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Foot Fetish Fridays

fetish Brittni4u 2018-12-03

I allowed him to tell me all about his foot fetish and how he loved nylon covered feet and the musky smell they emit after being trapped inside sexy shoes. He slowly knelt down in front of my desk when I shrugged, pointed to my nylon covered foot, and wiggled my toes, “Don’t be upset if that little cramped space smells like musky feet. With the toes of the heel pointing upward and hanging on his nose, I stretched the elastic headband around the shoe and his head until it was secured to the front of his face like a mask.

One for her...The Train !

fetish uliveonce 2018-11-29

Then I looked you in the eyes as I ran my tongue along the line of cum, licking it up before calmy slipping your heel back on just as the station platform began to pass our window. I couldnt wait any more, so I ran my hands up your legs, pushing your skirt up around your waist, and with an animal instinct, I pulled your knickers aside and buried my tongue deep into your soaking wet pussy. I turn on my back, making you sit on my face, as you rub your clit over my tongue for a while..then you inch forward, pushing down so my tongue delves inside your soaking pussy, then you move again, pushing that tight wet ass down onto my stiff slippery tongue as you play.

1960's Stewardess

fetish dior11 2018-11-28

She must have not been wearing a slip because her white garter straps and dark stocking tops, as well as her panty lines showed through. I fell forward and ended up with my face between her legs, driving up her dress hem way beyond her dark stocking tops. Lynn had her hands clasped in front of her dress, as if to hide the white garter straps and stocking tops. I got a series of shots from a low angle, revealing the full length of her nylon covered legs, black stocking tops, garter straps, and sheer black panties. Now I had a clear shot up her legs sheathed in ultra-sheer dark nylons with her stocking-covered feet in the foreground; the reinforced heels and toes came out clearly.

Nuru Massage 2: Masa's story

fetish dior11 2018-11-22

Hye-jin was a recent walk-in who was curious about nuru massage, something recommended by one her friends in Japan. She was a vision of beauty, a knock-out Korean woman adorned only in flimsy lingerie and dark RHT stockings—waiting to be caressed and stroked, lubricated by special nuru oil—today scented with yuzu, a popular citrus in Japan. I now viewed her beautiful front half with flowing black hair draped over her shoulders, perfectly shaped breasts, slim waist, and long slender legs adorned with dark nylon stockings. With her cunt generously lubed by nuru oil and her own juices, my stiffened dick slid into Hye-jin.

Footrub Friday

fetish noname333 2018-11-15

As I continued to massage Simone’s pretty feet, she eventually started moaning softly, while squeezing her legs together and breathing in deeply, and I wondered if she was having a secret orgasm, as the pre-come slowly dripped out of me onto Karen’s foot, making things slicker. I work with a lot of beautiful, sexy women at my job, some of whom are friends with Karen outside of work, and it’s usually difficult concentrating on my work, even without my balls and legs being teased constantly by nylon any time I moved, and having my girlfriend’s pussy juices right under my nose.

How a kind lady helped my nylon and foot fetish

fetish Peter88 2018-11-15

Today, as I said, I was only wearing my blue dressing gown and I went through the usual routine - Listen for the vacuum to start, all clear - then I knelt down by Jean's soft red boots, slipped the nylon stocking over my head and holding her right boot tightly over my nose and mouth inhaled the scent of her lovely sweaty feet and took and myself in hand for a quick wank. Looking wide-eyed right at me, pumping away, smelling her pretty little size 5 boot, which I dropped, and as she walked towards me I could only focus on her feet, her skinny painted toes and her silky nylon legs and I couldn't hold back - I came in my hand and tried to hold onto the mess of come, but it trickled through my fingers and some dripped onto her boot.

Lynn: My First Photo Shoot

fetish dior11 2018-11-10

Before I even heard about “flashing” stockings in public, I was already enjoying the special feeling of wearing sexy garter belts and high quality nylons. As a result, every time I lifted my arms to reach up, the hem rose up my thighs, exposing a broad expanse of nylons, as well as garter straps, and occasionally, my sheer panties. I imagined that Randy would be posing me with my arms raised, so I made sure to wear my favorite black garter belt and super-sheer panties. Getting into his tiny Bug, I made sure Randy got a good view of my stocking-covered legs. I knew he was shooting a lot of upskirt pictures because my dress constantly rose up way beyond my thighs, totally exposing everything including my sheer, pussy-moistened panties.

So How Long Have You Been Into Feet?

fetish Footscribe 2018-11-10

Seem a bit quiet," she said nonchalantly as she unknowingly slipped the nyloned toes of her let foot under the cuff of the right leg of my shorts. "Think I'll help myself to another Breezer," she said as she swung around to grab a bottle from the back seat, finally planting the arch of her sweaty little nyloned foot squarely on my trapped dick. It gets me so horny knowing you've spent the last year and a half lusting after me, dreaming of the day when I'd grind my panty-clad ass cheeks against your face, chest, and hard dick before my beautiful feet would stroke your hard cock and make it cum harder."

