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Cum & Tights

fetish kiitykatt 2018-07-12

Or should I just let everyone in the country, especially your family know just how much of a slut you are?" he said sharply as he closed the door, she had barely walked in and came to a sudden stop at hearing those words, breathing a little deeply, "yes sir". She watched with her wide blue eyes as her cock was stroked again under her tights, she was still hard and it felt amazing. He moves his hand and pushes gently down on her soaked tights covered cock, she moans loudly, she's about to cum again so he moves away and watches her whimper and writhe around, trying to push herself over the edge.

The Dance

fetish NightOwl64 2018-05-17

Like most boys at that age, my creative mind entertained fantasies that obviously involved sex, but only after holding the girl down, and wiggling my fingers all over her body until she finally gave into what I wanted. So I waited almost a month, checking her schedule each week until she was finally assigned a late shift -- Saturday, 3:00 to 11:30, one half hour after the store closed. As a final touch, I fastened a leather strap just below her elbows, so she couldn't even bring her head forward to look down and see for herself just how exposed and vulnerable she was.

Terminator: System Error

fetish GingerM 2018-05-16

A sudden, wild gust of wind was the only warning, and she seemed startled as the door suddenly slammed open, the glass smashing in a fan of glass shards across the floor. "Mission completion for unit S-X." A new note of assurance in her voice, she resumed her stalking pace toward him, hands undoing the belt of her raincoat which he realized was more nearly a micro-mini - he bet it didn't come down more than crotch-high on her. She moved suddenly, like a striking snake, and before he knew it, her arm had turned to liquid metal, binding his hands together.

The Perfect Sex Robot Ch. 03

fetish gmikeisbad 2017-10-28

I cannot open my left hand with the zip tie holding down my fingers around the fairy wand and I am fiddling with it as heat builds in my red face. I start singing and feel my arms get heavy holding the pole and the shopping bad in one hand and waving my fairy wand above my head in the other. I could not open my left hand, it was still stuck tight around the fairy wand so I was trying to hold the coins and pick up more with the same hand. Genie asked me to move my puffy fairy sleeve out of the way as it was blocking the Skype camera on the phone.