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A New Slave Ch. 03

fetish jdk0210 2018-01-30

Leaving the panties for last, I scooped them up with the black plug - just to make sure to follow Goddess' orders - and the half empty bottle of lube which I was quickly running out of with the new introduction to my alluring, Mistress. Grabbing my phone, I quickly snapped a shot of my cock and the plug now three quarters in my ass. Letting out a soft moan, I took another picture from above my head, looking down at my chest and panty-encased cock. Unable to resist anymore, I laid back and began stroking my hard cock through my panties, moving them down to release my tumescence.

Toyota Toes

fetish L O Reins 2018-01-29

A lingering moment passed then she said, “don’t you want to look at it…again?” I instantly conjured an image of me on my hands and knees while Philalena, dressed in the black latex of the Domina, gently massages the G-point of my being between my anus and the base of balls with the pointed toe of her shoe. Philalena softly chuckled as she gestured to the large wet stain in my pants, “It looks like you think my feet are very pretty, doesn’t it?” I kissed them one more time and reverently put her shoes back on and we both got out of the truck.

Chronicles Of Nicky: Long Haired Lucy

fetish Maverick710 2018-01-29

As the wind blew towards their face, Jasmine's long blonde hair covered Nicky's face all of a sudden. Since they didn't talk much during the ride to the home, Nicky just inhaled the scent of Jasmine's hair and loved the feel of it brushing his face. "Ever since Mike left me, I do have a difficult time looking after the kids and managing my hair", said Lucy. Nicky kept on stroking the cock and had a moment of ultimate pleasure with Lucy's moans and his imagination of her Long hair along with his strokes. Nicky got a shock as he took his ears from the door at the nick of time and his heart skipped a beat as Jasmine's face came into view.

The Panty Job

fetish RayneDor 2018-01-29

Finally, she slipped one hand down around to cup he scrotum entirely and, when involuntarily raised his hips right away from the table top, she reached all the way beneath and allowed two fingers to grip the turgid base of his shaft. She went slowly at first, in short little strokes, and then increased the tempo and length of her slide until, finally, she moved so far forward that his cock suddenly slipped out of the wet prison of her panties. Quickly, and deftly, Kaylee slipped the folded panties off his cock head and then used her thumb and forefinger to point him against her tight little hole.

...and Butterfly do

fetish Adagio 2018-01-28

She looked just like a doll, she just didn’t talk which wasn’t a bad thing. I just smirked at the customer and then walked over to the doll and put my puny cock into her mouth. I didn't know how I could get my lack of length into the doll's ass. Trying to catch my breath, after freeing my cock from the doll's ass. It felt like five pounds of sausage, as his cock stretched my sphincter. I was looking into the customer’s eyes while I jerked my cock. My cock felt so good in his mouth. Like a wheelbarrow I was moving, one hand in front of the other as they steered me around the room.

My Little - Part 1

fetish hooster1 2018-01-27

You know Sir likes his littles in white, but Barbie is a big girl." Slowly I slid my fingers up the inside of her thigh before I asked, "Maybe you want to model each color for Sir, so he can see what looks best." I started rubbing her panties and applied pressure right over the spot that hid her clit. Her breathing came faster as she gave both nipples a hard pinch, then she grabbed the shower head with one hand, spread her legs apart and allowed the pulsing water to pound against her channel. Forcing her eyes to remain open, she saw my balls pull up, then shudder as my sperm pumped from my body, splashing onto her bra, hand, and breast.

Amanda's Teasing (A Special Kind Of Torture)

fetish naughtymikey 2018-01-25

Amanda squeezed and massaged all around his butt, thighs, moving her hands as close as she could without actually touching his penis. “Wow these feel extra heavy, hun!” Amanda exclaimed, cupping his balls and lifting slightly, “That's good!” she continued to rub, squeezing gently, and lifting. I thought they would be aching for sure..." There was a short pause before she said, "Well maybe it's time to stop then." she moved her hand off his testicles, watching in delight as his penis twitched and bobbed up and down. Amanda rubbed just a tiny bit, waiting for his penis to get erect again, tugging on his testicles gently but firmly and steadily as he did.

The Making of a Submissive: Part 2

fetish AGreyFoxxx 2018-01-22

I acknowledged her by humming into her breast, my lips firmly attached to her nipple, while my hand explored the other, my fingertips plucking, pulling, rubbing, bringing it to full stiffness. She pulled my hand away, bringing it down to her knee, whispering, “Go for it!” I looked up into her eyes, raised my head and kissed her. “Inside.” She said, “I want you to make me cum.” I was now kissing her neck, feeling her pulse as my fingers slipped slowly inside, feeling her heat as they disappeared. I feasted for several minutes, my lips and tongue working in concert with my fingers to bring her off for the second time tonight.


fetish kyrie1595 2018-01-21

Thrusting his hips, moving his aching cock within his hand, his balls drawing up as his body began the familiar tingling; he was close, seconds away from his own sense of redemption as he redoubled his efforts with the biting flogger. His voice was broken in desire as he spoke, “Go on, and confess all.” His own hand now wrapped around his exposed cock, feeling it throb against his palm as he slowly stroked it. Father, the only way this could be better is if you were in here with me, doing all these sinful things to me, but because of your vows, I’m left with imagining you fucking me.” Her moan could be heard throughout the entirety of the church as her pussy spilled out around her finger, staining her skirt and soiling the confessional.

