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Hosed on the Street

fetish ahotwildcpl 2018-06-27

Whispering in Gibson's ear, "Baby, I want to give you a blowjob right now in front of everyone." I was squeezing his package through his jeans and getting ready to drop to my knees at the bar. We walked toward the exit door, then Gibson glanced over his shoulder making sure the bouncer was looking the other way before detouring me into a dark room off the foyer. As soon as we were in the car, Gibson pulled his pants down and told me, "Get back to work you dirty slut!" He pushed my head to his crotch, threw the car in gear, and drove off with me slobbering on his cock.

One for her....Local Hotel

fetish uliveonce 2018-06-27

Teasing you as my finger traces its way downwards, followed closely by my lips planting gentle kisses, right down the backs of your sensitive legs to your ankle. I lick and kiss before gently running my tongue along your wet pussy..exploring you..tasting your juices. Your so close to cumming, as you feel my tongue run from your clit, slowly...downwards...along your pussy....exploring inside...then going lower..lower! You feel my tongue and fingers run gently across the soles of your feet, savouring the silky smooth sensation of the thin nylon stockings stretched tightly around your feet and legs. Your legs either side of my head as you feel my tongue flick against your ass hole, before going up to your wet pussy, licking and tasting and then back to your tight wet anus.

Sex in heels

fetish misteryme 2018-06-27

I feel the second person bending over me, cupping my breasts in his hands, and I can also feel his penis close to my mouth, while his tongue licks over my hard nipples. I suck on it to keep my moans of pleasure down, while Marcus penetrates my pussy hard with what feels like two of his fingers, grinding inside me and flicking on my g-spot. With my legs around his waist and my heels digging into his back, all three of us enter another dimension where no thoughts exist, only our pure sensations, pleasure and ecstasy, as I am getting fucked in my mouth and my pussy at the same time!

Revenge of the Soriority Sisters - Ginger's Ale

fetish Orallee69 2018-06-24

“I think I can convince him that he can quit smoking by giving you oral sex,” Della said with a grin. “Frank, what would help reduce your urge to smoke, and what would make you able to have intercourse for a longer period of time and not be tired afterwards is to ingest pheromones from Ginger before you have intercourse,” Della said carefully. “I would suggest that you let her sit on your face and that you satisfy her orally in the morning and at bedtime, and when you have intercourse, you’ll see results regarding your smoking in a month or so,” Della proposed. “Well,” Della said, leaning back in her chair, “There is a quicker way, but you won’t believe it and I know you won’t want to do it.”

At My Domme's Table

fetish Orallee69 2018-06-24

The application required clear descriptions of acts which I would NOT do; Mistress Angela does not believe in the use of “safe” words. My buttocks rest on the edge of the table, allowing Mistress Angela complete access to my cock, balls and anus. Occasionally Mistress Angela will leave me bound on the table all day when she is out running errands, and the tube allows me to relieve my bladder in her absence. Mistress Angela designed and required this table to specifically use me for her entertainment and very often her own pleasures, while she satisfies my need to be dominated. In the past Mistress Angela has allowed me to tongue fuck her juicy pussy and lap at her wetness while she jerked me off.

The Start of Something

fetish spuddick 2018-06-23

I remembered how Nancy had set up here apartment for our first time together and I didn't have a massage bench here either, so I would bring him to the bedroom. He came into my kitchen and noticed the bottle of wine I had left on the counter. Then, I remembered our last encounter, how he had come into the parlor just after I had made the deal, how I had fucked him without a hint of pretense. "I see that," he said and let one of his big hands fall onto my exposed breast. He lifted me off the counter and let my fall through his arms onto his dick, bouncing me against his hips.

The Sex God

fetish daveglenn 2018-06-23

After “resting,” I took my condom off, laid in the Vitruvian Man position, and let Pam tickle me again to satisfy her sadism, eventually busting in her mouth. A month later, while drunk at Woody’s again, I ran into Pam. We said a few words and introduced each other to our friends, and then she took off. After turning in another 0-fer, I texted Pam. She’d apparently taken a liking to my buddy Punchline and stealthily offered us a threesome at her place. Punchline took off, and when I told her it was just me coming over, she said, “Oh, OK.” I went over to her place, let her tickle me, and then she sucked me off.

The Ears Have It

fetish allfours 2018-06-22

At school, there were some girls that had absolutely gorgeous ears, and I used to fantasise at night about touching them, caressing the strands of hair that gently fell over them, especially blond hair. She was taller than me, and I spent many a happy hour working my lips sensuously over her skin, licking, kissing and sometimes biting her gently, especially her ears. I loved the way she moaned as my tongue explored her secret garden, and her hands gently caressed my head as I delved deeper. Caroline caressed my body as I tried to get my key into the lock, pressing her hips into my arse as her hands cupped my breasts. I held her lovely head in my hands, gently tracing her ear with one finger as she suckled at my breast.

