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Henry's Home for the Summer

fetish cynthiablaine7 2018-11-29

"Oh," his mother answered in a calm tone, "there's an extra drawer for you and room at the right of the closet." She then went on to mention that his father had set up two or three interviews for him for office jobs that she was sure he would be well qualified for and which would allow him to save some money for school. After Margaret finished spanking Henry in front of his friend Kathy, she sent the 19-year-old up to his room to clean it up. After about a half hour had gone by, during which Kathy told Margaret about her own experiences thus far at college, the governess suggested that they pay a visit to Henry's room upstairs.

Milk on Campus

fetish RedHatter76 2018-11-25

I say two because, to make matters even more startling, her older sister Danica, who was also no stranger to suckling far beyond infancy, had induced lactation in herself and gotten into the habit of breastfeeding Susan whenever she happened to be more readily available than their mother Liz. With two lactating elders in the family, my youngest cousin never had to look far whenever she either craved breastmilk specifically or just found it to be the most convenient way to quickly relieve and/or delay hunger.

Mother Dear Pt. 09

fetish keptsissy 2018-11-20

I think about her slapping my face as I dawdled while helping her step in the sexy black lace panties she is wearing under her tight skirt, scolding me as I knelt in front of her, her holding the short leash attached to the collar she puts on me when I help her dress, telling me 'Stop staring at my pussy and pay attention to dressing me!'. Even though I know only she and I hear each other and know what we are talking about, it feels like everyone in the room can hear, feels like they all know I'm wearing my locking penis harness and a rubber 6" butt plug inserted in my rear end, all held firmly in place by a tight panty girdle.

Mrs Riesin's Son Ch. 01

fetish DirtyOldBukowski 2018-11-19

Anne giggled to herself as she recalled earlier that morning when she spotted Luke struggling to conceal an unexpected and embarrassing erection in his boxer shorts - Margaret had unceremoniously bounced into the kitchen for breakfast wearing nothing but white cotton panties and a pale pink tanktop, her nipples clearly visible through the thin fabric. She had walked up beside Luke and leaned across the table directly in front of him to grab a piece of toast, and Anne laughed when she recalled poor Luke's eyes widening and his mouth opening as his sisters barely clothed and glorious buttocks appeared unexpectedly directly in front of his nose.

Mrs Riesin's Son Ch. 02

fetish DirtyOldBukowski 2018-11-18

As Anne walked shakily back to sit at her table to watch the continuing flow of secretive medical and security agents coming and going from the scene, she saw her beautiful daughter Margaret enter the room, a very professional looking 50-something man at her side in a dark suit, blue tie, and carrying a briefcase at his side. Margaret nuzzled her face into the softness of her mother's neck, seeking comfort in Anne's fragrant auburn hair, as the two Riesin women studied the naked and helpless 4-inch young man before them, trying to imagine where their lives together might take them next.

Disciplining Mom Ch. 03

fetish lesliejones 2018-11-15

"But I make them so you—Karen, say, for Marian—can close those slits and then the woman wearing the belt has to ask permission for them to be opened so she can do her business," Maria grinned as she told Emily about the creation. She then told Maria to take the time needed to measure Linda and Leslie for similar belts "just in case I decide they might benefit from wearing them once I see how it works out for Marian." And she had better not complain about it being wet with her pee and she better not ask me to open it until I think she deserves that privilege." With that, Karen slowly drew the wet belt back up Marian's legs and snapped it shut, locking the holes with her little key.

Milk Duds Ch. 07

fetish Troglodite45 2018-11-13

Yes, when Bill suckles my nipple hurts but I know it will soon go away.” Anna felt her face becoming blushed, not from the frank talk with her daughter but because she was sitting with her blouse open. Before long she was in the throws of sexual desire, her one hand plunging fingers deep and rapidly into her body as her lips sucked and pulled the milk from her breast. Knowing just how stubborn her daughter could be Anna simply sighed silently as she opened her nightgown baring both breasts and gave her nipple to her son. Moments later Anna felt her daughters firm breast tipped with it own hard nipple.

Shaming Carly

fetish hairysurfer 2018-11-09

Kelly stared at him for a moment - this balding, middle aged white civil servant - so respectable looking on the outside and yet so dirty and sick-minded on the inside. "Your mother's already accepted the situation Carly, so I think it's time you did the same," said Smith. After several moments of breathing in nothing but the stinking air trapped inside Carly's cunt, Smith withdrew his head from between her legs and sat back in his chair. What a lovely smelly ass and pussy you have Carly." He paused for a moment and looked up at her mother. Looking round at her mother he said: "I've never seen a mixed-race girl naked before; I'm just so intrigued to know what colour your daughter's genitals are and how hairy she is in-between her legs."

