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The Room

fetish Swoopmott 2018-12-04

She moans louder when she hears and feels him moaning into her now very wet pussy but then his hand moves again and the butt plug slowly pulls out a little and then pushes itself back inside of her. Then the feeling of his still semi erect dick is felt running over her lips and she takes it into her mouth, tasting his and her own cum mixed together on it as she sucks a little harder cleaning it off, roiling her tongue around the head slowly, making him groan quietly and grip roughly to the back of her head and pulling her head in closer to him.

Dante's Slave

fetish HisDarkestMistress 2018-11-30

He took his cock in his hand and I watched as he stroked up and down. As soon as I shut my mouth, he let out a loud groan and I felt his warm thick cum splash my face. My head was forced side to side and I felt his cum rubbing across my face, even sticking my eyelashes together. I felt the bed shift as his body heat began warming my back. I felt his body rear back and his hand smacked down on my ass hard. I felt him cum inside me and a smile came on my face. I saw the smile in his eyes as I walked away, sashying my thick hips like a good slave.

Dessert's On Me

fetish Master_Jonathan 2018-11-15

Closing my eyes and giving myself over to the feelings, I imagined you were nestled between my widespread legs, sliding your wonderful tongue all over my clit and my cunt. Always pour the Coke into the Jack," you had instructed me, "so it mixes properly." When I finish making the drink, I return with it coming up in front of you and kneeling, head down and knees apart, holding the glass out to you. Your hands hold my head firmly as I feel the first hot salty shot hit the back of my throat. I feel your hot cum splashing inside my mouth, coating my teeth and tongue on the way down my throat.


fetish HiveMaster 2018-11-11

“I thought that this was a vanilla party?” “It is” said her Mistress with a little smile, “so no slips and you will not tell anyone what is going on” The Mistress handed the Submissive the butt plug, the little bulb that inflated it hanging down. Submissive looked around for lubricant, but her Master said “You have your own lubricant, use it” She knew what he meant and so parted her legs. She jumped and looking round, saw her Master give a smile as he switched the little remote in his hand to the off position. The next hour went in a blur, people arrived and she let them in, getting into the habit of taking coats, making drinks, carrying food.

Master Gets What Master Wants

fetish Poppet 2018-11-04

It makes me want to beg for them to be touched, but I’m too wrapped up in what he’s doing to me. I can feel the cool air hit my puckered little hole, making me want to clench my cheeks shut, but he keeps them open. I can feel him bury his tongue deeper inside my ass, the buzzing hard on my clit, my moans howling with the wind. I feel my heart race again; I know he’s finally going to fuck me like a good slut. I feel the winds strong; blowing over us, the heat of our bodies with the mixed coldness of the wind teasing my skin makes me cry through it.

When You Act Like A Baby...

fetish pigtailedpet 2018-10-05

The next day i hadn't finished the insurance, and Master told me my punishment would be continued until i was done. Master promised to end the punishment as soon as i got the paperwork done, but it was hard, and required a lot of work. i tried to work out whether i was wet because i liked being in diapers, or if i was wet because i liked being humiliated or if i was wet because i like Master being in control. i think because my legs were a little wet and my bottom was wet because of the diaper and so it felt very much like a baby getting wiped, just with paper instead."

Repossessed: COD Chapter 2

fetish yoursecrettemptation 2018-10-01

Releasing your ass, he trails his hands back across your waist, moving slowly down to toy with the metal cage enclosing your cock. I will make you hate orgasms when I am through with you." Looking to Kayla, he says, "Unhook his ankle chains." She moves behind you, and after a moment, you feel the chain holding your feet up release. As he does, you can feel Kayla's hands working at your cock cage. Let's spend some time enjoying each other's company before I go to initiate the other new slaves." He lifts her like a doll, and she wraps her long, lithe legs around his waist, eagerly taking his throbbing cock deep inside her, moaning in ecstasy and need.


fetish irishblackgirl 2018-09-27

When I've finished He pushes my head back so that my mouth releases Him. His hand pushes on my shoulder. My waiting and wondering cease as a stream of pungent, sunshine coloured Piss passes my eyes and lands on the middle of my chest, running down my body to soak my teddy. He grabs my hair with His free hand and pulls my head closer, to the side and back so I'm looking up at Him as He aims for my face. My mouth is full and running over, and I'm breathing as hard as I can through my nose, nostrils flaring, chest heaving, watering eyes wide and blinking with desperation.

