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Footrub Friday

fetish noname333 2018-06-25

As I continued to massage Simone’s pretty feet, she eventually started moaning softly, while squeezing her legs together and breathing in deeply, and I wondered if she was having a secret orgasm, as the pre-come slowly dripped out of me onto Karen’s foot, making things slicker. I work with a lot of beautiful, sexy women at my job, some of whom are friends with Karen outside of work, and it’s usually difficult concentrating on my work, even without my balls and legs being teased constantly by nylon any time I moved, and having my girlfriend’s pussy juices right under my nose.

1960's Stewardess

fetish dior11 2018-06-24

She must have not been wearing a slip because her white garter straps and dark stocking tops, as well as her panty lines showed through. I fell forward and ended up with my face between her legs, driving up her dress hem way beyond her dark stocking tops. Lynn had her hands clasped in front of her dress, as if to hide the white garter straps and stocking tops. I got a series of shots from a low angle, revealing the full length of her nylon covered legs, black stocking tops, garter straps, and sheer black panties. Now I had a clear shot up her legs sheathed in ultra-sheer dark nylons with her stocking-covered feet in the foreground; the reinforced heels and toes came out clearly.

Lynn: My First Photo Shoot

fetish dior11 2018-06-15

Before I even heard about “flashing” stockings in public, I was already enjoying the special feeling of wearing sexy garter belts and high quality nylons. As a result, every time I lifted my arms to reach up, the hem rose up my thighs, exposing a broad expanse of nylons, as well as garter straps, and occasionally, my sheer panties. I imagined that Randy would be posing me with my arms raised, so I made sure to wear my favorite black garter belt and super-sheer panties. Getting into his tiny Bug, I made sure Randy got a good view of my stocking-covered legs. I knew he was shooting a lot of upskirt pictures because my dress constantly rose up way beyond my thighs, totally exposing everything including my sheer, pussy-moistened panties.

Pantyhose sex on a sunday

fetish mugs101 2018-06-14

Not too hard but enough to get my attention, when I looked up to her she moved slightly to her left stepping away a bit then took her right heel and planted it on my face. I let her shoe drop and she planted her foot square on my face, My nose nestled against her sexy high arch and her toes flexing a bit on my eye and my lips busy kissing the underside of her foot. I slid my cock between them and she trapped it between her calves holding me there, as I slowly started to fuck her hose covered legs. She slid her foot up pressing my cock into me and took the toe of her shoe up the underside of my cock milking me a bit.

One for her...The Train !

fetish uliveonce 2018-06-10

Then I looked you in the eyes as I ran my tongue along the line of cum, licking it up before calmy slipping your heel back on just as the station platform began to pass our window. I couldnt wait any more, so I ran my hands up your legs, pushing your skirt up around your waist, and with an animal instinct, I pulled your knickers aside and buried my tongue deep into your soaking wet pussy. I turn on my back, making you sit on my face, as you rub your clit over my tongue for a while..then you inch forward, pushing down so my tongue delves inside your soaking pussy, then you move again, pushing that tight wet ass down onto my stiff slippery tongue as you play.

So How Long Have You Been Into Feet?

fetish Footscribe 2018-06-03

Seem a bit quiet," she said nonchalantly as she unknowingly slipped the nyloned toes of her let foot under the cuff of the right leg of my shorts. "Think I'll help myself to another Breezer," she said as she swung around to grab a bottle from the back seat, finally planting the arch of her sweaty little nyloned foot squarely on my trapped dick. It gets me so horny knowing you've spent the last year and a half lusting after me, dreaming of the day when I'd grind my panty-clad ass cheeks against your face, chest, and hard dick before my beautiful feet would stroke your hard cock and make it cum harder."

Foot Fetish Fridays

fetish Brittni4u 2018-06-02

I allowed him to tell me all about his foot fetish and how he loved nylon covered feet and the musky smell they emit after being trapped inside sexy shoes. He slowly knelt down in front of my desk when I shrugged, pointed to my nylon covered foot, and wiggled my toes, “Don’t be upset if that little cramped space smells like musky feet. With the toes of the heel pointing upward and hanging on his nose, I stretched the elastic headband around the shoe and his head until it was secured to the front of his face like a mask.

Nuru Massage 2: Masa's story

fetish dior11 2018-06-01

Hye-jin was a recent walk-in who was curious about nuru massage, something recommended by one her friends in Japan. She was a vision of beauty, a knock-out Korean woman adorned only in flimsy lingerie and dark RHT stockings—waiting to be caressed and stroked, lubricated by special nuru oil—today scented with yuzu, a popular citrus in Japan. I now viewed her beautiful front half with flowing black hair draped over her shoulders, perfectly shaped breasts, slim waist, and long slender legs adorned with dark nylon stockings. With her cunt generously lubed by nuru oil and her own juices, my stiffened dick slid into Hye-jin.

