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The Further Adventures of Kitty Girl - Part II

fetish sprite 2018-01-05

Instead we luxuriated in each others presence, sharing the warmth of our bodies, touching intimately, gentle hands tracking the roundness of breasts, soft lips kissing shadowed places, legs intertwined, bodies pressing together as we shifted comfortably upon the sheets. Instead, I lay there, my head turned as she climbed from her perch and began going through our toy drawer, lifting items one at time, watching my reaction with each new discovery. I came, my entire body alight with passion and pleasure that was almost painful as Cindy began striking my nipples once more with the ruler, taking me to new heights. Even after cumming so hard for her, I felt excitement growing within me, desire slowly following her teasing touch, like a trail of electric current gravitating towards my quivering cunt.

M's First Tie, Part 4

fetish gilrenard 2018-01-04

M keeps her left hand stroking the marks on her breasts, as her right hand slides over the rope marks on her thigh. “I would love that,” she replies, as she takes my hand and places it on her breast. M quickens the pace of her rocking, drives my hand harder to her pussy and answers, “Please Gil, right now!” I grab her wrist and kiss the back of her hand and ask her, “How does it feel?” When Brooke is back behind the counter, I slide my hand onto M’s right leg and undo the bottom two buttons of her dress. M replies in a nervous voice, “I hope you have a change of clothes for me, and a bucket and mop.” “What if I squirt, Gil?” she asks.

Master Gets What Master Wants

fetish Poppet 2017-12-29

It makes me want to beg for them to be touched, but I’m too wrapped up in what he’s doing to me. I can feel the cool air hit my puckered little hole, making me want to clench my cheeks shut, but he keeps them open. I can feel him bury his tongue deeper inside my ass, the buzzing hard on my clit, my moans howling with the wind. I feel my heart race again; I know he’s finally going to fuck me like a good slut. I feel the winds strong; blowing over us, the heat of our bodies with the mixed coldness of the wind teasing my skin makes me cry through it.

Cruising With Karen:Part 1

fetish AGreyFoxxx 2017-12-23

From the moment I saw it, I pictured Karen, naked, leaning over the rail, my hands clutching her breasts, thrusting deep from behind until she milked me dry, then stepping back into the room, dropping on the bed and continuing to play. My cock twitched with need, prompting Inge to pull off, snapping “You will not cum without my permission! Once off the balcony Dieter turned to Karen and kissed her deeply as his hands pressed against her breasts. She admired, close-up, the taut stretched skin of his shaft, the bulging veins, like a roadmap crisscrossing his cock, helping to maintain his rigidity, and, finally, the glistening drop of pre-cum weeping from his slit.

Chastity with Ex as Keyholder Ch. 04

fetish chastity_sissy 2017-12-10

I know she had said all those things about keeping me locked up for a month with no orgasms, but I told myself this was only a temporary deal and she'd soon get bored and move on to something else. To me, it felt like I was wearing a huge sign that said, "COCK IN CAGE, PLEASE LOOK!" but in reality, nothing about my crotch stood out any more than it had before I was in chastity. "Tell me how much you like listening to his huge cock fuck me while you listen on the phone," she said, still lightly moving her fingers up and down the cage.

The Visit

fetish stateofdenial 2017-12-07

"That is true Mistress, but wouldn't please you more to see me grovel and beg for your generous gift of allowing your cock an erection." He wanted to beg for an orgasm, but dared not ask. "Now I personally know you are not ready to cum, but in the interest of being fair and humane I am granting your wish of letting you suffer under my skilled hand." She began spreading the lube around with one finger. Once his cock was completely coated she deftly, yet ever so slowly began making small circles with a finger on his shaft. "I bet you've got a big load just jammed up in that rock hard shaft of yours." She lightly traced a finger up the length of his cock, causing it to twitch.

Three-Day Experiment

fetish songwriter503 2017-11-30

"Every time I'm ovulating, and only then" -- she started out by qualifying how far this role play was going to go, in case I might like it too much -- "I'm a young student of yours. Each phrase now ends with a bit of an upswing, as if she's not sure, wanting to make sure she's got this right, as if the subtext is, I'm pretty sure this is the kind of thing you really like, but it better be, because I find the whole idea basically frustrating and somewhat humiliating. Sachi is very dedicated to the idea of getting pregnant, and clearly ready to try things that she probably won't like so much, and that she doesn't think will work.

Health Girl

fetish songwriter503 2017-11-26

Usually she hesitates with this question, having to try to come up with something that she feels like being that night, but this time she had clearly already decided on her role earlier in the evening. She is in her role now, and maintaining a professional calm that makes it immediately clear that this is no longer Sachi I'm lying there with, it's Health Girl. I don't know if Sachi is thinking I'll accept the parameters of her Health Girl role without pushing the envelope, just come in her mouth and let her sleep, but as pleasant as that would be, I can't let her off the hook so easily. Much as I'd like to come in Health Girl's mouth, Sachi and I are trying to get pregnant.

