after an hour I felt a huge burden had lifted.” Linda leaned back onto couch. I leaned forward and began worshipping Linda with my lips, kissing her outer ankle, before tasting the soft brown skin of her upper foot.


fetish lilalola 2018-06-02

He pulled me hard into him, his hands swarming down my back and ass before ending up in my hair then cupping my face. I cupped his balls before going down on him, deepthroating him fast, running my tongue like a helicopter round and round the head, sucking hard. He slowly stuck one finger into my snatch, gently pushing in and out, continuing to suck at my nipples, alternating between each breast. Suddenly, he slapped my ass, the head of his cock at the opening of my pussy. He lay down on me, breathing hard as his cock slowly went limp, his sweaty skin against mine as the snow outside turned into a blizzard while we were in the warm.

The Military Guy

fetish SexyGator 2018-05-29

I was dropping my daughter off with my parents and saw Kyle's car in the driveway, which was a little strange. I walked in and saw Kyle in his uniform pants, boots and his tan shirt. My daughter being four, and knowing I have watched a few guys drop kids off to her school in military uniforms lovingly said, "My mommy likes guys in those clothes." Kyle laughed, picked my daughter up and said, "You know, I think your mommy is really cute, do you think I should go workout with her." I was a little confused, until he came around and opened my door and said, "Let's go get your cardio in." I couldn't resist, I placed his cock inside my pussy.

Eileen's First Facial

fetish oceanrunner 2018-05-28

Or if his particular fantasy was watching a guy take on an entire sorority house, I would have thought, “Well, gee, if Mike likes to think about an orgy with fifteen college sophomores he’s definitely going to need porn, because I can’t make that one happen for him.” I found that I was wet, surprisingly so, and I slid a finger into my pussy at the kitchen table, looking at the cum-covered faces of the women my husband masturbated to. Or you could just, you know, look at them for fun.” I gazed at my husband, feeling closer to him than ever, my eyes shining with happiness, and my face with his cum.

His Smoky Beauty

fetish CuriousButterfly 2018-05-26

She knew he was watching her, so she dramatically took the first drag and then slowly blew the smoke out from between her soft, full lips. She leaned back and took a second drag, a seductive curl formed on her lips as she exhaled, letting the smoke linger. Her eyes flickered as she spread her legs; her right hand slowly moved over the curve of her breast. Her left hand raised the cigarette to her pouting lips; she slowly inhaled and exhaled. Without hesitation, his hand started to caress her right breast and he adjusted his body so that his hot breath was teasing her nipple. Her pussy gripped his fingers; it pulsed and released as her body responded to his deep, penetrating movements.

Ice Me Up, Baby!

fetish AmethystMare 2018-05-19

And he wouldn't have the time to ask as he picked up the first ice cube and ran it in a slow, slick circle around her breast, the ice slowly melting and slipping beneath his fingers. Ren smothered her lips and neck with kisses, the ice cube slipping between his fingers. He yipped softly and nuzzled into her neck, his russet tail wagging as he let the nearly melted ice cube just barely touch the lips of her sex. He ran the tip of his tongue over the softly scaled lips of her pussy, working her up to a frenzy of need, and only then did he swap the sensation out for the glorious ice that sent pleasurable chills up her spine.

Stories of a young vampire - part 2: Cursed or ble

fetish toyboy090 2018-05-14

We actually fell in love but neither of us dare to tell to other one, it took some days to finnaly give in to our feelings and once we got that out, we started kissing and getting horny. Gina wasn't pleased to see me in love with someone else, she wanted Jennifer out of the picture forever. Gina wasn't intimidated by the knife and striked it out of her hands and grabbed Jennifer and starting choking her. We burned Gina's body to make sure she wouldn't return, after that night we needed to go away from there, we took the car and drove miles and miles to the coast and just sat there.

Oldies but Goodies

fetish gallowglass 2018-05-13

The last time round, she didn't let go of my hands at once, but just flashed me a wicked look. "Fuck the arse off me." she shot back in a queenly and commanding voice. No doubt quite elegant in her time, good cheekbones, thighs and calves well-proportioned, but the rest of the body skinny and shrunk, and the breasts sadly wrinkled. For the first time ever, I started to notice a woman's feet. Now I was suddenly becoming aroused by the sight of Maureen's stockinged foot, shapely and poised, especially that lovely curve of the instep. It was clear she liked being on top, and the way she went at it, I started to wonder why she needed a stair-lift at all.

A Gentle Whisper Ch. 02

fetish occasus514 2018-05-10

He would not go back to the house until his head was cleared and until he knew he would be able to effectively deal with the situation in a way that would not damage the relationship that he cherished with his wife of one year. He would chase her around the house, until he caught her, shrieking and giggling, she would struggle as he turned her over his knee and gave her some playful, yet efficient and stinging swats. He thought back to the day he realized he wanted to marry Jenny....the first night he met her, he knew. For the remainder of the Rose Bowl, if Jenny made a comment about the opposing team, he would give her a stinging swat that would leave her shrieking, and breathless with excitement.

