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His Night In The Park

fetish bingochalice 2018-09-24

It's probably a couple of seconds before I stop, this time feeling and hearing the last bit jet out as my cock hardens once more. As nice as it feels, pumping up and down my penis like that, I know I have to stop, or despite my preparation the night before, I'll be coming long before I really want to. If I try to tense up (like stopping a pee), it's difficult to maintain the tension for very long while I'm rubbing myself this way. For a start, each time she puts her hand back between her legs, her body seems to shudder - it's like she's coming!

Maddie's Time Alone

fetish sxesock 2018-09-20

Maddie rubbed faster and faster as her piss began to dry out, but she had to rush a little, so her orgasm wasn't as good as it could've been. Slowly, gingerly, she lowered her butt down onto the stump, and sighed with immense pleasure as she felt her poop squish into every crevice of the back of her panties. Now putting her hand inside her panties, she began to rub her clit hard as shit massaged her anal and vaginal openings. Almost screaming now in the secluded clearing, her eyes rolled back as a veritable torrent of girlcum gushed out of her, soaking her shit, piss, and completely ruined panties. Humming contentedly, she walked over to the stream and soaked her hand in the water, letting any actual bits of poo wash away.

Shadows by Lights

fetish Eskhellion 2018-09-13

She doesn't care if he's annoyed by her lateness as she puts one hand on his shoulder and brushes the hair off the back of his neck. As she moves in, she can feel her hard nipples press against his back and before bending in to kiss his neck, she hesitates as her breath catches again. She moves her hands up his chest and holds him closely as she continues to kiss his neck, his shoulders and the top of his back. She smiles gently as her lover himself begins to tremble, and slowly she pushes him far out of the light and into the shadow. He moves so that his hair is touching her shoulders as he kisses them, and his hands move over her breasts.

Naughty Pee Tales: Prologue

fetish alpian 2018-08-04

Amanda had her eyes fixed on the dark triangle of pubic hair from which sprang her friend's golden stream as she replied: Trying to aim her squirting pee, Amanda was still looking through the triangle between her crotch, legs and trousers, moving her hips ever so slightly and opening her slit with her fingers. Behind the haze of the spraying pee she saw a movement: The stranger had stopped dead as Amanda had started to urinate; and now her thongs slipped out of her hand and fell to the ground as she was staring at the woman in front of her. Before she began, Amanda turned round to have a last glance into the alley: The girl had shaken off her paralysis and was now squatting with her skirt held up and her thong around her knees.

Three Beer

fetish DeepValley 2018-07-16

"Actually I meant my last beer was too much, because I need to pee and I can't hold it until we're at home." I said lazily. Some time ago I had to admit myself, that I liked to watch Cassy and I also liked to touch her, as far as it was possible as a good, platonic friend. Cassy felt half asleep and Andrea looked a bit too concentrated on the dirt road she knew since her childhood. The ride home passed by uneventfully up to the point where Cassy stated that we had to stop in that forest in order to wee. Cassy pulled up her skirt, like she had done last Friday. "I never thought you would like watching girls," she replied in slight amusement.

Dirty Farm Yard Adventure

fetish rbbrbootjake 2018-07-06

In the meantime, she was still the eye of many of the guys in the area, her curvy frame generated a lot of interest, though she was especially interested in Frank, the neighbourhood boy who sometimes helped out during the busy haying season and whenever Teresa's parents went away. Teresa put on a pair of cotton white panties and her dark blue coveralls, then put on her knee high well worn rubber boots and headed down to the barn to take care of the morning chores. After taking care of the milking and making sure the cows were fed, Teresa cleaned her rubber boots, and was about to head in for lunch when she noticed one of the cows had got out and was mingling near the manure pit.

Weekend Valkyrie ending

fetish gmikeisbad 2018-06-05

We rolled around sideways and through some more ball yanking and nose rubbing and his teeth in my mouth few times we got into a position of me kneeling on top and him kneeling facing me and we slowly raised up off the mats to cheers, whistles and clapping from the women. A lady said, "Wriggle hard little ornaments, you want to be out of that foam and into your clothes before the sun comes up Monday morning." As she closed the roller door with us still in the driveway out the front of the clubhouse in full view of the street.