Snowy eek-end

fetish Justine_Virtue 2018-09-25

He began by smelling my slightly damp armpits, put his finger in each of my ear and licked., Pinched my nipples through my dress, slipped his hand on my spine, lifted my dress a little up, pulled panties of my corset to and hang on to my buttock. Sitting comfortably in front, she did not feel more embarrassed than that in the sight of my uncomfortable position and my little moans iof pain as my master was amused to violent wheel turns . My master suddenly noticed my blinks to the Slavic beauties, He gave me a black eye and further increased the volume of the headset when a poor girl screaming horribly tortured in my headphones.

Night with Master part 2

fetish laylaloveTV 2018-09-24

He pushed my head down, which pulled my bottom up, and he spread my legs even wider with his knee and feet...,,Hold on i want see you"...I heard the voice of my Master. My cunt and ass throbbed, the stinging on my back and thighs spreading throughout my entire body as I lay there.I choked through the pain, through the humiliation, I dragged myself back on my knees, my head low, tears slowly coursing down my face as I whispered, "I am a fat whore"

The Sexy Cuckold Couple Pt. 02

fetish cuckcpl4play 2018-09-24

Slut jenny...do you agree to move forward as an owned couple, you as an owned slut, to comply with any and all requests that do not put your vanilla life in a detrimental position...do you agree that while your heart will remain with your sissy husband here, your body will belong to me and those I deem worthy of using it...do you agree to dominate your husband, but give up full authority to me where there is a disagreement...do you agree to transform your husband further into a state of submission where the only real pleasure he seeks within this lifestyle is pleasing both of us and debasing and humiliating himself to do so...do you agree to worship me as I deem you worthy and succumb to tremendous torment, punishment and abuse, but also immense pleasure when the situation calls for such...do you agree to hold me in the highest regard, respect me not only as your Master, but also as your lover, your teacher, your sexual deity...do you relinquish all control over your body, your holes, and often your mind to me knowing that while I will push all your limits.

The Housemaid Ch. 07

fetish purpleangelica1 2018-09-23

John didn't know the young master like she did yet; it was only natural to be scared, especially since Annabel knew he feared his own desire. I want them to meld together so that you feel both, love both." Alex insinuated his finger between the tight globes of John's ass, and the big man moaned and shifted his weight to open his legs wider. As Alex rubbed over John's arsehole, he said, "Annabel, be a dear and wet my fingers for me. The extra lubrication was enough to allow first one, then the other to pop in and John moaned helplessly as Alex twisted and pumped his arsehole with his two fingers and pinched his nipples as Annabel continued to lick contentedly at his scrotum.

Poker Night

fetish Kristen Dixon 2018-09-23

(By now I'm sure you understand that, for the evening, I am their cock-sucking urinal.) Then Sir K filled my mouth, and my belly, with his warm tangy piss. By the time I sucked off Sir R, and swallowed every drop of his precious cum, I needed to use the toilet myself. As I got into position, Master reached under the table and placed a bowl on the floor near his feet. A bit later, while I was sucking Sir J's cock for the third time that night, another problem arose. Then I went back like a good slave and finished licking Sir R's piss off the floor.

The Island (Chpt 6 Part 1)

fetish wastedaway 2018-09-21

Then gave me a small apologetic smile for what she had to say: "In our slavery, master, we have come to learn that there are two ways in which a captive girl can give joy to men. "We think you'll find her positioned to your liking, Master," Dorinda said demurely. Those two girls proved something I suppose we all know but don't quite believe: that females get the best of men every time. When the ropes were pulled hard enough the lovely legs rose up and spread wide so that by the time their bottoms left the floor each girl seemed to be about ninety percent sex. Dorinda and Terry and Pettie offered me finer breasts and better handfuls of cunts than any underground.

my online slave bdsm

fetish crbigboy 2018-09-19

The other day I decided to punish the worthless piece of trash by ordering her to insert large objects. She began with a coke can will this be bugger enough master she said I agreed she easily slid the can into her pussy so I ordered her to find something bigger. The look of pain on her face and the moans she made are what I live for 3 quaters of the bottle where now inside her she said master I can take no more to which I replied all of it . Get all the way down u worthless little whore I shouted and she slowly slid the rest of the bottle into her tight pussy.

Possessing Bella Ch. 13

fetish xelliebabex 2018-09-08

"Honey is no stranger to the barbs of jealous women," Stephen said offhandedly, "Nor is she a stranger to the whipping post." Arek raised an eyebrow and turned his head to look at the small slave as they walked into the cool dark foyer. "Tal, Kolton," Stephen greeted the old man at the large desk, then nodded to Mike, "Mik-Hail." He acknowledged his long-time friend. While Kolton may have agreed to this arrangement for Mike and the memory of Mel, Stephen knew he wasn't happy with the idea of a girl just playing at being a slave in his home. "Better come with me then," Thalia said, "Thank you, Masters, I will send the girls to you shortly." The men walked away, and Thalia took Bella by the arm and led her into the vast kitchen space.