How a kind lady helped my nylon and foot fetish

fetish Peter88 2018-05-31

Today, as I said, I was only wearing my blue dressing gown and I went through the usual routine - Listen for the vacuum to start, all clear - then I knelt down by Jean's soft red boots, slipped the nylon stocking over my head and holding her right boot tightly over my nose and mouth inhaled the scent of her lovely sweaty feet and took and myself in hand for a quick wank. Looking wide-eyed right at me, pumping away, smelling her pretty little size 5 boot, which I dropped, and as she walked towards me I could only focus on her feet, her skinny painted toes and her silky nylon legs and I couldn't hold back - I came in my hand and tried to hold onto the mess of come, but it trickled through my fingers and some dripped onto her boot.

Afternoon's Delight

fetish sliplover 2018-05-20

She had been folding her lingerie, and she thought he seemed to look more often when she had a slip in her hands. "Can you honestly tell me that what you are holding in your hand feels any different than when it is your cock wrapped in a slip?" Lets enjoy this together." She relaxed her grip and he tentatively began to stroke the nylon covered shaft in his hand. As she lowered a breast to his mouth she said, "Then lets make sure it really needs washing first." With that she shifted, grabbed both cocks in a nylon wrap, and began to stroke, feeling both cocks react in her hand.

First time

fetish 2018-05-18

I'm confused." "I want to watch you covered in tights playing with yourself as I rub my cock and enjoy the show" I said. returning my hand to my throbbing dick and let her pull the tights over her head and enjoy seeing her trying to contain She then got off, and started to kiss my cock through her mask, rubbing it against her cheeks and head and then easing my bellend against the nylon that covered her mouth. She found her composure and knelt in front of me, rubbing my cock with her pantyhose clad hands until I felt the spunk rush from my manhood and cover her purple face with my manjuice.

A "Seeding-ly" Close Encounter

fetish vantan 2018-05-15

Shawn could smell the leather of the shoes that had been on her feet all day, he could feel the roughness of the pantyhose, and then, as Maple hunched her shoulders, and rolled her hips, Shawn's tongue found 'the spot', he pressed softly on her small anus and it was like an orgasm for Vanessa. Shawn allowed one pulse into her, before pulling out, and slipped his throbbing cock quickly into the top of the small torn opening at the gusset as his next contraction sent a rope of copious cum up into Vanessa's pantyhose, and then he leaned himself back, to cum, squirt, spray, pour, out as much as he could muster into her 20-denier clad thighs.

Intense Footjob

fetish mugs101 2018-05-15

I was sitting in my chair as she walked up and placed her pump in my lap gently pressing on my hard cock, I slid my hand up her legs and the silky feeling of her hose sent shivers through my body. I think she knew this as she took her other foot and placing her heel at the base of my balls she treated my cock like a gas pedal and slowly pumped it. She stretched her right leg out again resting her heel once again on my chest but this time I could reach her foot and proceeded to kiss and lick the top of her foot and side of her pump.

Taking Stock Ch. 02

fetish prettypolly 2018-05-01

I kept Chris in the main storeroom deliberately for the first two hours, but got him to move just hosiery and lingerie boxes over to the third door. "Yeah, fine." Chris said, reading label after label on the hosiery boxes. Then start on the bras, basques, corsets and other lingerie." I grinned, my heart was beating hard as I imagined Chris's mind going overtime fantasising about Alison in all this gear. By the time I got the tights up around my waist I noticed Chris was getting hard again. She's a real horny cow is Alison." Chris grinned and pulled out a small purse like object, inside was a small cream coloured dildo, two spare batteries and a tiny tube of KY jelly.

A Memory from College

fetish mugs101 2018-04-30

"I want to start at your toes and kiss and lick my way up your hosed covered leg, kissing every inch then moving behind your knee and kissing that spot in the back then slowly working my way to your thighs and to your sweet pussy." "I want to start at your toes and kiss and suck each one through your hose then work my way along your arch to your ankle twirling my tongue around your ankle bone then make my way along your Achilles up the back of your calf taking my time enjoying your hose covered legs slowly making my way to your sweet pussy."

Chapter 5. Playing with a New Friend While Dresse

fetish love_nylon_panty 2018-04-27

I want to talk to you.” It was the boy who saw me wearing the panties under my shorts. While I was telling Dale my story, we both had our hands in our pockets, rubbing the fronts of our pants and the nylon panties under them over the heads of our excited cocks. So he opened another dresser drawer and took out a pair of white nylon panties, similar to the ones he was wearing. Outside I got on my bike and started pedaling home, again enjoying the thing that led to this encounter – feeling the breeze up my pants leg and across my nylon-covered cock.