Pantyhose sex on a sunday

fetish mugs101 2018-11-02

Not too hard but enough to get my attention, when I looked up to her she moved slightly to her left stepping away a bit then took her right heel and planted it on my face. I let her shoe drop and she planted her foot square on my face, My nose nestled against her sexy high arch and her toes flexing a bit on my eye and my lips busy kissing the underside of her foot. I slid my cock between them and she trapped it between her calves holding me there, as I slowly started to fuck her hose covered legs. She slid her foot up pressing my cock into me and took the toe of her shoe up the underside of my cock milking me a bit.

Alice Pantyhose in Wonderland Ch. 05

fetish nylonleglover 2018-10-04

Gwen's fingers, covered with the same sheer nylon lace as her legs, was like a pantyhose delight as she slid two fingers firmly over Alice's clit, parting her wet lips and gliding down to dip barely into her wanting hole. Alice felt her legs get tighter still and looked down to see a pair of gray lace sheer pantyhose covering her white ones. Here was a beautiful blonde young woman standing in the middle of a stone and dirt path in an ash forest, while dressed in a gray and silver tea party dress, with shiny gray lace nylons over white pantyhose in silver flats wielding a dangerous looking umbrella held at the ready to smite anyone.

Victoria's secret

fetish Gez71 2018-09-29

Ian blew a fake sigh of exasperation, then smiled broadly, "come here, sexy," as he took Victoria in his arms and kissed her deeply on the mouth. Dressing Ian in the panties, then the tights and stockings, until he was totally encased, from head to toe, Victoria said she had a few surprises for him. Donning a pair of black silk gloves, Victoria started kissing Ian's midriff, stroking his stomach and running her hands over his form. Lifting the stocking mask from Ian's face, Victoria said that she had a show for him and produced a fresh stocking and opening her vulva with the fingers of one hand, fed it into her pussy, until only a little part protruded.

I need a breath of air.

fetish 2018-09-28

Instinctively, I reached out and caressed that delicious leg with my hand and kissed and licked the calf against my face! I stop licking for a minute to look up to see her hand coming back out and up to her beautiful face! After an audible moan, I return my face to her pussy and start licking it through the nylon. I kiss, lick and suck that delicious pussy until I hear audible moans coming from her! I caress the front of her legs while I pull her tight against my face and again taste her through the nylon! I am caressing those legs as she moves up and down and grinds on my cock until I feel her tighten then cover my cock and balls with her cum.

Erotic Footjob in the Office

fetish Declan26 2018-09-24

But she soon found herself, smiled to Kash and asked him, "Do you like my legs?" Then Kash looked down at her legs and said, "Put your feet on my chair." Harleen laid her hand on a cabinet for support and put her feet on his chair between his legs. His fingers went down softly stroking her leg and stopped on her foot. Kash took off gently her nice black high heel and put it on his table. Kash held Harleens leg in his hands and started to kiss it. He slowly kissed her whole leg from her knee to her foot. "Suck my toes, please," Harleen whispered to Kash. She opened her eyes and looked at Kash who was softly kissing her red toenails.

First journal - Part 1

fetish elausente 2018-09-22

I was just overpowered by the excitement; and then, suddenly, it came, what I believe was my first orgasmic climax; I felt my head spinning, I felt my face tremendously flushed, I stopped hearing things and felt this intense heat starting in my pelvis, reach to my aching buttocks, numbing the pain and traveling fast towards my head and feet and back, in waves, engulfing my whole body, and my heart felt like it was going to jump right off my chest...

Young Man Buys His First Pair Of Tights Pantyhose

fetish CockBoy1970 2018-09-22

At the shops I couldn't contain my excitement at finally being able to own my very own pairs of tights or as they say in America PANTYHOSE, the queue was quite long and I found that standing in the queue amongst all the old women getting their bread and milk for the day, chatting about their ailments and the weather, I started daydreaming about finally having my body encased and caressed in nylon and  I started to get an erection and a full one at that, my cock now in full adulthood is a proud  7" and thick, at this moment in time fully hard I was a good 5.5" so quite noticeable but luckily my baggy umbro trackie covered it up. 

Wife's Pantyhose Tease at Church

fetish mugs101 2018-09-11

The feeling of my cock trapped between her hose covered thighs was heaves, I turned and placed my nose along the arch of her foot and took a deep breath loving the scent of her foot in her shoe. I couldn't see but I knew she was rubbing her clit, I felt her push her foot into my face each time she hit her magic button in the right place. There was so much going on, kissing her nylon-covered foot, feeling my cock trapped between her thighs and her scent filling my nose. I am close and she know sit, she takes her foot with the pump still on and again placed the heel in my mouth, I pull it off and drop the shoe.

