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23rd Century Digital Girl Chapter 9

fetish Heel 2018-12-04

“Hi, I’m Hanna,” she said and winked mischievously at me. “Wow, what a nice brace you have!” exclaimed Hanna and bent over to examine it more closely. Hanna continued eyeing the brace. “By the way your toes look extremely suckable. Nicole shuddered, then smoothed her skirt with both hands in a nervous gesture. “You seem to be well informed,” I said, eyeing Hanna suspiciously. When her moans mixed with painful growls, I let her rest, turning my attention to her cute little toes. And I used to lick her insoles and heels, which looked nice even with all those traction pins stuck in. “Hanna, please stop,” said Nicole. “Come on, let’s go to bed together, the three of us,” Hanna chirruped.

Jake & Ryan's heart trouble 1

fetish jamesgoodman 2018-11-30

“Ok. I’ll show these to Jake in the lobby, we can talk about the best time to come back in there.” Currently sitting on the hospital bed in nothing but tight-fitting boxer briefs, Ryan was a 26-year old athletic trainer. Jake rolled over Ryan’s sleeping body and put his face next to his broad, bare chest, exposed from the sheets down to the navel; Ryan was wearing nothing but a tight pair of white briefs; he had put them on before getting in bed, surmised Jake. The cool air had lifted goosebumps up on his tan skin; In the light shining on Ryan, Jake could make out the beat of Ryan’s heart. Juan slammed the paddles down on Jake’s chest, sending painful but exhilarating volts pulsating through Jake’s lean, athletic body, meeting up in what felt like his heart muscle.

23rd Century Digital Girl Chapter 1

fetish Heel 2018-11-28

Two aluminum crutches were tucked under her arms, making her look vulnerable. I stopped, stared at these old fashioned devices, and wondered when I had last seen someone walking on crutches. I blinked and stared at her, feeling that I look like an idiot right now. “Yes, literally,” she said and crutched toward the intersection. She nodded sadly and slipped her crutches from under her arms. “The next building to the right,” she said and rewarded me with a broad smile. The old man that was standing beside the entrance held the door open for us and stared lewdly at the girl’s legs. Then I noticed that her other eye looked absolutely normal. “What’s the matter with you?” I asked feeling my heart speed up a bit.

Charlie and Cassandra Part 3

fetish timeflys 2018-11-22

That being said when the time and place comes I will be there to accommodate the need, is that understood pet?” I looked at the woman with a shot of paralyzing fear and my mistress placed her hand in mine and met my gaze. The woman approached me, “Pleasure to meet you Charlie, I’m Doctor Clarissa Carrington,” she said kindly. “It sounded a little out of control there, I think I’m going to write you a note for some inhalers in case you have a sudden asthma attack or have a hard time catching your breath, I know your mistress may have you a little out of breath now and again,” she giggled. “Cassie I’m scared,” I said as I looked into the eyes of my mistress with paralyzing fear.

In the Ear

fetish Playdoc 2018-11-21

I was sitting on the exam table in just my underwear when the nurse came in to take my vital signs; nothing out of the ordinary ‑ pulse, respiration, and temperature. Although I had thought about having my temperature taken rectally, I fully expected to sit there with a thermometer in my mouth while my other vital signs were measured and recorded. Her reply was that it was much faster, it beat having to sit with a thermometer under your tongue for several minutes and nobody liked having their temperature taken rectally. She let go of her cheeks and lay across the table, her legs a bit spread, with a thermometer sticking out of her ass.

Knee Surgery

fetish Jackie1137 2018-11-12

Using two latex covered fingers of her left hand the young woman in the washed-out scrubs gently spread her patient’s labia majora further than her open legged position already had. The half-naked auburn haired woman on the bed first felt the chill invasion of the air-conditioned air on her weeping inner lips further confirming the wetness but the prying fingers were also bracketing her turgid love button which generated a hot flush that seemed to come from her belly. “I’m sorry but your, uh, your, um… is kind of in the way,” the young nurse certainly knew the word she needed but was reluctant to say it. Chelsey bit her bottom lip hard enough to taste blood as she felt the little blonde apply both hands to her aching vulva.

23rd Century Digital Girl Chapter 3

fetish Heel 2018-11-11

Then I noticed that her right eye looked normal again. You don’t look very well,” I said, sitting beside her. “I have cramps,” she said and shuddered, "It is normal, don’t worry about it!” Right before my eyes, her body sprang to life. My hands slid up her legs, feeling the shape of her exquisite muscles. I turned my attention to her right breast, while trying to unbutton my jeans. “It looks really cute,” I interjected quickly and slowly withdrew my hand. “You don’t need to explain,” I said and pulled down her panties, "just let me do what you want me to do.” “I think … I have a big problem,” she said and her body started to shake with sobs.

