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More than a Lodger…Part 3

fetish DarkSide 2018-11-10

I had actually thought that Laura and Jerry had gone out together until I heard a shout from somewhere in the house. I raised my hand to knock, when I heard Jerry shout out the words “Oh Fuck!” I didn’t know what I was thinking of by wanting to knock. Although Jerry was supporting Laura and Tom on top of himself, he did his very best to pump his cock into Laura’s arse. Suddenly the licking stopped as Jerry laid back on the sofa and fucked his cock as hard as he could into Laura’s arse. Laura climbed onto the sofa and licked the spunk off Jerry’s face, scooping it up with her tongue and sharing it with him.

My Secret Service Ch. 06

fetish HConway 2018-02-19

If Jen wanted to fuck my face, even with her pants still on, I was happy to let her. I got to my knees, pulled her pants and panties — a tiny black lace g-string — past her knees and pushed her back onto the couch. "That's Jim," she said, pushing me away and rolling toward her phone, which was laying on the end table.. I let his cock slip farther into my mouth, enjoying the sensation as his dick pushed against the back of my throat. "You can fuck her if you want," Jim said, as I went back to taking his cock into my mouth. Why did Jim and Jen both want me to fuck Missy, but not tell the other?