Sub's mission of submission

fetish sw-zh 2018-09-07

I can submit control fully because I trust that He will protect our vanilla identities carefully at all times even when sharing me with others, virtually with images and video footage of me and email exchanges or physically in sessions. If He wishes to abuse my body He will and I love to endure the pain that turns him on and to see and feel the marks he leaves me. If I wish for attention and my Master is tired or busy or simply not in the mood I am learning to hold back from demanding from him and remind myself: It is not about me.

The Harem Slave Ch. 14

fetish naughtybabygirl 2018-09-06

At the ground floor, the Master led Sophie out of the elevator and through a door immediately to their right. His cock was less than rock hard, but as he watched Chloe begin to play with her heavy, milk-filled jugs, it began to stiffen. Sophie watched in fascination as the Master slammed into the girl again and again, her distended belly rubbing against his stomach and chest. When her orgasm subsided, the Master pulled his still-hard dick out of her and stood, straddling her swollen body. Tucking his dick back in his pants, he turned and led Sophie out of the barn without so much as a glance back at the pregnant woman.

Alicia's Diary Pt. 01

fetish SaraW 2018-08-29

We're hoping to get pregnant this month, aren't we sweetheart?" The girl called Emily nodded quickly and I could see her breathing had increased by the way her breasts shifted in their hanging position. The feeling of him finger fucking me in a room with three girls who were pregnant with his children, one who he'd just fucked and one he'd not even looked at only increased my arousal and I was soon squirming beneath his touch, my climax fast approaching. The signal came with a single flick of a hand from Master and the machines flared into life, fucking us slowly at first, allowing us time to get used to them, before he ordered they be turned up high.

Anna's Birthday Gift

fetish buster352 2018-08-29

Anna had been a little thoughtful most of the day, wondering what Sir had planned. There was no sign of Sir. She stood waiting a few minutes, feeling very conspicuous to passers-by. Anna felt her juices run down her leg at these words. Anna grunted a 'yes' in reply, her fingers working furiously. There was Sir, dressed in a priests vestments. He looked down at her, a little dishevelled but still up on her knees, the position Sir had taught her. Clearly he had been working on it at the same time Anna was coming as it was ready to burst. A few strokes of his cock, he pushed it against Anna's lips and it burst forth, dripping come down her face and chin.

The Pet Ch. 01

fetish StephanieRose12 2018-08-27

Princess quickly got out of the car and after opening the cage and swapping the chain with the leash, helped puppy from the back of the car and began leading puppy towards the entrance to the building while Master closed the back of the car and hurried to catch up to the pair heading into the building. About the same time that Master and Princess got their scrubs on, the doctor turned to puppy and pointedly asked if she knew what was going to happen today. Princess and Master both really wanted to make pet watch as she was more and more dehumanized, but the doctor was more concerned with the problems that would arise should she only use the same method as she did removing the fingers.

The fantasy

fetish 2018-08-23

I lift myself up , get on my fours for a while, then again slithered back on floor crawling my way to the couch where Master and Mistress were sitting & enjoying a t.v show. ( I hand scrub these, but it doesn't help when he walks around outside without shoes.) He pressed the huge damp sole against my face and held it there while I worked on the other boot -- this time it was a little more difficult as I was blinded and basked in the dizzying aroma of his sweaty foot. They abuse me, spit on me but i still hold my position shining Mistress boots and worshiping Master's feet.

I'm In Charge

fetish AllyTara 2018-08-18

You see," she said, jerking the leash holding the bikini girl, "Heather has been exceptionally well-behaved, and she deserves a treat. Heather kneeled on the bed as Eva unhooked her bikini top, revealing full breasts and perfect pink nipples, almost the same tone as her skin. "I'm not through yet." Eva slid her fingers into Heather's eager opening and sucked on them. Eva pulled Heather's legs back and spread them wide. Eva, still spreading Heather's legs wide, jammed her tongue into Leon's mouth. Eva dropped Heather's legs and grabbed Leon by the small of the back. Eva quickly leaned over and stuck a finger into Heather's glistening pussy and pulled it out, glistening with cum.

godess sarita 16 (the farm house)

fetish mashroorr 2018-08-17

I was in chastity he spread my legs and kept rubbin my thigh close to my cock it was so disgusting but I was getting turned on I was already horny goddess never lets me cum.. aftr we were inside master sam welcomed us in he was very turned on seeing me like that he grabed my ass and played for a while then they started gosipping while I kneeled bside goddess.. the boy was begging for mercyand crying master released him and made him lick all da cum from da tray den we all came up.. he made da boy kneel at da middle of da room hands tied bhind back legs spread wide we could see his soft cock ..