Emily Sucks

fetish Emilyplaying 2018-04-26

I shared with a different boy every night, sucking him off several times during the night and early morning, I played a little game with myself to see which one I could get to cum the most times in one session, David easily being the winner, managing nine loads on his second night, he didn't even go soft until after the third load! We used to experiment and play little games, I let them shoot their first load over my face, breasts, ass or pussy so the first game was who had the biggest load for me then who I could get to cum the quickest, who I could get to cum the most times in an hour and who could get me to cum first, as I used to let them take turns sucking my nipples, licking my asshole and pussy, and fingering me, telling them what was good and what wasn't.

Beating the Heat in DC

fetish dior11 2018-03-21

On first dates, it was pretty common for guys to start stroking my thighs seeking my garter straps and stocking tops, feeling my nylon-covered legs, and inching their hands up to my sheer panties--but heavy petting was as far as I allowed because I was going to "save" myself for my husband. As usual, I had gone to work wearing a dark business suit--but underneath i had on a royal blue garter belt, sheer baby blue panties, and vary blue RHTs. All day, I could feel my nylon-covered legs brushing against each other. My backside was facing out now, so I wondered what others looking at the waterfall could see now--a semi-naked woman with soaked slip dress, garter belt, sheer panties, and dark tan stockings?

Allison's Morning

fetish conquen 2018-03-03

This was Allison's favorite time of day, the peaceful solitude of the early morning made her feel as if she had the entire world to herself. There she stood baring herself to the morning, legs slightly parted, and elbows pointing to the sky as she raked her fingers through her long blond hair. Allison grabbed an old t-shirt and her running shorts from the laundry room, slipped on a pair of sandals and headed back out the door with her pup in tow. A smile grew on her face as she hooked her fingers into the waistband of her shorts and slid them down her well toned legs and placed them on the bench.

In The Queue

fetish GeorgieH 2018-02-26

I was standing there on the mercifully deserted railway station platform hoping against hope that my train wouldn't be late, wondering whether I would have time to make myself a snack when I got home before tiredness overcame me, and the noticeboard started flashing the dreaded word 'delayed'. I wasn't exactly hopping about by the time the noticeboard replaced 'delayed' with a new estimated arrival time, but when I checked with my watch and realised that I would be waiting there for at least another fifteen minutes I groaned aloud again, one hand straying to a belly which was starting to feel decidedly full. Gina's eager look took me a few notches higher but when I tried to slip my hands down the front of her jeans she only smiled and shook her head.

A Mutual Agreement

fetish Orgone69 2018-02-23

He stood in transfixed bewilderment and not a little sense of revulsion at the red raw open gash of the woman's vagina as it pushed forward from the page of the magazine he had just found under the bridge on the abandoned railway, upwards, lunging towards his face. The glorious hot fragrant pee from within this lovely woman was filling Pete's mouth and every sense, all he was aware of was the deeply intimate sensual force from within this woman entering his mouth, filling his senses with the taste, the fragrance, the warmth, the liquid beauty of it all and his mind rejoiced in the sheer intimate eroticism of satisfying all these years of longing.

Sex with aunt PT 2 - Outdoor

fetish Johnb20 2018-01-22

So it was getting late and late about 11:40 everyone was leaving so my cousin asked me to stay for a little and play video games like old times. About an hour later someone is shaking me I look up it's my aunt she said get up hurry, so I got up she opened the back door and held my hand and walked me into the backyard shed. Shen then said let's do anal this was my first time ever and her's too so when I sticked my dick inside she started to squeal and moan my dick felt tight but we eventually got it to work e kept going for at least 2 hours then I cummed inside her ass.

The Nudist Hideaway

fetish 2017-12-15

Everyone here stays happy because there are none of the rules associated with structured society,like stop lights and green lights telling you when to stop or go,no licenses or permits to purchase or ads telling you what are the latest clothes to buy so you can stay in whatever the current fashion style happens to be.Every one here gets along nicely with one another because we all share the same interest in the basic outdoor recreational activities on the roster,simple as that.I scratched my head saying to the guys it sounds like a utopian paradise,yes you could say so they retorted.There are singles and couples here but everyone gets along because the one simple rule is everyone shares amongst the group and once weekly we get together as a group to think of a fun new game to play to spice things up.