Eager to Learn (ch.1)

fetish ecesis 2018-01-21

I look him straight in the eye and respond, "I was thinking of you, sir." "Well then, sir, I'd best persuade you otherwise." As I say this, I lean over his desk and give him an eyeful of my breasts, encased in a lacy pink bra that matches my underwear. Let’s see if you can continue to listen, shall we?” I don’t know whether he’s teasing me or not when I feel his hands on my thighs, sending shivers through my skin. A few moments later, I feel the sticky liquid being wiped off of me, and I am then yanked upwards, my legs quaking, the underwear falling from my mouth.

Strawberries, Shortbread and Sex

fetish KindOfHeart 2018-01-20

However, as I started to get up from my chair, eager to plunge deep into Angie's cunt, she looked over at me, and said "Not yet, big boy, we promised to show you just how much your naughty wife likes being fucked in both holes at the same time, and turning back to Pam, she went on, "Time to put on our strap-ons, and after we have fucked his wife, we can take turns with Alan's sexy little arse." When she asked what Pam and Angie would like to do next, it was Pam who spoke up first, "You are always telling us how good Alan is at bringing you off with his tongue, how about we all lie on the bed, and get him to lick our pussies in turn, until we cum, and then we are satisfied we will let him fuck us properly.

A Little Sexy Fun For Robert

fetish Mysteria27 2018-01-20

Both girls kneeled down and licked Denise’s panties that Robert was wearing. Pamela was stroking his cock, while Denise licked his cock through her soiled panties. Pamela got on her hands and knees and Robert was licking her ass and pussy, while Denise slid her cock into her boyfriend’s ass. Denise grabbed Robert’s hips and slid her cock deep into his ass. Denise then kneeled down in front of Robert so he could lick and love her pussy and ass. Robert was licking and loving Denise’s ass and pussy. Pamela was fucking Robert’s ass good and hard. Denise then got up and she started to jerk her boyfriend’s cock and shoved his cock into her mouth, while Pamela fucked her boyfriend hard and fast.

Caught sniffing my panties

fetish DanielleX 2018-01-20

He was on his bed, his boxers round his knees, cock in hand and a pair of our panties on his face. I beckoned Gemma to join me on the bed and we sat each side of Toby as Hayley positioned herself over his face and then sat on him, her panties completely covering his nose and mouth. I stroked her hair as she sucked him, one hand still pleasuring myself but yearning to rub myself on Toby's face. I rubbed my clit through my panties, taking deep breaths between my little cries of anguish and pleasure, the torment of being so close and the sight of his cock such a turn on!

The Word Of Mouth Lounge - Part I

fetish FirstBlush 2018-01-19

Liz swerved so that her hips came off the floor, her weight resting on her shoulders and toes, while I unbuckled the leather belt, unbuttoned and unzipped and tugged the faded jeans down to just above her knees, revealing black lace hi-cuts that matched her bra, and immobilizing her thighs appealingly. Its narrow tip insinuated itself beneath the filament cluster pleasuring Liz to insane heights, paused for effect, then slid into Liz’ throbbing love hole to begin a vibration of its own. As Liz threatened to snap the ropes altogether during her fierce and sudden release, I knew I was getting some hot stuff all right and was sure the occupants of the Word of Mouth Lounge would agree.

Panty Fetish Diaries - Part 2

fetish drenchme 2018-01-19

Later on I discovered through my mum that Grace would be away on the coming weekend and I had been volunteered to feed her cat. Not something I would normally be too delighted about but as I took Grace’s spare key from my mum so many naughty thoughts rushed through my head! I could already smell the gorgeous musky scent off all her combined dirty washing, but with these panties being close to the top I knew they were a fresher pair. I could barely believe that I was holding an item of clothing where my sexy neighbour’s excited wet pussy had been less than 24 hours previously.

The Heart of a Kitty - a Kitty Girl Tale

fetish sprite 2018-01-18

I got off on knowing that, at any moment, someone might wander outside into the cool Seattle night for a smoke or a hit off a pipe, or just some fresh air, and they’d see me, the hem of my dress clenched in one fist, my fingers slipping into the waistband of my panties, the movement of my hand beneath the material as I teased myself, my eyes never leaving Kay’s painfully beautiful face. I’d had a little too much wine, and I couldn’t remember the last time I’d gone to the bathroom… it began as a trickle of warmth that soaked through my panties, dripping from the crotch before growing into a tickling stream running down the insides of my thighs.

