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MY Wife Will Only Jerk Me Off!

fetish tcg 2018-01-27

I tried to position myself next to Mary so that I could have a good view of what was going on, and had hopes of placing my dick into her mouth, and it hasn’t been there in many years. She apparently realized what I was trying to do, and took Denny’s dick out of her mouth long enough to tell me not to even think about it, but that she would jerk me off while I watched her provide the blow job that I wanted so badly to Denny. Mary told me that when Denny returns, that she may just let me put my dick into her mouth while he is fucking her.

The Good s****r Who Caught Me

fetish tcg 2018-01-26

There were many times when she would sit on the sofa with her knees up to her chin and her feet apart, totally oblivious that she was giving me a great view of her little panties. My legs suddenly felt weak and I had to quickly grab the hand basin to stop myself from collapsing to the floor. "I always knew you liked looking at my panties but I didn't know you liked them that much." She giggled from the other side of the room. I was so humiliated that I tried to pull my eyes away from her crotch, but it was though I was hypnotized because all I could manage was a quick glance up to her smiling face.

Medussa's Fool

fetish TaleTeller4035 2018-01-23

My hands shook as I retrieved my erect cock and maniacally masturbated as I replied yes to her invite to meet for coffee. "My words begin to reveal their controlling, dominant nature, and, thus, reveal my person, for I am a demanding Mistress and expect your absolute obedience and submissiveness—your natural nature, by the way. A feeling, he realized, of mostly humiliation; his eyes devoured, again, the last paragraph of the dominant personality's e-mail -and this feeling surged, once again, like lightening, charging firmly the boned condition of his cock. The moment he clicked the e-mail into the electronic atmosphere, his hand began to jerk his rigid cock in a frenzied rush to climax, which came to him in less than a minute.

Mouthing Off - Chapter 2

fetish AlphaBeatHer 2018-01-03

While I was pumping Donna's throat and watching the enchanting opening scenes I told the members of the group that she would be coming round to them each in turn to suck them off and when she had finished that job she would kneel in the corner ready for whenever they needed her for the urinal services that they could now see her providing on the screen. When she had done the drinks and stuff, she went straight to a guy who was gently rubbing a semi hard as he watched a pretty young Japanese bukkake girl have her cum covered face washed off by four fat, hairy, middle aged white men pissing on her.

My s****r and I

fetish tcg 2017-12-29

This was really turning me on seeing this and soon I had my cock in my own hand and was pumping it slowly, enjoying the video and the feeling I was giving myself. I took my hands away from her head, but before my s****r stopped sucking my cock, she held my head inside her mouth and caressed my cum hole with the tip of her tongue. I circled my tongue around her clit, Megan moaned very hard, her pussy juices were flowing constantly, and her legs started to shake. Megan leaned forward and kissed me passionately, sucking on my tongue like a miniature cock. I started thrusting my hips, pumping my cock deep inside her cunt and Megan started moaning, "Oh, yeah!

My Fuckdooll

fetish SafeSexting 2017-12-23

Forcing my huge cock deep into my cousin's throat, and with every thrust hearing her gag on it like a whore. Trixie nodded, opened her mouth wide, and started beating my cock off against her tongue. She grinned again, and took my entire cock into her mouth and I violently fucked her face for another few minutes. The orgasm was so strong that her arms gave way and I was left fucking her pussy so hard that her face got pushed into the floor. TRIXIE: Jack...please...I want you to fuck me in the ass. As this was happening, I moved back a foot or so, held my cock, and started to piss all over cousin's face.

An Unexpected Scoop Ch. 02

fetish Banishame 2017-12-23

I had no idea what was going though her mind, except that it certainly wasn’t “wow, that was my first sexual experience with a woman.” I didn’t even know whether she had come. After a few seconds, as my pent-up flow was at full strength, she stopped drinking it, instead letting it splash all over her face, in and around her mouth, in her hair, in her eyes, everywhere. As the flow slowed, she placed her open mouth right over my pee hole, and took the last few seconds’ worth straight down her throat, then licking me again, until another even bigger orgasmic wave crashed over me, leaving me barely conscious.

Shemale Amazon Goddess

fetish Entrapped 2017-12-23

I lean forward and capture the long shaft of her massive she-penis between the enormous globes of my tits, then open my lips wide and suck the scarlet head of her girl-prick into my mouth just as it begins to shoot its fourth load. Releasing the mental controls that kept them from achieving there full capacity, Meghan watched as her mighty girl-cock grew to it's full 31 inches and the wonderfully sensitive 8 inch nipple- cocks sprouted from her beautiful double Gs. She hugged the enormous cock to her cleavage and gently stroked the apple-sized prick-head while her fingers slowly fucked in and out of the sperm oozing cum-slit.