Milk Duds Ch. 07.1

fetish Troglodite45 2018-11-08

Her eyes took in how her father’s eyes shifted quickly to take in how her breasts moved and rose up on her chest before looking back to her mother nursing her brother. Anna turned to Suzie and pulled her close planting her open lips to that of her daughters. As Suzie pressed against her mother’s body helping her to lay down Jim moved and allowed them all the room they wanted. Her lips moved from the milk filled breasts down to her stomach as her head stopped allowing her tongue to probe the indentation of Anna’s belly button. Jim saw Anna’s tongue slip easily and deeply into the crevice of their daughters sex as her lips began to suck from her the very essence of her being.

Mother Dear Pt. 07

fetish keptsissy 2018-11-08

Be a good boy and kiss, baby, between my cheeks over my panties. I handed her a glass of wine, like I do every day she comes home. Ooo, I love the feeling of my little boy's mouth like that." She buries her head into the back of the couch as I start to run my tongue up the full length of her rear end, feel her wince and hear her whimper softly as my tongue methodically runs up and over her tight little hole, again and again. I love no other, no other gives me what I truly need, I love you, Mother, love you...love being in your house, being you special boy..."

Get Away for the Month

fetish evilbread666 2018-10-01

The two of us took a walk into the commercial side of town and headed for the ice cream parlor. "You must really like ice cream," she said, as I snuck in a kiss while licking her chest. "She didn't know that you have a girlfriend already." She kept eating ice cream and more spilled. Bending over the tub, her massive breasts now hovering above my naked body, she took a bar of soap and started scrubbing my body with it, holding me down by my chest with her other free hand. "You like pretending as much as I do!" She stopped fumbling for shampoo and simply held her place, letting me play with her massive breasts.

pregnant a life changing night pt 2

fetish vinney 2018-10-01

Her hair was damp and she smelled fresh so I knew that she’d had a shower and, silently, I prayed that I’d done a good job removing my semen from her sex earlier that morning, I asked what was wrong. When my mother pointed out that I had been a very good baby and he’d never had to change a nappy or get up in the middle of the night beside which they now could afford to have a nanny he blew up and said that his mind was made up and nothing would change it. As she’d been talking about having another baby my mind flashed back to last night when I’d blasted two loads of potent sperm deep into her womb.

Taste of True Friendship Ch. 10

fetish Benny_Blank 2018-10-01

Dan felt a need to tell his mother about what had been happening to him. Dan stopped short of telling her that he felt more comfortable as a woman than as a man. And the fact that Ayisha loved having sex with women worked in his favor. After the blonde had somewhat settled down from her orgasm, Ayisha leaned over the side of the bed, produced a dildo attached to a pair of rubber panties, slipped them on, and then slipped the rubber organ into her partner's pussy. Dan could tell that the blonde was having serial orgasms by the tensing of her body and the moans of pleasure.

First Used Panties

fetish sniffpanties 2018-09-29

After that visit to my grandparents, my mind was still filled with the vision of my maternal grandfather stealthily sneaking into the guestroom to sniff and masturbate with my mother's panties. My mother normally did the laundry at home and her bras and panties were always hung in my parents' bathroom, away from prying eyes. I picked up the pair of pink panties and sneaked through the quiet house to my parents' room. It was long; I knew my mother had a hairy bush, from my peeps up her skirt and the hairs curling out from her panties. Within the short span of two weeks, I had gone from innocence to ultimate perverseness, as I lay there exhausted with my own mother's panties wrapped around my cock, covered in cum.

Shrunken Situation Pt. 01

fetish 003_hunter 2018-09-28

To Mike's utter horror, she walked up to the chair, turning her back to him, and he found himself face to face with his mum's gigantic, legging-clad butt as she prepared to sit down. He could smell her strong womanly scent through her leggings and panties, and realised with disgust that most of his body was squashed underneath her feminine area, while his head happened to be positioned right beneath his mother's arsehole. "Right lets sort this laundry out then." Carol had been sat on her son for over fifteen minutes by the time she'd finished her tea, and Mike was barely holding on to consciousness.

The Alley of No Return Ch. 10

fetish fursmoke11 2018-09-28

Why didn't you tell me you liked me smoking?" Jennifer said , pounding her clenched fist softly on his chest and a tear in her eye "I mean I know you did like it and I thought you had gone off it; gone off me.I felt my whole sex appeal repertoire was wrong somehow." She did not pull away as the Italian looking lad just lingered a little too long with hand on glove and as she rose from the light, kept the cigarette dangling in his firm lips and exhaled a shot of smoke over her shoulder as he thanked her. After they had walked to the opposite side of the terrace, and Jennifer had watched them walk with a smile of seductive desire on her lips, John looked at her and again put his arm wound her and into the soft fur.

