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M's First Tie, Part 4

fetish gilrenard 2018-06-26

M keeps her left hand stroking the marks on her breasts, as her right hand slides over the rope marks on her thigh. “I would love that,” she replies, as she takes my hand and places it on her breast. M quickens the pace of her rocking, drives my hand harder to her pussy and answers, “Please Gil, right now!” I grab her wrist and kiss the back of her hand and ask her, “How does it feel?” When Brooke is back behind the counter, I slide my hand onto M’s right leg and undo the bottom two buttons of her dress. M replies in a nervous voice, “I hope you have a change of clothes for me, and a bucket and mop.” “What if I squirt, Gil?” she asks.

The Further Adventures of Kitty Girl - Part II

fetish sprite 2018-06-13

Instead we luxuriated in each others presence, sharing the warmth of our bodies, touching intimately, gentle hands tracking the roundness of breasts, soft lips kissing shadowed places, legs intertwined, bodies pressing together as we shifted comfortably upon the sheets. Instead, I lay there, my head turned as she climbed from her perch and began going through our toy drawer, lifting items one at time, watching my reaction with each new discovery. I came, my entire body alight with passion and pleasure that was almost painful as Cindy began striking my nipples once more with the ruler, taking me to new heights. Even after cumming so hard for her, I felt excitement growing within me, desire slowly following her teasing touch, like a trail of electric current gravitating towards my quivering cunt.

Chastity with Ex as Keyholder Ch. 04

fetish chastity_sissy 2018-06-08

I know she had said all those things about keeping me locked up for a month with no orgasms, but I told myself this was only a temporary deal and she'd soon get bored and move on to something else. To me, it felt like I was wearing a huge sign that said, "COCK IN CAGE, PLEASE LOOK!" but in reality, nothing about my crotch stood out any more than it had before I was in chastity. "Tell me how much you like listening to his huge cock fuck me while you listen on the phone," she said, still lightly moving her fingers up and down the cage.

Cruising With Karen:Part 1

fetish AGreyFoxxx 2018-06-05

From the moment I saw it, I pictured Karen, naked, leaning over the rail, my hands clutching her breasts, thrusting deep from behind until she milked me dry, then stepping back into the room, dropping on the bed and continuing to play. My cock twitched with need, prompting Inge to pull off, snapping “You will not cum without my permission! Once off the balcony Dieter turned to Karen and kissed her deeply as his hands pressed against her breasts. She admired, close-up, the taut stretched skin of his shaft, the bulging veins, like a roadmap crisscrossing his cock, helping to maintain his rigidity, and, finally, the glistening drop of pre-cum weeping from his slit.

Master Gets What Master Wants

fetish Poppet 2018-05-25

It makes me want to beg for them to be touched, but I’m too wrapped up in what he’s doing to me. I can feel the cool air hit my puckered little hole, making me want to clench my cheeks shut, but he keeps them open. I can feel him bury his tongue deeper inside my ass, the buzzing hard on my clit, my moans howling with the wind. I feel my heart race again; I know he’s finally going to fuck me like a good slut. I feel the winds strong; blowing over us, the heat of our bodies with the mixed coldness of the wind teasing my skin makes me cry through it.

The Phonesex Blowjob

fetish wild_at_heart 2018-05-18

When she heard my voice and knew it was me on the line, I could hear a little intake of breath followed by "Hi Pete, did you want to do a call?" Of course I said I did; my cock was actually out of my pants and my office door locked to surprise visitors. Cristina, my phone sex lady/roleplay partner/"co-worker", then proceeded to slowly lick up and down my cock, popping the head in her mouth and popping it out "like a lollipop, Pete" and asking me if it felt good. All my daily worries were somewhere else, all I could think about and focus on was what it would feel like to have my balls in Cristina's hands, as she gripped them tight, and slowly, steadily sucked my cock.

The Shaved Slave Ch. 02

fetish jPhoenix 2018-05-17

I had never really thought about how long it takes for cum to dry until I was standing in my bathroom and watching Susan's freshly shaved head turn from a wet glisten to a dull sheen. I didn't want Susan to know what was coming, and so I reached down and slapped her ass again, adding a matching hand print to her other cheek. I pushed slowly in and out a few more times, enjoying Susan's desperate gasps and moans with each thrust, and then I shoved my hands under her chest and grabbed her tits while dropping my weight completely onto her back.

The Visit Ch. 04

fetish stateofdenial 2018-05-16

He lost count after a dozen edges and then after a dab of icy hot on his anus she told him that the only way she would stop is if he agree to a video confession. "Well, I don't think she is going to let you go and I don't know what you want me to do." She paused, looking at him. Either that or you like seeing me with a fake cock." She eyed his swelling member and looked up to see him eyeing the dildo. "I think you want my strap-on more than your letting on." She strolled off as he got cleaned up and gathered up his things.