23rd Century Digital Girl Chapter 5 and 6

fetish Heel 2018-11-08

My hands supporting her casted hips, her breasts pressed against my chest, her hands resting calmly on my shoulders, her breath tickling my neck. “Peter, I have to tell you something,” she said and turned on one side to look at me. Nicole pulled herself into a sitting position and waited to be examined. After the cast was removed, Nicole stretched in the bed and tried to move her stiffened legs. “You need to do some exercises,” Nadja said and checked the flexibility of Nicole’s hip joints. “OK,” I said, trying not to look at her perfect (at least from outside), half-naked body. “You have to use the wheelchair,” I said and supported her back with my hand.

Probed In The Name of Research

fetish Ivyvines 2018-11-08

He looked ready to answer and then let out a breath, “Uh, you’re gonna want a drink,” he told her as he lead her to his full sized bar with granite countertops and customized taps. “We aren’t even approved for use of the lab, where the hell do you propose this takes place?!” She started to feel hope bloom a little, but was angry at the thought of being let down again. These stirrups will push your legs back a little farther than normal OB beds, but I assume they aren’t that uncomfortable.” Sure enough, she scooted her ass down and he looked from her crazy blue eyes straight down to her perfectly round cheeks, smooth white thighs, and the most beautiful pair of lips he’d ever seen.

23rd Century Digital Girl Chapter 2

fetish Heel 2018-11-03

She was lying motionless on the bed, her good eye fixed pensively on the ceiling. “Do you feel embarrassed about the way I look now?” she asked. She gave me a weak smile and continued to examine the ceiling with her good eye. “Could you please bring me a glass of water?” she said. Her body felt limp and surprisingly tender in my arms as I lifted her into sitting position. “No, I just want to fuck you,” I said nervously. “Do you want to know what happened to me?” she asked. “Why are you torturing yourself like that?” I asked,” You must stop thinking about the past!” “You want to scare me or what?” I said merrily.

Suckled: Nature's Bounty

fetish Metilda 2018-11-02

It brought to mind things I hadn't thought of in years, long forgotten fantasies I used to entertain when I was far more inexperienced in life: my breasts heavy and full with milk, a man stroking my pussy as he sucked wildly. Mister Quin then slipped his fingers underneath the strap of my dress and slowly, making me breathe harder from the drawn out act, peeled it from my shoulders once again Only this time he wasn't assessing, but appreciating the show of skin as if he hadn't already seen me. And as Mister Quin stood over me, his hands stroking over his cock, the tip running against my slicked nipple, Anton eventually stood and did the same.

23rd Century Digital Girl Chapter 7 and 8

fetish Heel 2018-11-01

“My bones can predict the weather,” she said and smiled. She bent her left knee and her heel popped out of her shoe. “We can’t change the weather, right?” she said and managed a nervous smile. Her left leg was put in a brace, her knee locked straight. “Yep,” she said and made her way to the elevator, clumsily dragging her braced leg. Nicole was walking slower than before, making funny half-circles with her braced leg. “I think I know what your problem is,” Arthur said. “Shoot!” Nicole said and cocked her head to one side. “Don’t you like me?” Nicole said flirtatiously. “Would you mind me helping you cross the street?” Arthur said, ignoring me. “I’m not your master,” she said with a sad voice.

23rd Century Digital Girl Chapter 4

fetish Heel 2018-10-31

After that, she helped Nicole take off her panties and draped something that looked like a towel over her pelvic area. “It’s too late to worry about that now?” Nadja replied and looked at the screen again. Nicole turned her head aside, trying to hide the disappointment in her expression or maybe her moistening eyes. A minute later, Nicole’s waist was bandaged completely, as well as her hips. I have to go now,” Nadja said and knocked on Nicole’s bandaged hip. “You need someone who can take care of you,” the doctor said, looking suspiciously at me. “I know that, Nadja.” Nicole replied with exasperation, and made an unsuccessful effort to turn on her side.

Intro to medical fetish

fetish Annie_S 2018-10-29

The new stretching feeling and massaging my g-spot made my pussy gently pulsate around his fingers. He slowly inserted it half way into my ready hole then lingered a little bit, pulling my labia apart with his thumb and index finger then continued to invade me. I wanted him hard, even his balls needed to tighten up nicely for me, so I could play with them and I could restrain them with my little gadget. With his digits still inside me it was a bit difficult to archive a perfect seal, so he told me to keep it firm, while he was pumping the bulb with his left hand and me with his right.

Peter's College Swim Class Ch. 01

fetish Peter93 2018-10-04

Today, one of my assistants, Josh, will go with you all to the locker room and hand out your swim suits for you to get changed into. If you could form a quick line and come up and tell me your waist size, I can hand them out to you." He reached into a box and pulled our swim suits out. I understand it might be more revealing than what you're used to, but this is a swimming class." Josh stated as he handed Matthew his speedo. Can you help this guy out and check the tag on his underwear and tell me his waist size." Josh asked me. Matthew was already shirtless and it looked like he was getting ready to drop his pants to put on the speedo.

Gem's Exam

fetish ambiguousanallove 2018-09-30

Or do you not know how to behave yourself, are you going to be a bad little girl and not let daddy inspect you? "I'll show you this later, so you can see your tiny cunt stretched so wide around this." I turned even more red, and you made little comments, saying how deep you could see inside my pussy, wondering if a big cock would fit into the tiny hole if you forced it in there. "And you're going to hold it like a good girl until daddy says you can potty." Maneuvering around me, you slowly took the nozzle out. Filthy little slut pottied all over her brand new diaper, daddy's going to have to change her all over again." I protested weakly and you picked me up.