Cruel Master Hans

fetish justincbenedict 2017-11-24

Cyrus Thibodeau struggled for a bit, and then relaxed and just screamed, which was of no consequence to Master Hans....he could cane all day, and ignore the wails of a spoiled 44 year old child. This will prevent tracking..." Several times, Cyrus Thibodeau was distracted, and wanted to tell a little story, and Hans was quick with the cane, just a few helpful swats, and it was amazing how the American began to understand who was in charge! Twice during that time (Because Hans had consumed much too much iced tea on the flight) Cyrus had had to consume Hans's urine, but he had obediently dropped his mop or his sponge and had gone through his good work like a trooper, as the Americans said.

The more I read the more I want to Experiment

fetish 2017-11-20

A Masturbatrix Controlls your Cock and your Orgasm A masturbatrix, or cock controller, is a woman who enjoys instructing a man's masturbation. She may or may not be into orgasm denial as well.She enjoys the experience of controlling a man's cock, masturbation, and orgasms. A Masturbatrix does not necessarily have to possess the traits usually associated with those involved in femdom, such as strict, stern, cruel and punishing - many Masturbatrices consider themselves to be sensual, gentle and willing to use all of their feminine wiles to arouse and control their strokepets. Even if you don't consider yourself to be submissive, and if you definitely are not interested in orgasm denial, you can still enjoy the pleasure of experiencing a session with a Masturbatrix.

The Shaved Slave Ch. 03

fetish jPhoenix 2017-11-14

Susan immediately set to washing my back and shoulders, working slowly and gently down each arm and taking extra time on my hands as our fingers entwined. Susan's scrubbing had slowed, and her tits were occasionally lifting off of the floor as she worked, and so I didn't need to wait for a reason to give her ample ass a firm slap. It was already late afternoon by the time that we finished, and not being able to immediately come up with anything else for Susan to clean and wanting to save my numerous ideas for torturing her further, I decided to indulge in my usual Saturday nap.

Consuelo's Revelation

fetish Subtext 2017-11-11

As Consuelo sat down on the toilet that morning, she put one hand under her massive belly for support and the other down between her legs. Why would Marko get involved with such a plain-looking, simple-minded girl like Lupe? Later that day, as Consuelo was cleaning one of the upstairs bathrooms, she heard Spanish voices coming from behind a closed door. So it wasn't long before Consuelo's smelly cunt was hosting yet another rock hard cock, as the good doctor fucked her from behind harder than anyone else had. The doctor began to moan and Consuelo got excited, but as he shot his load deep into her, her water broke, flooding out over his cock and drenching the table.

Anything for Lindsay Ch. 02

fetish allaboutcontrol 2017-11-04

Jason opened his mouth to enquire further, but Lindsay just looked him dead in the eyes, smiled her amazing smile, and nodded her head. About 15 minutes into the movie Lindsay began to gently stroke Jason's cock. This starting and stopping went on for the next 45 minutes, until finally the movie ended and Lindsay said, "God am I horny, your mouth ready, baby?" Lindsay frowned, and then began to slide her body down to the ground, stopping when Jason's penis was aligned with her goddess like breasts. "Just say yes Jason, and then you can jack off into my mouth, and soon enough I will suck your little dick into the back of my throat," Lindsay offered.

The Visit Ch. 03

fetish stateofdenial 2017-10-22

"Phase four is where I start off by rubbing my tits across your cock." She rubbed the lube into his shaft and her hands. You've been waiting for this, right?" She placed her hands together, as if praying, and pointed her fingers at his cock. "Then, how about a nice, wet mouth on your desperate and frustrated cock." She kept her hands together as she slowly let them caress his member. Phase two is getting all the cups of cum you can swallow." She changed to long slow strokes. "After a year of denial don't you think you should allow yourself release?" She then, keeping her fingers still, began rubbing her palms back and forth across his head.

Blink Once for Yes

fetish denny_micum 2017-10-09

You can't feel the coolness through the blankets, but the heavy weight of the icepacks on your cock starts making your erection grow. You start feeling the desire to cum, and you buck your hips against the icepack for pleasure, but your back is too sore to continue for long. The soap glides the sponge over the tip of your cock, and the warmth from the water makes it feel exactly like a pussy. Nurse Amy returns after some time to find your balls and cock still tied snuggly with a tourniquet. Nurse Amy returns from the sink with her sponge bath in hand and begins washing down your pubic area.

Anything for Lindsay Ch. 03

fetish allaboutcontrol 2017-10-08

He didn't even know Lindsay's gorgeous step mom was in the room until he heard her say, "Wow Lindsay, his penis IS really small...and look, your making it turn purple!" This was followed by Cindy laughing, almost hysterically. You see the one girl, wearing bra and panties...It's like she's naked," Lindsay's dad said to Jordan, before he went inside to get some spices for the grill. Brett, Tom, Jason, and Lindsay's dad, raced back and forth in the pool 5 times. It only got worse as he heard Tom say, "Ok Lindsay, Lets see those tits." Jason now realized that some random asshole guy was now going to see his own girlfriends breasts before he did...and he had been dating her for over a month now.