Collar Me

fetish puppyplay 2018-05-05

The moment the door closed behind her, Kim felt Marcus's hands shoot up her breasts from behind her. With every moan she took, Marcus removed another article of her clothing without her noticing or caring and before long she was completely nude and on the floor panting from how hard she had climaxed from her own fingers. Kim cocked her head to the side and suddenly Marcus slipped the collar around her neck and fastened it tight, looking it in place with a tiny padlock. Marcus clicked a button on the remote he held in his hands and a soft charge of electricity ran through the collar that Kim wore.

Inpregnation by BBC

fetish Cunt4BBC 2018-05-05

I sit here in my panties, a cute litttle negligegh; and wig awaiting what my black bull will cum and do to me in the next few moments. They want a sexy femme gurl to take their big manly cocks. Its a ritual to prepare ones white smooth submissive femme body for contact with rough thick black cock. On my knees servicing dominant black masters who control my mouth and pussy ass. He throws me onto the bed and i push my head down ass up thats the way black men like it. He fucks for hours the way only bareback black power tops can. Im a little sissy fag slut for bareback black cum. In short i love to be imprenated by black men who have very large cocks.

helping out

fetish fkmyface 2018-05-04

"I could sure use a blow job man, no body has to know", i was frozen when he got a foot away and he said "come on bud, help a guy out" and put his hand on my shoulder pulling me downward, I melted in fear and anticipation as i went to me knees and took him in my hands, for being so hard the skin was really soft. I looked up and him and he said "please??" I looked back at his magnificent hard on and opened my mouth, I still remember how soft it felt in my mouth as i closed my mouth around it, I felt hi hands move to my head and pull me close and his cock went balls deep making me gag, he pulled back and pushed again and i felt this pressure in my mouth and felt something warm sliding down my throat.

Black Prisoner for White Sexy Wife

fetish Jizzylady 2018-05-03

It was all arranged I turned up at the jail, dressed as before.looking like his Lawyer!even the guard thought I was and quickly took me to the private f****y room, he flipped open my letter and saw he had it wrong about me, as I said that I was his long term girlfriend in it. With my little had on his hard balls I could feel the rubber flapping about on a fucked rubber, it could not take what this big black prisoner had given it! Then yes in went the 1st delivery...he groaned out loud and shot a big heavy, hot piss load of filth in my poor white cunt!

BUNSNUB: Another Love Story Ch. 03

fetish NastyPierre 2018-04-29

Then I felt the pretty Indian lady's hand search for and quickly find a pinch of my buttocks. She stood with her hands once more on her hips and her chest thrust forward, daring me to look at it. I felt the string dig into the crevice of my behind and looked down to see the material stretch both into and away from my penis. Next, the secretary pulled from the box what looked like a giant fan, only it was a collar and though darker, matched the color of my new undies. Then again, I felt like a man in a fog so dense I couldn't see my hand in front of my face.

Guide for Cum Eating

fetish faggitkiki 2018-04-21

I mean seriously, why would a dirty little fuck whore like you have difficulty spraying your face with hot sticky cum?? Remember, my dirty little skank, being an exceptional cum slut requires time, dedication, and repetition. After you’re thoroughly relaxed and accepting of the fact you love the taste of hot sperm, you may wipe up your worship puddle go on about your business. Just as in Step 2, get completely naked, stand in front of your computer desk, stroke and cum. Step 5: The Perfect Cum Eating Slut In your most seductive and slutty voice say, “I’m going to show you what a whore I am, Mistress.” Stick out your tongue and slowly lick every single drop of cum cleaning your desk top thoroughly.

Hitch Hiker

fetish Jizzylady 2018-04-21

I grabbed at it and my little hand squeezing the shaft made the big veins bulge and wave about under the white skin.A couple of tugs on his dick and up spurted his 1st pre-cum, by now he had his tongue back up my wet cunt.I got my thighs clamped around his head and held his face into my cunt. I stood up fully now and he lifted me with his up thrust, his hands working my big ass, then pop in went the whole shaft, he groaned and I came deep inside my pussy.His hands held me tight now and we kissed, he was really fucking me and my G-spot was taking a nice slamming, Then I squirted with the filling his shaft was giving me, the cunt juices sprayed into my leather skit and boots, then ran cold down my legs.

My Offer to diana !

fetish Pacemen 2018-04-19

It has now been just on 9 months since diana accepted my offer to join in with alice & myself & take my training collar. I know what size ring diana is as she has tried on alice’s Ring that I gave her when I offered her a Collar of Consideration, so that was very easy to order. diana had a confused look on her face, but complied, then I said “diana you have been part of our life now for close to 9 months, I need you to know that I love you, I respect you, I want to own you & therefore I want to formally offer you a Collar of consideration”.


fetish dad4anal 2018-04-16

Both are oh, so sweaty, her eye makeup running as he's good for another few violent thrusts, and the thing they always go after finally happens: he starts to make her asshole queef as each thrust forces air into her, making him fuck her hard, which then repeats the process. They've been doing this for the last 2 years, so she knows just when it's time to cum before her ass becomes too accustomed to his huge cock and it starts to hurt less. Brad's cock slowly withers as Elena finds the courage to push the remaining semen he pumped into her, farting it all out onto the sheets, the nasty, wet, gurgling sound giving Brad a mental orgasm, wishing he was still hard enough to enjoy it.