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Debbie's Awakening Ch. 03

fetish jlenil 2018-01-12

She clasped it between her lips, took another puff, and announced, "Sure Bernice." Gus was uncharacteristically quiet, knowing that Debbie was aware of his bulge, and he certainly did not want Bernice to notice it. Bernice laughed as she took another drag from her cigar and said, "I'm having too much fun to leave Gus. We can stay." Debbie took a deep drag on her cigar and blew the smoke into Gus's face. This is the kind of spice that can make us the kind of couple we used to be." Bernice put her cigar to her lips and puffed a few times, then kissed me, releasing the smoke into my mouth. Bernice interrupted me and told me that she wanted Gus to watch me fuck her while she smoked her cigar.

Miss Donald’s Cum Punishment

fetish footlover95 2018-01-10

I cleaned both her hands and even her leg without her asking me and said, “Sorry, Miss Donald, I do not know what had came over me, it was like I was under her spell.” I tried to pull out but she started using two hands and then whispered in my ear in a seductive tone, “Swallow his cum, and I promise you will have the best orgasm of your life.” Miss Donald bent down, on her knees and whipped the cum of my lips and said, “You did a good job, but you know your cock is to small for me to fuck.” I started licking my cum of her beautiful feet, until they were clean and then she said, “You will do what I tell you from now on, if you ever want to cum again.”

Cherry Manning My Ebony Goddess

fetish footlover95 2018-01-06

“You heard, wank for me or you will never get to suck my toes again,” she said with a smile on her face. “Next time I tell you to do something, make sure you do it,” she said whilst squeezing my balls harder. “That’s a good boy, wank faster but make sure you ask me before you cum,” she said. “That better, it’s time for your punishment,” she said whilst lifting her feet to my mouth. I replied, “Thank you Mistress for letting me worship your feet,” with cum on my face. “If you don’t want me to send those pictures to anyone you will do what I tell you,” she said with a smile on her face.

Pee Slut

fetish dreambitch 2018-01-01

Then, I put on my sexy, black 4" heels as I decided it was time I head out of my home to fulfill the task my mistress commanded. So, it was one of those days when my mistress had ordered me to do something for her and, of course, I was gonna follow her command. So, around eight in the morning, I got into my car and headed out. I pushed my inside in order to release my piss while I stood at a public place, at eight-thirty on a Monday morning. While she did that, she attracted a lot of attention towards us and I had around eight people, male and female look at me while I pissed myself in public, like the dirty bitch that I had become.

Swimsuit Bitch

fetish michaelthomas 2017-12-25

I quickly pulled the suit on, trying to keep control of my erection, pushing my cock down to at least pretend that I wasn’t massively turned on by this moment. “Now slave, try to enjoy.” she said, standing in front me of me, slipping off my trunks she’d been wearing. “Now, deep breaths little slave.” she said as she came towards me, pulling the swimsuit away from my ass. I looked up at her wet pussy, she lent over me and pushed her hand down my chest over the swimsuit to my cock, she reached under the swimsuit and pulled it out, slowly moving her fingers around the head.


fetish footlover95 2017-12-25

We started talking about old times, and she told me that she owned the shop. “You’ve always told me that you wanted to smell my feet, why don’t you give them a sniff,” she said. She removed her feet from my mouth and continued with the foot job. “Yes, just let me fucking cum!” I replied. “What the fuck did I tell you about talking to me like that,” she said. She let go off my balls and went back to stroking my cock, with her feet. Straight after I had finished Cumming she shoved her cum covered toes in my mouth and said,

Slave Daddy

fetish uselessslave1888 2017-12-24

It made my nipples hard and my clit ache, wanting to know my father's thoughts, and I turned off his computer confident that I would have my answers soon enough. "Do you want to fuck me, Slave-Daddy?" I squeezed his balls hard, feeling the firm orbs within his sack being compressed in my fist. "Shut-up, you'll speak when I ask you question and the first word out of your mouth will be Mistress, do you understand me, Slave-Mommy?" I spoke in normal tones, uncaring who might overhear us, I was commanding her and staring until my mother lowered her eyes obediently. "Mistress, thank you!" My mom said softly and she was doing it, working her panties off under her dress and even though her head was down, I knew she was smiling...And I had a plan.