My first UMW slut

fetish NastyDom 2017-12-23

As I whispered this in her hear, I reached over with my left hand and grabbed her left tit and squeezed it hard. I squeezed her right nipple through her t-shirt, and started sliding my index finger quickly in and out of her pussy as she started to cry and moan at the same time. I strapped on my backpack and grabbed my new slut and we started walking the path between the two dorms adjacent to the poly sci building and took the trail through the woods. I pulled, squeezed and twisted her young nipples showing no mercy, the pain reflected on her face actually made my cock harder yet.

helping out

fetish fkmyface 2017-12-22

"I could sure use a blow job man, no body has to know", i was frozen when he got a foot away and he said "come on bud, help a guy out" and put his hand on my shoulder pulling me downward, I melted in fear and anticipation as i went to me knees and took him in my hands, for being so hard the skin was really soft. I looked up and him and he said "please??" I looked back at his magnificent hard on and opened my mouth, I still remember how soft it felt in my mouth as i closed my mouth around it, I felt hi hands move to my head and pull me close and his cock went balls deep making me gag, he pulled back and pushed again and i felt this pressure in my mouth and felt something warm sliding down my throat.

Milk, Edge and Ruin me! Non-stop! (Work in progres

fetish nslave 2017-12-21

I then again feel her warm grip around my balls but this time she starts to pull them, followed by what it appears to be rope being wrapped around my scrotum. She grabs my face holding it still “I said just a little bit more” as she tipped my head forward, I feel a warm stream slide over my bulged belly to later hear it be collected in the metal bowl underneath the chair. I do as told and moments later I hear the door closing, I’m now alone in the room bound to a chair with glowing balls and a rock hard dick.


fetish Bedr00mBully 2017-12-20

I'd almost done it several times but as soon as I came, the urge to lick and suck on her cum filled pussy faded away. I was right in the middle of a really hot story about a guy who loved to go down on his wife or have her sit on his face after he came when I had to go pee. She'd already had several orgasms but when she rides me, I know she's building up to a massive one and wants to go hard and fast until she cums which usually means I can't hold back any more and this time was no exception. As soon as I came, she surprised me by reaching for my hands and holding them above my head as she moved up my body.

Support Interview

fetish hrnyarssub 2017-12-19

At any rate I began conversing with a man who had sent me an email on the site with a photo of his cock and balls. A good slave let's master sit on his face." With that his ass was pressing down on my face. Leaning forward a little, he rolled his hips back and pointed his thick cock to my mouth. Eat masters cock like the slut bitch you are." he raises a little, then descends all the way, forcing his cock down my throat, past my gag reflex. This time he leans forward on the desk and lowers his cock into my open mouth. My cum spurting onto the floor as I pressed my face hard into his ass, with my tongue deep inside his smooth tight passage.

My Little Fuck Toy Pegged and More

fetish 425olds 2017-12-18

"Oh yeah, fuck me." I said with my eyes closed, thrusting my ass backward impaling myself on the huge invader. She said, "This oiled up whore can take it up the ass like a pro, but you have another hole to fill -- don't you?" The smacking wet sounds continued as my ass was being fucked hard and fast each stroke reaching the very center of my soul turning me, changing me. I head voices then felt hands all over my body, spreading my ass cheeks. You'll end up like you are right now every night, with well-used holes, limp, unable to move, and the only thing you'll think about will be more cock, filling you up." She said as I drifted off to sl**p.

Please...I'll Do Anything...Part 1

fetish 425olds 2017-12-16

Do you not wanna cum anymore now that you're in this position?" She teased, "Cause if not, i have no problem putting you back in that lil cock-cage of yours" I could see her laughing through the gap between my legs. Callie leaned in and whispered in my ear, "would you like to swallow?", she asked, softly giggling as she pushed the drops i missed into my mouth. She had me moaning in pain as she f***ed the dildo in by hand smacking the balls against my ass, watching my face cringe the entire time...loving every minute of it. She f***ed my head up and down on the fake cock until i had licked and swallowed all of the cum off of the dildo.Then she locked me back up.

You're Going to Eat My Load Today Gay

fetish 425olds 2017-12-15

Matt leans in very close to me, his lips right next to my ear, and he says in a very low growly voice, "I'm here to make my final claim, boy. "Fuck yeah, look at that little ass, crawling on the floor, my boy, for his man. Fuck yeah, your bubble butt looks so good pushed up in the air like that." Matt keeps up a string of verbal commentary as I crawl up the stairs. Part of my groan is that I haven't been able to touch him at all and the need is burning inside me to feel him against me, to kiss him, to please us both pressing our bodies together.

