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Happy Anniversary?

fetish bgdddy_2000 2018-10-05

You let out a long moan as I stick the toes of my right boot up against your cock and balls. "Yes, your cock is purple it's so hard," I snicker. "It's your wife, watching as you tongue fuck my ass," I say, "She has on the exact same outfit as I do, no panties, of course." I do notice your cock rock hard and oozing precum like mad. She laughs sadistically, as I ram my piss covered cock into your mouth hard, with your mouth wide open. She laughs, but not for long, as I pull out of your mouth and line my cock up with her asshole. "I'm going to sodomize your wife as you watch," I tell you, pushing my cock into your wife's tight asshole.

Bi-Fun: DP

fetish latexcd69 2018-10-01

To my surprise, my cousin pulled out his dick and started rubbing it, while watching her deeply inhale the tobacco. She rubbed her gloved fingers over my tongue and made me suck them before proceeding to put them in her ass. "Brian, put your fucking dick inside of my ass! The feeling of being inside of her hot pussy was amazing, but feeling his cock rubbing against mine, knowing he was in her ass, drove me crazy. Brian pulled out and ran his dick between her chicks before shoving it back in, deep into her anus. His hard deep thrust into her ass hole let me know that he was also having an orgasm. Brian pulled her closer and kissed her, massaging his cum covered tongue with hers.

Happy Hotife In The Gym

fetish velvetdesire 2018-09-30

Trevor had grabbed one of the gym's skipping ropes and was now using this to tie Eugene's hands to the treadmill. I looked Jack in his blue eyes while I started stroking his muscled chest with my left hand. I kneeled down and grabbed Trevor's hard cock in my left hand and Jack's huge shaft in my right hand. Both men did not slow down and I felt Trevor's delicious black cock thrusting my pussy as I came into a mind-blowing orgasm. I could feel how Trevor's sperm was starting to leak out of my pussy, as I looked at my husband. I left Eugene with a sticky face and a mouth full of cum from a huge black cock.

Kinky Experiments 03

fetish bigothboy 2018-09-25

I could well understand her lust- I have an oral fixation a mile wide for kissing, sucking, licking and swallowing and if you've read my other stories you'll know that Darren's love for having girl's pussies and arses (clean or not) in his face is unsurpassed. At first Darren seemed to think this WAS a bit gross, and just lay back watching, but as soon as Katie's animal moans became louder he joined in- nothing gets him hotter than hearing a girl scream. I could not resist and within seconds I was pounding into her tightness, feeling Darren's cock rub up against mine and his luscious boyshit oozing down from Katie's wrecked hippycunt.

Of Friends

fetish corylus 2018-09-11

His skirt was black latex, pinstriped with white and pencil slim 'because darling, you have the shape for it'. He arrived at the counter with his milk, the nice man from down the road smiled at him, asked him if he thought it was getting colder, and requested money. 'Come feel Chris's cock honey,' excitedly, breathlessly, 'it's pretty big already.' And with trepidation and as she held him there, he had his face rubbed into a latex covered groin containing a large and well erect member. Simultaneously, his catsuip zip was opened further and he felt an eager tongue at his sweat covered anus. With cock in his ass, mouth on his cock and pussy on his face he felt that familiar push, that need for release.

Three's a Crowd

fetish Silini 2018-09-10

Not only does it turn him on when I fuck random strangers from the internet because its so dirty and kinky, but what was really the icing on the cake, was me getting the guy to take pics of me sucking his dick, him fucking me, and a nice big juicy facial pic at the end, and got him to send them all to my boyfriend who was at work, and from HIS phone. Just as I was about to stop him, I catch boyf watching us from across the bar, with that oh so sexy glint in his eye. Boyf started working on me with his hands and promptly all three of us could hear how soaking wet I was with the excitement of having two cocks to play with.

Wife Shares Me and I Submit

fetish ServicingU 2018-09-05

She got a devious, playful smile on her face, kissed me gently, and said, "Of course." I could see his cum leaking out of her onto her thigh, and she had her petite hand wrapped around his softening, but still large cock. After a while, my wife got out of bed and started to walk towards the bathroom. I wanted him to use me the way he used my wife. I wanted him to use me the way he used my wife: like a whore. John said, "Tell your wife what you just did." I was embarrassed, but at the same time, really turned on by the fact that her friend would know John and I had sex.

Matthew's X-Mas Gift

fetish prrrrfctlilkitty 2018-09-01

Matthew smiled and lowered his head to gently brush his tongue over her hard nipples and Steven, now completely naked, knelt between her thighs and placed the head of his large cock up against her pussy, slowly sliding just the head in. Steven's cock was stretching her insides like she had never felt before, and she looked over and saw Matthew, gazing intently at the huge cock sliding in and out of her wet pussy, stroking his own cock as he delighted in the sights and sounds of the two fucking. Steven's balls tightened and he let out a cry as he came inside of her ass, this drove Chrystal to another orgasm and Matthew pulled the vibrator out of her quickly and suddenly.

