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period sex is the best

fetish wa1 2018-06-11

As Sharon reached over and gently rubbed my erect penis, my hand slowly travelled from her breast to her belly button. I slithered down a finger into her slit and pick up some love juice and began rubbing her clit with it. So two fingers scooped her clit and catching a teaspoon of juice and placing them in my mouth. Now the penis was turning a beautiful red from the flowing juices. My dick just slipped in all the way to the hilt. Sharon moaned with delight. It was so warm and moist exploring the insides while the muscles seem to clamp down on me. Sharon licked and sucked my balls. She really enjoyed our mixed love juices.

A Cuckhold's Tale 3

fetish BiCucky 2018-04-28

I took Will’s massive cock in my hands and began to examine it, explore it as he had instructed. Nadya and he laughed, chatted and tongued each other’s mouths as I ministered to Will’s cock. I want to watch you stretch her cunt wide and pry open her asshole. I want to press you against my cheek, smell you, watch you piss, watch you fuck. “Yes, well give it a deep lover’s kiss then get to work on the barbeque and bring me a cold beer. I’m so sore from his monster cock but I want it more and more. He wants to have his friends fuck me and you know I have always fantasized over a gangbang.

Where Are You Going? part 3

fetish Johnnytames69 2018-04-22

The village chieftain of Gaestadvia had graciously lent Brigida Calista and Diana Aureliana the use of his lodge while they hammered out the details of forming an alliance with Vartorix and his warriors. After minimal discussion, the Arverni chieftain had enthusiastically agreed to the terms; he hated the Romans as much as Brigida and Diana. Diana and Brigida pulled up off him as he exploded, catching as much of his voluminous orgasm in their mouths as they could, letting the rest splash over their hair and face and breasts. “I’m glad we’ve managed to recruit Vartorix and his troops to our cause,” Brigida said. Then she pulled the bed furs up over Brigida and the slumbering Vartorix and kissed her lover.

Cum Eating Hubby pt.1

fetish Azmodaz 2018-04-21

As I followed my wife into the f****y room, I saw her date reclining on told me to suck his cock and get him nice and hard for her. She told me to pay attention and watch how a real man fucked a woman. actually balling my wife on the floor of our f****y room while I was told to fuck her properly, maybe I should just crawl over and clean her lover's cum out After I'd came, my wife stuck her cum soaked foot into my mouth for me to savoring the smell of cum on my wife's stockings and panties. guest room with the knowledge that my wife and her lover were sl**ping in our

The Prostitute

fetish hi1 2018-04-07

"Really?" several young men muttered, without taking their eyes of the stage where the woman was moving her thick but delicate body like a belly dancer. So the woman bent over, requested her young lover to write '$40' on her hips and spread her asshole by the booth. The woman performs on the stage, gets fucked on the stage, taking 8-10 men one after the other, gets double, triple penetrated letting men cum on her face, tits or in her cunt and ass. Then her lover walks over and they hug, letting the cum of all those strangers rub all over their naked bodies and she sucks his asshole and then makes him cum in her mouth of her face."

Men or Women How to Suck Cock

fetish 425olds 2018-03-05

If your lover has a normal (4-6 inch) length cock then the most erotic position is to kneel before him on a pillow and let him fuck your face. Pulling out and leaving only the cock head in your mouth lets you enjoy the f***e of his ejaculation and the taste of his semen. You then have the option of laying or sitting back and enjoying the ejaculate in your mouth before you swallow or even share some of it back with your lover. Finally one man was so turned on by my semen soaked face that he sucked me to my own orgasm and swallowed my cum.

Fastest MILF ever

fetish fastmover36 2018-02-13

Now she has a panicked look on her face, however she tells him no problem that everything will be ready for him when he gets home. She hangs up the phone and turns to her lover and tells him the situation. "Well, looks like you better speed up to get this house cleaned, cook dinner, and fuck me as well". Like a flash she immediately gets to work on the kitchen. like a flash she strips down, kneels in front of him and starts blowing him and tit fucking him in mindblowing speed. MILF needs to get dinner ready for her doting husband. lets get started" and with amazing speed she sets out to try on every single dress combination along with panties and bras.

Jesica's Valentines Party

fetish sithlord6969 2018-02-06

Her flirting and teasing was not confined to her lover and strangers, Jessica would routine apply the same techniques to some of the more attractive residents of their building. Leaving the door cracked a smidge she crossed the room to the far wall and stood up straight with her hands reaching up against the white surface in a pose of surrender. The right hand returned and gently but forcibly pulled Jessica's hips back from the wall and flipped her all too short skirt over her hips and on to her lower back. She tried to push away from the wall but her strength had left her, her sweaty face pressed against the sheetrock surface as she came yet again as the board president filled her with his sperm.

The Pie

fetish jeninflorida 2018-01-04

There was nothing I could do as my body was in complete control I started to cum in her, Holly moaned as I released in her. Holly worked my cock in her pussy as I enjoyed the last of my orgasm. Make me cum baby!" As I withdrawal my cock from Holly, I looked out the window to notice that our neighbors had a construction crew working on the new pool deck. Holly looked down at me, "I need this baby, make me cum." She moved forward and her lips touched mine. Holly was moaning and squirming, loved feeling her body touching mine as her skin is so soft. "You like watching me touch myself?" She slipped two fingers into her wet pussy.

An Anniversary Present

fetish 2018-01-02

Steve took the key and then told my wife to take a powder and meet him at the front door in just a minute because he wanted to have a word with me. Steve was gentle and my wife told me later that she fell in love with his cock right there and then. My wife rarely tasted my cum but she treated Steve's like it was the nectar of a god, and in many ways it was. I am fucking her right now and wanted to be sure you knew how much she is enjoying it." With that he gave the phone to my wife and she let out a ""oh baby are you there" in between moans.