The Shaved Slave Ch. 02

fetish jPhoenix 2017-10-06

I had never really thought about how long it takes for cum to dry until I was standing in my bathroom and watching Susan's freshly shaved head turn from a wet glisten to a dull sheen. I didn't want Susan to know what was coming, and so I reached down and slapped her ass again, adding a matching hand print to her other cheek. I pushed slowly in and out a few more times, enjoying Susan's desperate gasps and moans with each thrust, and then I shoved my hands under her chest and grabbed her tits while dropping my weight completely onto her back.

Precious Little Cuckquean Ch. 01

fetish KindAsCake 2017-09-25

He lay on the bed and reached for her, "Come here baby, Master knows just what you need to feel better." She crawled up, careful to avoid touching him yet. "Yes pet, you have been good, you've earned a reward, you may lick but stay on the outside." She whined a little at the restriction but began eagerly running her tongue along his crack, caressing his hole, her big gray eyes flicking to his face frequently checking for approval. "Yes Master?" She propped herself on her elbows, trying to maintain eye contact but unable to resist watching his hand squeezing his cock. "Master could I taste your cum if I gave up my orgasm for another week?" Her voice cracked a little, her aching pussy throbbing and reminding her how badly she wanted to cum.

Chastity is Rewarded

fetish AlinaX 2017-09-20

I closed my eyes and replayed the highlights of the day: Rach spanking me and making me eat her out, not that I'd resisted, but it was the way she left me there on my knees, discarded after use and desperately unsatisfied, that was most vivid in my mind; Mr Darcy forcing me to reveal myself, the humiliation of my boss seeing with his own eyes how disgustingly perverted I was... Then Tom was behind me, and with the benefit of having watched Ricky and me find a position, he was quickly in place, thrusting wonderfully into my ass, filling it with hard cock and banishing the horrible emptiness.

Three Days with a UTI

fetish songwriter503 2017-09-15

Without removing my cock from your mouth, you said, "mm-mm." No. And sure enough, you pulled your fingers away just before orgasm, enduring the agony of this process again, your body curling, your mouth still for a moment, until you collected yourself and began eating me with great attention to detail once again. Every night, every morning, you ate me, you touched your clit, you whimpered, you brought yourself to the edge of a huge orgasm, only to deny it, again and again, each time seeming to cause more agony than the last. If I had it in me, I probably would have come more often in your eager little mouth, as well, but I only have so much sperm, so the rest of the time you just had to suffice yourself with eating me some more, until I wanted you to stop.

Dear Abby

fetish Vynter 2017-09-12

My legal pad and the two pens are the only items allowed on my desktop, along with the corrective text passage above which Abby had typed and printed, before folding and standing it up like a wedding seat's placard. Abby delights in the humiliation of denying me any modesty, and especially loves making me scrub the floors on hands & knees while she uses her big toe to tease and violate my asscrack and bunghole. With that, Abby moves her foot from the bowl (without having let them touch the oil) and begins teasing my cock with her toes.

Letter from Teehan Creek

fetish justincbenedict 2017-09-12

As I watched, Olene jerked Ludovic over the sofa armrest, pulling up his pink nightie and pulling down pinker panties, and she then whacked his bare ass with the saucepan, using an arm that really could have been borrowed by Venus Williams. Then, with absolute rage in her eyes, Olene touched the end of the poker to Ludovic's right nipple, this time pressing it just a bit more, and he howled miserably, and rolled around on the floor. As he rolled, Olene took up a long rattan cane that was lying on the coffee table and she whipped his bare butt and thighs, making poor Ludovic scream with pain and terror.

Precious Little Cuckquean Ch. 03

fetish KindAsCake 2017-09-11

He settles back in his chair and starts the movie, she's facing him so she can't even enjoy the distraction of watching the movie, she's focused on watching him and the feeling of the pillow clamped tightly between her legs. "Stop." he turns off the television and looks at her, "Clutch the pillow tightly between your legs and walk over here on your knees." she maneuvers awkwardly, taking comfort in the way he admires her jiggling breasts. "Here's the problem pet," he starts, sounding truly distressed, "I was going to let you cum today, but now I've got this raging erection, that you caused by the way." he strokes his cock a few times for emphasis.


My Neighbor Ch. 04

fetish jeffss45 2017-09-07

And, almost before I'm ready, I'm close to cumming and the machine starts it's cycle of tease and denial. As it's done so many times before, it changes the vibration pattern and intensity as I feel I'm about to cum. I am instantly ready to cum and, for the first time tonight, the vibrator on my cock stops. About a minute later, Peggy removes the vibrator from her pussy, puts her legs down and smiles. "Sorry Jeff, but you are going to have to wait a little longer for your orgasm" she tells me as she leans back in the chair, puts her legs up, and starts masturbating again. The vibrator keeps changing pattern, intensity, and speed making me need to orgasm more than I ever have before.