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My First Time Out Ch. 01

fetish Shayna 2018-09-26

Shane was happy he ordered the long leather jacket at the last minute and hoped it arrived in his lock box on time. As she seductively pulled each stocking up her smooth leg, the same sensation hit her, but this time her girl-cock couldn't swell or rise because the gaffe was performing its job. After her break, she looked in the mirror using a soft, sexy, higher pitched voice that she practiced at home, "Shayna baby, even without makeup, you are gorgeous, but lets get back to work to turn you into that skinny little fuck-slut-whore you yearn to become!" As Shayna turned sideways, the three-way mirror allowed her to reveal her long smooth kissable neck.

Rubber Ball

fetish akfetish 2018-09-21

Holding the leash with his left hand, William bent Kate over his knee and slowly rolled up the back of her short white latex nurse's dress, despite her feeble protests. When he failed to land another blow in a timely manner Kate turned her head to look up at him (not an easy task with her stark white posture collar locked onto her gorgeous neck.) Her eyes were wide, pupils dilated; they were close to pleading. Her surprised gasp was cut short when William suddenly grabbed her hair and pulled, forcing Kate to arch her back and look him in the eye again. Hidden from view by his lab coat Kate placed a hand around his cock and pulled it to her waiting lips.

Self Seduction

fetish darktwin 2018-07-23

Blue green eyes drinking me in, a closed circuit of self lust. I lean in , lips parted, eyes open, and we kiss, deep and hard. As my eyes travel longingly along his smooth chest, down his taut stomach to his delectable hipbones, my mind races. Our eyes meet, and all those silly concerns evaporate as I slam up against the mirror hard, arms akimbo, torso grinding, face mashing. Now, here I am, staring straight into my iridescent eyes, hard and slippery, undulating flush against my Gemini twin. His hair fell playfully across his sculpted face, and he looked back at me, hungrily, from the giant mirror in the living room. Then my angel twin opened his eyes.

The Mirror Ch. 02

fetish davidmuleguy 2018-06-16

Second thoughts, about letting James buy the mirror as a present for her mum's birthday, in about two weeks' time. Turning to Mr Leadbetter, James said, "If me and Debbie stand down below, Mr L, will you pass the mirror down to us, please?" and then it was the receding backs, of the girl or woman's legs and feet that James saw in the mirror, the clack-clack-clacking sound of her high heels, growing fainter and fainter, as she walked further and further away ... James had gotten another good, firm hold on his end of the mirror, and was waiting on Debbie's count to three, when, reflected in the mirror, he saw a from-the-knees-down view of a girl or a woman's legs and feet, walking away.

A Life-Changing Experience, Part Two

fetish cdwantsit 2018-06-08

Reaching down to pull up my pants and trying to stammer out an apology, I felt Kerry touch my left hand, the one holding the red satin panties. I locked the door and, in a surreal daze of heady excitement, I picked up the swimsuit, holding it up against my body in front of the mirror. Kerry turned back around, holding a red satiny basque with shoulder and garter straps, along with red fishnet stockings. I struggled a bit to pull the sexy lingerie over my hips, having to gently lift the basque up from one side and then the other about an inch at a time as I shimmied my hips, its tightness pressing against my engorged cock.

Panty Moments

fetish london_james2010 2018-06-05

I did not see her on the day before Kelly was returning and that evening I felt particularly horny so after I had eaten my Indian take away I found myself again in front of that mirror wearing a pair of white, satin bikini-type panties with my rigid cock rearing out of the low-cut waist band. I excited myself looking in the mirror and seeing: my cock snuggled in the pouch of a thong or, more likely poking out the top; the outline of it in panties that were not see-through; my balls leaking out the bottom; the black nylon or fishnet stockings on my legs, the black silk of the camisole against my skin and the tightness of the waspie or suspender belt round my waist.

Ask Alice

fetish lostindavoid 2018-06-03

She stepped away from the mirror, went to the bedroom door, opened it and walked down the hall to the living room in the Honolulu townhouse she shared with her boyfriend Nelson. With a small weak smile on her beautiful Japanese face, Alice Mihara stepped into the living room full of men. "Fill your hands with cock like the women in the porn movies," Nelson said. The guy backed away and Alice looked at her messed up face and hair in the mirror. Nelson stepped around, aimed his erection at her up turned face and spewed several high pressure jets onto her cheeks, nose, lips and chin.


fetish perry47 2018-04-04

Megan couldn't help but roll her eyes before hooking her head back and grabbing the bulbous cockhead between her lips. After about half of the cock was in Megan's mouth, Derrick tilted her head back, placing a hand in her hair and coaxing her further. With Derrick's hands busy elsewhere, Megan pulled out to the six inch mark, slurping her head up and down the cock in three inch intervals. He was gullet fucking her against the mirror and Megan could not escape.To steady herself, Megan reached up and gripped his ass as he slowed his approach, pulling out nearly halfway and then slamming forward. Megan was being gullet fucked with no mercy; her head trapped against the mirror; and Derrick's cum snorted out her nose in big creamy globs.

Caught.... Embarrassed... Aroused..

fetish 2018-03-01

I apologised got in the car with her and started to drive... I almost mouthed the phrase jerk off junkie when Taylor reached over and I snapped back into it grabbing her hand.. I just want to see what's on your chest..." She giggled as she smirked probably thinking I got a tattoo and didn't tell her.. Starting to blush I said the phrase that always works! She said fine, pouted and got out... So I sat there, pulled in, rear view mirror to the front door of this little nursing home a hundred yards away... Seeing the door in the rear view mirror I started to look at my phone..... Then getting lost in her eyes slowly...