My hairy MILF

fetish Iluvmywifeshairybush 2017-12-13

I then cup my hand under her pussy and feel her warm pee. I love to.taste her hairy bush right after she pees. Love sucking my hairy, sweaty pussy, huh? My hand grabs at her bush and gently tugs on it as my tongue runs up and down the length of her swollen lips. "Mmmmmm..baby, I love how you suck my pussy. ° You suck my dirty hairy pussy so GOOD, beautiful man! Her legs thrust open as she cums into my face, not letting go of me just yet. She makes sure she rubs her cum-and-piss-drenched pussy into my face to see me drink.it all up.in.a feverish craving & desire.

The One That Made & Broke Me

fetish SizeQueenSupreme 2017-12-12

I cradled his fat balls in the palms of my hands and gave them a last loving kiss, and then started to spiral back up his cock, making sure to cover every part of it with my swabbing tongue. I savaged the head of his cock with my mouth, licking and slurping all over, spreading a thick mass of precum and lusty saliva around it, heavy white drops sliding down the sides. I'd like to say I wasn't scared, but I was looking at the most lengthiest, (yes it was big enough to deserve a double positive!) thickest, snake I had ever seen on a man, and I was about to try putting it in my average-sized pussy.

Cat Burglar Part III

fetish mrstask 2017-12-11

She fastens her mouth on his sex like a demon, consuming him, sucking voraciously, harder and harder, refusing to breathe or let up even for one second. And when she feels his cock contract deeply, shuddering and juddering in her mouth and beginning to sweeten, she simply lets go. Sucking always makes her hot, and his cock, whether she likes to admit it or not, is a beauty. And she does like it...but she’s not going to tell him that. He turns her on her back, looking down at her, gently stroking her chest and shoulders, sweeping over her skin, enjoying sudden and complete mastery. He feasts on her pussy, holding her squirming thighs in an iron grip when she tries to move away from his teasing, maddening mouth.

A Mom's Sexuality Awaken Chapter 12

fetish rollhigh 2017-12-11

When Sally finally let Rick pull his cock from her mouth one of the other ladies, named Beth, came over to her and started licking up the cum from Sally’s face. Sally felt things inside her feel like there were expanding and she tried pushing her pussy further inside his sucking mouth. As soon as Sally was in place Tom told her to open her mouth and to bring her chin down against his cock about half way down from the head. Sally took his cock out and asked Tom if it was possible to make him feel like she did when he made her cum with his mouth. When his cock finished Sally kept him inside her sucking mouth while her pussy banged out one more big orgasm.


fetish myrubicon 2017-12-11

Are you going to cum in your WHORE's mouth, Master?" she asks and she strokes my cock hard and fast, gazing into my eyes. My eyes roll back, I tense up, and she sucks as hard as she can as i start erupting in her mouth, her hands squeezing my thighs and her eyes never leaving my face as i fill her up."Oh shit, oh god that's it WHORE." She reaches up and milks the last drop out of my shaft into her mouth, then she pulls off and shows me her treat. "That's it WHORE, swallow Master's cum." She dutifully swallows as she slowly strokes my shaft, then after showing me her empty mouth she sucks my cock for a moment, sending shudders all through my body.

friends fiance'

fetish Sir_Stephen345 2017-12-10

Sitting in the living room with my long time friend and his fiance' talking about the wedding that I am scheduled to be in that is only a few weeks away we just finished dinner and our third 1.5 of wine. In a smart ass tone (some girls don't learn easily) she asks 'what the fuck do you want now', 'you will figure it out, but lets call it an apology for your mouth'. As my fingers came across her pussy with the first crack against her delicate skin she raised up off the floor 'holy shit what the fuck stop that' I noted the drip running down the cheek of her ass and cracked it again.

Sloppy Seconds

fetish 2017-12-10

Terri looks at you as if to say "watch how a real breasts, watching your boyfriend's cock getting works him with her mouth, Terri's hand wanders between As she licks your boyfriend's balls, Terri "Please Terri, may I touch my pussy?" which isn't busy frigging her clit--Terri slaps your and try to get your mouth on Terri's breast. your balance as you lean over, suck Terri's breast and "Oh fuck I'm CUMMING...." Terri announces to the "Oh YEAH girl, lick your man's jism out of my fuck- hole, YES!" Terri throws her blonde head back against Terri pops him out of her mouth and regards you, hands and brings them to her mouth, sucking the juices

Summoned by my Mistress

fetish richiezm 2017-12-09

She simply pointed to a pile of clothing, and I knew to put them on; a deep satin suspender belt with six straps, shear black stockings, high heels (Which I’d never worn before) and a pair of long satin gloves, and finally a Ring Gag. After putting the gloves on she fastened cuffs around my wrists which were the same kind as my collar; I was then lead through her dungeon to an old fashioned wooden Pillory, I stumbled slightly in and the heels they took some getting used to. Just then the door to the Dungeon opened and a second mistress walked in also wearing a latex catsuit, but with dark hair tied tightly into a bun on the top of her head, she scared me as her make-up was rather over the top & excessive, and as I’d never been double domme’d before I was nervous.