Nylon sissy femdom fantasy - Part 2

fetish hosierian 2018-09-09

Satisfied they had positioned me onto the bed my aunt looked down at me with a mischievous yet stern expression and then took my left arm and using a stocking she deftly produced from her skirt pocket she tied my wrist to the bar of the bedhead. Once my aunt had rechecked the stocking was tied tight she looked over to Melissa and said "pick out something soft and prissy for our sissy girl from the drawer". Holding up a lovely pair of soft nylon panties Melissa exclaimed that "to be a fully fledged sissy then you are to wear nylon as if it was your own skin.

Flatmates and Fetishes Pt. 01

fetish nylonjo 2018-09-04

Closing my bedroom door behind me, a wry smile breaks out over my face, knowing why Jess was so keen to go to her room. I pick up the pantyhose again, and without thinking I begin to gather up one of the legs, finding the foot of them. I slip the tip of my penis inside the foot of the pantyhose before sliding the nylon down the length of my engorged cock. The thought of Jess' legs in her pantyhose keeps flashing in my mind. My body begins to clench, my cock beginning to pulse and a breath later I'm cumming, thrusting in to the pantyhose, squirting my semen through the nylon, filling them, soaking them.

Perks at Work

fetish GrapleIRIS 2018-09-02

He watched those black heels moving over the thick carpeting for a few more strides, eyes following the seams up the backs of her legs, then shook his head as if to clear his senses and bounded off after her. Her feet slipped upwards again: silky nylon against his bare legs, one of them coming to rest on the front of his left hip bone…the other…oh my God the other…coming up from underneath his balls…exquisite pressure…running up alongside the underside of his hard, throbbing cock…pressing it against his belly…toes coming to rest on the very head…circling…playing in a quickly growing wet spot at the front of his boxers.

Lindsey's Beautiful Feet Ch. 01-03

fetish goofigumdrop 2018-08-30

I reluctantly approached her with a throbbing bulge in the front of jeans she reclined and raised one of her beautiful feet towards my face, I lost control of myself and pressed my mouth and nose against the bottom of her toes and gave it a couple of long slow kisses noticing as well how sexy her foot smelled. With a cute giggle and a big sigh she again pressed her feet against my face and purred "are they stinky hun?" I nodded dumbly and went back to work on her cute smelling tootsies again this time slowly peeling her pop-socks off her feet one at a time before taking a sexy toe in my mouth and sucking hard and slow on it then slowly kissing down and up her sole before sucking the next one.

Afternoon's Delight

fetish sliplover 2018-08-27

She had been folding her lingerie, and she thought he seemed to look more often when she had a slip in her hands. "Can you honestly tell me that what you are holding in your hand feels any different than when it is your cock wrapped in a slip?" Lets enjoy this together." She relaxed her grip and he tentatively began to stroke the nylon covered shaft in his hand. As she lowered a breast to his mouth she said, "Then lets make sure it really needs washing first." With that she shifted, grabbed both cocks in a nylon wrap, and began to stroke, feeling both cocks react in her hand.

Flatmates and Fetishes Pt. 02

fetish nylonjo 2018-08-24

"So yesterday, I saw someone wearing pantyhose and they looked absolutely gorgeous in them." I stop short of telling Jess that it was her. I don't really know what came over me but I opened her drawer and there were these pantyhose that looked just like the ones this woman was wearing." I'm wringing my hands together, unable to keep still. My pantyhose feels so good on my skin." As she says this, one hand grips her thigh while the other slips between her legs. She begins to move her body up and down slightly, rubbing my cock between her pantyhose clad legs.

winter storm

fetish trotter155 2018-08-24

Being the good son I am I reached under the blanket and started to rub and warm her ice cold feet. Slowly I went back to work rubbing her feet all the while trying to get my pants opened up without her knowing what I was doing. As careful as I could,I worked her feet slowly down as I rubbed them until I could start to feel her nylon heels now against the head of my cock. I only wish the blanket wasn't covering up what was going on so that I could see her sexy nylon feet on my cock. Mom looked at me and thanked me for helping her warm up and said she was going up to take a hot shower and go to bed.

Sammy's Panties Pt. 02

fetish wordyone 2018-08-22

I went back to my room wishing that I was working at the pharmacy too so that I could spend all day looking at her beautiful tight derriere beneath her thin cotton trousers, her elegant ankles perhaps adorned in little white nylon socks and her feet disappearing into the simple canvas shoes. I carried an erection the whole of that shopping day but despite having a very exciting time looking and enjoying seeing many horny Spanish women fingering panties and bras and hosiery I wasn't able to find a little red tanga brief with the golden eyelet in the side strap. Standing at the exact same spot that Sammy had occupied I selected four pairs of minuscule lacy nylon panties, two red and two black, all tanga briefs but each color in two different sizes, S and L.