Three Caught Short

fetish The_Original_Shyboy 2018-06-22

‘And I’m stroking my hard cock and thinking how hot it would be to fuck you doggie-style while my pal pisses in your open mouth.’ Letting go of her bosoms, Bev pulls her cunt wide open in time for Weasel to score a direct hit on her stiff little bud, triggering another mini orgasm before our twin jets finally run down to a dismal dribble. She is fingering her own wet pussy and in no time at all we’ve each reached the point of no return, Weasel filling her ass with his hot jism just as I pull out of her mouth and splash her tits with my full load.

Brandon: Sudden Realization

fetish Neversoft 2018-06-22

Being a gentleman, I lit both smokes at the same time, in my mouth, then handed one over to Janice. My head was buzzing wildly, my body grew numb, my dick was tingling, and the hair on my legs stood on end. After drooling in her mouth and smearing her chin and neck with his wet tongue, Mark put his hand up her shirt. Instead, I took the saturated length and wrapped a loop around the knuckles on my right hand and grabbed hold where the hair met the back of her head. Janice removed her hands from her breasts and took hold of either side of my head.

Confirmed Domme

fetish Orallee69 2018-06-22

She raked her pussy up and down my face, rubbing her clit on my chin, my lips, my tongue and even my nose. Then I felt Ariel’s mouth sliding down over the head of my cock, easing its way down until she had taken the whole shaft in her mouth. Ariel’s mouth went to work on my cock again and I hoped that she would suck me off as a reward for making Vickie come and for licking her ass. Just as I thought I felt the first sighs of an impending orgasm, Ariel abandoned my erection. “His cock is already throbbing; he’ll probably come quick and get soft on me,” Vickie said pouting. “Don’t worry,” assured Ariel, “Lee; you’re not allowed to come unless I tell you.

The Rest of the Story

fetish benawriter 2018-06-21

“I need to be used sexually, I mean physically and give you oral sex; you can do whatever you want to me but I don’t want you to let me…you know…” he said as his voice trailed off. I was at the point where I didn’t care if he came or not; I just wanted to come on that glorious cock, and I did, allowing myself a quick release and then grinding away against his body for a second mind blowing climax. “I decided that from now on, whenever I got sexual urges, I would find someone like you to help me get an emotional release and to punish me with some pain during the sex,” he said softly.

The Toy Party Accountant

fetish robertkeller 2018-06-20

Sherry instructed the women that this is her "test dummy" She said "He can't see you, fyi" and they all laughed. "Can you breathe through that nose opening?" I said yes but I unzipped the mouth portion and said" Is it ok if I open this?" She said" I was hoping you would." She handed me her freebie dildo and I quickly screwed it on  and laid there waiting for her to mount it. Without hesitation  her asshole flexed around my nose it was so tight, she began to orgasm, and feverishly began pumping that cock as she came, her juices gushed out all over my face.

Sexy Sophie is a Piss Mop

fetish Uranus999 2018-06-20

Sophie had an amazing body and as much fun as it was to treat her like she was just a piss drinking slut, I would have regretted it if I didn’t take the opportunity to enjoy every inch of her. Sophie’s pussy felt burning hot around my cock and her body looked inspiringly filthy on the piss covered floor. The video starts with the girl sucking my cock in a bathtub, then my voice whispers, “Let me see it go in.” Tilting her head back the girl opened wide to reveal a stream of piss filling her mouth. Each time I filled Sophie’s mouth after that I was able to stop pissing with hardly a splash on her face.

Jizz Pig

fetish Tuppie 2018-06-20

Flapping his cock about I am going to throw caution to the wind, and kneel at the hole offering my mouth. ‘Big guy’ has a really big cock with a huge mushroom-head. He is pulling ‘youngster’s’ head off his dick and suggesting we move through to the last toilet stall. ‘Big guy’ is fucking like crazy and ‘youngster’ is yelping into my mouth. It’s fucking hard trying to anchor ‘youngsters’ head because ‘big guy’ is feverishly spiking him. Fuck Yeah, my arse is making sloshing sounds churning ‘big guys’ sloppy seconds. “Oooh, take it all the way, ooh… oh pen you’re fucking throat, oooh… yes… That’s the way cock sucker.” My head is being pulverized.

Filling Santa's Shoes

fetish GabrielSweet 2018-06-20

After Eric was gone, I tried to be there to help like I said and one day Julie asked me, “Rand, can I get you to do me a BIG favor, PLEASE?” She looked at me with her big brown eyes and like always I started to melt, “Christmas is coming up and, well, Eric always used to play Santa for Suzie, would you, could you, do it this year. “ So, if your done playing house with the little girls, how about slipping that sweet hard cock into my cunt, Santa?” she starts to stroke her clit and motions me closer. “Well then, you must want my cock inside your pussy pretty badly, huh?” Spreading her cheeks and teasing the puckered little hole, “But I want to fuck your ass, deep and hard.