Wendy's Annual Exam

fetish WritingOrthus 2018-09-15

Now Wendy, I know it's a surprise to have a male doctor after the time you had with Dr. Wilson, but if you give me a chance, I hope to prove that I am just as capable a gynecologist as she is." Dr. Jeff walked to the sink and washed his hands, drying them with a towel. "No, and I won't hang around people who do!" Wendy stammered, feeling a little flushed from the pleasure she felt when the doctor's finger accidently brushed her nipples. Wendy thought to herself, "I'm not supposed to get aroused, but it feels soooo good." The doctor moved to the left side and she moved her left hand behind her head.

Tanya's Pregnancy Treatment

fetish imaginethis 2018-09-04

"Tanya, Doctor says you need to come over and check in to the hospital right now to start having your baby. She suddenly blushed crimson red."I'm pregnant and my pussy is hot thinking about Rob?" Tanya suddenly realized that she needed to be banged hard and rough, even with all the discomfort of her pregnancy. "Okay, Tanya, what I want you to do is turn over on your side, one leg held up with your hand, nice and wide, and let me masturbate your clitoris. It will feel more natural and better for you that way.Doctor and I have found that advising a woman to think about her husband banging her pussy or her asshole really hard helps to bring on a good, strong cum to get your labor started.

Sound Clinic Experience

fetish Patrick2380 2018-08-31

I really thought the exam would've been over by now, but instead of pulling it out, she pushed the swab just a little further into my pee hole. "Oh my God," she exclaimed, "I can feel the bulge of the sound as I stroke you!" I could also feel the difference when her fingers were over the area where the metal was inserted and it was pretty hot to have that constant reminder of what was happening. The good doctor was fucking my cock with the sound, pushing and pulling the entire length in and out of me a quickening pace. Cum spilled out past the sound and ran down my cock and the doctor's hand.

Fertility Check

fetish lalupin 2018-08-24

"One moment." She left the room and immediately after returned with a nurse, pushing the portable ultrasound machine that looked like something from WWII. The doctor returned with the redhead and a new machine, just as a drop of pre-cum went slowly for the floor in a long thin string from the tip of my cock. The doctor leaned in over her from behind studying, not the monitor, but my cock and balls and the hands of the redhead moving, fondling, and massaging around the gel. The doctor stood up - without interrupting the slow machine-like stroking of my pink and newly shaved cock shaft now lubed up with the steady, almost pulsing flow of pre-cum now also dripping from my balls and moistening my anus.

The Specialist

fetish yellowbelly2011 2018-08-23

"If you could lift your arms, so I can check your breasts." I tried not to meet his eyes as his hands gently palpated my breasts, moving in circles. "Please relax Mrs Jones, nearly there." I heard the scrape of his chair as he moved it closer; I felt his breath, hot on me as his fingers ran down my now wet labia, gently opening me. He lifted his head and murmured, "There's one more place I've not examined yet!" He moved his hand away from my nipples and began to insert a finger into my anus; a second one, making me gasp in pleasure, quickly joined it.

The Sperm Donation

fetish scorpionicus45 2018-08-21

For the past fifteen minutes the older woman had been doing her best to excite the little Asian girl and by the time Jack entered the room she was hot as a fire cracker. The little Asian girl pushed herself down as far as she could go to drive Jack's cock as deeply into her pussy as possible. Finally the orgasmic contractions faded for the couple on the treatment table and the girl dropped exhausted into Jack, his slowly softening cock still within her pussy. But after a moment of quiet gentle persuasion the little oriental girl was persuaded to get up, get dressed, and leave the room quietly, leaving Jack still sleeping on the table.

I Really Needed the Job

fetish bhp 2018-08-19

Let's get on with the exam, then," she said and put her fingers in my sack and did the "cough test." Dr. Whitmore just stood there and watched the entire thing. "You're welcome, Dr. Harrison." As she turned to leave, Sue told me "Please be sure to stop by the main desk before you leave Mr. Thomas." She gave me a once over, looking straight at my stiff cock with the same little smirk, then back at me before leaving the room. "Please Mr. Thomas, we're running way behind schedule," Dr. Harrison commanded, "I need that sample right now." I couldn't believe she expected me to masturbate with her and Dr. Whitmore standing right there!

The Sperm Donation Ch. 02

fetish scorpionicus45 2018-08-08

Jack followed Mei up to the examination table until he was standing between the woman's wide spread legs. Seeing that Jack was now fully inside the woman on the table Mei moved back a step to give him room. Jack was starting to enjoy this very much and looking down he could see how the woman's pussy clung to his cock. The woman's hand was moving faster now on her clit and that was making her pussy massage Jack's cock in a very delightful way. "When you reach orgasm be sure your penis is fully inside her vagina," Mei instructed. Suddenly Jack felt the woman's pussy tighten on his cock and her hands moved on her breast and clit in a frenzy.