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Dante's Slave

fetish HisDarkestMistress 2018-11-30

He took his cock in his hand and I watched as he stroked up and down. As soon as I shut my mouth, he let out a loud groan and I felt his warm thick cum splash my face. My head was forced side to side and I felt his cum rubbing across my face, even sticking my eyelashes together. I felt the bed shift as his body heat began warming my back. I felt his body rear back and his hand smacked down on my ass hard. I felt him cum inside me and a smile came on my face. I saw the smile in his eyes as I walked away, sashying my thick hips like a good slave.

Mario Returns to the Club Pt. 01

fetish Ha275 2018-09-12

"No wonder my sister was never excited to talk about you." said Kara as she stood firm in one place staring at Mario's cock who clenched his fists angrily and got into position. The crowd gave a mixed reaction as Kara was seeing stars and her beautiful face was still covered in her silky blonde hair because she hadn't recovered yet but was beginning to moan as she got hammered in the ass by a dominant Mario. They were kissing each other's wet bodies as Mario fucked Kara in the ass and she covered his waist with her thin legs. Kara grabbed Mario's head as he kissed her breasts and started smothering his face in.

Sweet Submission

fetish AmethystMare 2018-09-09

The jackal writhed and moaned, eyes closed and lips parted in lust as her partner, a pale feline with the faintest, most alluring tinge of violet to his fur, thrust his fingers lazily into her cunt. The feline licked her juices from his soaked fingers and purred in her ear, sinking his cock slowly into her as he covered her body with his own, the jackal on her back with no way to escape. The jackal moaned beneath him, his cock not enough to bring her over the edge, yet more than enough to make every nerve in her body thrum with raw need. Knowing her body better than she knew it herself, Ace purred and flicked his tongue over her clit, rapidly driving her to the peak again and again and again.

Playing with Kay

fetish ruthless bastard 2018-07-04

And My dick loved her tight little pussy." He was looking into her eyes through the mirror with a smile on his face as she looked at him hurt with tears in her eyes. And now to find out that he had fucked her ass this morning and came right to her was making it worse, both the crying, and the juices form her pussy. "All I'm doing right now is cleaning her ass of my dick with your pathetic, sloppy twat." Her husband laughed when he said that. "You'll do whatever I want with my cum you fucking cunt." Telling his wife that he yanked out of her and pulled her by her hair twisting her around and forcing her to her knees and shoving his dick into her mouth.

Wedding Day Betrayal

fetish itsallbutts 2018-06-20

Amy, her maid of honor and childhood best friend entered the room, followed closely by Jared. Besides," he put his hands in her shoulders and gently pushed down, "You sucking my cock in that bridesmaid's dress is going to be hot as fuck." Amy paused for breath, taking Jared's cock out. Amy had vigorously went back to sucking Jared's cock. He tangled his long fingers in Amy's silky straight hair, thrusting his hips, fucking her mouth. "It's only because your cunt is so much tighter than Sarah's," Jared said, building a steady pace in his thrusts. Roughly, he grabbed Sarah's hair with his other hand and turned her to face Amy.

Dearest Phil

fetish bubbles94 2018-06-08

"You're a real whore aren't you?" I bob down on your dick again and you moan again "But you're so damn good." The next time I'm gagging on your dick you grab my by the hair and push me even farther in, dragging my head around a bit so my throat muscles really massage your thick hardness. When you orgasm, when your juices spill, it'll be for me and my enjoyment." I stop sucking you long enough to respond, "Yes master." "Good little slut. This feels sooo good.....omg...fuck I keep cumming...fuck...I can't stop...I just keep cumming...master....I've had enough...I can''t...anymore...I..can't...please..." You pay no attention to my mumbling and keep making me convulse. "Yes, master." "Good, now..." I feel the soft tip of your dick probing the opening to my ass.