Temporary Release

fetish Teezer 2018-06-19

“Mmm, you know it.” Robert looked at her long legs, her black shoe dangling from her toes as she bobbed her foot up and down, and realised with some alarm that he had quite an erection. Alyssa stared at it — it was almost right in front of her face, anyway — then looked up at Robert. Alyssa flicked her tongue rapidly across the tip of his penis and then took the head in her mouth, giving it a good suck, before popping it out and repeating the process. Alyssa stood up and lifted her leg onto the trolley, giving Robert a new angle to play with. Alyssa pulled Robert to her and they rested their faces against each other, breathing heavily.

High School Reunion Drinking Games (5th in the Golden Series)

fetish MrNiceguy888 2018-06-19

It's OK if you choke a little at the end and I might drive my cock into your throat for the last shot of piss - but mostly I'm just going to try and relax with my dick in your mouth and let you slowly drink down all my piss.” “Yeah, it's going to be amazing to piss in your mouth and have you drink it down...then I can find out how good you are at sucking my cock.” “I think at the point that I put my cock in your mouth and start pissing while you drink it down will already be unforgettable. I think more time and beer are keys, because a few hours of you sucking my cock and drinking my piss would be another incredible turn on.

The Obsession

fetish JefferyB 2018-06-17

When Marty spotted the sign for the bar where he was meeting Nelson, he couldn’t help but think of how many times this scenario had played out in the past twelve years. You are just as handsome as Nelson told me.” Without being invited, Carla slipped onto the seat beside Marty without letting go of his hand. After she was certain that Nelson was gone, Carla told Marty, “You know; your friend is really impressed with you. We come here together most Friday nights.” Leaning over to grab her purse, Carla told her friends, “We’re gonna take a little walk and get better acquainted.” “This is what a man should feel like.” As she moved her hands around his bare skin, Carla began to move her ass around his now fully erect cock.

Making Love To A Mother

fetish sexyvette2469 2018-06-17

Slowly kisses came up your leg, covering your knee and thigh. Kissing my way up the second time you moaned as your legs opened. The whole time you walked fingers were deep inside you, each step continued the pleasure. My fingers moved and pumped as you walked the steps to the bedrooms.  In your bedroom we kissed, I felt your tongue in my mouth tasting the juices you made. Kissing you again I felt your hand guiding my cock inside you. Nursing at your breast as my cock moved inside you. Moving up your body we kissed passionately and again I felt your tongue moving in my mouth drinking the remaining love nectar our bodies have made from my lips.

Piss On

fetish emersonbosworth 2018-06-17

When I finished, I lay down on the bed and she got on top of me and started pissing on my face, as I opened my mouth, she filled it with hot, salty, piss, then crawled down and continued pissing on my body and my cock and balls. That was one time that a shared shower was really great and when we were finished with it, It was back to the bed for some more fucking as we were really turned on with our water sports session I leaned against the bed and she spread her legs in from of me, so her cunt was real close to my mouth and I had just opened it when she gave me a burst of hot, salty piss, filling my mouth to over flowing before I could start swallowing.

A Chance Encounter, Part 2

fetish bc9373 2018-06-16

“Well I think I’m breaking up with my boyfriend, turns out he’s a perv who likes to get off on me fucking other guys,” I said almost whispering towards Doug. “Yes, sir,” I said as my voice trembled and my right hand expertly snaked its way down my shirt, onto my skirt and then between my legs. After what felt like an hour but was probably only two or three minutes I heard Doug ask for another drink and Rick walked away. Master stood up over me, running his right hand over my exposed naked ass, his fingers were warm to the touch and I humped the desk harder.

Sweet Desire

fetish dark4u 2018-06-15

Now there are two fingers working in and out of her ass, the muscles squeezing tight around them, and she feels his thumb sliding into her pussy with the other fingers. The muscles in her ass squeeze the fingers that are deep inside her there as well and she feels like she is going to split open. He pulls her back with his hands and she slowly pushes the head inside of her tight little hole while she buries her fingers deeper inside her. The head pushes its way inside of her and she feels her own wetness running down her fingers as she moans as she slips a third one inside.

Getting What He Asked For

fetish joey65 2018-06-15

I closed the room door and watched quietly as Michael picked up one of the condom packs and returned to Tom's exposed ass. I told Tom that since I had booked this hotel room for the last five days and had ordered room service several times during the week, I had gotten to talk to Michael on several occasions. As Michael returned to probing Tom's rectum with first his thumb, and then the two middle fingers of his right hand, I walked around to the side of the bed where Tom's head was located. I knew Tom was enjoying himself because each time Micheal's hand made contact with his ass cheek, Tom would let out a soft whimper, while he bit down on the bed spread beneath him.