The Cameraman Cums Around

fetish twiddershins 2018-08-28

I'd been shooting videos of Grace fucking male models (who knows where she meets all these guys?) every Saturday for the past year. Dave tore Grace's face off his cock and lifted her out of the chair by her hair. I was going to protest that this wasn't fair for a shot because it meant I'd have to get to the other side again when Dave reached around, grabbed one of her tits in each hand so he could tweak the nipples, and impaled her sloppy hole with his giant member. I'm not sure if either of us had any idea what Dave meant when he asked it, but Grace slapped her palms down on the edge of the desk again and shouted, "Fucking do it to me!"

Kinky Experiments 02

fetish bigothboy 2018-08-22

We watched as her tight bowels stretched and squeezed, the little rubbery ring of muscle performing its first motions...then, in great, fat, greasy logs all the sweet desserts we had so generously fed her a couple of hours ago began coming out, looking tastier than ever. I could hear her screaming and I began rubbing her pussy as best I could from under her jelly-belly, all the while try to pound faster and harder...as we careered screaming to the plateau of ecstasy, I heard a tiny, wet sound and felt a warm sensation on my balls- I let myself go, every muscle in my body convulsing as I splattered white goo in her guts, and then I was back to Earth.

Double Dessert

fetish bjking 2018-08-20

Finally he said, "OK, show Pam." I turned my head toward her, let her see my mouth filled with Rick's semen, my tongue coated with thick white cream. All you need now is practice!" He held his cock to my lips, saying "Clean me up real good, then we'll see if Pam is ready for some fun." While I sucked Rick clean, Pam took off her clothes and went over to the bed. Jason was pumping his cock in and out of Pam's mouth, nice and easy, while Rick did his best to work her up to another orgasm. I took Rick's cock in my mouth, all the way down to the root, and sucked it clean.

A Weekend at Dean and Michaela's Ch. 01

fetish levanyob 2018-08-10

I've seen her in a school uniform when she and Dean were on their way to a fancy dress party AND she flashed her knickers at me - twice; she's put my hands on her (covered) tits and once when she and Dean stayed at mine she went to the kitchen to make a morning cup of tea wearing just the t shirt she slept in, she reached up to a high shelf and her t shirt rode up exposing the bottom of her bum cheeks and some pubic hair through the gap between her legs. I moved out from between Michaela's legs and watched her spread her pussy and pull Dean's cock inside her, shuddering as he gave her his whole length.

Mistress Tanya Ch. 01

fetish Palancar 2018-08-01

After a lot of deep thought and sleepless nights I answered an ad on one of them from a couple looking for a sub male. I told her that although I would lovingly worship her ass, I was not at all interested in anything to do with scat and that was a hard limit. I also told her that other hard limits would include severe beatings and punishment which resulted in actual injury. She said she had never peed in a man's mouth before but that the thought excited her. She told me she had been controlling her husband/sub's orgasms for almost 10 years now and had gotten very good at it.

The Landlord

fetish husband101 2018-07-23

They seemed happy together, but on a couple of occasions I'd walked into the building as Maya was leaving our landlord's apartment, much like Jess. "Come on, babe," she said, "why do you think I was gone so long when I went to 'talk' to Jethro about the rent check? They fuck me whenever they want, and they want it all the time, isn't that right little missy?" he said, and Jess nodded. "Fuck my pussy with that big cock of yours, Jethro, you own it now." And she came hard on him a second time, while he leered at me. "Maya says Tom loves sucking her pussy when it's full of Jethro's cum load, and I want you to give it a try, too."

Mrs Marlow Meets The Clergy Ch. 02

fetish MaryR 2018-06-28

I knew he was asking me about my underclothes and stammered "Yes Father," and as if to justify myself I raised my skirt a little, which showed my white cotton panties. His finger was still making my panties very wet and he told me "We will ask Father Peter to wash your drawers again, Lucy." He said "The difficulty is, Mrs Marlow is that you need clean drawers before you go home." I nodded as I knew I couldn't go home with dirty panties on. Then they took the wind out of my sails again as Father Peter smiled at Father John saying "I think I know someone else who will like the little girls twat."

My TV Experience

fetish perter111111 2018-06-26

I can feel John sliding down my sexy satin panties now licking and sucking my cock, balls and asshole while I pay attention to Val's hot and wet pussy. Feeling John's tongue slide all over my balls and then along my ass crack and centering on my sensitive puckered asshole was causing my rock hard cock to throb. Sensing Val is near to orgasm, I use my fingers to slide into her hot and tight sexual opening, my tongue and mouth then start licking her clit relentlessly until she goes absolutely wild and thrashes around holding my head positioned around her clit.