A Slut and Her Tentacle Monster

fetish shmoe13 2017-12-28

More tentacles began to rub my kitty, making me leak girl juice as my lover told me what I needed to do. When he hit the back of my kitty again, I looked down, never letting the tentacle in my mouth leave, and gaped when I saw it was only about half of the way in. The slime lubricated the way, and soon my lover was thrusting mightily into my behind and my mouth, even as I wanted desperately for him to keep going in my kitty. When this started, my lover began to pull back till only the tip was in my womb before thrusting back in, making me grunt around the tentacle in my mouth before it started spitting more of the delicious green liquid down my throat.


fetish 2017-12-13

As I kneeled between my wife's lovers legs sucking wife ordered me over to a chair and told me to keep my mouth shut balling my wife on our f****y room floor while I was told to sit and After I came, my wife stuck her cummed on foot into my mouth for me bed and said put my rubber on so I can fuck your wife again . Karen said they were going to fuck my wife hard, A second later, David pulled out of my wife's mouth Jason filled my wife's pussy with his cum. eternity, Jason pulled his cock out of my wife's cunt - making a At the same time, my wife handed me Karen's cummed-in pump

Cum Eating Husband

fetish batgirl-lsa 2017-12-04

A year or so ago I told my wife about my fantasy. bed - I cum too soon and my cock is too small, only She told me to suck his cock and get him nice and hard wife's lovers legs sucking him off, my own cock grew to by the hair and pulled my mouth off her lover's cock. After I came, my wife stuck her cummed on foot into my and said, Put my rubber on so I can fuck your wife fucked she told me to kiss her feet and suck her toes. This guy had just cum on wife s face 30 minutes up!" I opened my mouth and she stuffed her lover's cum

Cuckold Husband Helps....

fetish bioralpleaser 2017-11-15

She told me to suck his cock and get him nice and hard wife's lovers legs sucking him off, my own cock grew to by the hair and pulled my mouth off her lover's cock. stranger was balling my wife on our f****y room floor After I came, my wife stuck her cummed on foot into my room knowing that her my wife and her lover were told me to strip and kneel at the foot of the bed, and said, Put my rubber on so I can fuck your wife fucked she told me to kiss her feet and suck her toes. This guy had just cum on wife s face 30 minutes up!" I opened my mouth and she stuffed her lover's cum

150 Ways to Humiliate Your Husband

fetish 2017-10-12

Make your husband watch as you prepare for a night out on the town with your married and/or single friends which includes dancing, drinking but mainly picking up other men to have fun with. Tell f****y or friends you fuck other men and how your husband likes it. Tell your husband you had sex in your car with one of your lovers and for him to go clean the cum stains off the back seat. Take photos and video of your husband sucking dicks and getting ass fucked by lots of other men, then store them securely and threaten to use them in court if you ever need them or threaten to show to his f****y and friends.

Cuckolded by Mistress.

fetish jughead99 2017-10-10

I wait on my knees with my head bowed as she showers and as instructed am waiting with a towel when she f inishes and allowed to dry her off beginning with her long graceful neck my small painfully tied cock getting very excited as I work my way past her tasteful tatoos to her beautiful magnificent breasts that feel delightfully heavy through the soft cotton towel I linger a few seconds too long there and Lady Flame announces "You have just earned yourself another six strokes slave" by the time i have dried her incredibly well formed fit bottom and lingered far to long on her tight looking womanly pussy the total is up to eighteen strokes to be administered immediately by a still naked Lady Flame.

Wife Pleases - VII

fetish 2017-10-02

The doctor would be dropping by to pick her up to go for a "drive." But, she had other plans for him as she said: "Better get your listening devices set up because I am going to see if I can get him to spend his valuable time in our bedroom and I am sure you want to monitor the 'action.' An understatement, for sure! His come was different than her earlier lover and I enjoyed draining it out and then using the remaining lube to screw her with, but it only lasted a short time as cum lube is so exotic, I could hardly hold back...and she didn't need to cum as he had done a job taking care of that....then she said.."oh, there's a little bit of breast milk left, Want some?" Another redundancy.

Sarah's Teen Lover

fetish 2017-09-07

My sexy little bride has been to bed with men of all young of a guy she had in mind, did she want to fuck the I told Sarah and Seth that I had a few things that I Sarah told her young stud that she didn't want to waste My bride had her teen lover convinced that his cock was Seth was ready and I think he wanted to take my bride oversized cock like Seth's and her pussy was enjoying I think the first time that Sarah started really getting Seth fucked my wife for over an hour before day and not knowing how much time my wife would want to Seth has introduced my wife to a couple of his young

Assignation with a lover

fetish petercee 2017-07-19

Anne was changing her blouse and straightening her skirt as I leaned through the open window to give her a kiss I could smell and taste the guys cum on her, I advised her she'd need a shower before she returned to the office but of course that was no problem if you owned the company, I would have loved to have gone home with her and fucked that soaking pussy but I didn't own my company and I had work to do, so one more kiss and we went our separate ways.

Cuckold Fiancé my Future Husband's Res

fetish paulb4fun 2017-06-28

In our last episode, Sue had blown and drained her hot new young Latin lover while her fiancé was racing to join her in Toledo. Her hot Latin lover, Raffael, was her first of many lovers she took after becoming Paul's fiancé. Susan awaited Paul's arrival with a healthy load of Raffy jizz all over her face. After her entire face was clean, Sue started kissing his neck and wispered that her big dicked lover wasn't man enough to fuck her, so Paul had some work to do. Sue smiled, came, and decided to push Paul over the edge. She slid from beneath her fiancé and dutifully licked her pussy juice and his come off his spent, but still, but still hard cock.