The Foot Slave

fetish Kim 2017-12-23

What would Mistress do, if she heard you moaning like a bitch in heat?” Chloe purred, as she ran warm, clear water over Victoria’s ass. Any minute now, Chloe would pull her tongue free and climb on the table, making Victoria eat her pussy. Chloe pulled the sex starved woman upright and positioned herself just the way she wanted, and then she yanked Victoria downward and pushed the woman’s face into her dripping cunt. She pulled Victoria off Athena’s foot; her pussy making a wet, sucking sound as it exited. Straddling Athena’s leg, Pandora pushed Victoria back down, burying the foot back into the younger woman’s dripping slit. When she stopped bucking, Pandora gently eased out of Victoria’s ass and pulled her off Athena’s foot.


fetish HiveMaster 2017-12-15

“I thought that this was a vanilla party?” “It is” said her Mistress with a little smile, “so no slips and you will not tell anyone what is going on” The Mistress handed the Submissive the butt plug, the little bulb that inflated it hanging down. Submissive looked around for lubricant, but her Master said “You have your own lubricant, use it” She knew what he meant and so parted her legs. She jumped and looking round, saw her Master give a smile as he switched the little remote in his hand to the off position. The next hour went in a blur, people arrived and she let them in, getting into the habit of taking coats, making drinks, carrying food.

A New Slave

fetish jdk0210 2017-12-06

"Eager little slut, aren't we." Shaking my head yes, I close my eyes and let them roll back into my head as I feel pure ecstasy. I take it between my lips, sucking on it gently, kissing it lovingly, flicking it one more time with the tip of my tongue until I go back down to her sweet hole, licking all the way from her cute little rosebud to her pussy, circling around her pussy once, then diving my tongue in with everything I have. Riding my face, her deep breathes now become screams of pleasure, "Don't stop slave, right there, mmmmm, yes, yes, ah, mmm, oh fuck yes, tongue fuck your mistress' pussy!!!!

...a normal day for slave!!

fetish effeexxx 2017-12-02

She got out of bed and went to the bathroom , the slave followed her on all fours , waited beside her while she pissed, then as usual when she got up he began to lick her clean....he became excited every day waiting for this duty. Claudia cum tightening around F‘s head between her legs......F. held his tongue deep into her sex then started to lick again, again until her second orgasm covered slave’s face with Mistress’s wet pleasure..... when Mistress Claudia stopped spanking slave’s ass, daughter tightened her legs so that head of slave remain blocked with dildo deep in throat......F. could feel the hand of Mistress caress his red and hot ass then she grabbed balls and tightened, then she inserted a finger in his anus...deep then a second finger.

foot slut

fetish leo11169 2017-11-28

to humiliate himself, that questioning note meant that he was asking if And, somehow, she stripped him not only of the millions buttocks, occasionally giving him a slash when he tottered, or a special leather costume which had thin leather strips around each massive breast, holding them up and straight out; the special double- grinding the base of it against his lips and teeth and in turn, grinding the special receptacle against her vagina. his cum, in many instances, of a lover's cum. was his or a lover of hers. That action was then repeated on the other side, and made for also so it wouldn't mess up his carefully applied eye makeup, complete

Meeting His Match - Her View

fetish dj2020 2017-11-28

The note said today was a test, you want this that's why I left you the bag, you're mine now and tomorrow I'm going to take you, I suggest you use the plugs because I am a bitch without mercy I am going to bend you over and fuck your ass hard and long. Sometimes I like to administer pain by time, the slave can scream and beg, but will get no mercy, it's nice for a new slave to understand they have no control early. I let him see me for what I was a Mistress, his Mistress, not a potential mate and said "You're free to go and never return she, however if you want to see me again, you'll have to beg me to cane you and take my new cock.


fetish dirtyfish 2017-11-27

Sure they loved how I would use my tongue on them and how I could spend hours just licking their bodies but they just couldn't being themselves to try any of the things that I liked. Tina was a little thing, very pretty with long black hair and nice small tits. The night Tina came over she told me that Debbie had her stop shaving about six months ago and that she hadn't had a shower in 4 days. I spent a good 45 minutes on each of her armpits and while I couldn't completely get all the smell to go away she told me that it was one of the most sexy things that she even had done to her.

If Women Ruled The World Ch. 03

fetish chronoxxx 2017-11-25

My heart was knocked so hard and heavy I swayed and perspired as I tiptoed back to my room, suddenly conscious of the makeup on my face, my hairless naked body and my very nearly dry pink finger and toe nails. Maybe I was wrong about you, maybe you wouldn't like to worship me and my body while wearing all of these clothes?" She writhed on the couch basking in my torture before continuing, "And maybe I won't introduce you to other Mistress' sissies so you can fall in love and rub your little white willies together?" With that She laughed loudly and watched with satisfaction as my willy shamefully hardened, tenting my knickers once more.


fetish dorisTVmaid 2017-11-25

He felt a shiver through his body as he felt Mistress Enya flip up the back of his uniform to expose his ruffled panties, then without a word, she placed one hand against his back while the other lightly caressed his knicker covered bottom, slowly worked it’s way down to the tender part of his naked thighs and stocking covered legs. Frau Schmidt suddenly opened her eyes to discover Maid Stephanie standing there with one hand under her frilly skirt. Frau Schmidt went out into the living room as Stephanie followed, she then took Stephanie’s ear and lead her to the corner, pressing her nose against the wall, but before leaving she slipped a penny between the wall and her nose.