The Mechanics Bill Ch. 02

fetish lets_experiment 2018-06-20

Peter got down on his knees behind her, and I watched as he slowly pushed his dick inside of her pussy. I watched as Robin lowered herself all the way onto Mikes cock and then leaned forward, pressing her body against his. Robin just lay there, bent completely forward resting her body on Mike as they two men worked themselves in and out of her openings. I saw his head lean back and heard him grown as he thrust forward, bottoming out inside her ass and then holding it in place. Peter pulled out of Robins ass with a plopping sound and rolled over to his right, laying there watching as his friend fucked the shit out of my wife.

Topped from the Bottom Ch. 05

fetish cutebabysadie 2018-06-06

Chapter 2: After Todd, licks his girlfriends pussy clean of Mark's sperm, Mark further humiliates him by slapping the shit out of him and telling him how he fucks Sam better. Consumed with the thought of licking a man's anus I haven't realized that Mark has stopped fucking Sam until... "Not until the bitch starts licking my asshole." Mark says all the while remaining calm, cool and dominant. "Uhh yeah the little bitch had it coming" I say toward the door, "I will hit you up later dude, me and Sam are having one hell of a fuck session." I tried to sound confident and cool, but it was hard with my mouth inches from Mark's asshole.

Topped from the Bottom Ch. 03

fetish cutebabysadie 2018-06-03

Sam looked up sort of shocked with her mouth hanging open and Mark sort of let out a laugh. Mark opened it and said, "look man, I know you want this, but I am no dick. A few minutes of Mark and Sam kissing and groping and he spoke, "look man, I am not into being a jackass, but there are a few things you need to consider while we drive to the dorm. Slowly Mark pushed Sam to her knees and she engulfed his cute hard cock which looked ready to go again.

I Submit to My Wife and Real Men Ch. 02

fetish ServicingU 2018-05-29

"In the meantime," my wife said coyly, "why don't you crawl over here and suck on my finger the way you sucked on Scott's cock?" I stopped working my tongue for a minute, looked up at her and said, "By the amount of cum I swallowed, I would say he did." She then told me how good she thought we looked together, and I revealed how hot I thought it was to have exposed myself like that in front of her and the other guys. And don't come downstairs until I get you." She then kissed me and said, "You're going to like my little surprise," and then turned around and left. Her mouth hung open, and she said, "Wow. You couldn't satisfy any woman cumming that quickly.

Wildlife Ch. 1

fetish ladyphoenix 2018-05-21

"Make the bitch cum for us, boy," Daddy grunted heavily as Junior shoved open Liz's thighs, lowering his mouth to her pussy. "You're a nasty little bitch, aint you?" Junior taunted as he grabbed her hips and starting fucking her hard, his balls slapping her ass at every thrust. Thoroughly ashamed and utterly humiliated, Liz simply lay there, arms pinned painfully behind her back, legs spread open, and her pussy being viciously pounded by Junior's thick, hard cock. She was whipped and fucked; forced to crawl on her hands and knees to beg each man to be able to suck the cum from their engorged cocks.

Sara, Nick and Pete: Creampie Fun!

fetish uke73 2018-05-06

Nick began to thrust his cock into Sara's mouth in time with Pete's thrusts into her wet pussy. The drinks in the pub certainly hadn't effected Pete's performance an Nick could see him shudder as he spray his hot cum into Sara's willing pussy. Now Nick was having his cock sucked it gave him more vigour in licking Pete's cum out of Sara. Nick rolled onto all fours and Sara slapped the lube onto his ass and began massaging it into his tight hole. Nick knew what was required of him, so he knelt up right while Sara slide under his freshly fucked ass and began to suck and lick's Pete's cum from his dark hole.

Second Lesson

fetish 69chuck4both 2018-05-04

Once there I tongued the head of his cock and then sucking more I pulled it further into my mouth and started bobbing my face in and out of his shaved crotch feeling his cock start to swell as I did so. After all the attention I had given Tony's cock with my mouth it was not to long before he was shooting a load of hot cum deep inside Wilma. Tony figured tat since i was enjoying seconds I should suck his cock clean so he straddled Wilma and stuck his cock in my face. Tony pulled out of my mouth and plunged his face into Wilma's cum soaked pussy eating it.

Topped from the Bottom Ch. 04

fetish cutebabysadie 2018-05-02

Sam must have noticed the look on my face and said, "well first you need to remember to call him Sir. Why don't you do two things, first Mark told me he needs to cum at least 6 times a day so you should go in drop to your knees and suck him off. I knew I didn't have it in me to come up with a reply so I leaned forward and started sucking his cock as I looked up and said without words, with just my eyes looking into Mark's "I submit...you win...I accept any punishment...and ohh yeah I love your cock" *SLURP SUCK