Opening Night: Act 05

fetish Smother 2018-05-12

Michelle and I didn't venture too far from the seats where Erin had left us for a good portion of the evening. "We are okay skipping the introductions if you are." "Sorry," he said. "Okay. Right, sorry. "They had some mittens made out of this stuff and I swear I could hear one of the guys crying underneath the table as I was jerking him off. "Sorry, I forgot about that part. "Sorry," the girl stepped in. "We forgot to mention that part, too. "It was sable. "Have you ever had anyone jerk you off using sable?

Precious Little Cuckquean Ch. 03

fetish KindAsCake 2018-05-10

He settles back in his chair and starts the movie, she's facing him so she can't even enjoy the distraction of watching the movie, she's focused on watching him and the feeling of the pillow clamped tightly between her legs. "Stop." he turns off the television and looks at her, "Clutch the pillow tightly between your legs and walk over here on your knees." she maneuvers awkwardly, taking comfort in the way he admires her jiggling breasts. "Here's the problem pet," he starts, sounding truly distressed, "I was going to let you cum today, but now I've got this raging erection, that you caused by the way." he strokes his cock a few times for emphasis.


Tormented Ch. 02

fetish stateofdenial 2018-05-09

It got to the point where she had to tell him he was to hold onto the headboard of the bed and not let go until she said; also no pumping of his hips or bucking with his legs. Tell me what man in is right mind would pass this up?" "Sweetheart, it's not that I don't want to fuck; it's just I don't want to cum." He couldn't believe what he was saying, yet he found himself moving towards her even though he knew that he wouldn't even last as long as he just did. Now; are you sure you want me to just tease you and not let you cum?"

Submissive Promises

fetish Pothos1 2018-05-04

Wendy's soft red lips tantalizing Mark to desire ever more. If nothing was done, Wendy felt as if she may be devoured alive in Mark's desperate desire. Indeed, Wendy's attempt was half-hearted as Mark's relentless kisses worked their way around her collar and back up towards her chin. All the while goading the answer she knew she would receive, Wendy was now artfully gliding her hand up and down Mark's throbbing shaft. Wendy was working Mark to the edge of orgasm but wouldn't dare dream of letting him go over at this point in time. Wendy let go of Mark's cock which had a spittle of precum now dangling a foot below its head. Wendy took Mark by the hand to guide him to the bedroom.

Chastity is Punished

fetish AlinaX 2018-04-28

I had lost count of the number of times I had made myself come while replaying in my mind the moment when the old woman discovered me peeing outside her house, naked apart from stripper heels and a chastity belt. At the last moment, as I wavered uncertainly in the open doorway, I returned the belt key to its place on the mantelpiece, and set off for work with only the shield key, dangling like a charm from a slender silver chain about my neck, only just hidden from view by my silk shirt.


fetish songwriter503 2018-04-23

It was all a bit distracting, trying hard to pay attention to the road and all, but after Kim had a minute to calm down I said, "more." She knew what that meant, and immediately started touching her clit some more. Soon she was moving faster, and then faster still, pushing herself quickly towards the edge, and then, with a sudden jerk of her body, she stopped, still, tense, holding her breath. She had come twice and was less wired up now, and she was able to let me fuck her pretty hard for several minutes before she was panting again, and told me to stop.

Consuelo's Revelation

fetish Subtext 2018-04-22

As Consuelo sat down on the toilet that morning, she put one hand under her massive belly for support and the other down between her legs. Why would Marko get involved with such a plain-looking, simple-minded girl like Lupe? Later that day, as Consuelo was cleaning one of the upstairs bathrooms, she heard Spanish voices coming from behind a closed door. So it wasn't long before Consuelo's smelly cunt was hosting yet another rock hard cock, as the good doctor fucked her from behind harder than anyone else had. The doctor began to moan and Consuelo got excited, but as he shot his load deep into her, her water broke, flooding out over his cock and drenching the table.

The Muse is a Goddess Ch. 01

fetish bone251 2018-04-21

Rehearsal started and we just played like nothing else was said. When the zings of orgasm got hot for me I pulled out and licked her clit. That little ball busting stopped the almost cum from fucking her to a feeling of just being horny. She would get me right on the edge of cumming, then grab the balls with a choke hold and pull, giggle and squeeze. Every time I was stopped from cumming, Heather giggled. My cock would throb trying to cum and Heather was giggling and laughing. Heather said I gave her the best oral she ever had, and that she was going to keep me horny so I could be inspired to do more for her.


fetish stateofdenial 2018-04-12

Looking down at the circle in the mirror he seen he was almost there, but he had already stopped six times and the times between edges was decreasing rapidly. In addition he would owe her an edge for every time he stopped, every night, until next Sunday. "I think I'm going to enjoy you edging for me every night again this week. You know I'm starting to think you don't want to fuck me." Looking down just in time he seen the bead of pre-cum he needed to finish off the circle. Honey, you have no idea how bad I need to come and to have the opportunity to empty my swollen sacks six times in a week is wonderful."