Ladies Please Always Wear Tights/pantyhose To Work

fetish badgirlnrugrat 2018-04-22

I once had a touch of a ladies nylon leg on the way home one evening, I worked late and it was around 11 pm, the lady in question was a bit worse for wear with drink, she stumbled into the seat next to me and fell asl**p,she then with the motion of the train slipped slowly against my shoulder and leant on me, I was a bit embarrassed but I left her and she looked really cute snuggled up to me and I felt all nice and warm inside, people got on and smiled thinking she was my girlfriend or wife, so I just patted her knee lingering slightly on her lovely navy blue semi-opaque tights and sort of look at the other passengers as if " she's over done if again" !

I rescued my neighbours Pantyhose/tights from the

fetish badgirlnrugrat 2018-04-10

YOU CAN RUN UP A TAB!” again laughing like a hyena, she then asked to use the loo, flaming cheek i thought you only live up stairs and now i wanted her to go as she had humiliated me enough, also i needed to get rid of the protrusion between my legs that was still encased in nylon and lace, but i said “yes!” and she went to use the loo leaving the door open, as she did i noticed that she lingered in pulling down her tights/panties and actually pulled them over her feet as if taking them off, then she did she took them off, she finished peeing (i love hearing ladies pee) she then pulled up her skirt put her shoes back on in a very sexy way and with tights and panties in hand walked straight towards me bare legged and handed them over wafting them under my nose and said “HERE YOU HAVE THESE ON THE HOUSE!

I need a breath of air.

fetish 2018-03-29

Instinctively, I reached out and caressed that delicious leg with my hand and kissed and licked the calf against my face! I stop licking for a minute to look up to see her hand coming back out and up to her beautiful face! After an audible moan, I return my face to her pussy and start licking it through the nylon. I kiss, lick and suck that delicious pussy until I hear audible moans coming from her! I caress the front of her legs while I pull her tight against my face and again taste her through the nylon! I am caressing those legs as she moves up and down and grinds on my cock until I feel her tighten then cover my cock and balls with her cum.

Pantyhose Fetish Cop Story

fetish pantyhosecockslut 2018-03-24

Sometimes after I have put on a new style and color I will put on a pair of my sexiest high heeled pumps or strappy sandals and stand in front of my full length mirror and admire how beautiful my legs look encased in the sheer, shimmering nylon. I’m wearing pantyhose now, Wolford Fatal, as I write this and I’m getting wet just thinking about how good the glossy nylon feels against my pussy. I love how my pantyhosed pussy and ass gets soaked with sweat when I wear a rubber skirt. I then backed away from him and moved backwards towards a chair and rested my ass on the headrest at the same time spreading my silky nylon legs and then reaching down towards my pantyhose crotch...

Pantyhose outdoors

fetish tonyhose 2018-03-20

It is so exciting and sexy standing there in just sheer pantyhose and heels with the slight breeze blowing on my hard cock through the nylon. "It's ok" he says " don't worry, I wear them myself sometimes and I like a nice cock in pantyhose." " Oh" I say relaxing a little. " Yes please" he says and grabbing the camera he snaps off a series of pics as I start by licking the length of his shaft and then closing my mouth over the end and beginning to suck him. "Definitely, yes please" I reply, and as he hands me the camera and drops to his knees he takes hold of my cock and without hesitating closes his mouth over the end, squeezing the nylon around it.

Plumber's dream

fetish loudguy316 2018-03-14

I found a pair of light blue nylon briefs and I sniffed them, they were dry but they sure had her pee smell in them, I quickly unzipped my pants and wrapped the sheer blue nylon briefs around my cock and put the beige panties over my head with the dirty crotch band against my nose and mouth. I pumped her mouth faster as I felt my cum jet into her waiting mouth, looking at her stroking my cock with the silky blue panties my cock head just inside of her mouth, I ejaculated in large spurts, and she struggled to take it in her mouth, a large strand hanging from her lower lip as I came in a huge climax.

winter storm

fetish trotter155 2018-03-13

Being the good son I am I reached under the blanket and started to rub and warm her ice cold feet. Slowly I went back to work rubbing her feet all the while trying to get my pants opened up without her knowing what I was doing. As careful as I could,I worked her feet slowly down as I rubbed them until I could start to feel her nylon heels now against the head of my cock. I only wish the blanket wasn't covering up what was going on so that I could see her sexy nylon feet on my cock. Mom looked at me and thanked me for helping her warm up and said she was going up to take a hot shower and go to bed.

James, Anal Exploration Ch. 01

fetish Malone_Thomas 2018-03-07

I grabbed her stocking covered thigh and felt the lace of her thigh hi tops as she fucked my mouth. "You little bitch." "Did enjoy that mouth fucking I gave you?" "I actually didn't think sucking cock would make you cum." "You are such a good whore. "I'm a good whore." "Take my ass, hard." I'd given up any inhibitions and any desire to hold back from this fucking. Naked with Jessica's strap on buried in my ass and my mouth coated with my own semen. She grabbed my ass hard and pulled me over and over again on her cock. I wanted to grab a cock between my hands and bury it deep in my throat.