Sam Steals Neighbor's Panties

fetish jadedappetite 2018-09-26

Soon there was a knock at the door and Sam's mother opened it and welcomed in a plump, brown haired woman. "Ms.Dede would like for you to cut her grass and maybe do some other tasks for her." Sam's mother began. "Take off these clothes right now," Missy said, with one hand on her hip and the other pointing to the bathroom. Going through some drawers Missy revealed a white garter belt, black knee high stockings, and a pink pair of satin panties. Missy couldn't keep her grin off her face and watched as Sam stepped into them and pulled them over the belts. Missy reached into Sams bra and began to pinch his very sensitive nipple.

Sucker for Mom Chapter 7

fetish varunpal89 2018-09-23

Terry toweled himself dry in his room, trying to forget his mother, no, Mom..." Terry mumbled, thinking that his dream had been more Sheila's words hit Terry like a ton of bricks. "Well, Terry, did you screw the little thing?" Sheila asked wantonly. "Not exactly..." Terry said, his cock dripping with lust for his mother. "Does your cock get big and hard in her mouth, darling?" she asked. "Am I making you horny?" Sheila asked, feeling her cunt moisten. so horny?" Terry felt the shaft of his cock "Yeah, Mom, you did!" Terry said, unable to lie to his mysterious and isn't supposed to make him horny!" Terry said, looking deeply into his wickedly, imagining the size of Terry's excited cock and balls.

Courtney's caning

fetish Aimie-Leigh 2018-09-22

The Headmasters door opens, Courtney's form teacher Miss Jenkins looks out and calls Courtney, her mother and b*****r inside. They all go inside and look at the Headmaster, who is sat behind his desk, everyone takes a seat, expcept Courtney, who stands in the middle of the office, head bowed, in her rather scruffy school uniform. The Headmaster gets up and walks around next to Courtney and tells her to get up on his desk onto all fours, The Headmaster lift up Courtney's skirt up over her back, exposing her regulation school knickers covering her fifiteen year old bottom. Courtney pulls up her knickers and leaves with her Mum and b*****r.

Slippery Love

fetish Knighted 2018-09-19

Not finding reason or answers, he opened his jeans pulled down his underwear and masturbated until he came in a sweaty post pubescent ball of guilt, daydreaming about the large black man's massive cock furiously fucking his mother, her long slender white legs with curled pink painted toenails clinching, her mouth open uttering begging gasps as she received her black lover's masculine domination of her sex. It took several lunch conversations, a few weeks of unsuccessful internet searching, and after what seemed an eternity but was really a matter of sifting through no way's, are you fucking crazy's, and Oh my God I fucking wish, Max suggested that Joseph ask Cynthia Whitaker out on a date and take care of the monumental "problem" a geek or nerd almost never conquered in high school, losing his virginity.

The Gentlemen's Panty Club

fetish joefelton 2018-09-18

I looked up at my mother's face and asked, "Mommy, how come Edith's underwear looks different than mine? She thought for a few seconds, and smiled back at me, "Well Joey, Edith is wearing girl's panties, which can be any color and have any pattern that you can imagine. I looked closely at Edith's pretty panties, and then I remembered my plain white boy's briefs. Again I looked up at my mother's beautiful face, "Mommy, I want to wear girl's underwear too. "It's ok, Joey, if you want to wear pretty panties, but I think you should ask your father first. Mommy told me that's because a girl's panties can be any color or pattern, but boy's underwear is only white, and not pretty.

Cheryl was a Hairy Goddess

fetish Madabouthair 2018-09-16

I never saw my friend's father do anything to Cheryl, but if I had a buck for every time I heard my friend or his brothers get screamed at, smacked upside the head or get a boot right in the ass with those steel-toed work shoes his old man always wore, I'd be a rich man today. After Cheryl's brother told me that, I kept my eyes peeled for a sighting of her armpit hair, because that was something that really turned me on, ever since I had uncovered a little collection of dirty pictures that my old man thought he had hidden. "Only saw one hard before," Cheryl admitted, which was one more than I would have guessed, and when I asked her whose she had seen, she giggled and said it was her brother, my friend.

Chapter 7 Chrissie Recovers

fetish klammer 2018-09-13

"If you tell Helen I gave you a super dose of girl power this week I "Helen is satisfying her dominant sexual needs in life by turning you She knows every day you will be on your fours taking a real man inside "This is the first time that Derek has ever hired a t-girl," said Kate, worry about taking a week off every month like a real woman does," added mommy and Kate walked in laughing like old friends. "Your mother has agreed to become the house's new receptionist," Kate want," said the girl as she pulled out an image of the tattoo Derek "Thank you for wanting me to part of your new life," mommy said as her

Mr's Briefs Tricking others and treating hers

fetish Zieg87 2018-09-13

Hearing the door slide open again, Bulma cocked her head over and asked the arbitrary question of 'going out now mom?' to which her mother, without turned her head replied 'yes dear, make sure not to set the house ablaze.' clearly joking with her and Bulma knew full well, resulted in an eye roll and moved on to her departing words 'safe driving mom' and with that, the mother left with her daughters slut wear, used at a time when her little girl was desperate for a man, and for it's new purpose, sex for her desperate mother.