Red lace

fetish Venus72 2018-01-18

Playing with his balls and rubbing his hard cock through the red lace panties while watching himself was bringing him closer to orgasm. Scot liked the feeling, he wanted a rough hard cum. He moved the red lace and began to rub his cock with the panties– a little scratchy but the red lace moving up and down on his dick was erotic. His moist, shiny head, engorged and slightly blue; and the big, hard cock, appearing out of the red lace was crazy erotic. Scot removed the panties and just used his hands, wet with pre cum. The red lace was wet in his hand but seeing the sticky cum like a thick string from his head to the panties was sensual.

The Perfect Panties

fetish Seros 2018-01-18

I had a lot of things outside (an air conditioner, car tires, my canoe, tools, etc.), and they offered to let me store anything I wanted to in their basement I was running out of space at my house. I went back to Meghan’s room and noticed her closet door open, with her laundry basket at the bottom in the corner. I stood up, and stuck my hard cock between her panties, and let the tip rest right in the gusset. Meghan’s black panties hung on my thick cock, and I could only imagine what she would think if she knew what I was doing right now, rifling through her most personal garments. I went back out the basement, to my car, and texted Meghan and Taryn, “Thanks!

Walk All Over Me

fetish Green_Man 2018-01-18

Since I had discovered these books, the closest thing to pornography I had ever seen, I would often sneak one into a restroom located on that floor and go into a stall and whack off as I read about the foot fetishes chronicled in the case studies. I held onto the little foot, continuing to make love to it, but used my other hand to unzip my jeans, drag out my hard cock, and began to jerk right there in the aisle. She kept rubbing my cock with her feet but she said, "I am taking you for a little walk my boy." I held her little feet in my hands and gave her the best foot massage she had ever had, or so she told me later.

Right Or Wrong - Part-2

fetish iloveall 2018-01-18

The Brigadier pulled down his shorts and had his tight long cock in his hand; which he stroked as he watched Sumi performing her daily routine exercises. I felt like a dumb head peeping on the Brigadier; apologising and making very stupid incoherent noises as I retreated awkwardly trying to explain to the Brigadier that I had come to deliver the food box that Sumi had asked me to deliver. I was so acutely embarrassed catching the Brigadier in his peeping activities that in the evening, I decided to go to the Brigadier’s house on my way back from my office before going home and profusely apologize to him for my stupidity, so that this incident did not sour our relationship.

Temporary Release

fetish Teezer 2018-01-15

“Mmm, you know it.” Robert looked at her long legs, her black shoe dangling from her toes as she bobbed her foot up and down, and realised with some alarm that he had quite an erection. Alyssa stared at it — it was almost right in front of her face, anyway — then looked up at Robert. Alyssa flicked her tongue rapidly across the tip of his penis and then took the head in her mouth, giving it a good suck, before popping it out and repeating the process. Alyssa stood up and lifted her leg onto the trolley, giving Robert a new angle to play with. Alyssa pulled Robert to her and they rested their faces against each other, breathing heavily.

Dirty old pervert 2

fetish megalanthropus 2018-01-14

So I took the day off from the wonderful activity and instead installed a small web cam outside their playroom window that would let me know when they were ready to watch me, and this time I made sure they couldn’t see my laptop screen, where I was going to be viewing the cam. “Our tutor is a piece of shit!” I heard Joy yell furiously, while Savannah had her eyes glued to the cam, and Pooja was already touching her own boobs. Joy was still furious, and continued to comment on what a creep and a dirty old pervert I was, while Pooja started playing with herself, and Savannah’s attention was riveted on the cam.

Pee, Myself, and I

fetish Pisscest 2018-01-13

The piss trickles down my legs slowly, making my skirt slightly darker where it's tucked in. I turn around and face the mirror, watching the pee's path down my legs to tarnish the previously immaculate white socks. The flow gets heavier, and I watch the yellow liquid stream from my pussy, making a huge wet patch on the front of my skirt and utterly soiling those damned knee-highs. I'm overjoyed to find that I can still force a few drops of piss out of my pussy (cumming always makes me have to pee afterwards, at least a little bit), and I pee on the tie as well, leaving it tucked between my legs.

Newspaper man

fetish nicoetlapresse 2018-01-13

I vaguely felt like I wanted to be absorbed into the newspaper. I developed fantasies about being caught by the newspaper man in the morning. I always spread a lot of papers inside the house, just behind the front door. Naked, I would pump in the papers and fantasize about being caught by the newspaper man who would then hump me. That never happened, but one time the newspaper man pushed the door open more and threw in the paper after a few moments of hesitation. One time I had an escort meet me there and the scenario was that he would pretend to work for the paper; he would invite me into his car, where he had a lot of papers on the passenger side.