Milking Day

fetish MikeSmith135792468 2017-11-24

I assumed I was to now worship her feet as well, as I took them in my hand I could feel some pre-cum building in my balls and traveling up my shaft at which time I again ask my Mistress permission to clean up my cock, which I did as the woman who's feet I was worshipping started to giggle. And as I licked up the cum that a few moments before had been inside of me, as I tasted the warm salty taste of it, as I lapped it up like candy, the cum that had squirted out of my own cock, my Mistress and her friends watched me, laughing and humiliating me for being a dirty little cum sucking foot whore!


fetish Lucky102001 2017-11-24

I definitely did, but though I wanted to watch everything, I wasn't sure if I was ready to be seen by her. First, the thrill of getting her to fuck my husband with me right in the house and all of their coworkers downstairs enjoying a party. I worked my husband up like only I know how and told him that if he went to fuck her, I would suck him clean when he got home. Like, they all feel badly that no one has told me, but they don't want to be the one either. The last time we fucked, he told me how much he wanted me to be there with my mouth open just as he pulled out of her.

The Glory Hole

fetish wastedaway 2017-11-20

You can feel their eyes on you, and you know they're looking at your naked body, at your erect cock, at your Mistress as she leads you through the room toward a door. But your Mistress has seen it too, and you watch as she leans in front of you and licks the cum off the head of your cock, then presses her body against yours as she kisses you, thrusting her tongue deep inside your mouth so you can taste your cum. Then you feel a tug on the chain that's still secured around your cock, and you explode into the pussy immediately, your body rocking back and forth as you cum.


fetish 2017-11-20

Sub already knew what to expect as Mistress noticed his usual submissive crawl towards her. Mistress swatted Sub's ass and he knew that she wanted him to assist her in getting it in. Mistress grabbed one from the brief case then she turned off the vibrator and just left all twelve inches of that thick plastic stuck inside Sub's ass. Mistress got up and noticed the submissive fear in sub's eyes. Mistress then pushed Sub onto the tattered bed and the dildo went further up his ass and would now require some work to be removed. "I will eat it later, if its okay with you, my Mistress, but what about the vibrator?" Sub asked her.

Just for Her

fetish erekose686 2017-11-20

"Good, if you agree, then you won't mind spinning me around, hiking up my skirt, and kissing my round, beautiful ass." Slowly I slide your skirt down your legs, feeling your beautiful curves underneath the fabric. looking you in the eyes, I dutifully drop to my knees, before reaching forward and sliding your pretty thong down your legs. Once I know what is expected of me, I approach the foot of the bed, where I begin to caress your calves, slowly sliding my hands over each calf, up toward your thighs. Upon reaching the top of your thigh, I change sides, moving just above your other knee, so i can caress and I can kiss my way back up toward your sweet lips.

Sissy and her Mistress

fetish drew1207 2017-11-19

After what seems like forever, you pull up and I struggle to run into the car with my big heels and extremely large plug. "Aww, is little sissy girl upset that I was running a few minutes behind? After a few minutes of this, you order me to "Stick that huge meat up your sissy hole and don't stop till its in your stomach" "Look at the little sissy fuck her hole" you laugh. "Sissy squirting all over my car like some useless little fucking whore. "if you fuck your new toy for an hour while eating my ass and pussy, maybe, just maybe if you do a good enough job, I will forgive your little transgression. "mmmmmmmmmm.....yesss...lick my holes baby, fuck my pussy with your mouth you sissy slut" you command.

Tales Of A Slave pt. 2

fetish azid619 2017-11-18

"Well anyway," Chrissy carried on, "We had a good talk on the phone the other day and I was telling her all about how you do anything for me, how you're my slave and I'm you're mistress, I got you totally under my control..." She looked me up and down pleased at the sound of her own voice saying that, I soon had a good soak after cleaning my teeth and when I eventually got out the bath and dried, I looked at the time and realised DOnna would be here soon, to which I'll have to fulfil my task as best as I possibly can.

Consequence and Compromise

fetish SissyStoryTime 2017-11-17

"Care to explain why you were late getting to bed, young man?" She's only a couple of years older than me, but whenever she uses that tone of voice the gap seems to magically widen until I feel like a naughty little boy getting caught with his hand in the cookie jar, and that I had better have a good reason for it being there. "Now," she says with a sigh, sliding back on the bed, "I'm already in bed, and waving that heavy bathbrush around for twenty minutes sounds like sweaty work, so we can at least deal with that part tomorrow, but," she raises her hips, her hands sliding her shift up her legs until her lacy red panties come back into view, "If you think you can 'talk' some leniency into me, you've got 45 minutes until lights out."