The Mirror Ch. 03

fetish davidmuleguy 2018-02-16

And now, the mirror proceeded to give James an extreme close-up, 'grand tour' of Sharon's right, suntanned, grimy bare sole ... James, uncontrollably rub-rub-rubbing away at himself through the fabric of his trousers, barely made it half-way through the mirror's close-up view, 'guided tour' of Sharon's left, suntanned, grimy bare sole. Drinking in the incredibly arousing sight of Jennifer's dirty bare soles: the bottoms of her round and prominent heels, dirt-and-sweat smudged; her longish toes, clutching the rounded, all-the-way-around chrome stretcher-bar of her high, red-leather topped barstool, it was now, that James finally abandoned any last and lingering notions of resistance. James watched, courtesy of the mirror, as Joan gratefully eased her shapely bare foot all the way out of her bright red pump.

The Mirror Ch. 06

fetish davidmuleguy 2018-01-10

and James saw that Miss Julia Carson's Associates – her five industry-trained and fully diploma'd office girls – were, as usual, all 'at it': Shoe-playing. His five female colleagues just never seemed to stop, thought James excitedly as, as the mirror panned closer, giving him the most awesome close-up views of their dark-pantyhose'd feet, he raptly watched each of the five office girls doing their own, individual and unique shoe-playing 'thing' ... And, still sitting on the edge of Lisa's desk with her right, dark-pantyhose'd leg crossed over her left, Miss Julia Carson popped her right, black leather, two-inch heeled office shoe from her heel and, in imitation of Maxine, let it dangle precariously.

Dressed up

fetish dieselboy69 2018-01-04

Many years ago, when I was still married to my first wife, I used to enjoy watching myself masturbate in front of the full length mirror that we had in our bedroom. I liked to take off my clothes and move the mirror so that I could see my dick whilst laying on the bed watching my dvds. It was a bit tight and the suspenders hung down my legs. As I got deeper in her underwear drawer, I found her collection of sex toys. I massaged some lube into my arsehole and slid her 7"vibrator slowly but surely into my arse. I could see my ring being stretched and the stockings and suspenders digging into my legs.

The Mirror

fetish 2018-01-01

What was it about the strange mirror on themselves, and why they saw it again this naked slave girl? Determined to go the thing on the reason, the girl took a soft cloth to hand and walked with firm steps to the mirror, ostensibly to brush him, but actually to examine it more closely. With slow and careful movements she wiped with the cloth over the mirror surface as the picture suddenly blurred and directly in front of her again the naked slave girl was visible, this time as close as ever. Motionless the girl stood before the mirror, directly in front of him she saw the picture of naked the slave girl.

The Prescription Ch. 04

fetish caring elf 2017-12-08

Since I didn't have a steady partner at hand to share my new found love, I figured there were going to be times when I would want, or even more so, need my ass warmed... Sitting there I realized that the present I had ordered for Karen (and me) had come a couple of days ago but I hadn't opened it: I just hid it in the hall closet, away from prying eyes that asked about everything they saw in the days before Christmas. Over the past month or so I have "filled in the blanks" myself and used the thought of him in a number of my masturbation fantasies...he my "ever ready and reliable lover." I think now he should spank me...with my new paddle, for being irresponsible and for not getting to work on time.

The Mirror Ch. 04

fetish davidmuleguy 2017-11-27

The bottom of Jennifer's heel was dirt-and-sweat smudged; workaday grime, from wearing her flip flops all day at the salon - Tootsies Pedicure Salon, the ladies' foot care business that she co-owned and ran with her business partner and best friend, Sharon. And Miriam's gold anklet, James saw, as the mirror accommodatingly zoomed in closer for an even better view, was inscribed in flowing script with a single word: Ali. James felt as though, via the entrancing medium of the mirror's 'screen', he would be content to view Sharon's right, suntanned, dirt-and-sweat smudged bare sole, for all of the endless eons of eternity.

The Mirror Ch. 05

fetish davidmuleguy 2017-11-10

And as she did so she repeatedly raised and lowered her beautifully toned and tanned lower legs behind her and, with her bright yellow high-heeled mules balanced precariously on her feet, she absentmindedly performed the most extraordinary feats of shoe-playing 'tricks' that James had ever witnessed. Looking around the bedroom, James's eyes were drawn to the beautiful blonde woman's shoes; her pair of bright yellow high-heeled mules. James went over to the sexy blonde woman's bright yellow high-heeled mules, and picked them both up. And James could not believe, just how incredibly exciting it felt, to actually hold that gorgeous woman's recently worn sexy shoe in his hands; still warm, from the sole of her foot.

The Unexpected Surprise

fetish flashvoyeur 2017-10-25

I thought Ill give her a little peek so i turned so she could see me clear but I couldn't see her except in the mirror.I got nude an hard and waited.I then herd some movement from her room and her door open so I started stroking my dick. I saw her zip into the bathroom then herd the toilet flush and the bathroom door open.I continued to stroke my cock and she came out walking slowly past my door so i glanced into the mirror. She went into my s****rs room then i herd them giggling not 2 minutes later my s****rs came out of her room and walked slowly past glancing in.

Brod: Growing Unrest Pt. 03

fetish Sarkopheros 2017-10-23

"From what I heard, the girls came up with a nickname for you since the guys don't like to hear about you." Her eyes opened, and she shuffled back so she could look directly at my cock. "How many girls have you fucked today?!" she moaned, shifting my cock to the side to look into my eyes. I grabbed handfuls of pre and began rubbing my hands over her ass, licking my lips and making a low growling noise in my throat as I gripped and kneaded that pliable flesh. Lana bit her lower lip, whined, and I felt waves roll down her belly as she came again. Putting my hand on Lana's ass, I pulled my cock back, pushing her forward.