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One Very Yummy Mummy

fetish nicklast10 2018-08-27

She knew she would get looks, Posh cute girls like her always do, but she had no intention of cheating on her husband of 4 years. Ben needed Lucies feet. "Ww what are you doing!?" Lucie was coming back round and felt this teen sucking her feet. "Shut the fuck up you posh bitch!" Ben spat out with venom and slapped Lucie's pretty face once more. Ben took Lucies delicate foot oit his mouth and got in top of her. Ben didnt waste any time he reached up Lucies legs and pulled her panties to the side. He pulled his cock oit of Lucie's abused pussy and unloaded on her beautifuly painted toe nail and soft feet.

Lucy May Gets Pissed Ch. 01

fetish angiefuch 2018-04-19

The stream of piss was as great a shock to Lucie-May as it was to me, it hit her square in the mouth just back of her bottom teeth and some went out the sides of her mouth and some straight down her throat, "Now you savour that sweet taste." Saskia suggested as she took the ball gag and put it in and strapped it around Lucie-May's head, lifting her shiny clean honey blonde hair to cascade and hide the strap. She held her shit covered fingers under Lucie-May's nose, lick them little one, make me all lovely and clean so I feel up your fuck hole." Saskia said so sweet and gentle that Lucie opened her mouth and started sucking.