My Neighbor

fetish jeffss45 2018-04-09

I give my cock a few seconds to get soft so that I don't look too much like a perv when I answer the door. So she is seeing Jill rubbing Rob's cock with one finger while holding a big vibrator under his balls. I hear Peggy say to herself "Wow, that is a great tease" as Rob starts to cum. It looks like you enjoyed the video." she says as she notices that I've gotten hard. It was cool seeing how hard it was for you to cum even though I never stopped." She looks down at my softening cock, "I think you should go clean up now and I'll head back to my apartment."

Anything for Lindsay Ch. 03

fetish allaboutcontrol 2018-04-03

He didn't even know Lindsay's gorgeous step mom was in the room until he heard her say, "Wow Lindsay, his penis IS really small...and look, your making it turn purple!" This was followed by Cindy laughing, almost hysterically. You see the one girl, wearing bra and panties...It's like she's naked," Lindsay's dad said to Jordan, before he went inside to get some spices for the grill. Brett, Tom, Jason, and Lindsay's dad, raced back and forth in the pool 5 times. It only got worse as he heard Tom say, "Ok Lindsay, Lets see those tits." Jason now realized that some random asshole guy was now going to see his own girlfriends breasts before he did...and he had been dating her for over a month now.

The Visit Ch. 03

fetish stateofdenial 2018-03-07

"Phase four is where I start off by rubbing my tits across your cock." She rubbed the lube into his shaft and her hands. You've been waiting for this, right?" She placed her hands together, as if praying, and pointed her fingers at his cock. "Then, how about a nice, wet mouth on your desperate and frustrated cock." She kept her hands together as she slowly let them caress his member. Phase two is getting all the cups of cum you can swallow." She changed to long slow strokes. "After a year of denial don't you think you should allow yourself release?" She then, keeping her fingers still, began rubbing her palms back and forth across his head.

The Shaved Slave Ch. 04

fetish jPhoenix 2018-03-06

"Well, not that," she said, nodding at my crotch, "but fuck yeah, you've got something I want." Marie had been relaxing back with a foot up on the chair next to her, but she dropped it and leaned forward.as she gave me her trademark flirting face. I certainly wouldn't have minded sharing my toys, as Marie so eloquently put it, but there was a big difference between subduing Susan in the way that she liked and forcing her into something that she didn't. I still wasn't going to let Susan cum and there was no way anything would happen between Marie and I even if I wanted it to, which I didn't.

Survivor: Femdom

fetish pifan 2018-03-02

for example, giving a mistress orgasm orally gets you points. Each mistress gets a certain quota of points to allocate to slaves every day as she sees fit. You earn orgasm upon reaching a certain point balance, the goal balance is a randomly determined number, even the mistresses do not know it and it is different for each guy. For best chances, it is expected that you learn what your mistresses like, oral or penetration, public or private interaction, morning or evening orgasm, wake up sex or sleep time sex or midnight sex, slow or fast, teasing or direct stimulation, and then offer your services tailored to that experience.

The Visit Ch. 02

fetish stateofdenial 2018-02-27

He missed the deadline and in turn his Mistress used his email account to send a message to his doctor asking her to see him due to his concerns over locking himself in chastity and practicing orgasm denial for extended periods of time. She chuckled at the prospect of having him clean up for her and seeing what a chastity cage looked like. Having taken to walking around in her panties when he was there and slowly starting to have him helping with other chores such as running errands or going shopping for her. In the absence of his Mistress he was growing fonder of her and began getting aroused just at the thought of going over to her place and see her.

The Couples Serves Their Mistress

fetish Switch90 2018-02-23

You look at me, you're clearly desperate to cum but also don't want to hurt me. I watch you sucking her fingers and my cock starts to leak precum. You're just inches from me, I can feel your hot breath on my cock as you get fucked in front of me, but I can't see any of it! I think just the sight of me fucking your slutty little wife would be too much and you'd cum all over yourself. I'm on my knees behind you, the head of my cock is resting right on your hot, wet pussy. You can cum slaveboy, you can fuck your wife's pussy to a full, satisfying orgasm. She sits on my face and smothers me as my cock pulses and my cum leaks out.