The Club Pt. 02

fetish Ha275 2018-05-27

Faith had enough and finally got away and wrapped Mario's torso between her long white legs. Faith would wiggle her wet ass over his face but she stopped doing so and didn't allow Mario to breath for long intervals. "No no..." muttered Mario as he struggled to push himself away from June's chest and avoid the temptation of kissing and sniffing her wet erect nipples and smooth tits. June kept rubbing Mario's face across her chest but both realized one of them was about to fade away. The women kept doing their thing before Mario stopped struggling, moved his hands away from June and passed out flat on his chest.

The Club Pt. 01

fetish Ha275 2018-04-30

Mario and June decided to walk towards the building where the underground club was. June walked Mario towards the back of the club as he witnessed the surroundings around him. You Mr Mario Hernan Cortez will be taking on Miss June Klein and Miss Faith Gunter in ten minutes. "Don't cry in there tiger." commented June as Mario was walking towards the hallway which led to the ring. Mario walked into the ring nude and received no interest from the crowd whatsoever. Faith and June walked in and the crowd of nearly 50 plus went wild. Mario, however seized the day and flipped Faith off himself and she ended up landing on top of June.

Vacation in Humiliation Ch. 05 - Private Sessions

fetish QuietStranger 2018-01-10

Missy tries to look away, but the man reaches out and slaps her and makes it clear to her that he wants her to watch. The man pulls his fingers out, and I squirt a small white streams of liquid out of my pussy, onto the ground in front of Missy. After I stop spasming, I feel the mans fingers thrust into me again, he keeps milking me, and I can feel it quickly build up again "NNNNNNN!!" I try desperately at my restraints, pulling them and thrashing about, but there is no way out. The man pushes her head against my pussy, forcing her to lick it again while she takes it in the ass.

College Misery Ch. 01

fetish newauthor19 2018-01-08

Phillip grabbed James's hair locks and pulled his head to bring it just an inch away from his flaccid dick so that if the cock throbs it will brush against the sissy boy's lips. Feeling James has stopped Phillip let out a small grunt grabbing onto the boy's head to slide it up and down along the cock, "I didn't tell you stop. The frightened boy slowly raised his left hand to get a proper grip of Mark's eager and hard dick while getting face-fucked by Phillip. As the three of them headed out to attend the lectures for the day Phillip slapped the poor boy's ass hard and Mark joked, "Walked in a sissy walked out a whore" and the two tormentors simply burst out laughing.

The Dance Ch. 01

fetish bountyman69 2017-12-15

I pulled back to give her a rest and said "God your hot and soooooo sexy." She looked at me and bit her lower lip in a cute shy girl way, I nearly blew my load in my pants there and then. I started to force her head further onto my cock, her eyes flew wide open immediately with a worried look but I kept going. I immediately pulled out with an audible sigh from Jenny and rushed round to her head where I proceeded to grab her hair in both hands and force my cock into her mouth. "Good Girl." I said as I pulled my semi erect cock out of her mouth and proceeded to whip her cheeks and lips with it.

Marjorie Ch. 03: Lift to WI Meeting

fetish bountyman69 2017-12-14

I brought my hand down hard on Marje's large meaty cheeks again, I was loving this dominant situation, spanking an older sub in a public car park before she goes into a WI meeting. I started thrusting up into her mouth, I glanced at the clock, it was 7:30, still thirty minutes before prim and proper Marje had to make an entrance at the WI meeting, plenty of time for a glorious mouth fuck. "Oh my God Marje, that is amazing, watching your WI friends chatting while spraying my spunk up into your greedy mouth, you naughty girl." I slowed down my thrusting as she cleaned off my bell-end with a lovely tongue swirl.

Mario Returns to the Club Pt. 02

fetish Ha275 2017-10-22

Kara saw an opportunity and wrapped her legs around Mario but he managed to turn her around and was now had her underneath his body. Mario's full force went through Kara's body but there was only some of it left in his tank. He was still struggling as he tried to push Kara off himself but she reversed her position quickly and arched back as her crotch rubbed against Mario's face. Kara rubbed Mario's face anyway just for the pleasure before unshackling her legs and standing up. Kara moved her foot underneath Mario's face who reluctantly kissed it. Mario caved in to the boos and started kissing her leg like a good slave while he caressed Kara's curvy hips.